Chapter 22. How to Be of One Mind With God

Only by Obeying the Guidance of the Man that the Holy Spirit Uses and Doing the Work According to the Work Arrangements Will You Be Able to Be of One Mind With God

Some workers and leaders said, “Always bringing up work arrangements is basically worshiping man.” What is the nature of this phrase? This is a very serious problem! Why are people not allowed to bring up work arrangements? Do you know what work arrangements are? They are the work arrangements that the man that the Holy Spirit uses issues. They are the arrangements that the man that the Holy Spirit uses gives to God’s chosen people for a period of time as they eat and drink God’s words and fulfill their duties. It can be said that these arrangements stand for the work of the Holy Spirit. They said, “Those that bring up work arrangements are worshiping man.” Is it worshiping man? In regard to the Holy Spirit’s work, the Holy Spirit instructing and commanding man to make work arrangements, they said, “This is worshiping man.” Is worshiping man related to obeying the work arrangements from the above? Obeying the work arrangements from the above is the same as obeying the Holy Spirit’s work. The work arrangements that come from the above are completely derived from the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. They said those that obey the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination and those that obey the Holy Spirit’s work are worshiping man. What does this mean? Can you just resist at will the man that the Holy Spirit uses and God’s incarnation? When God’s incarnation speaks, doesn’t this stand for God’s Spirit speaking? Isn’t it the same as God’s Spirit speaking? (Yes.) Now, if you say, “You always bring up Christ. That is worshiping man. That is not worshiping the Holy Spirit and God’s Spirit.” Are these words tenable? (They are not tenable.) Why aren’t they tenable? It is because Christ is the incarnate God. When Christ speaks, it is equivalent to God’s Spirit speaking. Now, when the man that the Holy Spirit uses issues work arrangements, what does it represent? It represents the direction of the Holy Spirit’s work. It originates from the Holy Spirit’s control, enlightenment and illumination. What is the nature of you treating the work arrangements that come from the above as if they were man’s words and arrangements? Isn’t this resisting the Holy Spirit’s work? Isn’t resisting the Holy Spirit’s work the same as resisting God? Isn’t the Holy Spirit God? (Yes.) Now, they say “Those that bring up work arrangements are worshiping man.” What do these words mean? They directly resist God. They are the words of antichrists. What is the proper way to deal with all those who say “Bringing up work arrangements is worshiping man”? Aren’t these people antichrists? (Yes.) Do they know the Holy Spirit’s work? (They do not know it.) If they do not know the Holy Spirit’s work, can the fulfillment of their duties follow the Holy Spirit’s work? (No.) They cannot follow the Holy Spirit’s work. Aren’t they following their own will? Aren’t they following their flesh? Aren’t they just doing whatever they desire to do? (Yes.) Aren’t these people false leaders and antichrists? (Yes.) All those who say these words are at the very least false leaders. If these people do various evil deeds and violate the work arrangements, then they are antichrists. If someone’s work does not violate the work arrangements but does not produce any results and they do not have any reality, then they belong to the category of false leaders. How should false leaders be handled? They must be dismissed and replaced. If the person in question is an antichrist, without a doubt, he must be expelled. These people must be dealt with. Not even one can remain. They must all be dismissed and replaced. All those who do evil must be expelled. Is this the right way to deal with them? (Yes.) Therefore, all the workers and the leaders in the pastoral areas who have said “Always bringing up work arrangements is worshiping man” must be dismissed and replaced. Not one must remain and if they do evil, they must be expelled! Whoever lets even one of these evil people remain, he must also be thrown out without mercy! All the workers and leaders that violate the work arrangements and do otherwise are bad people. They are satanic demons. If a worker or leader violates the work arrangements but recognizes his violation, truly feels remorse about it, and shows some manifestations of repentance, then this kind of person can be saved and he should be kept. Anyone who violates the work arrangements and does otherwise and until now has not shown any manifestations of true repentance must be thrown out. Anyone who causes serious loss to God’s chosen people of the church must be expelled. Nobody must be allowed to violate this. Whoever violates it will be held accountable. There are some people who have been revealed and they should be eliminated. Some people can still be concealed for a period of time. Do not worry. For now, the great red dragon’s environment is an obstruction. One day, when the environment allows it, God’s chosen people will flush you out. At that time, your “fox’s tail” will be revealed and God’s family will deal with you. Sooner or later, it will happen, and we will have you pay off your debts. Can you get away with resisting the work arrangements? The persecution by the great red dragon delays the time to deal with you; does that mean that you have gotten away with it? Whatever you have done, as long as God’s chosen people know about it, you cannot run away. Presently, there are some of God’s chosen people who are already aware and they have started to write reports to God’s family. These reports detail how some workers and leaders have violated the work arrangements, how they do their evil deeds and which things they have done. These reports have all been kept. Here, I will speak clearly about this matter: It’s not that we will not handle it; we will definitely handle it. We are just waiting for an appropriate time. All those who have reported on these workers and leaders, especially those who have reported on antichrists, can reveal the facts of these matters and let them known to the above. These people have shown responsibility to God’s chosen people. They have some devotion to God and they have done well. These are righteous actions and good deeds. God’s family thanks them for what they have done. What kind of people would you say I most detest? The people I most detest are antichrists. What kind of people does God hate the most? He hates antichrists the most. Antichrists are the people that both God and God’s chosen people hate the most. Antichrists are the arch-enemies, they are the scourge. Wherever antichrists are, that is also where the plague is. Antichrists are even more dangerous than evil spirits! Why do I say that antichrists are more dangerous than evil spirits? It is because they deceive people. Evil spirits only deceive new believers who do not understand anything. Antichrists have the ability to deceive people who have believed in God for many years. Antichrists bring the most danger to God’s chosen people. Right now, the antichrist’s voice emerges “Those that bring up work arrangements are worshiping man.” Isn’t this the voice of the antichrist? This voice is very disgusting. The words of an antichrist can cause you to become nauseated and vomit. They can create hatred and bitterness within your heart and they can cause you to curse. Do you hate antichrists? (We hate them!) There are some upper-level leaders in mainland China that are antichrists. Some regional leaders are antichrists. Some district leaders and sermon-givers are false leaders and antichrists. At least 1 in 5 to 1 in 3. I hate these people bitterly. The work of God’s family is delayed and disrupted by these people. The lives of some of God’s chosen people grow slowly because these false leaders and antichrists interfere. That is why we must deal with them.

