Being an Honest Person: A Summary

The Problem That Must Be Solved of Being an Honest Person

We have now all experienced God’s work for a period of time, and have practiced being an honest person for a period of time; so to now practice being an honest person, exactly how many problems exist that we must solve? The first problem that must be solved is that of not being able to simply open up and speak the truth before God. Some people say, “Simply opening up and speaking the truth, that’s easy!” If it’s so easy then why can you not do it? Can you speak the truth? You can speak the truth, what lofty talk is this? What doctrine are you speaking? Simply opening up is easy? You take your intentions and open up, and say to God what are your intentions; why can you not open up? You cannot open up to others; can you also not open up to God? This isn’t easy at all! The second point, the problem of making vows, bragging and speaking hollow words before God must be solved. Making vows; making what vows? “God, if You fix this problem for me, I am willing to dedicate myself to You, and expend my whole life for You!” Is the vow fulfilled? When the vow is made you again run off into the world seeking wealth; you say that you will expend your entire life for God and yet you baulk at even slight duties! Is this not making a false vow? You brag, “I’m willing to serve God all my life, willing to hold God high, witness God so that God can gain glory.” In the end, as much as possible you witness yourself, show yourself off, and do not speak the truth. The third problem that must be solved is that of speaking without being honest and fair, distorting the facts, speaking according to emotion, and being unable to treat people fairly. We now see that some people always speak according to emotion, they always distort the facts, they are unable to seek truth from facts, and unable to treat people fairly. Always speaking according to emotion, how can you treat people fairly? All who distort facts when speaking, to the point of confounding black and white; who speak according to emotion, who speak according to what they like, this kind of person is not honest. In addition, all those who cannot handle matters with fairness, who cannot treat people justly, are not honest people. Does this problem not need to be solved? This is also key as far as those people who are being honest are concerned as well! It matters not how many people you are in front of, it matters not what you speak of to whom, when speaking you must be just, without emotion; one is one, two is two. So when you speak, are you able to not speak according to emotion? It matters not whether it is your friend, or whoever; do not rely on emotion, treat them fairly, can you live out this reality? This point directly involves the problem of being an honest person. The fourth point, the problem of dealing perfunctorily with God, fooling God, and deceiving God in doing one’s duty, must be solved. Doing one’s duty by always deceiving God, dealing with God perfunctorily, and fooling God, is this not dishonest? Does this problem relate or not to the problem of being an honest person? Doing your duty is to repay God’s love, this is heaven’s law and earth’s principle. Why can you still deceive God? This is a problem involving man’s nature. Man does not act according to conscience, hasn’t any sense, and can deceive God, be perfunctory with God, and fool God. If one has a conscience, and has sense, one will not go so far as to deal with God perfunctorily, deceive God, or fool God. The fifth point, the problem of people knowing their own nature that resists God and betrays God must be solved. Someone who has a nature that resists God and betrays God, always does things that resist God in spite of themselves; no matter what they do, they hold as prerequisite satisfying the flesh and satisfying themselves, caring not a bit about God’s will. Some people do their duty according to their own preferences, satisfying the flesh; some people communicate about the truth also according to their preferences, satisfying the flesh; some people give sermons also according to their preferences, also for satisfying the flesh. No matter what the deed, they simply do not care about God’s will, and do not care whether it hurts God or not. So is this kind of person an honest person before God? They are a person who resists God. This is also a problem that must be solved. The sixth point, the problem of people always having demands of God, always having extravagant desires, and always feeling discontented, must be solved. During the good times, when they have no difficulties, people say, “Ah, God is good! God is gracious toward me! God loves me!” Once there is any difficulty, and after praying to God and it not being solved, then they are discontented, they complain about God, about the notion of God, and then become negative; they give up their responsibilities and do not do their duty. Is someone without loyalty to God an honest person? This is absolutely not an honest person. So should this problem be solved? No matter what problems someone has, they can entrust them to God, but no matter how God handles them, whether it