142. The Principles of How to Approach Children’s Education

1. Guiding your children to believe in God and worship God is an incumbent parental responsibility. You should fellowship the truth and bear witness to God’s love, enabling them to know God;

2. You should guide your children to walk the right path of belief in God according to God’s words and the truth, so that they may understand the truth of mankind’s corruption and the significance of belief in God;

3. Whether your children choose to believe in God or go to college, parents may only fellowship the truth and implement guidance. You must respect your children’s decisions, and never compel them;

4. You should not require your children to rise above others or glorify your ancestors. Real glory is learning some practical knowledge to understand the truth and walk the right path in life.

Relevant Words of God:

Everyone starts planning as soon as they have children: I want my child to receive what kind of education, attend what university, and then find a good job, and have a stable footing and status in society. That is, the first thing to have in life is knowledge, an academic degree, and then one will have status and power in society. That way, they will have living capital throughout their lives and power in the world, making it easy for them to survive and make a steady living. They won’t have to worry about food, clothing and shelter in the future. So when you have children, you will start to make plans for them. Some see their children have musical talents, so they make them learn the piano, violin, and so forth. Some see their children have literary talent, so they make them read more books, write novels, write biographies. Some even go find celebrities to nurture their children, striving to make their children follow the path they have laid out for them. There are also some who think their children are especially pretty and beautiful, and hence they plan for their children to learn dancing and performing, or to be directors or actors, or singers or movie stars. Right now, such people’s status in society and in the world is especially high, their incomes are especially high, and they are especially under the limelight. That is to say, everyone hopes that their children can one day be successful, and have a place in society and in the world, and have a stable income or have power. People all have this point of view. Is hoping that their children can all become the cream of the crop the right viewpoint to have? People all hope that their children can be successful. Everyone hopes their children can go to a famous university, then take up advanced studies, earn a degree, and afterward stand out among others and gain a firm foothold in society. People all have this viewpoint and all want their children to pursue higher education because of the saying: “The worth of other pursuits is small, the study of books excels them all.” Furthermore, competition in this modern society is especially intense. If they don’t have a university degree or have a firm foothold in society, making a living becomes a problem in the future. This is everybody’s thinking and point of view. That is, what you learn and what kind of educational background you can achieve will decide your livelihood, your future. In other words, people intend to rely on this thing to survive throughout life, and they see it as especially important. That’s why everyone sees receiving a high-level education and getting into a top university as the number one most important thing for their children. In reality, these things and education and knowledge accepted by people, these contents and ideas, all go against God and the truth, and are loathed by God and condemned by God. What is mankind’s point of view? They will not be able to survive and have a stable footing in this society and the world if they don’t have such things, and they will be inferior, poor, and base people. That is why, if someone doesn’t have knowledge, is uneducated, or does not have a high level of education in your eyes, you will despise them, look down on them, show contempt for them, and not take them seriously. If you let your children do this and nurture your children to do these things, your point of view and your motive are not right in the first place. If you nurture your children to study and receive an education, you will surely choose the professions and industries that are more lacking in people, because your aim is to give your children a good future and for them to have stable jobs, families and prospects throughout their lives. But did you think about, after they accept such education, how many toxins and how many of Satan’s ideas and theories will be instilled in them? You didn’t. Mankind is silly and doesn’t realize this. All you know is that if your children get into a top university they will be promising and bring glory to their ancestors. Until one day, your children return and you tell them about believing in God, and they show antipathy. After you tell them about the truth, they say you’re foolish and laugh at you, and scoff at what you say. At that time you will think: “Oh, sending my children to those schools to accept such education was the wrong path. I chose the wrong path, but it’s too late for regret.” For human beings, once these ideas and viewpoints are instilled, take root, and take form, they are not something that can be removed overnight, nor can they be changed overnight. You can’t turn around their situation or their thinking, and you can’t remove the things in their ideas and viewpoints. I’ve never seen a person say: When my children go to school it is to simply learn some words, so that they are able to read God’s word and understand what it means. Later, they shall believe in God properly, then learn a useful profession. If they can have a good job, they can look after themselves. It would be even better if they are good caliber people also with good humanity, and God’s household chooses them to be a leader or they can fulfill their duty in the house of God. If God’s household does not use them, then it’s enough that they can make a living out in the world and look after their family. The rest is to let them receive what comes from God in the house of God and not be polluted and influenced by society. People do not have this confidence and courage to bring their children before God.

from “Knowing Yourself Requires Knowing Your Deep-rooted Thoughts and Views” in Records of Christ’s Talks

The Man’s Fellowship:

On believers’ children getting into university: This is mainly up to the children. Their parents can guide them onto the right path and help them look into it—that’s the parents’ responsibility. There are no rules in the house of God as to whether their children can go to university or not. That is entirely a personal choice and it’s best if outsiders don’t interfere or pass judgment. Ideally, it’s decided by the parents and their child. It is important for believers to recognize what real future is and they should guide their children onto the right path of believing in God. This is a parent’s bounden duty. If their children want to believe in God, pursue the truth, and not go to university, that will be most blessed by God and will show that their parents have fulfilled their responsibilities. As for those children who don’t have genuine faith, or who are really averse to belief in God and to the truth, trying to force them to believe won’t be of any use. There are some children who just want to believe in God and pursue the truth—this is invaluable, and their parents should support them in their faith. If their parents insist on them getting an education and seeking a path in the world, they will ruin their chance at salvation. These are parents with a muddled faith who lack the truth. More and more disasters are occurring in the world all the time and the end is near for all things. This age of darkness will come to a close, and only those who have faith in God and pursue the truth will remain. This is the only way forward. Those who believe in God must see this clearly.

from the fellowship from the above

“What is the point of view of some people who still want to make their children successful now? It is Satan’s point of view. You have Satan’s point of view and the way you are going is also Satan’s way. Where are you pushing your children to? Are you not pushing them to hell? You have died and not been saved and your children have also died and not been saved either. You have not brought your children to the ark. Noah worshiped God. In that era, he was a righteous man and was saved. When God wished to destroy that era, God was righteous and said: Noah is a righteous man. I cannot let Noah perish as well, I must save him. God instructed Noah to make an ark. Noah was a righteous man and God wanted to save him. His children also benefited by association. Why did they benefit? Because Noah also made his children worship God and made them believe in God. Although they did not have such strong faith, Noah led them in this way and brought them before God and regardless of the outcome, Noah fulfilled his duty and God saved them too. They benefited from their association with Noah. Is that not the case? How do you view your children now? If you take the path of believing in God but let your children take Satan’s path and be successful, then that proves that you do not truly believe in God.

from “Bringing God Into Real Life Is Essential” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (I))

A lot of people want to bring their children up to attend college, wanting them to stand out from the crowd, to be very successful. What would you say going to college does? What can you gain? Nothing! If you believe in God and pursue the truth, eventually you will be someone considered righteous by God. If you raise your children to go to college so that they become successful and they end up being atheists, won’t they just become devils? And if you have a devil, isn’t that a shameful thing? If your children become devils, atheists, demons, is that shame or is it glory? It’s shameful! If you don’t understand the truth now and put everything into carnal greed and pursuing things of the world, you will regret it and be ashamed in the end. If you bring your children before God, have them understand the truth and know God so that they will later be able to stand witness for Him and worship Him, at the least you will be blessed by God as parents, and your children will also be on the path of blessings as well as the true way in life. Have you seen what the true life is? What is a true life? Pursuing the truth and serving God—only that way can you have a true life. Without the truth what kind of life can you have? Once you’ve gained the truth and can live before God and fulfill the duties that you should, this is a true life. If you fulfill your duties, satisfying God as well as your brothers and sisters, this shows that you are living a life of value, that it has not been in vain.

from the fellowship from the above

If you possess the truth the good fortune it will bring you is limitless, and the good fortune it will bring your children is limitless. If the parents possess the truth and have gained a true life, their children will just naturally be affected. The truth can conquer, transform, and perfect people because it can become the reality of people’s lives. It is the best, most precious thing and whoever has gained the truth as the reality of their life is the highest up among people and is most praised by God. That is a person of great stature! This is why gaining the truth is so valuable. A lot of people now wonder, what can I bring for my children? What can I help them prepare? What would you say they should prepare? Put them onto the true path in life is the best, most essential thing. If you don’t possess the truth no matter how much material wealth you give your children, it won’t resolve any problems in life because they aren’t on the true path in life and they will ultimately suffer disaster. They won’t have a good outcome! Those who possess the truth not only prepare a good final destination for themselves, but they bring endless benefit to their children and other loved ones. If you really possess the truth and live out the reality of the truth, say your spouse didn’t believe in God at first but one day they see the enjoyment you’ve gained from the truth and the value in it, how could they not be impacted? How could they not change? They’ll be conquered by you, and say: “I’ve seen this clearly now. In your faith you’ve really taken the right road and what you’re seeking is the true life! From the way you’re living your life and your behavior I’ve seen that the more faith you have, the better a person you are. You truly are a good person and marrying you was the right choice!” Wouldn’t you say that God’s blessings are great when you gain the truth? It’s not just for ourselves, but it’s also a great benefit for our spouses, our children, and our parents!

from the fellowship from the above

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