Believing in God Without Obeying Truth Will Lead to Elimination


Some new members of the church have raised some practical issues. We can understand the difficulties they are having because when we first entered into The Church of Almighty God we also encountered lots of issues. However, as we ate and drank the word of God, communed the truth and began to grasp the truth and see it clearly, unwittingly, many of our questions faded away. Why did our conceptions and illusions and the questions raised disappear? It was all because we ate and drank the word of God, communed the truth, and were unwittingly purified by the truth—our issues were resolved with the truth. Some people ask: “Almighty God of the last days has come to do the work: How does Almighty God purify and save people? In the Age of Kingdom, you read The Word Appears in the Flesh, and in the Age of Grace we read the Bible. Our faith has attained this level and yet you say we have yet to receive purification. Now you eat and drink the word of Almighty God in meetings and, in so doing, receive purification? You have no personal illusions? You have an understanding of God? Your life disposition has changed? We don’t believe it.” Is it normal of them to question in this way? Yes, it’s normal. Because they have not experienced God’s work in the last days; they don’t understand how the words that Almighty God expresses purify and remove the corruption, satanic disposition, illusions, misconceptions, fallacies, misreadings of and conflicts with God that exist within man. “Is God’s word truly this powerful? Can it really achieve this result? If it truly can achieve this result, then it is surely God’s word, it is surely the truth and God’s voice. If it cannot achieve this result, then it is not God’s word and is not the truth.” Many new believers also say: “You claim that God has arrived: Why can’t I see Him?” Is this a good question? Now let me ask you a question: You’ve all accepted Almighty God and God has come—do you see Him? If you haven’t seen Him, then why do you believe in Almighty God? Why is it that you believe in Almighty God? Many people say that their faith derives from reading God’s word. So how do you prove that God has truly come? According to God’s words—you use God’s word to prove that God has come. Some say, “When God comes and reveals Himself directly so that we can see His glorious countenance, only then has God truly come.” Is this statement tenable? It is not. Why isn’t it tenable? Because God’s Spirit doesn’t reveal Himself directly to mankind. God’s spiritual body, His actual body, does not reveal itself to man; it never reveals itself to man. Do you get what I’m saying? Who understands what I mean? This is because, while man is embodied in flesh, he is incapable of seeing the spiritual body. If man were to see God’s real person, he would die. Forget seeing the spiritual body of God, even if man were to see a ghost he’d be scared half to death and would likely become ill. Man can barely even survive an encounter with a ghost and yet you want to see God’s spiritual body? So, many say, “God has come, why haven’t we seen Him? What is God’s real person like?” Is it immature to say this? God can only reveal Himself to man in the flesh, not in the form of His real person. Only after man has been purified, may God appear in the spiritual body of the Lord Jesus resurrected. God’s real person cannot yet be revealed to man. For one, man does not deserve to see God’s real person: Man is corrupt and impure. No matter how much he believes in God, how much of God’s grace he’s enjoyed, how much he loves God and has given to Him, man still does not deserve to see God. Why do I say he is undeserving? I say this because man’s satanic disposition and corrupt nature are unresolved. Man still obstructs God. Even though you might have love for God and the truth in your heart, even though you accept and have experienced God’s word and are worthy of salvation and of receiving God’s blessing, if you haven’t been judged and chastised by God and received purification, you are not worthy of seeing God. Therefore, God only reveals Himself to corrupt man and to His believers as the Word become flesh. He can only go through the Word become flesh to live, interact, speak with and express Himself to people. We can see this aspect of the truth very clearly in God’s word. 

Let’s dwell on this subject a little further and make a few more remarks. During the Age of Law, the Israelites all believed in Jehovah God. Did God ever reveal Himself to the Israelites? He did not. So why did they believe in Jehovah God? They believed in Him because of the laws that God dictated and because of God’s words and works. The Israelites believed that the laws that Moses made and promulgated came from God, that this was the work that God assigned to Moses when He appeared to him on Mount Sinai. As a result, the Israelites fully believed that this was God’s word and work and that Jehovah God was real. Thus, the Israelites were able to believe in Jehovah God for three, almost four, millennia. So then you’re clear, now, as to why the Israelites believed in Jehovah God. Did Jehovah God reveal Himself to them? No. So you see, in modern day faith you should not expect to see the real person of God or see God reveal Himself. Being able to see the incarnate Son of man interacting with and speaking and doing work for us already constitutes an exception and exaltation made by God. Man shouldn’t have such extravagant desires: He is not worthy of seeing God’s real person. First, you’re not worthy; secondly, if you were to see God’s real person you would die. So, according to man’s needs, God chose to come as the incarnate Son of man to reveal Himself, voice His words, express the truth and do the work among men. Some say, “God reveals Himself to man through incarnation? Isn’t it the same method that the Lord Jesus used during the Age of Grace?” Indeed! The three stages of work that God has performed among men are all aimed at saving corrupt man. God became flesh in the Age of Grace and in the last days, and God used man to work in the Age of Law—He used Moses. Moses was not God incarnate, but rather the transmitter of God’s law and commandments. Because that stage of work was concerned with guiding the Israelites and instructing humanity in how to live on earth and not with the work of judgment or the work of redemption, God did not need to become flesh—using man was sufficient. Actually, when God uses man, it is still the Spirit of God working through man, is it not? When Moses did those works, said those words, promulgated those laws, commandments and decrees, were they not given to him through inspirations from God? These weren’t things that Moses worked out for himself, or things that he wrote himself, but were rather direct inspirations from God—God made him realize these things. When God wants to use man as a conduit, He must send an inspiration to man. This is different from how God incarnate works. The Lord Jesus and Almighty God are the Word become flesh—in this case, the Spirit acts directly through Them and They do not require an inspiration from God because They have the Spirit of God within Them. Men do not have God’s Spirit within them, so they must receive inspirations from the Spirit of God. For those within whom there is God’s Spirit, God’s Spirit may express Himself directly—such people are direct mouthpiece for God’s Spirit. Is this not the case?

Someone asked: “When God arrives, the arrival of His spiritual body must be a special event—light ought to flash in the sky. Why is it that no astronomers or cosmologists from any country observed anything? Given that they didn’t observe anything, how can you be sure that God has come?” Just now, some of our brothers and sisters said: “We have seen the Word appear in the flesh.” This is the best proof there is. Can science detect the existence of the Spirit of God within Christ? Science can detect no such thing. Can science detect the presence of the spirit within man? It cannot. Sometimes people become possessed by ghosts or evil spirits—in such cases, when we call upon scientists or psychiatric hospitals to use radiology on the person, are they able to see if there is an evil spirit within the person’s body? They are not. This is because the spirit is different from the material body and material things. The spirit cannot be touched or seen, and yet it truly exists. The spirit can walk through walls and appears and disappears at will: Now you see it, now you don’t. Only when the spirit reveals itself to you may you see it. If the spirit does not reveal itself to you, then even if it lingers beside you, if it watches and observes you in obscurity, you will be unaware of its presence. Isn’t this how things are? So is it really possible to use science to prove that “God has come, this person is God”? Impossible.

