Attaining God’s Salvation Can Only Be Achieved Through Eating and Drinking God’s Words and Understanding the Truth

How Accepting the Judgment and Chastisement of God’s Words Should Be Practiced

Would you say that God’s judgment and chastisement can enable us to truly know ourselves? If we could truly know ourselves, what stage could we then reach? Would we feel ashamed and humiliated? Would we squeeze ourselves into a crack in the ground? Could we hate ourselves and be disgusted with ourselves? Would we give ourselves a slap on the face? Have you achieved this stage in eating and drinking God’s words? It will not do if you have not yet achieved this stage, as this means you have not yet obediently accepted God’s judgment and chastisement! You have also not truly and sincerely been obedient in God’s presence and accepted God’s revelation and judgment and His chastisement! If you did not experience God’s work in this way, would you be able to truly know yourself? Would you be able to hate and forsake yourself? When you are not able to achieve these kinds of results, do you still hope for a change in your life disposition? That’s just not possible! You think, “If I read God’s words and attend meetings then, unconsciously, my life disposition will change….” Is it really this easy? How much suffering have you endured? How many tears have you cried? How many words of God’s judgment, chastisement, dealing and pruning have pierced your heart? This is similar to a double-edged sword which causes you to feel ashamed and unable to show your face, and causes you to prostrate yourself before God and cry many tears. Have you had this kind of experience? You have not had this kind of experience yet you still hope for a change in your life disposition. Is this possible? Isn’t this an extravagant desire? If you want to achieve a change in your life disposition, how to accept God’s words of judgment and chastisement is a most basic truth. This is the best and most fundamental life entry. If you do not enter into the lesson of this aspect, then isn’t it absurd that you still want to change? How many times have you cried? How many tears have you wept? Do you hate yourself? Even now you still think that you are great. Then in eating and drinking God’s words and experiencing God’s work, you still have not achieved any results! It will not do to just go through the motions, and it will not do to merely engage in religious ceremonies. Believing in God is not engaging in religious ceremonies, but it is experiencing God’s work honestly and with both feet planted firmly on the ground, and only in this way will you be able to attain salvation. What does honestly and with both feet planted firmly on the ground mean? It means that you do not go through the motions, have God’s words enter into your heart and earnestly accept and contemplate them—going through the motions will not do. Of the people who first believed in God and accepted the trials and refinement of service-doers, the majority of them have cried many tears and they have cried many times! In that situation, they were unable to control themselves and they all cried. There is no need to mention that the sisters all cried, but the brothers in their 20s and 30s also cried. Their crying was not just a few tears furtively wept, but rather they wept and wailed out loud. It was quite the scene! Now, when you accept judgment and chastisement, it is as if you are just participating in a religious ceremony. You do not have much of a reaction and it seems like you are numb and dull-witted. You just read and listen to a few words and you think that as long as no conceptions arise, then things are going very well. This is why the result is different. Is a change in one’s life disposition a simple matter? It is not simple. If you have believed for a few years and have not had any change, who should you blame? Should you blame God for not judging you, not chastising you? God said, “My words have all been spoken.” If you do not eat, drink or receive His words, what else can God do? How do you receive them? You believe that God’s words are judging other people, that you yourself are good and that you are not corrupted. God has not judged you and so His words do not go into your heart and you do not cry. You think crying signifies deep corruption and that person should be judged. By receiving like this, you are still not obeying God’s work. You reveal some corruption while doing your duties and you achieve no results. You do not accept the way that workers and leaders deal with you. You try to come up with excuses and you say, “If you have the ability, then you do it. You won’t do it as good as me. It’s good if I can do it. You are still scolding me? It is easy to criticize when you’re not doing it yourself….” If you say these fallacious things, are you someone that accepts the truth? Are you any different from the unbelievers with satanic dispositions? You must accept whoever prunes and deals with you—this is God’s blessing. Why are you making excuses? If you make excuses, are you someone that obeys God? … How exactly to accept God’s judgment and chastisement depends on how you