Some workers and leaders really hate the work arrangements. What kind of problem is this? Do you think that those who truly love the truth can hate the work arrangements? What are the work arrangements about that you hate? What do the work arrangements represent? They represent God’s intentions and they represent God’s demands. They protect the interests of God’s chosen people and the work of God’s family. Every word touches the bottom of the hearts of God’s chosen people. It speaks to what is crucial and fundamental. This is why the work arrangements have aroused the antichrists’ hatred and caused the antichrists to say things like “Those that bring up the work arrangements are worshiping man.” Is treachery found within these words? Is maliciousness found within these words? Aren’t these the crafty schemes of Satan? Are antichrists hateful? (Yes.) They are very hateful! These people harm God’s chosen people to the point where the growth of their lives is delayed and they become utterly confused. They cause God’s chosen people to lose their bearings and to not know how to obey God. This is how antichrists disturb. If you obey antichrists, they will say that you are obeying God. If you obey the work arrangements of the man whom the Holy Spirit uses, they will say you are worshiping man. If you listen to them, they will say you are obeying God. If you listen to the man that the Holy Spirit uses, they will say that you are worshiping man. Their words are very treacherous and malicious. They are brazenly confronting God! Who has appointed the man that the Holy Spirit uses? Who has borne witness to this man? (God.) If you resist the man that God witnesses, who are you resisting? Who do they target? (God.) What is the objective of those that resist the people that God witnesses? (They want to remove and replace them.) During the Age of Law, when people were resisting Moses, who were they actually resisting? (They were resisting God.) Why? Moses was appointed by God. If you resist the person that God uses or appoints, it means you are targeting God. What were the consequences of resisting Moses? What are the direct results of this? It was damaging the work of God during the Age of Law because Moses was the person who was sent to do the work. God arranged for Moses to do His work during the Age of Law. If you resist Moses, it is the same as you directly damaging God’s work in the Age of Law. During the Age of Kingdom, if you directly resist the man that the Holy Spirit uses, what are the consequences? Aren’t you directly disturbing God’s work in the Age of Kingdom? We all know that the incarnate God only speaks. All the work of God’s family is directly arranged by the man that the Holy Spirit uses. If you directly resist the man that the Holy Spirit uses, isn’t this directly disturbing God’s work of the last days? Isn’t this directly resisting God? What category of people do those who violate the work arrangements and do otherwise belong to? They all belong to the category of people who do much evil.


If a leader or a worker does not honestly fulfill his duties according to the work arrangements, what would you say about his humanity and moral character? If from God’s words you are unable to receive the words, the light and the understanding of the work arrangements, it is pardonable. God uses the man that the Holy Spirit uses to arrange your work and guide you. If you do not listen, what is the nature of this problem? When you are told once, you do not listen. When you are told a second time, you still do not listen. The man used by the Holy Spirit prunes and deals with you. The work arrangements always expose false leaders and antichrists. After a few instances of exposure, shouldn’t you be able to understand and realize it? “I must not violate the work arrangements and do otherwise. That is the path of the antichrist. That is the path of Paul. That is not Peter’s path. I must pursue the truth and I must walk the path of Peter!” You should obey the work arrangements. Additionally, there is something else that you must understand. What is the relationship between being of one heart with God and the man that the Holy Spirit uses? Have you thought about this matter? This is the way to practice. In practice, you must walk the same path as the man that the Holy Spirit uses. You must do things according to his arrangements. This is obeying God. Does obeying God involve this manifestation? You must obey the work and the arrangements of the man that the Holy Spirit uses. If you violate this, it’s useless by saying verbally “I obey the Holy Spirit, I obey God’s words and I obey Christ.” You do not obey the leadership and arrangements of the man that the Holy Spirit uses, and you say, “I will be of one heart with no one but Christ, the practical God, and have nothing to do with you, the man that the Holy Spirit uses. You are also a human, just the same as me. So, I won’t walk with you.” Is this fine? Let me give another example. During the Age of Law when God was using Moses to do the work, if people did not band together with Moses, if they were not of one heart with Moses, would they still be of one heart with God? (No.) If people did not listen to Moses and did not obey what Moses was saying, could it be said that they obeyed God? (No.) Presently, what is the work that Christ is doing? He is just issuing His words. God says that all the work of the church is what people should do and the man that the Holy Spirit uses should take charge of it. You say, “I will listen to Christ and I will do things according to the words of Christ. I will not comply with how the man that the Holy Spirit uses wants me to do things. I will run in the opposite direction. Instead, I will be of one heart with Christ.” Are these words tenable? If one day, many false leaders and antichrists say, “We will never listen to the man that the Holy Spirit uses because he is not God. We will obey Christ and we will obey the incarnation of God. We are of one heart with Him and we will follow Him,” are these words solid? (No.) Why not? If you can see through this matter then you will really have the way to practice. If you do not understand this, then you are living in the midst of vagueness. Are the man the Holy Spirit uses and Christ one? They are one. What is the source of this? Both are the Holy Spirit’s work, that is why they are one. However, this “one” refers to the work aspect. The work arrangements of the man that the Holy Spirit uses and God’s words are compatible with one another because the Holy Spirit is within Christ issuing words. Equivalently, the Holy Spirit is also working through the man He uses to make the work arrangements. That is why the work