105. The Principles of How to Treat People Who Have Believed in God for Many Years and Been Exposed

1. All those who have believed for many years who have never pursued the truth and never done their duty, are unbelievers and false believers. They belong to the Gentiles and should be cast aside;

2. If someone has never pursued the truth but is able to render service, then as long as they are not evil or an antichrist, then you should treat them wisely with a loving heart, and give them the opportunity to repent;

3. You should treat with a loving heart those who have believed in God for many years, who have a relatively good humanity and who are able to render service faithfully. Use all your strength to help and support them to enter the reality of the truth;

4. Those who have never been able to render service, who frequently do evil and who play a bad role in the church must be purged or expelled.

Relevant Words of God:

If you have believed in God for many years, and yet have never obeyed Him or accepted all of His words, but instead asked God to submit to you and act in accord with your notions, then you are the most rebellious of persons, and you are an unbeliever. How is one such as this able to obey the work and the words of God that do not conform to the notions of man? The most rebellious person is one who intentionally defies and resists God. He is the enemy of God and the antichrist.

from “Those Who Obey God With a True Heart Shall Surely Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

What does God’s word require as the principle for treating others? Love what God loves, hate what God hates. That is, the people loved by God who truly pursue the truth and who carry out God’s will, are the people you should love. Those who don’t carry out God’s will, hate God, disobey God, and are despised by God, are people we should despise and reject. That’s what God’s word requires.

from “Knowing Yourself Requires Knowing Your Deep-rooted Thoughts and Views” in Records of Christ’s Talks

There are those who do not earnestly seek after truth yet follow along in belief. They do what they are told and have decent humanity. They are willing, to a certain extent, to spend, abandon worldliness, and endure suffering. Such a person will be able to stand and receive salvation, but his disposition will not be transformed. This is because he does not earnestly pursue truth, and he is satisfied with merely understanding doctrines. He hears the doctrine, thinks it’s good and keeps it, and after understanding the doctrine he performs his duty, to a point. He can act in whatever way is proper for him to act. However, he is not earnest with regard to the truth; his heart is clouded, and he is unable ever to understand the essence of the truth. Such a person can also receive salvation and be spared….

from “How to Know Man’s Nature” in Records of Christ’s Talks

Those amongst brothers and sisters who are always venting their negativity are Satan’s lackeys and they disturb the church. These people must one day be expelled and eliminated. In their belief in God, if people don’t hold within them a God-revering heart, if they don’t have a heart that is obedient to God, then not only will they be unable to do any work for God, but on the contrary will become people who disturb God’s work and who defy God. When someone who believes in God does not obey God or revere God but instead defies Him, then this is the greatest disgrace for a believer. If the speech and conduct of a believer is always as casual and unrestrained as an unbeliever, then this believer is even more evil than the unbeliever; they are a typical demon. Those in the church who vent their venomous talk, those amongst brothers and sisters who spread rumors, foment disharmony and form cliques should have been expelled from the church. But because it is now a different era of God’s work, these people have been restricted, for they are doomed to be objects for elimination. Those who have been corrupted by Satan all have a corrupt disposition. But whereas some people only have a corrupt disposition there are others who are not like this, in that not only do they have corrupt satanic dispositions, but their natures are also malicious to the extreme. All this type of person does and says is not only expressing their corrupt satanic dispositions, but they themselves are the real devil Satan. All they do is interrupt and disturb God’s work, disturb the life entry of brothers and sisters, and destroy the normal life of the church. These wolves in sheep’s clothing must sooner or later be cleared out, and one must adopt an attitude toward these lackeys of Satan that is in no way polite; one must adopt an attitude of abandonment toward them. Only by doing this can one stand at God’s side and those who cannot do so are in collusion with Satan.