yourself eat and drink God’s word at home. If you do not know how to eat them, then you will not achieve results. If you do know how to eat them, understand them relatively accurately and truly pursue the truth, then you should do your utmost to accept God’s judgment and chastisement from God’s words. Moreover, you will understand them relatively accurately, approach them sincerely and you will not do things perfunctorily. This is something that should be achieved in an individual’s spiritual life. Dealing and pruning should be the responsibility of workers and leaders. If they discover that someone has a problem and if they do not deal with and prune them, then they are neglecting their duties and being irresponsible. Therefore, dealing and pruning is a responsibility of workers and leaders. Of these two aspects, which aspect is the most important? If you are only dealt with and pruned externally, yet you do not accept God’s judgment and chastisement when you are before God, will you be able to achieve a change in your life disposition? If you do not work hard to accept God’s judgment and chastisement, you will never be able to clearly recognize your own corrupt essence and the truth about your own corruption. External dealing and pruning helps you understand the corruption that you reveal and the ways in which you do things. Sometimes, it also involves your ability to acknowledge the essence of your nature. If you are dealt with a lot when it comes to one particular issue, you should ponder: How is it that other people change and adjust after being dealt with once or twice? Why is it that I can’t change? Is there a problem with the essence of my nature? This is how you should understand it. However, is it possible to have a complete understanding of the essence of your nature through dealing and pruning alone? This is not easy. The main thing is still how you accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. If you approach this sincerely, do not be slipshod or do things perfunctorily, and have a relatively accurate understanding of it, then you will be able to achieve the result of knowing the essence of your own nature. The more sincerely you approach it, the easier it is to obtain the Holy Spirit’s work. If you do not approach this sincerely, then the Holy Spirit will be unable to work. The Holy Spirit does not force anybody—this is one of the principles of the Holy Spirit’s work. So, what is the most fundamental problem when it comes to obtaining salvation through faith in God? It all depends on how much of God’s judgment and chastisement you accept when you experience God’s work—this is the most fundamental lesson. You have read so much of God’s words and you have attended so many meetings. Just how much time have you spent genuinely accepting God’s words of judgment and chastisement and, moreover, achieving results? Summarize it for yourself, and do not be muddleheaded about it. Summarize how many times you have had the experience of eating and drinking God’s words, having God’s words of judgment and chastisement pierce into your heart, enduring great suffering and crying many tears. You’ve read so many of God’s words. Just how many verses of God’s words have pierced your heart like a sharp sword to the point where you still feel the pain today? Have you had this kind of experience? Which verses of judgment have penetrated so deeply into your heart that you will never forget them? Have you been in this kind of state? If you have not experienced one instance of this kind of state, what kind of problem is this? I will say it like this, and I say that you have never accepted God’s judgment and chastisement. Is it excessive for me to say it like this? Now, someone says, “There were some times when I did cry.” What effect did crying have? Did you come to know your own corrupt essence? If you did not, then this proves that you basically have not accepted God’s judgment and chastisement. From when you first started believing in God until now, bring out the words of God with which you have felt the greatest suffering, bring out the few verses of God’s words that have caused you to suffer the most, and summarize these words. Afterward, write down the understanding you have come to of the essence of your nature and the kinds of results that have been achieved by these words that have pierced your heart so deeply—this is life experience. Your heart confirms the few instances of major dealing and pruning that you have experienced and, moreover, this is absolutely due to the Holy Spirit. Have you had this kind of experience? If you have had this kind of experience, write it down as soon as possible and deepen your understanding. Do not carelessly let it pass you by and do not give up halfway. Is this a genuine life experience? This is a genuine experience of accepting God’s judgment and chastisement. Having this kind of experience verifies that you genuinely accept God’s judgment and chastisement in your faith in God, that you are someone who genuinely experiences God’s work and that you are not someone who just goes through the motions.

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