arrangements made by the man the Holy Spirit uses and the words that Christ issues both originate from the Holy Spirit. They do not contradict one another because they are one. Neither of them are dispensable. Now, what is the relationship between the work arrangements of the man that the Holy Spirit uses and the words that Christ issues? (They are one.) What is “one” referring to? After God has issued His words, if there are no work arrangements to guide God’s chosen people, God’s chosen people will be unable to enter into them. It is a guarantee, a step, a way, a route, a method. If you do not eat and drink God’s words, experience God’s words and fulfill your duties according to the work arrangements, you will be unable to enter the reality of God’s words and you will not be saved and perfected by God. Therefore, according to what was said, if we just obey Christ and just eat and drink Christ’s words but do not have the guidance of the man that the Holy Spirit uses, we will definitely not have any results because people do not understand God’s words. Now, let me ask you again, if God’s work of the last days is not coordinated with the man that the Holy Spirit uses, if Christ is just expressing God’s words, can this work be completed? (No.) Why can it not be completed? (Man’s caliber is too poor and he is unable to receive the meaning of God’s words.) What would the situation of God’s family be like? A multitude of factions will be formed like a pile of loose sand. They will be unable to enter the right track of believing in God. Which words of God best describe this matter? “My kingdom is coming into shape above the whole universe, and My throne holds sway in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. With the angels’ assistance, My great accomplishment will soon be brought to fruition” (“Chapter 27” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). You should understand now, there is the assistance of angels. Now, how should one handle the work arrangements of the man that the Holy Spirit uses? (Accept and obey.) The guidance of the man that the Holy Spirit uses will lead God’s chosen people to salvation and perfection. Man does not adequately understand how significant this is. He does not view this matter seriously enough. Let me tell you, if you do not understand this, if you cannot enter into it, you will not be able to be saved and perfected. Additionally, this matter is very crucial and it involves God’s administrative decrees. If you truly contradict, reject and exclude this person, you will be ruined and it will be very troublesome for you!

What would you say is required to attain being of one heart with Christ, God? Is this a simple matter? Can you do this just by relying on your imagination? Let’s say that you oppose me and you persistently resist me. Inside, you hate me deeply and you have rejected me. Then, you say that you love God and that you obey God. Will God accept this? Will God search this? Does God know? Do you know what consequences this kind of attitude and action will bring? This is troublesome! Is there a passage of God’s words that describes how there is a kind of person that should be punished more severely and must die and be destroyed even more so than the 250 leaders during the Age of Law that resisted Moses? (Yes.) You do not resist God, yet you oppose the man that the Holy Spirit uses. You are doomed to be finished. This is absolute. I am not raising myself up. All the work I do is completely entrusted to me by God and it is all done to attain a result. Therefore, there are some things that I absolutely have to tell you. I do not need you to obey, much less worship. That is useless. I just want to tell you, you must treat these work arrangements and this person correctly. If you do not put these work arrangements into practice, the duties that you fulfill will be illusory and God will not recognize them. God will say that you are doing evil. This is very troublesome. These work arrangements examine whether the fulfillment of your duties is done in accordance with the standard. They are the standard by which whether you have the reality of the truth and know God is weighed. You do not follow these work arrangements, yet you say that you know God, you say that you have the reality and you say that you are devoted to God. These are all empty words! Don’t think that paying heed to these work arrangements is something that is optional. Don’t think that you can accept them in any manner that you wish. If you think in this way, the fulfillment of your duties will not meet the standard and God will not praise you. If you rigorously weigh yourself according to these work arrangements, compare what you do, the fulfillment of your duties, if you always use the work arrangements to inspect your own work and reflect upon yourself and in the end, you are completely able to fulfill duties according to the work arrangements, this is a mark that you have been perfected and saved. Whether or not you are in accordance with God’s intentions is based on using the work arrangements to weigh just how much you have done and to what degree the fulfillment of your duties is up to standard. If you do not use the work arrangements to weigh whether what you have done has value and weight, it is not tenable. Whether the fulfillment of your duties is up to standard is weighed according to the work arrangements. As for the work arrangements, if you do not have reality, if you have not put any of them into practice, you will be convicted. Do you think that this is an insignificant matter? You think that you will be able to open up a path by yourself if you depart from the work arrangements? What are work arrangements? Let me say some things from the heart: These are the experiences and witnessing I have gone through from 30 years of believing in God and having the Holy Spirit’s work upon me. They are the culmination of thirty years of doing work and fulfilling my duties. Could it be that you can see this after only a few years of believing in God? You think you will have these results? Aren’t your few years of experience miles apart from my experience? They are as far apart as the earth is from heaven! Why do I say this? Can your few years of experience compare with my 30 years of experience? In these few years, have you experienced perfection by the Holy Spirit? How much of the Holy Spirit’s work do you have? These 30 years, the Holy Spirit has done His work through me. The Holy Spirit specifically perfected this person so that he can lead and be responsible for the work of the last days. This is the Holy Spirit’s price of blood! You think you can comprehend this with your few years of experience? You