59 To Accept the Truth Is to Be a Wise Virgin

1 Having believed in the Lord for many years, I clung to His name, hoping for rapture. I thought that if I believed in the Lord and was forgiven for my sins, I would be rewarded. I fantasized of salvation by grace, wishing that with a single step I could ascend into the sky and enter the heavenly kingdom. No one truly understands the true significance of the prophecies of the Lord Jesus. People construct their own dreams based on the words of Paul. They hope in vain that the Lord will suddenly arrive upon a cloud. Their eyes see great catastrophe, but still they do not behold the appearance of the Lord. They do not know the words of the Lord Jesus were long ago fulfilled. The foolish virgins stubbornly cling to their notions, deaf to God’s voice, and thus they miss the chance of rapture, and will feel utmost regret.

2 Christ of the last days expresses the truth, judging and cleansing man. The wise virgins hear the voice of God and welcome the appearance of the Lord. They eat and drink of the words of God and attend the wedding feast of the Lamb. They understand the truth from God’s words and see God’s face. After experiencing judgment, they behold that God’s disposition is holy and righteous. People are too profoundly corrupted; they brim with defiance and are unfit to enter the heavenly kingdom. Only by accepting God’s judgment and being cleansed can people fully be saved. God will surely curse those hypocrites who resist Him. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, and this will never change. Only those who follow Christ and perform their duties are those who obey God. Only those who truly love and testify to God can be made perfect.

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