is solved or not, we should not change our loyalty to God, much less decrease our faith in God; we should not become negative and betray, we should not complain, at all times we must be true to God. Why should we be true to God? Because God has the power to reward, and the power to deprive; God’s reward is to bless us, and the deprivation is also to bless us, in order to test our faith, to see whether we have conscience and sense before God. Thus, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the difficulties, people all should seek to satisfy God, in doing their duties they should have loyalty to the end; this is an honest person. The seventh point, the problem of not understanding God’s requirements and not seeking God’s will, but acting senselessly, must be solved. If one doesn’t understand God’s requirements, they should pray, they should seek, and they should pursue the truth. If they do not grasp God’s will, they should practice. But whether you can grasp God’s will and seek God’s will, this is a problem of man’s conscience and sense. If a person has conscience and sense, they should be able to learn to grasp God’s will, saying, “I think about this issue in this way; how does God think about it? I do this; how would God feel?” You must pray, ponder, understand this issue, and be well aware of the situation, then you will know how to act appropriately. Some people do their duty and do not care what God demands, or about God’s will; they do not pray, do not seek, however they want to act, they act, and the result is that they serve not in accordance with God’s will. Why? This person just acts without sense, random and reckless! Someone works as a leader or worker, and he does things according to his own preferences; he likes to do it this way, he does it incessantly like this, like this every day, satisfying his own flesh, satisfying his own desires. He gets excited, stirred up, he doesn’t care about God’s will, and doesn’t study what demands God makes of man. So does this kind of person have conscience and sense before God? Is this kind of person honest? This kind of person is not honest, this kind of person is not frank, they satisfy themselves in all respects, and do not act according to God’s will or requirements. Thus, to be an honest person one must solve this problem. The eighth point, the problem of speaking not in accordance with fact, always relying on imagination and judgments, must be solved. When speech does not accord to reality, when problems are always solved according to people’s imagination and judgments, can this kind of person easily disrupt God’s work? If they are handling some person’s problems, can they do it well? They certainly cannot! Because they do not handle problems according to reality, but always according to imagination, their thoughts, and judgments. This kind of person does not rely on God’s words, nor rely on truth; they always rely on their own imagination, they are not an honest person. Honest people, no matter what they face, must rely on God, no matter what they face, believe in God, believe in God’s words, believe in the truth; all is according to God’s words. An honest person can forsake the flesh, not accord to himself, he can deny himself; he can see clearly that people’s thoughts, imagination and judgments are not truth. Some people seem to also understand the doctrines; if you ask them whose words are the truth, they will say God’s words are the truth, if you ask them whether people’s thoughts, imagination and judgments are the truth, they will say they are not. They understand all the doctrines, but why then do they not handle problems according to God’s words? Why do they still handle problems according to their imagination, according to their own judgment? You know your own imagination can certainly easily be wrong, that your own imagination does not necessarily conform to reality, that your own judgment is also not necessarily correct, and easily erroneous; so why do you still go according to your own imagination and judgment? Why do you not do a strict investigation? This kind of person is not honest, and can easily resort to fraud and deception. The ninth point, the problem of having a viewpoint on things that is absurd and that doesn’t conform to the truth must be solved. When people’s viewpoint on things is absurd and doesn’t conform to the truth, can this resist God? If your viewpoint on things is absurd, can your words be honest? Can your actions be honest? When your viewpoint is absurd, according to imagination and the knowledge in your own head, your view can definitely easily be wrong, easily false, easily absurd, so when you practice in this way you are definitely not an honest person. There are many people who say, “I don’t lie, I speak the truth.” So that truth you speak is according to what? If it is according to your absurd viewpoint on matters, are those words truth? Does it accord with reality? Does it accord with truth? With this absurd viewpoint of yours, your words are definitely fallacies and absurd words, according to principle they are all lies, when you speak absurdly, then that is lying. You say, “It is reality!” Reality is also a lie, because