see this matter too simplistically. Even if you believed for 80 years, you would still not comprehend, not to mention only 10 years. Do you believe this? (We believe.) What does not conforming to the requests of the work arrangements indicate? Basically, your heart is not striving for the truth and for God’s demands, and you are not a person that pursues the truth. That’s why you do not take the work arrangements seriously. I have served God for so many years and this is the path that I have found. If you do not take this seriously, do you think you can find this path yourself? Why don’t we stack up our experiences and compare? What do you have? Is it even worth mentioning? You are arrogant and conceited and you believe that you are infallible. You only believe in God for such a short time yet you do not pay any attention to the work arrangements! Why don’t you find a path yourself? The majority of people are not even in the same ballpark after their lifetime of experience! Why is this? They are lacking in caliber and their caliber is far poorer. That’s all there is to it. Let me give an example. When a baby eagle emerges from its egg, it is an eagle and it will live the life of an eagle. A chicken that has lived for ten years is still a chicken. A chicken can never become an eagle. Even if an eagle is very small, it is still an eagle. Their lives are not the same and their caliber and the nature are not the same. This is not a matter of time. Some people’s caliber is good and they can accomplish achievements in a year. People who have inadequate caliber cannot accomplish these same achievements in 100 years. If their caliber is inadequate, they will never be able to accomplish these achievements. Let’s look at an example from everyday life. Say you want to train an actor. Some people do not have what it takes to become an actor. Are you able to train them? Even if you train them, nothing will come out of it. If that person has what it takes, if that person has the qualities required to become an actor, one year of training would be enough. If he does not have what it takes, even if you train him for 10 years, it will not do. Now, is the man that the Holy Spirit uses randomly selected and trained? Out of how many people can one be selected? He was picked well in advance! Now, if you have read many books and you are good looking, does that mean you can take his place? You are thinking about this matter too simplistically. The way that people handle the work arrangements reveals all the false leaders, antichrists and evil people. If up until this point, people still are not able to fulfill their duties according to the work arrangements, these people are hopeless and they are destined to be eliminated.

The First Step to Attaining Salvation and Perfection is Fulfilling Duties with Devotion

Some people are willing to pursue the truth but they have not consecrated themselves to God. Why have they not consecrated themselves to God? First, they have not cast away everything to fulfill their duties. Second, they are unable to fulfill their duties properly. Third, they do not accept God’s words of judgment and chastisement. Every day, they do not truly eat and drink God’s word, they do not truly accept God’s words of judgment and chastisement, they do not reflect upon themselves through God’s words and they do not truly put God’s words into action. They do not have these four aspects of implementation of God’s words. They do not eat and drink, they do not ponder, they do not pray, they do not seek, they do not put into practice, they do not accept and they do not obey. Without so many corresponding aspects of implementation, can your acceptance of God’s words of judgment and chastisement allow you to be perfected by God? (No.) Without this cooperation, just being “willing” is no good. In regard to obeying God’s work and giving your heart to God, doesn’t this have to include the action of implementation? Many people have believed in God but have not attained being perfected by God in the end. Others ask them, “You believe in God, but how come you have not been perfected by God?” “I am willing to pursue the truth, I read God’s words and I fulfill my duties. Why haven’t I been perfected? In which areas am I lacking?” When they ask someone who understands the truth, the answer is that they did not cooperate and they have not given themselves. Look, you have not taken the step of implementation. The result is that you have delayed yourself for dozens of years. Who do you think is to blame for this? Subjectively, they can speak letters and doctrines but do not put the truth into practice and do nothing practical. Are they not silly? For example, someone who believes in God who can speak letters and doctrines very well, can speak very eloquently for long periods of time. People ask him, “What duties are you fulfilling?” “I have not fulfilled my duties because I have to go to work!” “How is your family life going?” “It’s very good. My family is doing well. Things are quite comfortable!” “Ah, can you be saved?” “Of course, I can!” “Why do you think so? What kind of proof do you have?” “God is trustworthy. I have believed in God for many years.” You say that you have believed for many years, but you have not fulfilled your duties and you expect to be saved. Who are you deceiving? Aren’t you just being silly? First, he does not fulfill his duties full time. Second, he does not pursue the truth. Third, he has not truly consecrated himself. Fourth, he has not given his heart to God. It’s over, your faith is useless! The doctrines that you understand have ruined you! You have not done one practical thing. Talking about all those doctrines is useless. God says there is nothing that can be done because he has not done anything practical nor has he given his heart to God. It turns out that he is stuck here! No wonder even though he has believed for many years, he has no reality. If you believe in God, is it okay if you pay no attention to reality? Is it okay if you do not take some real actions? (It is not okay.) Some people have taken some real actions, “I will not find a partner. I will consecrate my youth to God.” They really do not find a partner. People ask, “Why do you not look for a partner?” “I do not have a partner. If I see someone that is good, I will go after them. If I do not, I will consecrate myself. The moment I see someone that is good, I will go after them.” Is this truly consecrating oneself? (No.) This is not consecrating oneself to God. The only reason this person does not have a partner is because he hasn’t found someone suitable. The moment he does so, he will try to chase after them. Before this situation occurs, he