Some say, “Why is it that I just can’t believe in God’s appearance?” The most important thing is that you recognize God’s word and can hear His voice. If you cannot hear His voice, then you will never witness God’s appearance. Can we say that the Lord Jesus’ visage in the Age of Grace was the image of God? It was not—the visage of God incarnate is not the true image of God. However, Lord Jesus’ word and work is the work of the Spirit of God and the expression of the Holy Spirit. Now, do you agree that Lord Jesus is the incarnate God? Someone said, “You say that Lord Jesus is the incarnate God, so why is it that Jews don’t accept this belief?” In this era of wanton evil, ninety-nine percent of people do not accept God. This is just the same as in the age of Noah. In that age, only Noah was a righteous man, and so God wanted to save Noah. How did God save Noah? God told Noah, “I am going to destroy this world. Mankind is far too evil—all day long they think evil thoughts. You must build an ark, and once you have finished building the ark and your family of eight, as well as every kind of animal, has boarded, then I will begin the destruction: I will release the floods to wash over and destroy everything on this earth.” Having heard this, Noah, for over a hundred years, held not even the least bit of suspicion. He said, “This is God’s instruction. This is the most high God speaking to me. There is no mistaking, I have no doubt.” Noah never doubted the word of God and thus God called Noah a righteous man. So why was it that Noah, this righteous man, was called righteous? Noah believed that God’s word was His will and was truth. He had not even the slightest bit of doubt. This is what constitutes a righteous man. Also, for God’s one utterance, Noah spent one hundred years building the ark. During the time that Noah was building this ark, putting aside how he spread the gospel and bore witness to God’s word, just consider how much pain Noah suffered during those hundred years, how many people slandered and condemned him? Wouldn’t you say, that during that age, news of Noah’s ark building would have spread all over the world? People would say: “In that place there is a man named Noah who claims that God instructed him to build an ark, and once the ark is completed and his family has boarded, all those who are not on board the ark will be destroyed.” After everyone heard such a story they would no doubt break out in uproarious laughter and pronounce him a lunatic! Who believed in God during that age? Only Noah believed. Did his sons and his sons’ wives believe? We don’t know, the Bible doesn’t say. At the very least, Noah’s sons believed what Noah said. They obeyed their father when he told them to build the ark and so, by relation to Noah they were saved. Did Noah see the face of God in the time that he believed in God? He didn’t even see the incarnate God. All that he had to go on was the word of God that he heard—just a few sentences were all he needed to believe, a hundred years without a single doubt. Once the ark was built and they had boarded and closed the door, God’s word came true. The flood rained down for forty days and nights. What do you think they were feeling at that moment? What were they thinking? Noah made the following prayer: “God, You spoke and it was done, You commanded and it stood fast. We have seen the authority of Your word, we have seen Your omnipotence. God, You are so very trustworthy. What You say all comes to be and is fulfilled. You never go back on Your word. Thanks to God for giving me faith and allowing me to persist unto the end, making it possible for this ark to be made.” When he saw the flood pour down, tears came streaming down his face, “Thanks be to God!” How great, do you say, was Noah’s faith in God? This is Noah’s faith in God, in God’s word, in the fact that God’s word is truth and will be fulfilled and that God is almighty and never fails. These are the articles of Noah’s faith. Put simply, this is what is meant by true faith.

Nowadays some people, hearing God speak so much, do not acknowledge that God has come. They say: “If God has come, where is He? Why can’t I see Him?” You rely upon your eyes to see God, but you don’t believe in God’s word. If you rely solely upon your eyes, even if you were to see the Lord Jesus, would you recognize Him? The incarnate God is just a normal person in outward appearance—He conceals Himself in layman’s garb. Could you recognize Him? If the incarnate God were to speak to you just one sentence of God’s word, would you recognize it as God’s word? Corrupt man has no belief in God and does not believe a word that God says. When thunder rumbles in the heavens they are seized with fear, they say, “This is thunder, thunder is mighty!” When God incarnates as man and speaks in man’s tongue, no one accepts His word. So what now constitutes true faith? What constitutes true faith is the belief that God’s word is the voice of God and the truth, that God’s word will be fulfilled and that even if heaven and earth shall pass away, God’s words will not pass away. Now, do you have this kind of faith in God? The unbelievers and the great red dragon say, “The One you believe in is human—just a regular person—not some graduate of a famous university, perhaps not a graduate of any university at all. Also, the leader of your church is a man; we’re pursuing him now. He is your high leader, the one who preaches, guides and manages you. Your church is led by a man!” Do you believe the nonsense that the great red dragon spouts? Can the great red dragon have faith in God’s word? Does the great red dragon accept the truth? When the Lord Jesus came to spread His word and work, preaching as much as He did, how did the Pharisees, high priests and scribes not believe that He was speaking God’s word? They didn’t believe, nor did God’s believers—is this not fact? From our perspective we see that the Lord Jesus preached so much and expressed so much truth, but what is recorded in the Bible is just the tip of the iceberg, just a drop in the barrel. Why do I say it’s just the tip of the iceberg? In the Bible, one of the apostles says, “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written” (Jhn 21:25). He says the world could not contain them. He does not mean by this that there is literally not enough space on earth to contain all the written records of God’s works, what he means is that the world would not tolerate Him. Those monstrous beasts that apprehended the Lord Jesus wanted to harm Him and His followers were even further entrapped. If the Lord Jesus’ word had been printed into book form and circulated during that time, it would have sent the whole world into upheaval, because humanity is far too evil. Is this not how it is? However, in point of fact, if all of the Lord Jesus’ words from the Bible were to be spoken as a regular sermon, how long would this sermon last? Such a sermon would last only two to three hours. However, it says very clearly in the Bible that the Lord Jesus preached for over three years, over three whole years! If He were to preach for an hour every day, how many hours would He have preached in three years? If we were to calculate based on these figures, then the corpus of Lord Jesus’ teachings must have been very large indeed—at least a million words, correct? Now, the Lord Jesus spoke at such great lengths and yet the Jews did not accept Him. They did not recognize the Lord Jesus’ word as the voice of God, and failed to see that this was the work of God. The word and work of the Lord Jesus could not have come from a normal person. The Lord Jesus’ miracle works, especially, could not even have been performed by the prophets. Were any of the miracles performed by the prophets as great as those performed by the Lord Jesus? Not a single one was as great. The miracles which the Lord Jesus performed were done with the authority of God, they stemmed from God’s might; especially raising the dead back to life, how truly awesome! As soon as people saw this they knew He was God, that God had come. The Lord Jesus fed five-thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. It just so happened that on that day there were five thousand people, but if there had been one hundred thousand people He also would have fed them just the same. Only God would be capable of this, right? Has any evil spirit in all of recorded history performed such a miracle? If Satan or any other came, none would be able to perform such miracles. So you see, we see it as a great shame that the Israelite chief priests and scribes didn’t believe that the Lord Jesus was God even after He had expressed so much truth and performed so many miracles, but from this we can conclude the following fact: In all of mankind, including those that believe in God, there are only very few that hear the word as God’s voice and know it as the truth. Is this fair to say? Actually, when many of our new believers raise questions, I often tell them to read Almighty God’s word, because the answers can all be found in God’s word. If you are to read Almighty God’s word, all of your questions would gradually be resolved. However, it won’t happen overnight. The words of Almighty God are very clear and very thorough. If I were to use my own words, you wouldn’t believe me. So, I tell you, I understand these things according to God’s word—I’m not speaking without basis, or off the top of my head—what I say to you has its basis in God’s word.