your viewpoint on matters is absurd. Take believing in God for example; is this the right path? It is the right path. What does the great red dragon say? It says that you believe in evil cults. Is this a lie? “It is a lie.” How was that lie created? An absurd way of looking at things. It doesn’t have truth, it is measured according to an absurd and preposterous philosophy, and the result? True words become false ones, false words become true ones. Its viewpoint on matters is absurd, it looks at matters askew, are the falsehoods it says lies? So, an absurd way of looking at things can also result in people telling lies, and result in people being unable to be honest. Thus, if someone’s way of looking at things isn’t right, and is absurd, then he can tell lies, he cannot speak the truth, he will not come to the right conclusion. Thus, to become an honest person, to speak according to the truth, to speak correctly, you must solve the problem of having an absurd viewpoint on matters. To believe in God and also have a viewpoint according to the great red dragon, isn’t that troublesome? The words you speak are all lies, all nonsense, all that you do resists God, and betrays God, because your viewpoint on things is not right. People say that you came out of prison, and still did not deny God, you have stood witness, but what does the great red dragon say? It says that being in prison you did not change for the better, but persisted in believing in evil cults. You see, is this not absurd? It is looking at things according to Satan’s philosophy, we look at things according to truth, thus our viewpoint is different to that of it, the conclusion from looking at things is different. Thus, to be an honest person, to speak correctly, practically, and conforming to the truth, you must solve the problem of looking at things with an absurd viewpoint, because this involves the problem of being an honest person. The tenth point, the problem of relying only on yourself, living for the flesh, and not giving your heart to God must be solved. A person who does not give their heart to God, is this kind of person someone who accepts God’s work? Can they obtain the work of the Holy Spirit? Man’s heart is always thinking about the flesh and life, never eating or drinking God’s words, not trying to fathom God’s words, and even more so not trying to grasp God’s requirements or will, what heart is that? It is a black heart! It is not a sincere heart! This heart only lives for the fleshly enjoyment, for itself, it isn’t given to God, does not accept God’s scrutiny, does not accept the truth; this is a black heart. Does this kind of person have conscience and sense before God? Look at any person; if their heart never prays to God, or pursues the truth, and even less so eats and drinks God’s words or tries to figure out the truth, if they just live for the flesh, thinking all day of fleshly things: “How can I live happily? How can I have better fleshly enjoyment? What problems must I still solve for fleshly enjoyment? What is still lacking in my life? What about children in the future?” Has this heart been given to God? This is a problem of having no conscience or sense, he has a black heart, his heart is not right. If you truly give your heart to God, what would it look like? How to carry this out, do you know? You have to give up some physical things, you must give them up. Say, you want to enjoy something, you want to earn some money, wear certain kinds of clothes and things, then you work hard for this aspect. As soon as you concentrate and use your strength for this aspect, then you do not have energy to pursue the truth. Does this kind of person give their heart to God? To give my heart to God is to have to put my heart in the pursuit of the truth, to let God save me, to make me complete, to gain me. What’s more, this heart of mine must always be thinking: “How can I repay God’s love? How can I do my duty well?” This is giving his heart to God; he is considerate of God’s heart, this is a red heart, a sincere heart. Always for the flesh, not being considerate of God’s will; this is a black heart. Where is the conscience and sense of a black-hearted person? Without conscience and sense, is he an honest person? How much effort do you really put in for the work of the church and the lives of your brothers and sisters? How much efforts do you expend? What price do you pay? Which have you given up of the fleshly things that you paid so much attention to in the past? Have you given up one? What? Can you say clearly? Your plans to learn, have you abandoned them? Your plans to strive for matters of the flesh, have you abandoned them? You must actually have some performance, giving your heart to God is not just moving the lips; giving your heart to God is dedicating your main energies to God, pursuing the truth, doing the duty of creatures. When you have this aspect of reality, it proves that your heart is sincere; it is red, not black. Thus, to be an honest person you must give your heart to God, forsake the flesh, obey God’s orchestration and arrangements; this is key, this is the behavior of an honest person, it is what an honest person must possess.