says that he has consecrated himself to God. Isn’t this kind of consecration deceptive? If you deceive God in regard to this matter, will God be able to work on you? You must not deceive God. You must speak the truth and you must do practical things. Some people vow, “I will be devoted to God for my entire life. I will not betray God.” In the end, when the great red dragon tortures them, they end up betraying God and breaking their oath. Once they betray God, God eliminates them. One day, when the overcomers who have come out of tribulations remain, they say, “How come I am not a part of that group? What happened?” You have denied God. In front of the great red dragon, you did not bear witness. You were defeated by the great red dragon. One day you will snivel with regret. Some people treat their faith in God as if it is a part time hobby. Then, an accident happens and they muddle-headedly deny God, become a Judas and then get eliminated. Afterward, they still believe that they have been saved. They continue following, until one day, when they do not have their names there, God denies them. God declares which people are eliminated. God tells him that he has no ending. He gets a nasty shock and says, “This matter of an ending is real. God’s words are true! God’s disposition is real!” Only then does he know that, but it is too late. He thought it was all a joke. He thought it was a child’s game. What will happen to him in the end? If you are not certain of God, if you are not certain about God’s words and if you think that God’s words are just a trifling matter, the result is that you will have ruined yourself. Are there many such people? You can see that there are quite a lot of these people, “Oh no, my family does not allow it. If I fulfill my duties, my life will become difficult!” If you are afraid of suffering and hardships, will you be able to obtain God’s perfection? One day, you will see: Other people suffer hardships now, but in the end, they become perfected. Even though they endured a lot, they become perfected and they obtain their reward. At that time you start to feel regret, “If I knew it was like this, I would have cast aside everything!” Is that of any use? It is useless! Therefore, when you pursue the truth, you must pay the price.

How long would you say it takes to enter a reality of the truth? There are some people who are in a hazy state of mind. In a flash, many years have gone by. They speak letters and doctrines and speak eloquently in this hazy state of mind. However, they are unable to enter into the reality of the truth for years. Suddenly, they encounter a moment of judgment and chastisement and God is serious with them. That is when they suddenly see the light, “Oh no, now I know what putting the truth into practice is. Now I know what it means to obey God!” That is when they start to enter. In the past, they were passing their days in a dreamy haze. Who is to blame for this? People are so sluggish with their faith. They’re demented and numb yet they still consider themselves very clever. People are not serious about God’s words and they are always calculating. They veer neither to the left nor the right. From man’s perspective and imagination, it is fine to have this kind of faith. Yet, the consequence is that they end up ruining themselves. Don’t the majority of people have this sort of attitude when it comes to the truth? People consider from their perspective, “This is how I believe. I am neither to the left nor to the right. If people see it as acceptable, that is how I will go. Even if I take a loss, it won’t be a great loss.” The result is in the very end, they end up with nothing and they defraud themselves. You must treat the truth seriously. When you take it seriously, you will have the Holy Spirit’s work. When you take it more seriously, you will feel more enjoyment inside and you will feel more presence of God. When you take it seriously, you will be able to see God’s smile and you will feel enjoyment in your heart. Your spirit will feel a deep comfort. If you do not take it seriously whatsoever, inside, you will feel perplexed, unsafe, uncertain and faithless. If you believe in God, is it okay if you do not treat the truth seriously? When some people fulfill their duties, they are afraid to get real with the truth. After suffering for one day, on the second day, they say, “I cannot do this anymore. If I suffer so much and if I am so tired, can I be perfected? Can I obtain rewards? If I cannot obtain rewards, shouldn’t I stop needlessly suffering?” Once again, we can see an example of calculation and treachery. When this person encounters some suffering and some hardships, they become afraid of taking a loss. Would you say that this kind of person can gain God through his faith? Can they obtain the truth? Why can’t they? It is because they are too treacherous and afraid of taking a loss. Their relationship with God is like a business transaction. If his heart is unsure, he will not do it. He is someone who will not act without some incentive. If you try and make a business transaction with God, you will suffer a great loss! It is fine if you deal with other people in this manner. If you do not believe in God, you will take a great loss and you are a first-rate idiot! Have any of you had this kind of experience: While you fulfill your duties, you pray, “God, I am willing to suffer for You. I will pay a price for You. I am not seeking a reward.” Afterward, you put things into practice for a while. After the event, you see whether you are able to look back, whether or not you have regret and whether or not you are devoted to God. This is what will reveal you. If you truly undergo some suffering and feel very good and willing and your heart feels delighted, and you believe with conviction that this is the way that you should act toward God, then this is fine, you are an honest person. If after two instances of suffering, you withdraw, feel like you have taken a loss and feel that this is not appropriate, what does this indicate? It indicates that you are a treacherous person. You should say, “Oh no, I am very treacherous. Here I have the intention of entering into a business transaction with God. I have not been sincere with God!” You must see through to your own true state. After you see through this, you will be able to resolve your own problems. Then, you will pray and begin to commune with God, “I have discovered that I have problems. Once I encounter some hardships when I fulfill my duties, inside, I want to retreat, I want to complain and I start to worry that I will not be able to obtain blessings and that I will take a loss.” First, you must resolve this problem. This is