There are some who, after having read the word of God, are asked, “Do you acknowledge that these words are the word of God?” and reply, “I don’t know.” Again they are asked, “Do you accept?” to which they reply, “I do not accept. I believe that my conceptions are right. I believe that all the conceptions of religion are correct.” Some people accept that this is the word of God incarnate. They say, “I couldn’t say the things which You are capable of saying.” If you gathered together all the pastors and elders of religion, along with all the theology PhDs in the whole world, they wouldn’t be capable of saying all the things which God incarnate says. Isn’t that so? Gather together all the theologians in the entire world, hundreds, thousands—ask them to write out the word of God—do you think they will be capable of writing it? No matter how many people you gather together, they are still humans. Can you make them the equal of God? Can you make them the equal of the incarnate God? You cannot. They are only human. All things among men are similar; they are all the same, am I right? So, there are those that acknowledge, “This is God’s word, this is the expression of God incarnate. No theology PhD, theologian, pastor, elder or famous preacher would ever be capable of speaking these words.” Putting aside that they are not capable of speaking God’s word, would they be capable of delivering this sermon that I’m now giving? Some say no. Why would you hold this view? What is the proof? First, the contents of this sermon are the fruits of my thirty odd years of experience of God’s work—that is, the results of the Holy Spirit working on me for over thirty years. Your average person would be incapable of this. No matter how bright or knowledgeable you are, if you haven’t experienced this yourself, you will still be incapable of saying these things because this has nothing to do with knowledge or intellect. Second, much of this stems from the illumination and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit—for most people this is unattainable, they lack such enlightenment. If your experience hasn’t reached a certain level, the Holy Spirit will not enlighten you. Can the average man achieve these two conditions? If you really want to achieve my level of speech and understanding, you have to accept the work of Almighty God in the last days and experience it for twenty years. Even if you are a more cultivated person than I, you still need at least ten to twenty years of experience. Just on this point, do you pass muster? Not only this, but you also must have the Holy Spirit working within you—if you don’t have this you also don’t make the cut. If the Holy Spirit is not using you, how do you expect to receive greater enlightenment from Him? If you don’t satisfy this condition, even if you are more cultured, cultivated, and eloquent, if you don’t have the work of the Holy Spirit then you’re nothing at all. Am I right? You see, if you ask many of today’s secular political commentators, newspaper editors, journalists, and bureau chiefs to provide commentary on current affairs, do they really see to the heart of things? They barely have any insight at all. The average corrupt human might say of them, “Oh, what an amazing talent,” but to those that understand the truth, their comments seem fallacious and impractical: They don’t see to the root of the issue, they don’t know the behind-the-scenes story. Some ask, “Now since we understand the truth, do we have perfect insight?” Well, we speak more practically and have greater insight than them, but we still haven’t come into full alignment with God’s will. Christ has perfect insight—it’s asking a lot to be the same as Christ. We can only say that we speak more practically than them. What does this mean? This is to say, having experienced God’s work, you’ve unwittingly grasped much of the truth. These are things you would never learn in religion. Listening to my communication of the truth, reading the word of God every day in The Church of Almighty God, communicating God’s word and practicing faith for ten years will allow you to understand much of the truth and make great gains! I’ve previously said that in order to be saved, one must have at least eight to ten years of experience. Some say, “Eight to ten years, that’s quite a long time!” Then forget about eight or ten years, one month in The Church of Almighty God is worth ten years in religion—do you believe me? Half a year in The Church of Almighty God would be greater than a whole lifetime of faith in religion—am I speaking hyperbolically? Not at all. The more you gain, the more a certain effect is achieved: All of the conceptions and illusions you developed in religion are gradually destroyed. Because you understand the truth, your old conceptions and illusions fade away and seem groundless. You see clearly that those things are absurd and fallacious—isn’t that so? You say, “In religion, how was it that I didn’t understand what it means to be a Pharisee?” Having heard Almighty God’s word and communicated on the matter, you say, “Oh, only today have I truly understood what it means to be a Pharisee. The true substance of the Pharisee can be summed up in one word: hypocrite.” Do you know what I mean by “hypocrisy”? One who appears on the surface as a devout follower, quoting the Bible at length, but who on the inside is pure filth and whose heart is full of conceptions, illusions and fallacies that oppose God. A more accurate English word for this idea might be “sanctimoniousness.” This is what I mean by “hypocrisy.”

Once you’ve understood some of the truth and you go back to the religion to listen, you will realize that the sermons of the pastors and elders are full of empty theories that lack even the least bit of practicality and do not even approach an understanding of the truth. Some ask, “How can you be so sure?” This is one of the initial effects of understanding the truth–the ability to discern. After practicing faith in Almighty God for a few years and slowly grasping the truth, because of your new understanding of the truth your viewpoint will begin to change—you will view the world and mankind differently than before. As for your discernment of fellow believers: those that align with God’s will, those to be saved, those to be eliminated and those that are despised and cursed by God will all be clear at a moment’s glance. It will be abundantly clear to you who are the tares and who are the wheat, who are the wicked servants and who are the faithful servants. In religion, you were completely in the dark—it seemed that everyone was good, everyone loved God, everyone was an obedient servant, had true faith and would enter the kingdom of heaven. Now, when you look back at the religion you see that most people are nonbelievers, are those that eat the loaves and have their fill, are evil spirits and antichrists. There is a minority of people in religion who are truly devout believers and can accept truth. Despite the fact that they are corrupt and have yet to be purified, God takes pity on them and saves them. If you were to go back and quantify the people of religion according to their various types, seeing which types occur in what ratios, what percentage of people in religion do you think would receive God’s salvation? Not even ten percent! Not even ten percent of people in religion truly love the truth, can accept God’s word, acknowledge that God’s word is the truth, and that truth can purify and save man. Do you believe this to be true? You all believe it. There are some who have practiced faith in religion for years who have the following notion, “All those that believe in the Lord will be pitied and blessed by God. Thus, as long as we come together often in meetings and do not deny the Lord’s name, one-hundred percent we will be lifted up into the kingdom of heaven!” Is this not how they see things? “Can one be lifted up into the kingdom of heaven simply by eating the loaves and having one’s fill?” “Yes!” “Can all those who have the work of evil spirits and speak in tongues enter?” “Yes!” “May all the elders and pastors who preach enter?” “Yes! They will all be crowned like Paul.” Look, their views on these things are against ours. Then whose views are correct? Of course, ours are the more accurate. Now why do we develop such views? What are our ideas and views based on? They are based on God’s word. Based upon God’s word, we develop understanding. When we go back and observe others, our views are different from those of the religious people and unbelievers. We have a clear understanding—our view of the world, of current events and the degree to which we see God’s word fulfilled is different.

We have an understanding of God’s work, have seen all that He has and is, have espied His disposition, and see clearly His authority. With regard to all these things, we have understanding and, thus, we know that all of God’s word is truth. When we have recognized that God’s word is truth and when the truth has taken root in our heart, has become a part of our lives, has become our reality, our love, our faith, then, finally, the truth will purify all of our corruption, absurdity, extravagant desires, conceptions and illusions. In this way, the truth brings us closer and closer to God, allows us to know God, to come face to face with Him, truly obey Him, develop true love in our hearts for Him, and finally become holy ones in line with God’s will. Truth perfects man and becomes man’s life. Truth can achieve this kind of effect. Do you get what I’m saying? So where is this truth? Where does it come from? This truth is expressed by Almighty God, Christ of the last days, in The Word Appears in the Flesh. If you read this book for three to five years, you’ll already be different from the religious people–you’ll be far above them in your attainments—you will see many things clearly. If you read this book for just three to five years you’ll achieve these effects, so if you read this book for thirty to fifty years you will attain eternal life. Emperor Qin Shi Huang roamed all of the mystic mountains of ancient China and yet he didn’t achieve eternal life and failed to find the plant of immortality. The truths found in The Word Appears in the Flesh, however, can turn men into holy ones and give them eternal life, so that they never perish and, ultimately, see the face of God. Such truths are the true elixirs to our ills, the true path to truth and the way to eternal life. This book and the truths therein are the greatest treasures to mankind in all of the world and even the universe. This book is the highest treasure: more valuable than any diamond, ruby or amulet. Any sacrifice is worthwhile in the service of gaining the truths found in this book. Should you lose your social standing, it would be worthwhile. Should you lose your money, your house, your property or even your children and loved ones, it would all be worthwhile!

