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All Levels of Church Leaders Must Recognize the Battle of the Spiritual World

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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All Levels of Church Leaders Must Recognize the Battle of the Spiritual World

The day of God is before us, just around the corner. The closer God’s work gets to the key moment, the more Satan is unwilling to accept defeat, and all kinds of evil spirits, antichrists will furiously come out of their nests to frantically disturb and destroy the work of God’s house. They have already disseminated a lot of deceitful notions and fallacies to confuse God’s chosen people. At the same time, they also grasp opportunities to arbitrarily judge God’s work, plan to disrupt God’s chosen people from pursuing the truth and entering the right track to believing in God, and obstruct God’s will from being carried out. This is Satan’s cunning scheme. At this key moment, God’s chosen people, especially those who serve God, must be alert and clearly recognize the true situation of the battle of the spiritual world to see through Satan’s scheme. To make God’s chosen people complete, God has endured endless suffering. To perfect and gain this group of people, He has paid every price. We should understand God’s intentions, see through Satan’s schemes, and stand witness. We must also collate and organize the various notions, fallacies and arbitrary judgments they disperse, and take them to meetings to dissect and discern so that people can identify the God-resisting and God-betraying essence of all evil spirits and antichrists. This is the best method to guide people into the truth. Many leaders and workers allow the words arbitrarily judging God’s work fabricated by various evil spirits and antichrists to go unchecked and don’t take them seriously, as though they also feel the same and express understanding. Such leaders and workers are unwittingly standing on the side of the devil Satan, forgetting that their duty is to serve and bear witness to God. Such people are apparently not fighting Satan and are only doing work that has nothing to do with the battle of the spiritual world. Such people are standing completely in the position of a third party in the war between God and Satan, becoming a centrist who doesn’t offend either side. These are absolutely not people who are considerate to God’s intentions, let alone people who are fully faithful to God. If they are someone truly faithful to God, then how could they tolerate Satan-types from attacking God? If they discover a problem in which God’s work is publicly judged and resisted, and yet don’t resolve it immediately, then isn’t that the biggest dereliction of duty? All of the church’s work is the work of guiding God’s chosen people to enter the truth and God’s words. Everything the church does is to make God’s chosen people understand and enter the truth. The work of guiding people into the truth is mainly about using the truth and God’s words to resolve people’s various corruptions such as notions, disobedience, resistance, and judgments, and through this make God’s chosen people understand the truth, know the essence of corrupted mankind, and see the truth of mankind’s corruption. Only through resolving their own revelations of corruption can one truly know themselves and truly understand the truth. Only that can thoroughly shame and defeat Satan and achieve the result of making people understand the truth and enter the reality of God’s words. This is because, in accordance with man’s nature, everyone cheats, conceals, pretends, and covers up the truth. Only by grasping this fact at the scene of the revelation of corruption can one’s corruption be dissected, discerned, and thoroughly defeated. Only then can Satan be completely resigned and admit its own corruption. Against corrupted mankind with satanic nature, only by working like this can people be conquered, shamed, and defeated, and know their own corruption. Otherwise, it is impossible for people to completely know themselves by relying on meetings and reading God’s words. People not only need to know their own corruption through God’s words, they also need to apply God’s words to real situations in dissecting their own corruption in order to resolve problems. Only then can one achieve the result of truly knowing themselves. Therefore, in order to lead people to enter into the truth of God’s words, the life in the church to get people to know their own corrupt essence cannot be relied upon on its own. It is also necessary to grab onto how people actually reveal their corrupt dispositions and resolve that in a timely manner; it is necessary to grab onto people’s notions and judgments, and resolve that in a timely manner. Only this way can people be led to fully enter into the truth.

In my work, I used to often take some typical examples to help people discern, understand, and at the same time resolve problems. The effects of this are very good, and I recommend leaders and workers of all levels of the church to learn how to grasp real-life problems and resolve them using God’s words. This is the best way to communicate the truth. Using the truth to resolve problems is the most effective method of guiding people to enter into the truth. In particular, when it comes to dissecting, discerning, and resolving one by one all the notions and arbitrary judgments dispersed by antichrists, this is the best way to lead God’s chosen people into the truth. Do you clearly understand this yet? Only those who pay attention to resolving real problems are good leaders and workers. Only those who can use the truth to resolve people’s various problems of corruption are the true leaders of God’s chosen people. All those who evade real-life problems and don’t dare to resolve them are people who don’t have the truth and testimonies, and they are not worthy of being called leaders and workers of the church. All leaders and workers who cannot use the truth to resolve the real-life problems of God’s chosen people are people without reality and are not suited to being used by God.