not a step that you can skip over. Otherwise, you can’t gain God or the truth. There are some people who cannot suffer for even three days while fulfilling their duties before they give up. Some people give up after a month and feel that they have taken a loss. Some people give up after half a year. They withdraw when others laugh at them and start talking about them. What does this all indicate? It indicates that these people are not sincere with God. You cannot even endure a bit of suffering, yet you want to obtain the truth and you want to obtain God’s blessings? Not a chance! You are not a right person! Isn’t it the case? Now, can you persevere for three years as if it were one day? Five years as if it were one day? Ten years as if it were one day? Can you follow God, obey God and fulfill your duties for an entire lifetime as if it were one day? If you can be sincere like this with God, you will definitely be perfected by God. One day, when Satan takes a hold of you and wants to kill you, you will say, “Go ahead, kill me. I will not die in vain. I can expend for God for these many years, and this is an honor and God’s uplifting of me, I am satisfied. Even if I die, I will not regret it.” This is what it means to be sincere with God.

Would you say that man and God’s relationship should have some reality? What kind of proof do you have to confirm that your relationship with God is normal and that you are sincere with God? If you cannot enter into this reality, then saying that you have attained salvation and have been perfected by God are empty words! First, you must expend yourself for God with loyalty. Once you have resolved this issue, any other issues will be easily resolved. Then you have to have a loving heart toward God and be devoted in the fulfillment of your duties; regardless of what trials you encounter, you do not withdraw, can stand firm and expend for God without regret. Finally, if you can seek for a change in your disposition, with the result that you are able to love God and absolutely obey God, you will then have been perfected by God. Being perfected by God starts from the devoted fulfillment of your duties. The devoted fulfillment of your duties is the first step. Do you believe this? If you are not devoted in the fulfillment of your duties, you will never be perfected. Don’t even think about it! Today, this is what I say, remember: If you want to attain salvation and be perfected, you must be sincere toward God when you fulfill your duties. God knows of your sincerity. You yourself are clear about it. From here, you can start to enter into pursuing the truth to attain a disposition change. Receive trials and refinement and receive dealing and pruning in order to fulfill your duties better and better. In turn, you will receive more and more of God’s blessings, and you will do things more and more with principle. Finally, your disposition will change and you will sincerely have love for God. Your relationship with your brothers and sisters will be normal. You will harmoniously cooperate with each other, obey together and love one another. Once all of these are achieved, you will be perfected. If one cannot fulfill his duties up to standard, all other aspects will definitely not be up to standard as well. Wouldn’t you say that this person’s humanity is not up to standard? This person’s humanity is definitely not good. He is not sincere when he fulfills his duties, so how can his humanity be good? His humanity is definitely not good. Additionally, can you have the reality of the truth if the fulfillment of your duties is not up to standard? You definitely do not have the reality of the truth. How can one confirm that they have the reality of the truth? From the fulfillment of one’s duties. The most important of man’s actions and man’s manifestations is devotion to fulfilling duties. This is number one. Once the fulfillment of your duties is up to standard, your humanity is also up to standard and you will also have the reality of the truth. Therefore, you are able to put the truth into practice through fulfilling your duties, have genuine obedience, do things according to principles, make sure the fulfillment of your duties is able to bear witness to God, be someone that bears witness to God and finally, be devoted until the end and do God’s will. Once you are able to bear witness to God, you will have entered deeply into the reality of the truth. You will have had an understanding of God. Those who have a true understanding of God, if they are able to excel at bearing witness to God, this will be related to doing God’s will. Who am I referring to when I say “doing God’s will”? This refers to those that bear witness to God. This has nothing to do with those whose fulfillment of duties is average. If someone who is preaching the gospel says, “I am doing this to do God’s will,” then these words are lies. Doing God’s will has nothing to do with you. It is the responsibility of those that bear witness to God. There is a relationship between their work and doing God’s will. It is similar to how the work of Jesus did God’s will. Normally, those who God directly uses, the Holy Spirit directly leads and works on and who can take charge are related to doing God’s will. The ordinary fulfillment of duties is not the same as serving God. Those that directly serve God have the perfection of the Holy Spirit, are guided by the Holy Spirit, have special work of the Holy Spirit, and are used by the Holy Spirit. Their work is related to doing God’s will. Doing God’s will is something that those who serve God can achieve. This is the path that those who serve God should take. This is not something that ordinary chosen people of God can achieve. If you do not know God, how can you do God’s will? If you cannot establish a church in a particular area, how can you do God’s will? You are not even able to do the work of bearing witness to God, so how can you do God’s will? You cannot even write essays of witnessing, how can you do God’s will? This is similar to children within a family. Whatever chores the children do are not related to the survival of the family. Who is responsible for the survival of the family and the situation of that family? The head of the household. The things that the head of the household does concern supporting the household and fostering the children. These are the responsibilities of the head of the household and they are not the concerns of the children. The child goes to school and other people ask, “Why do you go to school?” “In order to support my family.” This is wrong. The child is just talking nonsense. Therefore, for people to be used by God and perfected by God, they must start with