When Assessing Whether Leaders and Workers Have Humanity and Reality of the Truth, One May Look at Whether They Have Love for God’s Chosen People

The Principles Behind How Loving People Treat Others

What are the principles behind how loving people treat others? Love is a sense of responsibility one carries with them. It is the same as mothers and fathers loving their children; it’s an innate sense of responsibility and duty. Therefore, they do many things for their children and no matter how much they do for their children, they are willing and content to do so; they do not complain or regret it. This willingness and contentedness comes from a sense of responsibility. If someone truly has love for God’s chosen people, he will do his utmost to fulfill his duty and in doing so will gladly pay the cost, no matter how high, and will do so without complaint. He seeks no remuneration and makes no requests or demands. No matter how much someone has provided to God’s chosen people and no matter how much costs he may have paid for the life entry of God’s chosen people, he will seek no recompense and make no demands. But why is this? It’s because he fulfilled his duty as he was supposed to. He feels this is his responsibility, and so if he did not do his utmost, he would feel ashamed before God and carry a great weight upon his conscience. He would think to himself, “I am unworthy of God’s grace and I am unworthy of being exalted by God.” And so, he is able to have love for God and he would do his best to play his role as a being of creation in order to repay God’s love, as well as satisfy and comfort God’s heart. A person who believes in God understands truth to a certain degree and his life disposition has begun to undergo change. There is love inside of him, a sense of duty, a burden carried, and when he plays his role he makes no demands or requests and asks for nothing in return. Instead, he enjoys seeing the impact of his efforts on other people. As those effects increase, so does his satisfaction, and as those effects become better and better, so too is he more comforted. It is the same as how parents treat their children. A mother and father do their utmost for their child to fulfill their sense of responsibility and duty. They seek nothing in return except that their children are well and happy. They are satisfied when their children live a proper life, for this brings them the greatest happiness and comfort. So, when you are assessing leaders and workers at various levels you should see which leader or worker has love for God’s chosen people, for if they do, then they have humanity and are guaranteed to be kind-hearted and love God in their hearts. If you see which leaders and workers lack love for God’s chosen people, have no sense of responsibility or duty, disregard their life or death, thinking “it serves you right if you can’t continue with your belief” and ignore them, this type of person is a false leader and a false shepherd; they possess no real love. Are you able to make discernments in this way?

There is yet another principle behind the way loving people treat others: fairness, that is, treating people fairly. When it comes to interpersonal relationships and the principle of being a person, God’s word emphasizes love, and what must love specifically involve? It must involve fairness. If you are able to treat people fairly, then you have the truth and humanity. If you are unfair to people then you lack truth and humanity. This is a realistic description. So, when you assess a leader or worker, you should do so in this manner. You should see whether they treat people fairly. If they do, then their love is true. If they are unfair to people, then their love is false, and their love is impure. It is just wonderful if they treat people fairly, for once they are fair, then they have truth, have the reality. This fairness is the reality of the truth! The core of fairness is love and only through love can you be fair. How could you have fairness without love? Satan the devil is not fair, but why is that? They have no love. Because fairness is the fruit born of love which only grows in a foundation of love. Do you see whether God’s family treats people fairly? Do you see that all different types of people are treated in a fair manner according to the work arrangements, or the sermons and fellowship? Look again, do you see whether God’s word is fair in treating all kinds of people in regard to their ending, His promises to them, and His arrangements for them? God treats all of humanity very fairly and with righteousness! The kingdom of Christ is built upon the foundation of fairness and righteousness, and for this reason it will stand firm forever. The nations of the world are not based on fairness and certainly not based on righteousness. The nations of the world are wicked and impossible to understand, they are just inconceivable. Now as we evaluate the leaders and workers in our church as to whether they have the reality of the truth, what is our basis of doing so? The first is whether or not they have true love for God’s chosen people and whether or not they can fulfill their roles and duties with love; the second is whether they can treat different people fairly; the third is whether they can handle problems fairly. And what is the result of handling problems fairly? The result is that people are treated fairly. Treating people fairly is to have true love for people; with no fairness there is no love. For thousands of years people have yearned for fairness, yet they have not had it. But now, in God’s work and in His church, we find fairness; how precious it is! The world of man needs fairness and it needs this love. Now, if you were a leader or worker, whether or not you showed fairness and impartiality in handling problems would reveal whether or not you have love; for only through love can there be fairness and only with love can there be fairness in handling things. This love is without emotion, for truly treating people with fairness means taking emotion out of the decision and treating people according to the truth. Fairness and impartiality are the very fruit of truth and such is the result of God making man perfect and this is the reality of the truth that mankind must enter.

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