How to Pursue the Truth in Order to Attain a Change in One’s Disposition

How to Pursue the Truth in Order to Attain a Change in One’s Life Disposition

Just how do we pursue the truth in order to attain a change in our life disposition? This is a very real problem. What foundation is a change in one’s life disposition built upon? Is this easy to change? Can it be changed at a whim? Which one of us believers has not hated ourselves? Once we reveal some corruption, we curse ourselves and hate ourselves. However, afterward, why is it that we do not change? Once we encounter some situations, our old flesh comes out and we are unable to put the truth into practice. We long for a change in our life disposition and we also long for the time when we can have our wish of obeying God fulfilled. How come we cannot achieve this goal? Not one person has said, “I do not want to have a change in my life disposition. I will rely on my satanic disposition to live the rest of my life, and then that is it.” Do these kinds of people exist? No, they do not! Everyone longs for change. However, can you see clearly the path to achieving this change? If you want your life disposition to change, what kind of experience must you go through? You must experience judgment, chastisement, dealing, pruning, refinement and trials. What kind of results can be achieved through judgment, chastisement, dealing and pruning? You can achieve the result of self-understanding. What about refinement and trials? Sometimes, people just experience judgment, chastisement, dealing and pruning but they do not see very clearly their own corrupt essence. When they encounter some trials, they are thoroughly revealed. As a result, they have a genuine understanding of themselves and they are completely convinced. The trial reveals man most clearly, right? Would you say that those people who have been persecuted and captured by the great red dragon and then deny God, do not dare believe in God and do not even dare fulfill their duties afterward suffer in their hearts? They do suffer. In the beginning, did they ever think that they could degenerate to such a stage? Do you think that they were willing to suffer such a crushing defeat? How should we understand this matter now? If your life disposition has not changed, when you encounter tribulation or a trial, you will tumble. You will not have the freedom to act independently. If your life disposition has changed, when you encounter a trial or tribulation, it is not likely that you will tumble. That is why only if you have the truth will you be truly protected. Only then would it be guaranteed that you can stand firm. If you do not have the truth, you will surely fall. Even if you do not want this to happen, you will be unable to avoid it, right? We can see clearly now that without the truth, man cannot stand firm. If this is the case, just how can one pursue the truth so that they can have a change in their life disposition? We must be able to see the path clearly. Look at the many people who fulfill their duties and serve God. They think, “If only all that I do could be in accordance with God’s will. If only I did not resist God but instead was obedient to God in all that I do.” Just thinking this will not do. There will be times when you cannot be free to act independently. You will do things for your old flesh. You will say things to save face. You will say things for the sake of your status. Your disposition having not changed, you will unconsciously do things that resist God and go against the truth, unconsciously bear witness to yourself and exhibit yourself, unconsciously follow your own ideas, follow your own emotions, and rely on your own will to do the work. These are all examples of someone who is not free to act independently. There is not one leader who has said, “I am a leader now, and I wish to be eliminated in the future.” One day, a person gets eliminated and he says, “I never even dreamed that this day would come. If I knew that it would be like this, I would rather never have become a leader.” Is this how people think? Now, how can you guarantee that you, being a leader, can stand and not fall and be in accordance with God’s will? Is there a path that you can follow? You must first set things right when it comes to your relationship with God. This means that you must always eat and drink God’s word, you must always be close to God, you must always pray to God and have a genuine fellowship with God. These things are crucial. During the times when your heart grows distant from God, you will not be able to grasp God’s will when you do your work. In this case, even if your way of thinking is good, you will still be interrupting God’s work. This is why it is crucial to set things right in regard to your relationship with God. If you are always close to God, always pray to God, your heart is considerate of God’s will and you pray to seek the truth in all matters, unconsciously, you will obtain the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Unconsciously, you will have the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. Unconsciously, you will understand God’s will and the requirements that God has for man. At this time, when you do things, you will be able to do so according to God’s will, and everything you do will be in accordance with God’s will. This way of doing things is very accurate. If your heart grows distant from God, you never draw close to God or eat and drink God’s word and moreover, you do not truly pray and have a genuine fellowship with God, your heart will grow increasingly distant from God. Then, you will do things according to your own thinking and you will start to interrupt God’s work. That is why you must set things right in regard to your relationship with God. This is where the crucial point lies. You must keep a good and normal condition, you must be someone who is close to God and who obeys God and who has the work of the Holy Spirit, and