fulfilling their duties and they must be sincere about it! If you sincerely expend for God, you will receive God’s blessings. Some people do not sincerely expend for God, casually doing a bit of work, casually reaching out their hand; if they are free they do a bit of work, and if they are not free, they will leave it at that. They do not take on any of God’s burdens. Such people will not be able to be perfected. If they can attain salvation and stand firm, then that is already pretty good. Nowadays, if you ask people, “Do you have the truth right now?” “No.” “Can you bear witness to God?” “No. I cannot obtain people even when I spread the gospel.” How about these people? Isn’t it the case that if you do not have the truth, you won’t be able to do anything? If you can’t do anything, then aren’t you incapable of fulfilling the duties of a creation? This won’t suit you. Therefore, if one wants to be used by God and fulfill, not just in name but also in reality, the duties of a creation, one must pursue the truth. Without the truth, one cannot fulfill one’s duties. Even if one can perform a bit of one’s duties, one will not be able to properly fulfill the duties of a creation. Only if you pursue the truth will you make something of yourself! Remember, you must pursue the truth. If you want to do some important things for God’s family, if you want to be able to take on any kind of work, if you want to be able to make some good videos and movies so that thousands of people can benefit from them, you must pursue the truth. It is not okay if you do not have the truth. If you do not pursue the truth, you will be a total failure. If you do not pursue the truth, you do not have genuine talent. If you do not pursue the truth, then you are nothing! Man’s caliber is gradually improved through pursuing the truth. As your understanding of the truth grows deeper, you will gradually become a success. The more successful you are, the better your caliber. Turning the good experiences and witnessing of God’s chosen people into videos and movies and sharing them with the world is very meaningful. This involves true talent and is a very serious endeavor. After a video is finished it is uploaded onto the internet for others to enjoy, from beginning to end. It is quite easy to click and watch these videos, however, the process by which these videos were produced is quite difficult. Each shot is well planned and involves a lot of work. That is why the production of these videos and movies is a very important duty and constitutes good deeds. If people can fulfill this duty with devotion and achieve good results, they will surely be praised by God. This is a certainty. This duty is beneficial for the life entry of people who do it. It is beneficial in terms of helping them understand the truth. Additionally, it also tests whether they can put the truth into action and whether they have true faith, devotion and can suffer for God. One aspect of this matter is revealing people. However, if they pursue the truth, it is also part of the process by which they become perfected. The process of fulfilling one’s duties is also the process of experiencing God’s work and being saved. It is also the process of experiencing God’s word and entering into the reality of the truth. For people that pursue the truth, it is also the process of the changing of their disposition and the process of knowing God. Does this make sense? (Yes.)

In regard to this duty, if you are truly able to suffer and pay a price, if you can obtain some achievements and have some contribution, will you feel joy inside your hearts? Will you feel some comfort? You will definitely have some joy. If you truly pay a price and finish the videos, and do your part in spreading God’s kingdom gospel, your heart will have a feeling of success, a feeling of comfort and a feeling of joy. You will say within yourself, “Now, I am finally capable of suffering when it comes to fulfilling my duties. I finally know what it is to love God. I finally understand what it means to be devoted to God. I finally recognize my true stature. I finally see my own deficiencies.” In fulfilling your duty, when you put the truth into practice, enter into the reality of the truth, experience God’s words, know yourself and after undergoing dealing and pruning, you will achieve some change. “Oh wow. Fulfilling one’s duties is very meaningful when it comes to being saved through faith in God. It is very realistic. This is not nominally believing in God like I did in the past. This means to truly believe in God and really experience God’s work. It is through the experience of fulfilling my duties that the Holy Spirit guides and inspires me, and in the end, while fulfilling my duties, I understand the truth. I am able to put the truth into practice and do things according to principles. In the very end, I have learnt how to obey God and be devoted to God.” Notice how so much of the reality of the truth relies on the experience of fulfilling one’s duties and finally entering. If you do not fulfill your duties and if you stay at home and practice your faith in your spare time, it will be very difficult for you to enter into the reality of the truth. Now, would you say that fulfilling one’s duties is meaningful in regard to obtaining the truth and entering into the reality of the truth? (Yes.) Is fulfilling one’s duties a form of kingdom training? (Yes.) Once you fulfill your duties for one or two more years, you will see through this and you will know what the true meaning of believing in God and fulfilling one’s duties is. Fulfilling one’s duties cannot be done negligently, “Oh, I have consecrated for God. I have to make an effort and do some things for God’s family. This is something I should do. It is my duty. After I have made an effort and I am out of strength, this indicates that I truly believe in God, that my faith is not simply nominal and it is truly from the heart.” Is it this simple? Some people still have not experienced this and they say, “Can you obtain the truth through fulfilling duties? Can your life disposition really change and can you understand God through fulfilling duties?” This depends on pursuing the truth. If you do not pursue the truth, and believe that as long as you make an effort in fulfilling your duties, it is fine, then you will be unable to obtain the truth. You may think, “I just need to go through the motions. I am afraid that if I do not, I will not be saved. Therefore, I will give it a try. This way, I can show God that my faith in Him is true-hearted. This is why I will fulfill this duty.” If these are your intentions, I’m afraid that the fulfillment of your duties will be quite meaningless.