… To be an honest person, one must solve the problems of these ten aspects. Only when the problems of these ten aspects are solved will we truly have the reality of being honest people. If the problems of these ten aspects are not solved, then it can definitely be said that one does not meet the standard of an honest person and he is not an honest person. If the greater part of the problems of these ten aspects are solved, then it can be said that this person has partially entered into the reality of being an honest person; they now have some realities. The reality of whichever aspect must be somewhat entered into; the problem of whichever aspect must have half or the greater part solved, and afterward the reality must be somewhat lived out. Occasionally they have only a few transgressions and shortcomings; this kind of person can be said to already have the reality of being an honest person, and they basically have some of the appearance of an honest person. They have some of the likeness of a real man, they seem acceptable externally, and they can be passed according to people’s standards. You cannot say as far as being an honest person, only when the reality of every aspect has been completely attained, or the problem of every aspect has been totally solved will one be truly an honest person. To talk like this is not objective. You have to solve half or the greater part of whichever of these ten aspects of problems, having some positive entry into all of them. Although it’s not complete, and occasionally you have some transgressions and shortcomings, this shows that you have already entered into the truth, and you already have some reality. Thus concerning the practice of being an honest person you should look at it like this. If you only abide by some rules, and do not solve the problems of these ten aspects, it appears to be some change on you outwardly. However, if the problems of these ten aspects aren’t solved, then on the entry of being an honest person, you certainly won’t see any amount of reality. Even though there is some reality, it is as though this is only the outcome of abiding by the rules, and the outcome isn’t obvious. Today you abide by the rules, and you seem as though an honest person, you are not cunning, you do not tell lies, but tomorrow you face a different environment, and you fail to abide, how to explain this? You are not being an honest person up to standard! This abiding by the rules is not reliable, and even the best abiding by the rules does not represent that you have reality, because abiding by the rules is too unreliable. There are many matters where not abiding by the rules on the surface can attain results. Whether or not you are an honest person, then you must see if in your heart you have the reality of being an honest person, if in your heart you are cunning, if in your heart you have personal intention, if in your heart you have lies and deception; this is the foundation. Some people do not tell lies on the surface, but they lie in their heart, in their heart they make deception, people cannot see; looking at the surface people say, “You are so honest, you are not lying about this issue.” Actually you are lying in your heart, you are deceiving in your heart. Is this kind of person an honest person? This is not an honest person! Thus it can be said that if you do not solve the problems of these ten aspects, even if your mouth tells no lies your heart can still tell lies, even if your mouth makes no deception, your heart can still make deception, so to solve the problems of these ten aspects is foundational, this is true entry. If the problems of these ten aspects are solved, the sickness in your heart becomes no more. Definitively speaking, it doesn’t matter how you are on the surface; God examines the depths of man’s heart, God says you are clean in your heart, your heart is purified, your heart is loyal to God, your heart has no deception; only this is truly reality! There have been so many times when people, while practicing being honest people, have not dared to speak lies, yet in their hearts are: “I wish I could say that, I wish that were the case.” Is this not also lying? The heart wishes: “Saying this is appropriate, so just say this.” The mouth doesn’t speak, but the heart has actually already spoken; so do you consider this kind of person to be honest? The problems in his heart are not solved, today he doesn’t speak, tomorrow he doesn’t speak, sooner or later he must speak, sooner or later he must expose himself; is this not the case? Today he took a bite, exerted his energy, and didn’t deceive you; tomorrow he won’t bite and will try to deceive you. Can abiding by the rules solve the sickness in your heart? It cannot! You must use truth to solve the problems, use the pursuit of truth to solve the central issue, and then the image of an honest person will appear on the outside naturally. After the problems of these ten aspects have been solved, then one will have the image of honest people and live like honest people.

What Is the Relationship Between Being an Honest Person and Pursuing Truth?