You see, in religion the believers in the Lord used to be quite zealous outwardly, but as soon as Christ of the last days came things changed. Some condemn and resist, while others seek, accept, and study—still others remain on the fence—they are all exposed. All those who were zealous outwardly in religion displayed such supposed loyalty and love, but as soon as Christ of the last days arrived, they began condemning and resisting. As soon as someone started bearing witness to Christ they’d see red—whenever they came across the words of God’s judgment their hair would bristle with anger. They’d say, “What is this? Is this the same as Lord Jesus? I think not!” So there was a big issue. You see, before Christ of the last days revealed Himself, Jesus Christ was in heaven and all men seemed loyal. As soon as God revealed Himself, began speaking and doing His work, the work of judgment, each kind of person became exposed. Those that love the truth and accept the true way were distinguished from those that dislike the truth and condemn the true way and those that hate the truth and take God as their enemy. All these people are different! They have been separated according to kind! There are also various kinds of people within those that have accepted the truth. Some accept and say, “Right, God has come, this is God’s word, this is the true way—wouldn’t it be stupid not to accept? I accept. By accepting one may enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Yet, having said this, this kind of person then fails to seek the truth. Another kind of person accepts and seeks the truth with fervor, they say, “Let me spread the gospel, I’ll do anything you want. Even if I have to leave my family and abandon my work, it is of no object to me.” However, as soon as others communicate the truth, read the word of God’s judgment, they start to oppose and cannot accept. They are obedient to God in most ways, but they just can’t obediently follow God’s word. They can’t obediently follow the severe word of God’s judgment. When I communicate with them about God’s words, they are incapable of obediently following, they say, “I stand in strong opposition to you.” What is the issue here? They accept God’s work but fail to obediently follow God’s work. They accept God’s name, but fail to obediently follow the guidance of the man that the Holy Spirit uses. They accept God’s name but fail to acknowledge that God’s word is the truth. Are these not nonbelievers? These are nonbelievers! If you believe in God but fail to accept the truth He expresses, you are a nonbeliever. If you believe in God but fail to experience His work, you are a nonbeliever. If you believe in God but don’t truly obey God, you are a nonbeliever. This is what we call, belief in name only. You’re just playing the part, and God doesn’t accept you. Is this not the truth of it? If you work in a lay business enterprise, but fail to follow their rules, you won’t be promoted. If you work in a factory, or for a company and you don’t listen to your boss’s orders or do your work well, or if your product doesn’t meet standards, you will be fired if things get bad enough. If, in the family of God, you don’t accept the truth, then you will be pruned and dealt with. If, when pruned and dealt with, you strike out in opposition or resist, then the family of God has the right to cast you aside and pay you no mind. What is this called? In God’s word, this is called “suspension.” The Holy Spirit does not work in such a person and we pay them no mind, temporarily observing how they will act. You thought this was the Age of Grace, when any pastor of religion who had a working understanding of the Bible became arrogant and self-righteous; when anyone with a little knowledge and eloquence could lay claim to the throne; when whoever held the power and had the greatest talent called the shots and was supported by everyone else? In the family of God, this is not how things go. In the family of God, truth, the Holy Spirit, Christ and God’s word hold authority. Why must there be a person whom the Holy Spirit uses? This is for the purpose of doing administrative work. If you can’t accept that he is the one with the right to do the administrative work of the church, you will be punished. If you don’t obey, then he has the right to deal with you. The family of God works under the authority of truth. The family of God has administrative decrees, these decrees have been promulgated by God in the Age of Kingdom!


When God was doing the work of the Age of Law, the first time He used man, He used Moses to issue the laws and commandments of God. At that time, there were many Israelites who opposed Moses and who had some notions about Moses. What did they say? “God speaks to you, Moses, but does He not speak to us too? God enlightens you, but does He not also enlighten us? In what way are you different from us? Why is it you who will lead us?” Isn’t this what they meant? That was a time of a crowd gathering together to create a disturbance, which, in the words of the unbelievers, is called a “revolt.” And what was the result? The result was that God gave authority to Moses. Once Moses spoke, the earth opened up and those people fell straight down to the netherworld, those two hundred and fifty chiefs were then destroyed. Some say, “What evil did those two hundred and fifty chiefs commit? Were they all bad people? I cannot tell.” The Bible does not record what their character was like in ordinary times, or what bad deeds they had done—it only tells of this one event. They had notions about Moses, and united together to revolt, and just this matter offended God’s administration. Then they were met with punishment, and fell into the netherworld while still alive. Because those two hundred and fifty chiefs had notions about the man whom God used, and disobeyed him, they received punishment. That punishment was not on the basis of their ordinary behavior, nor was it on the basis of how their character was. If you revolt, if you refuse God’s authority, or if you have notions against God’s use of someone to work, then this is resisting the work of God! You are interrupting and disturbing the work of God! You are an obstacle and stumbling block obstructing the will of God from being carried out. At that time God will punish you, and cause you to descend alive into the netherworld. There are some people who cannot see the seriousness of this matter, and still cause disturbances in the house of God, always trying to find fault with me, and to remove and replace me with themselves. Do you think this is a human authority? There are some people who have notions about Christ who do not dare to utter a word, and they may brazenly say to the man used by the Holy Spirit, “Because you are a person, you are not God, I can stand up to you, and I do not obey.” What disposition is this? If you do not submit to any person else—this is only a corrupt way to express it. If you do not submit to the man used by the Holy Spirit, this is called offending the administrative decree! This is a matter that directly offends the disposition of God! One cannot dare to imagine the consequences of this! Tell me, is this not the case? There may be people who say, “You are just saying these extreme things to terrify people, you scare us, you scare the cowardly.” If you don’t believe, then you don’t believe, and you will try to do it this way; if you do it like this, then it will be trouble for you. “Defiance means death!” This is the word of God!

There are some who say, “Even after he resisted he still did not die.” Do not worry—there are two ways to speak of death. Some acts of resistance are grave and will cause the corporeal body to die in that very moment; some are not as grave, and the body will not die, but the spirit will die. The work of the Holy Spirit will depart from him, and break him off like a twig. As soon as the twig has been broken off, even though the leaves of the twig are still green, but it is already dead. It has been severed from its source, isn’t that so? When the twig has been broken off, this is big trouble. So, do not fail to listen to any word of God! Unbelievers have a common saying: “If you don’t follow the words that the experienced men said, you will suffer losses.” This is not the truth, but as for people like us who believe in God, if we do not listen to the word of God then we do face misfortune in the present. These words are certainly the truth. Why do we say these words are the truth? Why do we say that all of the word of God is the truth? Because the word of God has authority! The word of God must be accomplished! There is not one sentence in it that is a lie, nor anything that is empty speech. For everything that God says, He will keep His word. One of the aspects of God’s disposition is that “He is as good as His word, and His word shall be accomplished, and that which is accomplished lasts forever.” This is God’s disposition. So God’s word is the truth, and all of God’s word will be achieved, and whoever offends it must all die and must all pay the price. Some people say, “I have not seen how God became angry at that time or the chastisement of God coming about.” If you have seen it that is even greater trouble, for your fleshly body will then die. But if you have not seen it, there is still trouble in your spirit, and you may have no prospect. Is this not a grave matter? It is very grave! There was someone who spoke to me in words that seemed to have an air of temptation, and when I sensed this temptation in what he said, and that this was a new convert who had only believed for about half a year or a year, I didn’t say anything at the time. After that, God who had heard it, came over and spoke these words: “This person cannot receive salvation.” Just this one phrase. “Oh,” I said, “It’s over, this person is done for, and is in trouble.” Do you think that when God spoke like this it was ordinary speech? It was not said by a brother or sister, but was spoken from the mouth of God. This matter is very grave in nature, and the words God says must achieve success! All of the work in the house of God is under God’s guidance, step by step, and it cannot be seen from the outside. On the outside you see God uttering only so many words, and in reality in the future there will be still more. You see on the outside the man used by the Holy Spirit leading gatherings, and arranging the work of God’s family, and you say, “Is this not all being done by the man?” Are you able to see that all of this is actually being done by God? If you truly see that everything is done by God, then you are blessed, and this demonstrates that you know the deeds of God, that you know the work of God. Those people who do not understand the spirit say, “Is this not all being done by the man? The word of God has already all been spoken, and now God appears very seldom. The man used by the Holy Spirit is continuously saying this and that, or doing this and that—is this not all done by the man?” What do you think of these words? Why do we say this kind of person does not understand the spirit? He cannot see that it is the Holy Spirit at work, working in secret, cannot see that it is all arranged by the Holy Spirit, cannot see that this is the reigning of the word of God and of the truth, cannot see that the work done by the man used by the Holy Spirit is all guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit and is under the control of the Holy Spirit. He can see none of this. Is this not blindness? This is blindness and failing to know God! This is quite troublesome! There are some people who have come to experience and say, “Sometimes once the man used by the Holy Spirit became enraged, when we heard his words it cut to the heart. These words came from the authority of the Holy Spirit! This was not the man coming ablaze and being angry at us—it was God becoming angry at us, and this was trouble. At that time I was quite afraid.” Oh, they have seen the deeds of God, and this is all part of the Holy Spirit being at work, it is the Spirit of God at work. There are some people who cannot see, and this is not understanding the spirit. Once someone does not understand the spirit, isn’t this blindness? Isn’t it?