All people have feelings. No matter how the people they love or their family or friends have done wrong, they don’t judge or have any animosity toward them. Even they are unhappy about it, they can still be tolerant and patient. They also won’t publicize it and moreover won’t further judge or slander, and can even protect them and speak based on emotion. That’s how serious humankind’s feelings are. However, when it comes to God, people can be utterly rude and can even say heartless things. They can arbitrarily pass judgment and can even not believe in and betray. People’s attitude toward corrupted mankind and God are totally different. This makes it not hard to tell that corrupted mankind opposes God and are not part of the same camp as God. Instead, they can have feelings toward, protect and love Satan and corrupted mankind. Only they are part of the same camp as them. People don’t have love for God because mankind’s nature is regarded as satanic; they cannot love God, who is the truth and righteous. But for corrupted mankind, which has seen God’s love and salvation, even if they don’t have love for God, they should at least have a bit of conscience and reason. Why can they be so harsh and heartless toward God? How can they angrily complain and develop notions and judgments as soon as something is not to their liking, and yet never have notions and judgments toward their own parents? Is God’s love not as great as the love of parents? This is extremely worthy of deep consideration. I understand that some arbitrarily judgmental words are too treacherous and malicious as they directly attack and oppose God. These words represent Satan’s trickery and scheming, and are certainly not considered the normal notions of corrupted mankind. All people who directly judge God and the man used by the Holy Spirit must be dealt with seriously. This is because it is a matter that involves the battle of the spiritual world. These judgmental words come from Satan. Such people and the words they say shall all be documented in God’s work. If people who serve God cannot see through such things then they are too blind and too ignorant. When God’s house expels the two types of people who disrupt the work of God’s house the most, haven’t there been some leaders and workers who feel sorry for them? They even say things to defend those people and some even protect them so they can continue to stay in God’s house. At the same time, they judge that God’s house is too ruthless and unloving toward people. The implication is that they have love. They have feelings for Satan and think that God’s house is too heartless in the way it does things. Aren’t such leaders and workers too muddleheaded? Just what role are they playing in the battle between God and Satan? How is this bearing witness to and serving God? This is purely protecting Satan and bearing witness to Satan. Isn’t this precisely resisting God?

Some people experience God’s work for several years but don’t at all see God’s love, efforts, or the price He has paid. Instead, because of a trivial thing that is not to their liking, they can actually judge God for also being selfish. How is such a person any different to the devil Satan? Aren’t all those who dare to publicly judge and resist God antichrists? In the Age of Law, we saw many people complain about Moses and say many angry words of complaint, but we never discovered anyone who dared to directly judge God. Now we see that there are some people in the church who indeed dare to directly judge God. This is really a shocking thing! We don’t know how God will ultimately deal with such people, but there is one thing we can be sure of: All those who directly resist and judge God definitely won’t come to a good end. This is because such people don’t have any conscience or reason at all, they are practically the devil Satan in man’s skin.

It is normal for people to have notions, disobedience and resistance, but being able to directly resist, judge and attack God is a whole different matter. It is now the Age of Kingdom of God’s work in the last days. What God expresses to man is righteousness, majesty and fury; He does not spare anyone’s feelings. All those who dare to openly judge and attack God must eat the bitter fruit they have sown and be punished. Accordingly, it is requested that all leaders and workers of God’s house must be alert toward the frenzied counterattack of the devil Satan at this key moment of God’s work. They must each grasp all the judgmental words of Satan attacking God’s work, summarize all the notions and arbitrarily judgmental words of man in the last days, and dissect, discern and resolve one by one all of the notions and arbitrarily judgmental words in church life using God’s words. No matter who said it, it must be treated the same, openly and transparently, such that all of God’s chosen people can know the substance of Satan’s trickery and fallacies. All churches must now practice in this way. The work of exposing Satan’s trickery and dissecting Satan’s fallacies must be practiced at all times, without the restrictions of work arrangements at any stage. After churches everywhere dissect and understand these notions and fallacies that resist God and judge the work of God’s house, all leaders and workers of the church must write reports to be submitted up the chain. This is because the work of exposing Satan’s trickery and dissecting Satan’s fallacies is too important. This is the most important way of leading God’s chosen people into the truth. Churches everywhere must practice this. No one is entitled to violate it.

For a believer in God to be saved from pursuing the truth, they must understand mankind’s corrupt essence. Through understanding and discerning man’s various revelations of corruption, they can see the seriousness of corrupted mankind’s resistance of God and the reality of corrupted mankind’s opposition of God. Only by achieving this result can one properly obey God’s work, pursue the truth, and work hard for the sake of being saved. Otherwise, they will always be arrogant and conceited, be utterly lawless, and not know what kind of person they are. Only by using God’s words and the truth to thoroughly resolve all of man’s notions and judgments of God can one lead people to enter the reality of the truth, walk on the right track of believing in God, and achieve the result of being saved. If corrupted mankind’s notions and judgments are not resolved, the relationship between mankind and God will always be one of opposition and will never improve. If so, then how can mankind be of one accord with God? How can mankind receive God’s blessings?

July 9, 2007

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