Why is it that when it comes to fulfilling one’s duties, some people are able to pay the price and suffer? Regardless of the difficulties or challenges, after a month or two, these people are able to break through and they are able to offer some end products to God. How are they able to do this? Truly expending for God is extremely important. If you do not do so true-heartedly, even after 3 to 6 months, you will not be able to finish one video. You say, “It doesn’t matter whether I am able to produce results. I am fulfilling my duties every day.” Even if you are doing so every day for a year, it is still meaningless because you do not know what it means to fulfill your duties, you do not know what it means to true-heartedly expend for God and you do not make an effort when it comes to the truth. You always go through the motions and you are perfunctory. Is fulfilling your duties in this manner meaningful? If you fulfill your duties this way, why don’t you just go home? Hurry and go back home. Live your life back at home and earn money. Your family members will be happier. In the fulfillment of your duties, if you are a person who pursues the truth, you might say, “I am here to receive God’s salvation. I am not just here to make an effort and be a service doer. I am not doing this for blessings. I am fulfilling my duties in order to receive God’s salvation and perfection. My objective for believing in God is clear. That is why I can suffer and accept dealing and pruning. No matter how much I am humiliated, it is fine, I will not falter. I believe in God so that I can obtain the truth. I have no other objective. I have made an effort and fulfilled my duties for a couple years. I have not earned a single penny. I want to obtain the truth. This is my objective and I will not give up until I obtain the truth. In order to obtain the truth, I will go through whatever suffering is necessary. No matter how I have to fulfill my duties or how others treat me, it is fine.” If someone has these kinds of aspirations when it comes to pursuing the truth, do you think that he will be able to obtain the truth? If someone really has these kinds of aspirations, how will it be like when he encounters dealing and pruning? Will he be able to deal with it properly? Will he just get negative and go home? Will he just give up on his responsibilities? If someone really has aspirations to pursue the truth, will his heart be at peace if after a period of fulfilling his duties, he has no results and he has not broken through any difficulties? What thoughts will go through his head? “Haven’t I just wasted my time? I am so useless. Aren’t I just a walking corpse? Aren’t I just a useless person?” He will blame his conscience. “I have come to fulfill duties because I am one of God’s people and I am one of the targets of God’s salvation work. I’ll accept God’s inspection. I must fulfill my duties well. I must fulfill this duty as if I were doing it for myself. Only then would God find me acceptable. Only then will my conscience be at peace.” If you do not have this kind of an aspiration, you are not truly expending for God, you have not accepted God’s inspection and your objective is not to pursue and obtain the truth. Does this kind of person’s fulfillment of duties have meaning? Isn’t this kind of person doing service in an opportunistic manner? He believes that by means of making a bit of an effort, perhaps he is able to obtain God’s reward or perhaps he will be blessed. He is like Paul, “You have called upon me to spread the good news for You and to become Your apostle. Fine, I will suffer and spread the good news. I will pay the price and I will cast away everything. In the end, You should give me the crown.” If you do all this solely in order to obtain the crown and blessings, it will be troublesome! The intentions of man’s faith must be proper in order for him to achieve results. Now, aren’t there people who are carelessly fulfilling duties? They carry these kinds of crafty schemes in their hearts. The fulfillment of their duties is like a business deal between them and God. Isn’t this irrational? It is not that these people have the intention of deceiving God. Their intentions are as follows: “If I make some sort of an effort, it will indicate that I truly believe in God. It will verify that I am devoted to God. Then, afterward, God must give me my reward and bless me.” Isn’t this very irrational? As a deeply corrupt human being, when we start to believe in God, we have all sorts of intentions. People all want blessings, almost without exception. I also believed in this way. However, after I experienced God’s judgment and chastisement, I was ashamed and humiliated and I prostrated myself in admiration. I was ashamed and unable to show my face. I could not bear to look at myself in the mirror. How could I have been so despicable and irrational? My efforts and my willingness to suffer for God were all in order for me to gain rewards. It was like a business transaction between God and me! Once God’s words reveal, man will cower in shame and feel regret! That is why, now, I can’t bear to think back to the way I believed in God in the past, and the corruption that was revealed when I encountered certain situations. There are many processes when it comes to the changing of man’s life dispositions. When I look back on my experiences today, I see that without God’s judgment and chastisement and without the revelation and dissection of God’s severe words, man truly would be unable to recognize all of man’s corruption and intentions. Therefore, can God’s judgment and chastisement save us? Can God’s judgment and chastisement cleanse us? Without God’s judgment and chastisement, can we be cleansed? (No.) This is a fact. Now, are you still willing to continue receiving God’s judgment and chastisement and dealing and pruning so that in the very end, you will be completely saved and cleansed? (Yes.)

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