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God’s House’s Work Arrangement and Principles of Practice for Establishing a Truths Review System

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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God’s House’s Work Arrangement and Principles of Practice for Establishing a Truths Review System

At present, most of God’s chosen people are able to sincerely expend themselves for God, and they are also able to suffer and pay the price for fulfilling their duties. Some have left everything behind to follow God. Some were captured and sent to prison, yet they still stood witness and they have still been able to continue fulfilling their duties after being released. This shows that they indeed have real confidence in God, but it does not mean that they have the reality of truths. It also does not mean that there has been transformation to their life disposition, much less that they have gained real understanding of God. When fulfilling their duties, many people make an effort, but they never seriously contemplate the truths, nor do they focus on experiencing God’s words and practicing the truths. As a result, though they have believed in God for many years, yet they nevertheless have no reality of truths and they do not know how to solve practical problems with truths. Some don’t abide by any principles when fulfilling their duties. They do as they wish, blindly follow rules, or even do all kinds of wicked deeds, not gaining any results. In serious cases, they disrupt and interfere with the work of God’s house. There are even those who have believed in God for a decade or two, who have understood many letters and doctrines, but have not had one bit of transformation in their life disposition. Such people are wretched. Some conducted themselves well outwardly. However, when they were selected as leaders and workers, not only were they unable to fellowship about truths to resolve issues and guide God’s chosen people to enter into reality of truths, they also did whatever they pleased. They oppressed and castigated God’s chosen people, and were ultimately revealed and eliminated. Facts have shown that those who do not pursue truths will fall, sooner or later, because without truths they cannot stand strong. Therefore, all those who believe in God yet do not pursue truths and life are confused in their faith, and they are deceiving themselves. In their faith in God, if people are unable to pursue truths, unable to seek truths and practice truths in all things but instead lead a sated, idle life and do not put effort into anything, then they shall gain nothing from their faith. God’s work in the last days is to purify and save people, and transform their life disposition through the expression of truths, so that they may submit to God absolutely and live according to God’s words, so that they may have real knowledge of God, fear God, and shun evil. God likes honest people and those who pursue truths. God does not like those people who only make some effort but do not pursue truths. God does not aim to gain service-doers, such as Paul’s kind; He seeks to gain Peter’s kind, the kind that likes truths, that focuses on practicing God’s words, that strives to be perfected by God. As God’s words put it: “God’s work and word are meant to bring about a change in your disposition; His goal isn’t merely to make you understand or recognize it and have that be the end of it. As one with the ability to receive, you should have no difficulty in understanding the word of God, as most of God’s word is written in human language that is only too easy to understand. For instance, you can know what God wants you to understand and practice; this is something that a normal person who has the faculty of understanding should be able to do. What God says now is especially clear and transparent, and God points out many things that people have not considered and the various conditions of man. His words are all-embracing, as clear as the light of a full moon. So now, people understand many issues; what they lack is putting His word into practice. People must experience all aspects of truth in detail, and explore and seek it out in greater detail, not simply wait to take in what’s readily given to them; otherwise they become little more than freeloaders. They know God’s word, but don’t put it into practice. This kind of person doesn’t have a love of the truth, and will ultimately be eliminated.” “What I want are people like Peter, people who pursue being made perfect. Today’s truth is given to those who yearn for and seek it. This salvation is granted to those who yearn to be saved by God, and is not only meant to be gained by you, but is also so that you can be gained by God. You gain God in order that God can gain you. Today I have spoken these words to you, and you have heard them, and you should practice according to these words. In the end, when you put these words into practice will be when I have gained you through these words; at the same time, you will have also gained these words, which is to say, you will have gained this supreme salvation. Once you have been made clean, you will be a real human being.” “At its core, your goal is to let God’s word take effect within you. In other words, it is to have a true understanding of God’s word in your practice of it. Perhaps your ability to receive God’s word is poor, but when you practice the word of God, He can supplement the flaw of your poor ability to receive, so not only must you know many truths, but you must also practice them. This is the greatest focus that cannot be ignored.” The emphasis of people’s faith in God must be on putting effort into understanding God’s words, contemplating God’s words, experiencing God’s words, and practicing God’s words, for only then can they obtain the work of the Holy Spirit and only then can they understand truths and enter into the realities of God’s words. When people have gained truths and a new life, then they can truly submit to God and fear God, become someone like Job and Peter, and attain the knowledge of God and become compatible with Him. In order to urge God’s chosen people to put more effort into truths and more quickly enter onto the right track in their faith in God, from now on, God’s house shall begin to perform truths review on God’s chosen people. The followings are twenty truths review questions to be used from April of 2016 to June of 2016:

I. How do you experience God’s judgment and chastisement?

II. How do you handle being dealt with and pruned?

III. How do you treat leaders and workers?

IV. Is your relationship with God normal?

V. In your faith in God, what is your relationship with God?

VI. How do you experience and practice God’s words?

VII. What real confidence do you have in God?

VIII. What is your attitude toward truths? Are you someone who pursues truths?

IX. Do you have normal interpersonal relationships with God’s chosen people?

X. Is your fulfillment of duties merely doing service or is it truly up to standard?

XI. What truths can you practice when you fulfill your duties?

XII. What normal humanities do you possess?

XIII. What corrupt dispositions still remain within you?

XIV. What transgressions still remain within you?

XV. In your faith in God, how many truths can you practice?

XVI. How do you know yourself?

XVII. Can you discern the false leaders and antichrists?

XVIII. What principles do you adhere to when dealing with various people?

XIX. Through the years that you have believed in God, what realities of truth have you possessed?

XX. Do you belong with those who shall be saved or do you belong with the service-doers?

These twenty questions concern the realities of life entry. These are the realities of truth that God’s chosen people must understand and enter into for their entrance onto the right path in their faith in God. God’s chosen people should all answer these questions based on their own actual experience. They should write more if they have deep experiences, and write less if they have shallow experiences, then fellowship and bear witness during their church life. From the end of April to June, fellowshiping during church life will revolve around these twenty questions. During their free time, God’s chosen people may also explore and fellowship about their own experience and knowledge with each other regarding these twenty questions, so that everyone may understand the realities of truth in these twenty questions. If people are totally unable to figure out these twenty questions or communicate the path for practice and entry, it is sufficient to show that they have not gained any reality of truths, and that they have yet to enter onto the right track in their faith in God.

In the days to come, the primary work for leaders and workers from all levels is to implement the truths review on God’s chosen people, with one review each season. Those partaking in the truths review should all base their answers on practical experience and knowledge and facts. If they only answer by looking up one or two passages of God’s words and talk about their literal meanings, then they are fooling themselves. Such actions have no meaning. After these truths review questions have been properly answered, man’s life entry will happen more quickly; if they have not been properly answered, then man’s life entry will certainly be slow. God’s chosen people should all understand that in implementing this truths review, God’s house aims to urge people to earnestly put effort into and be serious about truths from within God’s words, thereby allowing them to contemplate God’s words as well as understand truths and enter into realities as quickly as possible. However, God’s house never strong-arms anyone. For those people who are too busy with work and have no time to provide the answers and do not hand in their answer sheets, God’s house does not deal with them or prune them, condemn or expel them, or do anything to them. Ultimately, the answering of these truths review questions is based on the principle of self-willingness. There are no rules and no one size that fits all. Leaders and workers from all levels must never use this as a reason to castigate or expel others. Those in possession of realities of truth should be elected as leaders and workers, while God’s chosen people should learn to discern those leaders and workers who don’t have realities of truth, to prevent themselves being deceived and harmed by false leaders and antichrists. All those who pursue truths should certainly be willing to actively strive for truths and put in the effort to ponder these truths review questions carefully. Unwittingly, they will enter into realities of truth and their life will gradually develop. At this moment in time, God’s work has basically been concluded, the arrival of the catastrophes is imminent, and you shall regret it for the rest of your life if you still fail to pursue truths.

April 28, 2016

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