Sometimes when we speak of people resisting God it does not refer to resisting God in heaven. Who would dare to resist God in heaven, can people resist God in heaven? They cannot resist. What people resist is often the incarnate God, the practical God. If God were not incarnate, if He had not become the Son of man, would people dare to condemn God? Even if you were to give the chief priests and scribes and the Pharisees ten times as much courage, they still would not dare. If you tried to make them resist Jehovah God, they would not dare. It is just that a person does not know God was incarnated and became the Son of man, and so he brazenly resists, still believing this to be good faith in God. The result is precisely that he becomes an enemy of God, and will be chastised by God. Tell me, is it okay to believe in God if you do not seek the truth? Now, people all know that it is unacceptable not to seek the truth. If you do not seek the truth, then you may say all kinds of garbled things. You see how those people who came over from the religion are able to say all kinds of garbled words, with nothing that is in conformity with the truth. It is not acceptable not to seek the truth! Why did the Lord Jesus always say, “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” (See Mat 23:13-33)? Why did He always say, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees” (Mat 16:6)? This group of people resisted God, and this is what the Lord Jesus meant. He wanted all followers within the religion to beware, and wanted them to have discernment about the Pharisees, chief priests, and scribes. In believing in the Lord one must seek the truth and listen to the word of the Lord, and not be deceived, manipulated, entrapped, or controlled by people, for in that way it is easy to resist God. Is this not what He meant? Communicating in this way am I going on for too long? Anyway, I think that whatever I say I should speak to people thoroughly and make them understand. This is the purpose. If you speak in quite a refined way, then when you are done speaking people will not respond, and you will continue with another statement; before that statement gets any reaction, you say another. If people listen to so much, it is not easy to digest and easy to choke. Isn’t this the case? You need to get people to be able to digest easily, and then we will continue to speak. This way of speaking can bring about results.

There are some people who have read the words of the Lord Jesus, and say, “Oh, that’s what He said.” “What does this mean?” “I don’t know.” “Did the Lord Jesus say this?” “Yes.” “What did the Lord mean when He said this?” “I don’t know.” Is this not confusion? There are some people in the religion who have this kind of a misconception: “Whatever words the Lord Jesus said, you cannot add on anything to them! If you try to explain the words of the Lord Jesus or discuss knowledge of them, that is the same as adding something onto the word of God.” Are these words correct? They are not. According to that way of speaking, the words spoken by the Lord Jesus are all the same as the books of other denominations. This implies the scripture is only for reciting, and should not be explained. If you don’t explain it, how will people understand it? After hearing all of it, if you do not communicate what you know, how will people comprehend it? The word of the Lord is meant to get people to understand, and is not just to get people to emptily memorize and recite it. It is a requirement for people. People should be equipped with the truth and understand God’s intention, and carry out the word of the Lord. Then these words can achieve results on people. The words spoken by God are not just for people to recite emptily, and if you just recite them like those in the religion recite, then even if you recite them for a hundred years you will still not even have an understanding of them and will still be incapable of practicing them. You will not be able to keep the word of God or obey the word of God. Is that belief in God? Is that not just reciting scripture? That is not believing in God! To be precise, what is belief in God all about? It is experiencing God’s work. To put it plainly, what is experiencing God’s work? It is practicing and experiencing all of the words expressed by God. This is called experiencing God’s work, and through experiencing and practicing all of the word expressed by God, one will afterward reach progressively deeper levels of knowledge. Finally, one will understand the truth and know God, and this is the final result of experiencing the word of God. Having experienced God’s word to a certain degree, when we have attained understanding of the truth and knowledge of God, then we become people who obey the will of God, and are people who observe the way of God.

If you have not ever communicated or known the word of God, the Lord Jesus may say, “I’ve said to you, woe to scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees. Have you done this?” If He asks this, you will respond, “We did not, and we don’t know how to. We thought that when You had spoken it was just because You wanted us to recite and read, and that was it. We have not practiced it.” Can this kind of person gain the approval of the Lord? He cannot gain it. The word of the Lord is not meant to cause people to recite it as scripture, but is to be treated as truth to experience and know. When you have gained experience and knowledge to a certain level, when the Lord Jesus asks if you can discern the Pharisees, you will say, “We have no discernment, we have taken Your words to recite as scripture and memorize, and we cannot discern them.” “Oh, you are a group who is confused in your belief. What is your attitude now toward the Pharisees?” “We’ll do whatever the Pharisees say, and as long as they talk about the Bible we will obey and follow.” Finally, the Lord Jesus will say to you, “I do not know you. Leave Me and go! You belong to the Pharisees, you are the descendants of the Pharisees, you are the worshipers and followers of the Pharisees. You have no relation to Me, and you do not believe in Me.” Will it not have this result? The Lord Jesus will also ask you, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees. Do you understand this?” “We understand, the teachings of the Pharisees are mainly empty words, reason, and theological theory, and these people all lack the truth and reality, and in substance they are all hypocrites. We can distinguish that whoever preaches these literal doctrines and vacuous words are all resisting God, and will be met with the curse of God and eliminated. After we have distinguished this, we will abandon them and not listen to them, and we will walk away from their presence. We will differentiate ourselves from them and follow the Lord.” When the Lord hears these words, He will say, “Intelligent people, the words I say have their result among you. You truly are people who listen to My word, and I acknowledge you.” What is this result like? Did the Lord Jesus not say this in the Age of Grace? “Not every one that said to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of My Father which is in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name? and in Your name have cast out devils? and in Your name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity” (Mat 7:21-23). These people have preached, cast out devils, performed many miracles in the name of the Lord, and of course they believe in the Lord. But though they believe in the Lord, and have done all these many things in the name of the Lord, why will the Lord say He does not know them, and even say that they are evildoers? Why is this? Whoever can see into this matter is a smart person. They have done so many things, how could the Lord still say that He does not know them? When the Lord says these words and does this, is that not something people cannot imagine? Won’t this potentially cause many religious people to fall into doubt, saying “Are You still our Lord?” Why will the Lord say He does not know them, saying “depart from Me, you that work iniquity”? It is because they have never practiced or experienced the word of the Lord, and have no knowledge of the Lord whatsoever. So the Lord does not acknowledge them, isn’t that so? There are some who ponder this, thinking, “Is it? Is it?” They ponder but cannot understand it. Isn’t that dim-witted? Not expending effort on the truth will not do! When religious people today confront the work of Almighty God in the last days, they pay it no heed, and never seek or investigate it. Even though there are just people who tell them about it and bear witness to it for them, they still do not read carefully the word of God, or listen to see whether the word of Almighty God is God’s voice. On the contrary, they blindly abandon and condemn, saying, “Our pastors, our elders, say that ‘Eastern Lightning’ is a heresy, and is a false way. They tell us to leave and go away; get out of here, I won’t listen to you, and whatever you are preaching I will not listen to.” Will this kind of person gain the approval of God? No. Why? Because they do not listen to God’s voice, nor do they seek or investigate it. What did the Lord Jesus say? “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes; go you out to meet him” (Mat 25:6). Now is the time of darkness, when the great red dragon and the devil have gained power, and people are forbidden from talking about God’s coming. Is this not the darkest time? The time when Satan resists God most furiously is midnight, and there are people who cry out, “[T]he bridegroom comes.” People in The Church of Almighty God bear witness that “Almighty God has come, the Lord Jesus has returned!” Religious people can hear this yet pay it no attention, can see it but do not seek or investigate it. They only listen to pastors and elders and think, “We believe in the Lord Jesus in the church, and the Lord Jesus is the true God, and the Lord Jesus has already forgiven our sins. If we believe in Almighty God, is this not betraying the Lord Jesus? If we betray the Lord Jesus, then our sins will return to us, and we will have been forgiven in vain, so we must hold onto this name ‘Lord Jesus,’ just these words ‘Lord Jesus.’” What fault is committed here? This is called vainly grasping to the name of the Messiah, but in reality it is resisting the substance of the Messiah. Is that not so?