from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

In truth, such men are wholly incapable of performing their function in the work and are all good for nothing. Not only do they fail to perform their function, but they actually place much unnecessary strain on the church. I exhort these “venerable old men” to make haste and leave the church so that others no longer have to look upon you. Such men have no understanding of the new work but are filled with endless notions. They serve no function whatsoever in the church; rather, they make mischief and spread negativity everywhere, even to the point of engaging in all manner of misconduct and disturbance in the church, and thereby throwing those who lack discrimination into confusion and disarray. These living devils, these evil spirits should leave the church as soon as possible, lest the church be blighted on your account. You may not fear the work of today, but do you not fear the righteous punishment of tomorrow? There are large numbers of people in the church who are freeloaders, as well as a great number of wolves that seek to disrupt the normal work of God. These things are all demons sent by the Devil, vicious wolves who seek to devour the guileless lambs. If these so-called men are not expelled, they become parasites on the church and moths devouring the offerings. These contemptible, ignorant, base, and repulsive maggots will one day be punished!

from “Those Who Obey God With a True Heart Shall Surely Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

Those who are unable to carry out man’s duties are people without the truth, without humanity, and even more so are they people without reality. Men who do not carry out their duties in the slightest are precisely degenerates who have lost their conscience and reason through extreme disobedience of God, false believers and disbelievers who cannot be rescued.

from “Practicing the Truth and the Duties One Should Do” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

Anyone who does not practice the truth cannot be said to be obedient to God. Can someone who has believed in God for many years without practicing the truth attain salvation? Absolutely not. Perhaps a believer can do some good deeds, perform his duties, and pay a certain price, but if he does not pursue the truth, will he attain salvation? He cannot. Such a person is a true service-doer, because he performs his duty. Any who do their duties without pursuing the truth are service-doers, and those who neither perform duties nor pursue the truth are unbelievers. This is the difference between service-doers and unbelievers. I ask you, is it better that they are service-doers in the church, or that they are unbelievers? It is better that they are service-doers, because if a service-doer has humanity and does service until the end, the service-doer will survive, and God will treat him graciously. In God’s word we see some people who are loyal service-doers, and God will grant them sufficient blessings, and they will survive, so those in the church who perform their duties but do not pursue the truth and have good humanity are also brothers and sisters, and are much better than those who do not perform their duties in the slightest or pursue the truth. If someone in the church has believed in God for years without fulfilling his duties at all, and he does not pursue the truth, he may be cleared out; if someone has believed in God for less than three years, he should be helped, but if someone has been helped for years to no effect, and still does not pursue the truth or perform his duties, cast him aside and pay him no mind, treat him as though he does not exist, and do not list him on rosters of church membership, because such people do not count in God’s house.

from the fellowship from the above

If someone believes in God for 2-3 years without pursuing the truth at all, and in his nature we see hatred and loathing of the truth, if anger and hatred form in his heart whenever someone tries to fellowship on the truth with him and he refuses to listen, what kind of a person is this? If someone despises and does not love the truth, is he preordained to be chosen by God? At this time it is too soon to make a final conclusion, but we can say with certainty such people are troublesome, and if one day he starts doing evil, we can say with certainty: This person is not one of God’s preordained and chosen, he belongs to Satan, and he should be eliminated. The moment he begins to do evil and disturb things he will reveal himself. When he doesn’t make a sound, when he says nothing good or bad, and does nothing good or bad, he will not be completely revealed, and we will be unable to be 100% certain. But if someone is seen through to the core as someone who despises and does not love the truth, should he still have a share in our church? The moment he does evil and certain evidence is found, he can be expelled, but before clear evidence is found, he can be isolated and sent to Group B for meetings to be revealed. If, after one or two years in Group B he remains the same, if he still causes disturbances, does not practice the truth, does not spread the gospel, and makes no progress, it proves that this person is a false believer, an unbeliever, and it is correct to discern him as such. … At the end of this year, the church will begin to clear out people, and those who do not pursue the truth or practice the truth and are capable of many wicked deeds (mainly referring to the ten types of people) will all be isolated or expelled. Before they are expelled, these ten types of people must be separated and placed in Group B for meetings, where they will be given a half year deadline. Those who repent within the deadline will remain in Group B, and those who do not will be expelled. This is a church administrative work arrangement that must be carried out by every church. These ten types of people must be isolated and sent to Group B for meetings. Those who can do service and are willing to repent may remain in Group B, and those who do not do service or repent will be directly expelled.

