Only Those Who Know God Can Attain True Obedience to God

What Expressions Are Made by Those Who Are Truly Obedient to God?

What expressions are made by those who are truly obedient to God? First, they are able to seek the truth and practice the truth in all things. Whenever anything happens to them, they are able to first search for the truth: “What is the truth in this? I must find the truth. Once I find the truth, then I will know how to practice it in a way that will conform to God’s will, in a way that will satisfy God. I cannot live for the flesh, I cannot always live for my own benefit. If I am always controlled by benefits and the flesh, then that is disobeying God and following the flesh.” Second, regardless of how much God’s work does not conform to man’s conceptions, they are always able to be obedient without making personal choices. Under these circumstances, where others have conceptions about God’s work and are unable to be obedient, they are able to be obedient. The more that God’s work doesn’t conform to man’s conceptions, the more there is the truth in it and the more significance it has. Any work that conforms to the conceptions of mankind isn’t of any significance, for it is all the work of man or the work of Satan. So, wise people always choose to obey the work of God, and they are able to forsake their own conceptions and imagination. This is an expression of someone who is truly obedient to God. Third, people who are truly obedient to God perform their duties out of a sense of responsibility, they believe that creatures are bound to perform their duties, so they willingly suffer and pay the price in performing their duties. For them there are no deals or conditions. This is also an expression of one who is truly obedient to God. Some people pay a little bit of a price and suffer a little bit for God’s commission, but if they do not witness God’s blessings to them then they will issue complaints, and grumble against God. If someone pays a little price and so they feel like they should be rewarded and blessed, they want to satisfy their personal extravagant desires, and they feel that they are qualified to enjoy all kinds of favorable treatments in the house of God, so much so that they start holding out their hand and asking for benefits, would you all say that this kind of person performs their duties in a way that is obedient to God? Of course not. Because there’s a deal and conditions in their performance of duties. They carry out a few years of work and then want rewards, they want compensation, and if God’s family doesn’t give it to them they feel they have suffered losses, that they have been tricked. These kinds of people do not have knowledge of God. The performance of their duty has the nature of trade, it doesn’t stem from true obedience to God, and it certainly isn’t in order to perform some responsibility and duty as a creature. These kinds of people do not have a testimony of obedience to God. Fourth, those who are truly obedient to God are able to submit to God’s orchestrations and arrangements, and regardless of whatever difficult or deprived circumstance they may face, they will just search for God’s will, they will not have personal demands, and they will pay a price entirely in order to satisfy God. Only this kind of person is truly obedient to God.

What Expressions Are Made by Those Who Are Disobedient to God?