Nowadays, there are many people who do not understand this matter, saying things like, “We believe in the Lord Jesus, that the Lord Jesus is the true God. Do you dare to deny this?” No one dares to deny the Lord Jesus, for the Lord Jesus is the incarnate God. But He has already ascended into heaven—that stage of the work has already been accomplished. Is this not a fact? Now, God has again become incarnate, and is doing work anew. Why do you not accept this? If you do not accept this stage of God’s work of judgment in the end, you cannot become cleansed and enter the kingdom of heaven; if you deny Almighty God, then you will waste all your previous efforts of having believed in the Lord Jesus, and will have given up halfway! This is because the Lord Jesus has come again and you do not accept Him. The first time the Lord Jesus came incarnated He was called Jesus, and when He came again, His name was changed. He came again to do the work of the last days, but you do not accept this, do not acknowledge it, and fail to recognize the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, is this not abandoning all previous effort and giving up halfway? It is very much like if your dad left after you were born and said, “I’ll come back when you are grown up.” After thirty years he comes back, wearing a new set of clothes, not dressed as he was originally, and different in appearance, and even talking a little differently. After he has come back, when you meet you say, “I don’t know you.” “Son, I’m your dad!” “You’re my dad? No! When I was a child my dad wore certain clothes, and what you’re wearing today is different. I don’t recognize you! Get away from me! You aren’t my dad, and I only recognize my dad from before.” What mistake is being made here? Not recognizing one’s dad after he has just changed his clothes, this is trouble. When God comes again to do work He takes on another flesh, whose Spirit is still the same as that of the Lord Jesus, but people who believe in the Lord do not know Him. But when this flesh comes, He is of tremendous power, and what He does is the work of judgment, the work of ending the age, the work of determining the ending of people. What is it that is called “ending the age”? All those who are to enter the kingdom of heaven are led into the kingdom of heaven, and all those who are to be eliminated are destroyed. This is called ending the age. You accepted the work that the Lord Jesus did in offering Himself to atone for sins and your sins have all been absolved, but if you do not accept the Lord coming again to do the work of judgment of the last days, then will the sin offering still have any effect on you? There will be no effect. On what basis do we say that there is no effect? Aren’t there words about this in the Bible? What does it say? “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins” (Heb 10:26). These words come from the Holy Spirit. When you know clearly that the work of Almighty God of the last days is the true way, and you do not accept it only because of this name, then you have no portion of this work of the last days. If you do not accept the work of God perfecting His people to be overcomers in the Age of Kingdom, then you are not qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven, and your qualifications will be canceled. So if people accept this stage of the work of the last days, they will then be able to enter the kingdom, and they are able not to accept the previous two stages of God’s work. By directly accepting this stage they will enter the kingdom. If you have accepted the previous two stages of God’s work, but only do not accept the final stage of the work, then everything is done for and you are abandoning all your previous effort of believing in God, giving up halfway! So, we see that now that the majority of people in the religion do not accept this, God turns His face toward unbelievers, and there are many unbelieving people who never believed in God who accept Almighty God. After these people enter into God’s household, they love the truth, and they obtain the work of the Holy Spirit. These people take away the blessings of those in religion who know the true way but do not accept it. Those people do not accept it only because the name of God is not the Lord Jesus—with the result that their position and status are occupied. This is the righteous justice of God. In the Age of Grace, the Israelites did not accept the Lord Jesus. OK, so the Lord Jesus took His redeeming gospel and spread it to the Gentiles, and spread it to every nation and every land; in the last days, Christians of every nation and every land do not accept Almighty God. OK, so God takes the gospel to the unbelievers, and the unbelievers accept it. This is truly “The fortunate need not be busy, and the unfortunate hunt around in vain,” or “Some wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, but others find it through no effort at all.” Isn’t that so? “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen” (Mat 20:16). These words will be fulfilled. So, whoever accepts this stage of the work in the end will be fortunate, and whoever does not accept it will know his misfortune. When the time comes, all your sniveling will be of no use. There are some who say, “We do not believe that if we don’t accept Almighty God, then God can come destroy us. I don’t believe this!” What does it mean to say these words? Tell me, are these words spoken intelligently? If you don’t believe, then are you God? Are you the truth? Is it you who decides these things? You are not God, and it is useless if you do not believe.

Belief in God must be on the basis of God’s word! Look at who said these words—if they were spoken by a person, then you could disbelieve them. If they are spoken by God, then whatever the words are you must believe them. Each and every sentence uttered by God will be fulfilled! The Lord Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away” (Mat 24:35). Do not say, “I do not believe.” Do not utter this challenge. This is spoken by God, and all who do not accept Almighty God will be destroyed. This is the word of God. If you do not believe what is said by a person, that is fine, and this is just you not believing in or acknowledging the word of a man. If it is God who said this, and you say, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it even if it is the word of God. If it were truly spoken by Almighty God, I would still not believe it,” then what mistake is being made here? Isn’t this denying God’s words with eyes wide open? Isn’t this not believing in God with eyes wide open? This is called disbelief in God’s words. In the religion, there are many people who believe in God but do not believe in the word of God, saying, “I believe in the Lord Jesus, but I don’t have particularly much faith in the words of the Lord Jesus, and I don’t know if what He said will come to be.” They truly believe in the Lord Jesus, so why is this faith? “The words ‘the Lord Jesus,’ this name, once you pray to it, is truly quite effective. It is certainly so, that there are many things that have been fulfilled and that there are many prayers that have been answered. There are many times people pray to this name and God grants blessings and confers grace. This name is good, this name is true, and this name is of great use!” They only believe in the name of God, but as to whether all the words spoken by the Lord Jesus will come to fruition, or will come to be fact later on, they just say “I don’t know, it’s uncertain, it can’t be seen.” They pay the Lord Jesus’ words no attention and do not take them seriously. They have not taken the word of God seriously—is this not the greatest stupidity? People’s greatest stupidity in believing in God is that they only believe in the name of God, but not the word of God! This reaches even to the point of challenging the word of God and not believing that the word of God will be achieved. What kind of people do you think these are? They are the nonbelievers. Does this have a basis in the word of God? Are there these kinds of things in the word of God? Some people have said that there are! Look, there are people who have read all of the word of God, and who have engraved these words in their hearts, and in the word of God these people are called nonbelievers. Is this just coming to whatever conclusions and making whatever accusations one wishes? This has its basis in the word of God, and is not done making blind inferences based on people’s ideas. Just as we say woe befell the Pharisees—what basis does this have? It is on the basis of the words spoken by the Lord Jesus that the Pharisees truly faced disaster. There are those who say, “How have I not seen the Pharisees enduring disaster?” You did not live at that time, and furthermore you have not gotten to seeing it from the spiritual realm. You haven’t seen where the souls of those Pharisees are now. You say, “Unless I see the souls of the Pharisees are down in hell, I will not believe God’s words.” This is trouble. If you say something like this, then you are even more of a nonbeliever. If you must see it to believe it, and won’t believe unless you see it, then you rely on your eyes to believe in God, and you are not relying on your heart to believe in God. You don’t believe in God on the basis of the word of God, so you are not a believer.