We have experienced for a period of time, and have gained this little bit of knowledge of being an honest person. So we speak further; what is the relationship between being an honest person and attaining salvation, and pursuing truth? This is also critical. Tell me, if an honest person doesn’t pursue the truth, can they attain results? “They cannot!” Perhaps great numbers of people have experienced this before, and how is it in the end? They all tasted failure, experienced a year, two years, abided by some rules, didn’t succeed, didn’t have any results, and all failed. Finally they all felt, “Ah! Being an honest person is really not simple at all, it isn’t easy! There is no way to just change lying.” This is indeed true. Later people pondered, saying, “The problem of people lying now cannot be solved, tell us what to do about people’s mouths. The difficulty is great, this problem of the mouth cannot be solved, tell us how to solve this heart! How to solve this nature?” After undergoing a period of time of fellowship, people found the path; to solve this problem of the mouth, this problem of lying, you must first start from the heart. You say the mouth talks, from where is it governed? Is it governed by the hand? Is it governed by the head? Neither, it is governed by the heart. So if your heart has problems, then your mouth when speaking will definitely have problems. Why do people want to tell lies? It is because they are governed by their intentions? Is it that the mouth can speak by itself? Without intention can the mouth tell lies? That is, first there is intention; he has thoughts and intentions, and only then will the mouth tell a lie. If lying becomes a habit, as soon as the mouth opens it is a lie, and people say, “As soon as he opens his mouth he lies; his intentions haven’t yet emerged, and the lies have come out. What is going on?” That is your consistent intention, it has become your nature, your actions are governed by your nature, you no longer need to think, whenever you open your mouth lies come out. … There are several kinds of lies, do you know this? This also must be looked at clearly; some lies are born out of nothing, they are the most obvious lies. Some lies distort the facts, some lies are diluted, and some other lies are deliberate rumors. What is the most evil lie? To reverse black and white, to take the credit for the work of others, to shift the blame of one’s errors onto other people; this is a method of the great red dragon. The above are all counted as lies. Some lies are seemingly not on purpose, other lies harbor malicious intentions, and are already designed. But no matter whether or not it is deliberate, if your words do not completely conform to the fact, then that is a lie; all that doesn’t conform to truth, and doesn’t conform to the fact are lies. Is this explanation right? Looking at it this way, people’s lies are many. There is a person who is very bad, but is very good to you, the relationship between the two of you is not bad, and if someone were to ask you what kind of person he was? “A good person!” Is this a lie? What you said does not match reality, so this is a lie. Speaking falsehoods and speaking lies are the same, falsehoods are also lies, not conforming to the fact is also lying, violating truth is also lying, reversing black and white and words that distort the facts are even more so lies, speaking without reason is even more of a lie. Do you think that the great red dragon’s lies are many or not? It speaks of black as white, evil as justice; its lies are many, its wordings all reverse black and white. What it says is inhuman and perverse, so the lie that the great red dragon tells has a malicious nature, and harbors sinister intent and purpose. What problems does an honest person now have to solve? He must solve lying. To solve lying, what must first be solved? First the essence of man’s nature must be known. With Satan’s nature inside of you, do you think that lies can be controlled? There is no truth in you, if you want to speak conforming to truth, can you do it? You have incorrect intent and purpose, if you wish to not distort the fact, can you do it? If you want to solve this corruption, how will you do it? You must pursue the truth. Through the pursuit of truth we must know the true state of our corruption, know our satanic nature, and then find the root of the problem, that is, how our corrupt nature is generated. Now it is clear; the corrupt nature of man is formed by various kinds of Satan’s poisons gathered together. Inside of man’s satanic nature there are many of Satan’s philosophies, much of Satan’s logic, and all kinds of knowledge of Satan. These of Satan’s philosophies, Satan’s logic, and various kinds of Satan’s knowledge are all gathered together to form man’s nature, which governs how he lives. Thus, man has this much corruption exposed, he can say all kinds and types of lies; this is the root of mankind’s corruption. If you want to solve the satanic philosophies, satanic logic and various satanic knowledge inside of man, what must you do? You must pursue truth. What is truth? Where do you go to find truth? Truth is all words expressed by God. If you want to obtain truth, you must eat and drink God’s words, because only God is truth, only God can express the truth, God’s words are the spring of truth. Within God’s words, through conscientious reading and earnest pondering, coupled with practicing and experiencing, we begin to have knowledge of truth. Only when we are gaining truth from God’s words, are we truly knowing God’s words; only when we are gaining truth from God’s words, are we gaining new life from God. If we have truth inside as our life, then Satan’s philosophies cannot play a part in us. Satan’s philosophies are denied by us, abandoned by us, cast aside by us; in this way, our corruption is healed. When we are completely filled by all truth that God has expressed, we will completely live out the image of a new person; the image of the new person is an honest person. This is how an honest person is created, they are created through the pursuit of truth, through understanding truth, through entering into truth and gaining life. The more you understand truth, the more Satan’s philosophies, Satan’s logic and Satan’s knowledge will lose its position inside of you, and in the end be thoroughly eliminated.

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