from the fellowship from the above

Who is genuinely pursuing the truth and who is not pursuing the truth has basically now been clearly seen. Only there are some who do not pursue the truth but who still possess some humanity, and who have not done any great evil, and so these people should be given another chance and helped with a loving heart. If they wish to perform their duty, then among them there will be some who still have hope of attaining salvation. All those whose humanity is too bad, too evil, too deceitful and sly, who have believed for many years but who have always been slipshod in the duties that they’ve done, and who do not pursue the truth at all, can basically be confirmed as those who are exposed and weeded out.

from “How to Distinguish and Treat the Different Kinds of People Exposed and Weeded Out in God’s Work” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

It can be said that all those who don’t love positive things and detest the truth can be regarded as people with bad humanity. As such people don’t pursue the truth, they don’t achieve any change even after believing in God for many years. They don’t have a place for God in their hearts at all, let alone have fear of God. This type of people believe in God purely because they are driven by their motive to receive blessings, and the fulfillment of their duties is completely just a transaction to them. When they are expelled from God’s house, they will fly into a shameful rage, shout complaints, and even do reckless things because they think they are hopeless. But some people with bad humanity truly believe in God. If they are willing to pursue the truth and truly show repentant behavior, they can still be saved in the end. There are also fools who cling to their desire to be blessed and won’t believe in God unless they receive blessings. They are people who might leave God’s house at any time and will surely be expelled. We have indeed discovered some people with bad humanity who fulfill their duties faithfully, to the extent that they are happily willing to do service for God unto death. Such people can also be saved by God and receive His grace to survive. This is of course very important blessing. The facts prove that if a person with bad humanity truly believes in God, is willing to pay the price, does many good deeds, repents for their evil ways, and is loyal to the end, then they will certainly be saved by God. All those who genuinely believe in God and pursue the truth are within the scope of being saved by God. If a person with bad humanity can pursue the truth, they will also be able to be perfected by God because God does not show favoritism.

from “To Serve God One Must Learn How to Discern All Kinds of People” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

If people have believed in God for many years, but their corrupt dispositions still don’t change and their transgressions and wicked behavior continually increase, then this is sufficient to prove that the state of those who don’t pursue the truth steadily becomes worse to the point that the corruption becomes untreatable. When the wheat grows to maturity, all the tares—people who haven’t obtained the truth (those without life)—also grow into unwanted weeds. They conform increasingly less with those who have obtained the truth until they begin to get hostile, which is when they ought to be eliminated. This is natural law. All those who have believed in God for many years without obtaining the truth, who have not had the slightest degree of transformation in their corrupt dispositions but rather show increasingly wicked behavior, are subject to elimination.

from “The Four Stages of Life Experience for Being Saved and Perfected” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

I ask you, if meetings at a meeting place contain a wicked person, will the meetings held there ever be tranquil? A wicked person often causes trouble. He is the source of trouble, and often causes disturbances. He always provokes problems, incites disputes, stirs up enmity, one problem today, another tomorrow, he brings up new issues every day, and offers nothing but false sophistry. This is a wicked person. If someone in the church brings himself an odious personality and humanity, if his stench can make nine of ten men faint and all who see him shout to warn others of his coming, how should he be dealt with? He should be expelled. The wicked should be expelled from all churches, because the wicked are devils, and they cannot be saved. Retaining them to do no service but instead cause disturbances is not worth the effort. If there is someone now who counts as a wicked person, someone who does not pursue or practice the truth at all, but he does not provoke problems or disturb the church, and sometimes he does service, should such a person be expelled? There is no need to expel him, because he can do service, sometimes he can sound somebody out and spread the gospel, sometimes he manages to help the church, he is not greedy and does not take advantage. Perhaps he causes some disturbances as he does service, but at least there is service to speak of. We can weigh his service against his disturbance. If on balance it is beneficial to have him, such a person should be kept. If he causes too many disturbances and does too little service, it is not worth it, and you lose more than you gain, then he should be expelled. Isn’t this an appropriate way to deal with the problem? Then this is how to deal with it.

from the fellowship from the above

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