There are many who say, “How long ago were the words spoken by the Lord Jesus? After two thousand years they still have not been fulfilled, and how should this cause me to believe?” What kind of talk is this? How much of the word of God has been fulfilled in these two thousand years? There are some things that have not been fulfilled, but that means their time has not yet come. The many words that have been fulfilled were fulfilled because their time had come. It is not that everything will be fulfilled in one day, or that when the time comes everything will be fulfilled at the same moment. Things are continuously being fulfilled at different times, becoming fulfilled gradually. In the end everything must be fulfilled, isn’t that right? Generally, the prophecies in the Bible have all been fulfilled. The four blood moons were fulfilled, Damascus falling into ruin was fulfilled, the return of Israel was fulfilled. The war of Armageddon will be fulfilled imminently, don’t worry, the time has not come, but when the time comes everything will be fulfilled. Furthermore, there are many tormented spirits, and can God show you where they are? To let you see would not be called faith, right? If you must rely on your eyes, and will only acknowledge if you see something and will not acknowledge if you do not see it—are these people not fools? What is man in the presence of God? He is insignificant, so insignificant! How far can your eyes see? Can they see five miles? People’s eyes are not even as good as those of eagles, so what can you see? If there were a person moving five miles away, you could not see clearly what he was doing, and if you want to see clearly you would have to use binoculars, right? So, what people can see is only a small scope of the material world, and fundamentally they cannot see matters in the spiritual world. If they can’t see them, then why believe in God? Did you only believe after you saw Him? You confirmed that He is the true God on the basis of your spirit, and then believed, right? If you had relied on your eyes to see Him, then there is no way you would have believed. Can you see what the Lord Jesus looks like? Even if you could see, then you would not necessarily believe. The people of Israel all saw Him, so how did they not believe? People believe in the Lord on the basis of their spirit, confirmation through prayer, the work of the Holy Spirit, and through reliance on what the Bible records of the acts of the Lord Jesus. If there were merely the records of His deeds and people had no spirit, could they confirm this? How would they confirm it? There are many things recorded in every kind of book, so how do you not believe in another one? There are also many who believe in a false god. So today we believe in God, and do not rely on your eyes which can’t see Him, saying “Oh, however much of God’s word I see has been fulfilled, I will believe that much to be the word of God; if I have not seen the word of God fulfilled, I will deny those parts and consider them not to be the word of God.” Is this view correct? It is not correct. It only has an acknowledgment of faith in God, and is this kind of acknowledgment of faith considered to be genuine faith? God does not praise that kind of faith. It is of no use to say “There is a God, there absolutely is a God.” Barely acknowledging God—God does not acknowledge this kind of faith. When people believe in God, what kind of faith receives the praise of God? It is belief in God’s almightiness, righteousness, and that the word of God is the truth, believing that God’s word fulfills everything, and that each and every sentence of the word of God will be fulfilled. If one has this kind of faith, this is the most fundamental and basic form of faith. People raise many questions, asking, “How are there prophecies that have still not been fulfilled? Can you guarantee that they will all be fulfilled?” Without this kind of faith, one might say, “I don’t dare to guarantee it,” but if one has this kind of faith, then he says, “Of course they will be fulfilled! Absolutely! Each and every sentence in the word of God will be fulfilled, just wait and see.” If a person has this kind of faith, he can dare to speak like this. When the day comes that he is going to die, you say, “There are still some prophecies in the Bible that have not been fulfilled, do you believe that all of God’s word will be achieved?” “Of course it will be achieved.” On the point of death, he will say, “Even though I cannot see, God’s word will inevitably be achieved.” Does this kind of person have faith? Even when he dies and cannot see it with his eyes, he still acknowledges that all of God’s word will be fulfilled, will certainly be fulfilled, and doesn’t have even a shred of doubt about it. If a person’s faith reaches this level, then he is considered to be up to the standard.

You see now that there are many people who accept Almighty God, but in reality they do not accept that all of Almighty God’s word is the truth, saying, “A part of it is true, but there may be a part of it that is not true.” Or there are many who say, “This is just the word of a human! On what basis do you believe that this is the word of God? You are fools!” Say, if a person believes in God but does not believe in the word of God or acknowledge the truth, isn’t this being a nonbeliever? People have counted that of pastors in the whole religious community there are at least about 40% who do not acknowledge that the Lord Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. What is the problem here? Not believing that the miracles demonstrated by the Lord Jesus are real, they have placed a question mark after these matters, and why? “I have not seen them, and they do not accord with scientific knowledge. Because of this it is not possible.” But they are still a pastor, a pastor and they don’t even believe in the word of the Lord Jesus or the miracles performed by the Lord Jesus, even so much that they say about the Holy Spirit conceiving the Lord Jesus that “It never happened, this is not scientific. I believe in that which accords with science, and whatever does not accord with science I do not believe.” “Why are you a pastor if you do not believe?” “Just to have a job—I couldn’t get into any other school, but I had to take the entrance test, and I tested into theology. So I have to depend on this for my living.” Are there not such pastors? Aren’t there many of them? There are many! So, this kind of pastor is not just a hypocrite, and is fundamentally a nonbeliever! A heretic! He only sneaked in so he could make a living. He just uses this position to get his bread, and did not truly come to serve. True service of God is communicating God’s word, explaining God’s word and bearing witness to God, causing people to have more and more knowledge of God. It is communicating experiential knowledge of the word of God, and in the end bringing people into the presence of God, to get people to enter into the reality of the truth of the word of God, to cause everyone to be able to know God, and only this can be called serving God! Just this is the work that a pastor should do! He does not believe in the conception by the Holy Spirit, but believes in science, saying, “If what the Bible records agrees with scientific principles, then it is true, and everything that violates the laws of science is false.” Are there not these kinds of people? There are. Is science, after all, the truth? “Science is not the truth, the conclusions of science are all fallacies, and they are not the truth”—are you able to believe in this saying? Those who believe, raise your hands. Some people raise their hands very reluctantly, and if you are reluctant then do not raise them. Other people may want to refute me, saying, “What you said is not right. Do you dare to say that science is all a fallacy? Science created the airplane, the car, and the rocket. Can you say this is a fallacy?” Science created many things, but none of these things are any good, as they do not come from God. So everything that science has created leads people into disaster and ruin in the end. When science has reached its apex in development, that will be the end times for man. Is science the truth? The guns it created are able to kill people, but that is not the truth; the things it creates can devastate humanity, and that is not the truth; the most advanced of all the communication devices it has created have led humanity into serious environmental catastrophe. Is that the truth? The things produced by science are created by man; they are not made by God. Only the things created by God are the truth and the reality! The myriad things created by God are of no harm to humanity, isn’t that so? When the day arrives that the kingdom of God is about to come about, God will instruct people to make certain things, and those things man creates will be of no harm whatsoever to humanity. Those communication devices will be of absolute benefit to man. Right? Now, the things Satan creates are unacceptable. Look at the car—the exhaust it produces is very harmful! The exhaust from airplanes is very harmful! The exhaust of rockets is very harmful! It has brought very serious damage to the natural environment of humans! Various kinds of nuclear power plants have brought so much danger to humanity, and when war breaks out, or when a nuclear power plant explodes, it is over, humanity is done for. So when science has reached its apex in development, what has it brought to humanity? It is disaster, it is destruction. Isn’t this the truth? It does not come from God, and none of it is the truth. The truth comes from God, understand! Everyone who agrees with what I have said, raise your hands. This time everyone raised their hands enthusiastically, with no hesitation. Communicating this has been of great use. Is it acceptable not to communicate all this? It is not acceptable, because the more I communicate the word, the more radiant people will become in their spirits.