under these circumstances, inside your heart, you will understand God’s will and you will know how to act in accordance with God’s will. When you have vision in your heart, clearly understand God’s will, and are clear about what God is worried about, what God is thinking and why God is anxious and worried—when you understand these matters, it is guaranteed that the work you do will be in accordance with God’s will. Those that serve God must keep these principles in mind: You must be a correct person and you must maintain a constant closeness with God within your spirit and keep a constant fellowship with God. Only in this way will you be able to achieve a genuine understanding of God’s will and see and think clearly when you do your work. You will feel confident and assured that doing things like this is completely in accordance with God’s will. These are the work principles for someone that serves God. Regardless of which aspect of work you are engaged in, you must pray to God more, contemplate more and be more considerate of God’s burden. This is how you can attain an understanding of God’s will. This is how you can do things in a well-grounded manner, thereby assuring results. For example, I periodically inquire about your gatherings. After inquiry, I will analyze the situation, “If they gather like this, what results will be achieved? Are these the optimum results?” Whenever I have time, I will think, “What is still lacking when it comes to the church life? How can I help them achieve faster progress in their lives?” Do you think that these matters should be considered? They should be considered. Now, if you do not have a burden for church life and the work, then you have not considered these things very much and you are being muddleheaded. If you are muddleheaded, would the church life be able to achieve results? If you want to achieve results in church life and do some good work, you must be diligent. You must diligently contemplate God’s words and try harder to grasp God’s will. “Just how can I bring my brothers and sisters before God and bring them into God’s word? How can I achieve better results?” If you keep on considering these things in your heart, praying about them and seeking, before long, the Holy Spirit will enlighten you unawares, enabling you to have some ideas and find the path to practice. And when you consider this, you will be enlightened, “Oh, this is appropriate. Doing it like this is appropriate.” The result is that once you put it into practice, your brothers and sisters will feel that it is good and effectual. Wouldn’t you say that this is the Holy Spirit’s guidance? This is the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Will the Holy Spirit enlighten you if you do not pray and contemplate in earnest? That is why it is crucial for man to be close to God, pray to God and be considerate of God’s will. It will not do if you do not have a burden. If you do not have any burden for the church life and if you do not bear responsibility for your brothers’ and sisters’ entry into life, would the church life be well? It absolutely would not. It is not okay for you to be irresponsible. You must have a burden and you must be considerate of God’s will. If you do not have this kind of a heart, you are not considerate of God’s will, you are always thinking about your flesh, planning for your own future, and are constantly racking your brain for your fleshly enjoyment, does this kind of person have a burden for the church life? No, he does not. If he does not have a burden, can he pray to God about the church life? Does he worry about the church life? Absolutely not. That is why the crucial points lie in being close to God, praying to God and being considerate of God’s will. It should be clear now how one should pursue the truth and practice in order to satisfy God. This is the principles of practice for church life. How should we practice when we spread the gospel and fulfill other duties? The same principle applies. We must pray to God more to grasp God’s will. Through prayer, we will come to understand what God is worried about, what aspect He is worried about regarding us, what price we should pay and what we should do in order to satisfy God, and thus we will have the path to practice. If you do not pray to God in earnest and your heart that loves God and your resolve to obey God does not emerge, you will not be willing to put the truth into practice and you will not be willing to fulfill your duties in order to satisfy God. Prayer is very crucial. Many people who believe in God are neither hot nor cold. What kind of issue is this? They pray too little, they do not have the Holy Spirit’s work and their hearts are too far from God. At what time is the earth the hottest? It is hottest when it is closest to the sun. It is cold when it is further away from the sun. As believers in God, when do you genuinely have faith, have a great resolve and are most willing to pay a price for God? It is when you have obtained the Holy Spirit’s work. When someone has the Holy Spirit’s work, he will be able to see God’s love, he will be able to understand God’s disposition and he will be able to see God’s righteousness. In this way, his faith in God will grow bigger and bigger. It will reach a stage where he feels that God is so lovely, God is so good, the things that God does for mankind are very beneficial and everything that God does is for the benefit of mankind. At this time, you will be willing to give everything to God including your own life. Why is a man able to give everything to God (including his life)? What is this person’s understanding like? If you do not have the truth, you will think that this person is very silly. Those that have the truth will say that this person is extremely wise. How would you explain this? Actually, those that do not understand the truth are very stupid people. Those who genuinely understand the truth are in fact the most clever people.

