214 After Judgment I Finally Know Myself

1 Over years of faith in the Lord I only focused on Bible knowledge but didn’t pursue the truth. Giving up everything to spread the gospel, I thought I loved God most. Only after undergoing the judgment of God’s words did I finally know myself. I was able to expound on Bible knowledge and doctrine but I didn’t understand the true meaning of God’s words. I worked hard for years and appeared devout, but in my heart I lusted for status. I didn’t fear God, frequently lying and deceiving, how could that be in accord with God’s will? Every word of God’s judgment cuts to the heart, I have nowhere to hide. I’ve seen the truth of my hypocrisy, I don’t deserve to live before God. In shame and remorse I prostrate myself, happy to accept God’s judgment and cleansing.

2 Undergoing God’s judgment, I’ve seen that God’s words are all the ironclad truth. Man’s nature is that of betrayal, full of selfishness and deceit. My corruption is so deep, I’ve lost all humanity, I truly am Satan’s progeny. Without undergoing God’s judgment and cleansing, how could I obey and love God? Though I suffer some pain, trials, and refinement through judgment and chastisement, my corruption is cleansed and I come to know God’s holiness and righteousness. It’s God’s judgment and chastisement that has cleansed me and purified my love. Tasting God’s love I’ve grown reverence for Him, I truly live before Him. My corrupt dispositions have changed only because of God’s purification and salvation. Pursuing the truth to achieve true love of God is my only desire.

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