When you’re trying to tell if someone is really obedient to God you ought to see if they have any of the following expressions. If they do, then they are absolutely not those who are obedient to God. First, there are some people who always have conceptions about Christ, and although they accept the name of Christ, in their hearts they believe in some vague God. This kind of person does not have true obedience to God, because in their hearts they have no place for Christ, and what they believe in is a vague God. If what you believe in is a vague God, then how can you be obedient to God? Can a vague God speak to you? Can a vague God make demands on you? There is no way for you to show your obedience. So, anyone like this who thinks “If God asks me to do something then I absolutely will obey” is the most foolish. Now, God is incarnated as Christ. Christ is the practical God clothed in an ordinary flesh, and He represents God Himself. Whether or not you are able to obey Christ is the most revealing thing about you. If you are able to obey Christ, then you are someone who is truly obedient to God; if you are unable to obey Christ, then you are not someone who is obedient to God. Religious people have nailed Christ to the cross. Would you say that they are people who are obedient to God? They are not people who are obedient to God. So would you be able to nail Christ to the cross? If in your heart you always have conceptions about Christ, and you are able to condemn Christ and judge Christ, isn’t this nailing Christ to the cross? How is this any different from the Israelites nailing Jesus to the cross? It’s just that you don’t have that kind of power, if you truly did have that kind of power then you too would nail Christ to the cross. If you are able to judge and condemn Christ, this is sufficient to prove that you are an enemy of Christ, and that you don’t obey God in the slightest bit. This is a completely correct way to measure people. Right now are you someone who obeys Christ and is loyal to Christ? If you are not, then you are not someone who is obedient to God. Even if you think that you are obedient to God, you are just fooling yourself, you are just telling yourself lies, and your obedience is empty. Second, if someone often has conceptions and harbors hostility in their heart toward the man used by the Holy Spirit, then they are also someone who is absolutely disobedient to God. Obedience to God includes obeying the work of the Holy Spirit. If you cannot obey the man used by the Holy Spirit, then will you be able to obey the work of the Holy Spirit? Whether or not someone is able to obey the man used by the Holy Spirit is enough to reveal whether or not they are able to obey God. The Israelites prayed to God to save them from the Egyptian Pharaoh, but when God sent Moses to save them, they said, “We will not listen to Moses. Moses has God’s revelation, we also have God’s revelation, and whatever God has said to Moses, He too has said it to us, so we will not listen to Moses.” Were these people obedient to God? They were disobedient to God. What was their final outcome? They all died, and they were all eliminated. God uses men to carry out the work and lead people, and this is the way that God carries out His work, and the way that God saves people. God incarnate judges and chastises people as a way to save them, and the man used by the Holy Spirit works to lead people, which is also a way God works. The way in which God saves man is this: God incarnate expresses the truth, and then the man used by the Holy Spirit guides people into the truth of the word of God. Only in this way can man better be saved. If you don’t accept this way of God saving mankind, then you will not be one who will be able to attain salvation. That’s a fact. This way was decided upon by God, not by man. As a result, God has made it a decree within the administration of the kingdom that people must obey the man used by the Holy Spirit. Whoever offends this requirement, this administrative decree, is someone who has offended God’s disposition, and the consequence of offending God’s disposition is disaster and punishment. So, if you often have conceptions, harbor hostility in your heart toward the man used by the Holy Spirit, and reject him, then that’s enough to prove that you are someone who does not obey the work of God, and this is very revealing of who you are. Some people say: “I look down upon you. I see that you are not eloquent as I am, I see that you are not as cultured as I am, and I see that you look really ordinary, so I certainly will not obey you.” This kind of person is arrogant and conceited, and they think highly of themselves. They believe that everything about them is good, but really, they are nothing. Third, people who have conceptions about the outward appearance of God incarnate are also people who are disobedient to God. Why did God incarnate not clothe Himself as a lofty person? The significance within this is very deep, and it cannot be thoroughly explained in just a few words. The man used by the Holy Spirit also does not conform to the conceptions and imagination of man. First of all, he is not as cultured as people imagine, and he has not graduated from college, nor does he have any academic degrees. Secondly, his outward appearance isn’t majestic, rather, it is ordinary, average, and in the eyes of others nothing out of the ordinary. The significance within this is very deep. God using a man who appears like this to carry out the work reveals those who are arrogant and conceited, those who are vain, those who rely on their imagination, those who worship great people and those who worship idols, and even some of these people are thus eliminated. Some people who believe in Christ only believe in the Christ with the appearance of Jesus, the appearance of a Jewish person. If Christ appears as an Asian person, they will not believe in Him. Some others think that if Christ has the appearance of an Asian person, He should have to appear as the mightiest of all Asian people in order for them to believe in Him, and that if He appears as an ordinary person they would not believe in Him. What kind of people are these? These are very arrogant and conceited people. When God does things that do not conform to your conceptions, it reveals you, and ultimately you have no choice but to believe, for if you don’t believe, it will mean your death; this is a narrow path. In order to live you must “duck your head so you don’t hit the eaves,” and not only do you have no choice but to believe in Him, but you also must accept Him and obey Him, and it won’t do to disobey Him. Fourth, some people are not able to fully accept the word of God, and they are only able to accept a portion of it. These kinds of people are also not truly obedient to God. If you believe in God but are not even able to fully accept the word of God, then you have very little obedience to God, which is nothing short of pathetic. God’s word is able to reveal man, and this is so capable of illustrating the problem. Fifth, if someone is able to issue complaints when trials befall them, if they are able to look for a way out for themselves, and are even able to deny God and complain against God, if they are able to be negative and retreating and not perform their duties, then this can completely reveal whether they have true obedience to God. In normal, comfortable situations, people are able to perform their duties and do whatever they are told to do without complaints. If when trials befall them, they complain, and begin to be negative, retreating, and don’t perform their duties, and even abandon themselves to despair, then this definitely illustrates a problem, it definitely illustrates that this person is not truly obedient to God, and that their obedience in normal times is false. Sixth, if you are unable to properly treat the judgment and chastisement of God, His pruning and dealings, and His exposure, and even refuse to accept it, and you become passive and resistant whenever you experience these things, then that really illustrates that you are disobedient to God. Seventh, if you have difficulties in your life, and if you are negative and complain against God when He offers no solution, and you lose your faithfulness in God, this better illustrates that you are unable to obey God, and that you are someone who is not truly obedient to God. You have yet to be sent to the cross, and if you were to be sent to your death, then you would definitely betray God. It doesn’t matter how many years someone has believed in God, so long as they possess any one of these seven expressions, then that’s sufficient to prove that they do not truly obey God. Any one of these expressions is able to confirm that they are not someone who obeys God. This is really able to illustrate the problem. How do you all feel about your current statures? Do you have any of these seven expressions among you? Do you have one, two or three? If you possess all seven of these expressions then you are the real and typical devil Satan. These kinds of people, don’t bother receiving the work of God. Just go directly back to Hell. Just wait for your deaths.

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