How to Pursue the Truth in Order to Attain Perfection

How do we pursue the truth in order to attain perfection? We need to seek the truth in every situation we encounter. If we do so, each time we experience a trial or when we reveal our corruption, we’ll have a new and genuine understanding of ourselves. At this time, we’ll feel that we are lacking in a certain aspect of the truth. For this aspect, we’ll have to seek the truth and seek what we should enter, what we should obtain and what results we should achieve. When we have a practical path to follow and when we know how we should practice later on in order to satisfy God, the truth will become ever clearer to us. In this way, in the future, we will be able to replace the corruption that we have revealed with the practice of the truth. Gradually, we will no longer reveal this kind of corruption, we will no longer commit this kind of transgression and mistake. Through the revelation of our corruption, of our weak point, we can see what we are lacking in. Afterward, we may use the truth to make up for this deficiency and equip ourselves with it. Once we equip ourselves with the truth, gradually, we will no longer have this aspect of corruption and we will be able to satisfy God in this regard. Isn’t the achievement of this result God’s perfection of man? This is God’s perfection of man. After some more experience, one day, we may find that we have committed a transgression and resisted God in another area. Again, we will pray before God and seek the way we can satisfy God, what aspects of truth we need to equip ourselves with so that we can guarantee that we will no longer tumble and make mistakes. This is the way we should experience. Every time we reveal corruption, encounter failures or fall down, we must rely on seeking the truth and looking for a suitable path in order to ensure that later on, we will not make mistakes, fall down or fail. In this way, we will gradually be perfected, become more holy and be more and more in accordance with God’s will. In the end, we will have achieved a complete change in our life disposition and become a perfect person. At this point, we will be suitable to be officially used by God. Suppose someone reveals corruption, falls down or fails when it comes to a certain aspect. If they do not seek the truth in order to resolve it, later on, when they encounter this kind of situation once more, wouldn’t they fail and fall down again? They will definitely fail and fall down again. Some people get captured by the great red dragon and they deny God after they are tortured. Isn’t this falling down and failing? After this happens, these people start to reflect upon themselves, “Why did I fail and fall down? I felt I had faith when the great red dragon captured me. But, if I had faith, why did I fail and fall down? What caused me to fail and fall down?” After they analyze the situation, they see that because they are unable to endure the pain, endure the torture and are afraid of dying, they deny and betray God. “Oh, my fear of death and suffering is my fatal flaw. If I do not change when it comes to this aspect and if I am still unable to put the truth into the practice, then later on, I will have no way of serving God. If I get captured again, won’t they torture me again? Won’t I fail again when they torture me?” When they see this, when they discover where their fatal flaw is, they will persistently pray to God and repent continuously in front of God, and they hate and curse themselves. They ask God to take pity on them, and they equip themselves with the truth. They make this resolution: “In the future, if I encounter this situation again, I guarantee that I will stand witness.” Some of them even make a vow to God, “God, please forgive me this time. If I encounter this kind of trial again, I would rather die than surrender to Satan. I must be devoted to You until the end.” As they pray, they have this kind of a resolve, and their spirit is liberated. Then God says, “Good, since you have this kind of a resolve, I will fulfill your resolve.” Due to falling and failing this time, their hearts endure great pain, and they can’t forget it and repeatedly think about this, feeling that they cannot lift their head up before God and feeling unworthy to be called a man. Thus, they see themselves clearly, “I have no backbone, I have no resolve. I am not worthy to be called a man.” They start to hate and curse themselves. By praying and self-reflecting in this way in front of God, they start to produce a kind of wish, “Is it possible to not be afraid of death? Is it possible to be loyal to God in spite of death?” They start to pray for this. When they pray for this, they produce a kind of strength: “I should be able to do this. This is meaningful!” By praying before God many times, in the end, they produce a kind of resolve, “I must stand firm in the face of torture. I do not fear death, I will bear that suffering!” When their resolve has strengthened to a certain stage, they have faith. You should not be afraid of revealing corruption when you are fulfilling your duties. You should not be afraid of failing and falling. As long as you are someone that pursues the truth, you are not discouraged even if you fail once or twice, and you can stand up again and equip yourself with the truth and strive to do well in the future, then you will be able to achieve perfection. If you have this kind of resolve, you will be guaranteed to be perfected by God. The only fear is that you do not have this kind of resolve, right? If you do not see the meaning of pursuing the truth and if you do not pay the price to pursue the truth, you will not be able to be perfected.

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