After hearing what I said, some people would say, “All these things that you talk about, where do they come from? Are they right?” They continue having question marks in their mind. They might say: “I acknowledge some of the things that you said. While there are some of them that I don’t acknowledge, I don’t think that it’s appropriate to argue with you.” What is there to argue about? Don’t keep arguing about things, it is a waste of time to argue. Arguing is so tiring, just take your time and read God’s words. Once you’ve read them for ten years, then you will accept some of those words; once you have read them for twenty years, you will say, “Oh, how come I wasn’t able to accept these words before? How come now I finally see them as the truth?” After thirty years, “Oh, those things that the brother from above have said are all words of experience, and they are all correct.” And now, you finally have the same point of view as me. Therefore, there are some things that a person without the right stature is unable to strive for, and if a person lacks the experience, he won’t be able to strive for such things. Therefore, if we rely too much on our notions and imaginations when looking at things, then many things being said can very easily cause arguments. However, don’t worry, what I have said is not nonsense, and one day you will understand. Nothing good can come out of arguments, and the most important thing is the search for the truth, is that not right? Can arguments solve problems? Arguments are useless, and ultimately they still require verification with time and experience, which is the best way. Some people would say: “A child cannot understand the things that an adult or an old man says.” The child would become suspicious, “Old man, look at all the years that you have wasted living. What are you talking about?” Until one day when the child has grown up, but still not as old as the old man, where he finally understands what the old man has said, “What that old man said at the time was right, now I finally understand.” See, the old man has experienced deeply. In God’s house, once a person has believed in God for a long time, some things he says are verified through experience, and you cannot refuse such things. This is simply the truth.

Everything that God has expressed is to be eaten and drunk by people, to be understood by people, such that people can understand God. These are all words of warning to us, words to remind us, these are all words that shall become the life of man. If you truly cannot understand, then you have no life, and you do not know God. God’s words are not simply some “chants” for you to recite, or something for you to preach, but they are for you to experience. If you have believed in God for many years yet you have never truly experienced any of God’s words, can God still acknowledge you? God would say: “How many years have you believed in Me now? You have not one bit of experience with My words, you have no understanding of Me. I do not acknowledge that you believe in Me. You are a nonbeliever, you are a false believer.” Therefore, God of the last days has exposed all these facts, separating all those nonbelievers, those antichrists, those hypocrites, according to their own kinds. The good servants, the evil servants; the true believers, the false believers; the wheat and the tares. They are all exposed, such that you may discern, such that you know how to handle them, such that you know what principles you should treat them with. This way, God’s great work has finally been completed. We say that some people are antichrists, are hypocrites, are nonbelievers, how do those religious people view this? “These are your assertions. The Lord Jesus has said: ‘Judge not, that you be not judged’ (Mat 7:1).” Is this correct? Some say that it’s not correct. Why is this not correct? God’s work of the last days is to place each according to kind, to expose people of all kinds, such that they shall be identified by men. If we have no discernment of other people, and we never read and ponder God’s words, simply believing in God based on our notions and imaginations, ultimately, which ones are able to enter the kingdom of heaven, which ones are unable to enter the kingdom of heaven, which ones shall be praised and blessed by God, which ones shall be left behind, how could such things be revealed? For all those who pay lip service in their belief of God to enter the kingdom of heaven, can such a thing be possible? Can God do such a thing? Some say that He cannot. Why can He not do such a thing? Just take all these people who preach, exorcise, and perform many miracles in the Lord’s name into the kingdom of heaven, and everyone shall be happy, isn’t that right? Wouldn’t everyone be satisfied then? Is this suitable? Some say that this is not. Why is this not suitable? I followed the first question with another “Why,” and if you can give the answer, then it shows that you understand the truth; if you only have a feeling that it’s not suitable, yet you are unable to say why not, then you still do not fully understand the matter. Is this not the case? You say: “Because God is righteous, God is holy, He will not allow those hypocrites and those resisting God to enter the kingdom of God. Therefore God must reveal them, and after they are revealed they shall be punished based on the evil deeds that they have perpetrated, while rewarding those with true belief based on the good deeds that they have done, based on the true witnessing that they have performed. God’s words that ‘in the future I will bring retribution upon each person according to what they have done’ have thus been fulfilled, and this is how God’s righteousness and holiness has been revealed.” Is this not the case? Do you understand now? Most people can understand. Now I then ask you “why,” can you give me an answer? This time you can. If I hadn’t put it this way, you might think, “Why is it not suitable? I don’t know. This question of ‘why’ has gotten me confused. If you didn’t ask me why, I can still feel it, I feel that I can understand 80%, that I am almost there. Now that you ask me why, I can’t really give you a good answer.” Do you understand where the problem is? Not understanding God’s words, not knowing why God says such things, what God wishes to fulfill, what result He wants to achieve.

All of God’s words are to be understood by men. We see through the hypocritical substance of the Pharisees, and God says “Woe to the Pharisees,” and with that we say “Amen,” and we obey. Why do we say “Amen” and obey? Because we are now able to discern. Someone says, “Now tell me who are the Pharisees?” You say, “There are so many of them, those who are keen on talking about the literal doctrines of the Bible, those who are keen on discussing theological theories, those pastors and elders who do not experience and practice God’s words, those men are all Pharisees!” “You have finally understood God’s words this time, you are now able to discern according to God’s words. You have seen through the essence of the Pharisees according to God’s words. This is not an assertion; this is to look at men based on truths; this is to see through men in accordance with God’s words.” Such men not only have understood God, but they are also able to discern men, and they are also now able to see through the essence of things. Do such men possess the reality of truth? They do possess the reality of truth. Yet those without the reality of truth, when seeing those who preach, exorcise, and perform many miracles in the Lord’s name, they say, “They are all brothers and sisters under the Lord, they are all good, they should all enter the kingdom of heaven.” Who are such people? These are confused people who are unable to discern. They do not know how to discern the wheat from the tares; the good servants from the evil servants; those with true faith from those with false faith; the false shepherds and the false apostles. They do not know how to discern, and these are confused people. Do these confused people have loyalty? These confused people are in service to God. Among those who follow God, the confused people are still able to devote themselves and fulfill their duties, these are service-doers; while those with the ability to discern, they shall become the sons, the leaders, and the priests. Do you understand now?

Among all those who follow God, which ones are the most precious? First are those who know God, those are the priests. The second are those who understand truths, those are able to lead the elect of God, those are the leaders. Third are those who have God’s words and truths as their lives, those are the sons. Fourth are those who are able to fulfill their duties as the created, those are the people of the kingdom. Fifth are those who are the loyal service-doers, they do not understand truths, and they do not have life. Those loyal service-doers are able to remain, and they shall share in the Millennial Kingdom. This is still a tremendous blessing. Some might say: “These followers, they have no truths, they have no life, how are they able to enter the kingdom of Christ?” This is the special kindness of God. “How is this to be understood? Everyone is treated with kindness, and who is not treated with special kindness?” Yes, this is correct. For what reasons are the followers treated with special kindness? First, whenever God incarnate is walking and performing work among the corrupt mankind, are there grave dangers? There are dangers so grave, He might be captured and killed at any time. Second, is the work of God incarnate difficult? Is His work arduous? It is certainly arduous, it is particularly difficult. Third, whenever God incarnate is performing work, the persecution, coercion, judgment, conviction, and rejection that He faces, are they more challenging than those faced by the ordinary people? They are much more challenging. Therefore, what does the Bible say? “But first must He suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation” (Luk 17:25). In this way, those who follow God with loyalty, God feels that these people are precious to Him. Therefore, God does not have very high demands of these loyal men, and He shall also bring them with Him into the kingdom of Christ, granting them enjoyment for a thousand years. This is what this special kindness means, do you understand now? What do you understand? Can you explain clearly? I am saying that this is the special kindness from God, and there is a practical side to this. 

There are some who believe in Almighty God, they do not seek the truth, and they are not loyal in fulfilling their duties. Can such people enter the kingdom? Let us look for a passage of God’s words, and see what God has said regarding the outcome for each kind of man. Let me read this passage: “I decide the destination of each person not on the basis of age, seniority, amount of suffering, and least of all, the degree to which they invite pity, but according to whether they possess the truth. There is no other choice but this. You must realize that all those who do not follow the will of God shall also be punished. This is an immutable fact. Therefore, all those who are punished are so punished for the righteousness of God and as retribution for their numerous evil acts.” God has ruled that the outcome of man shall be based on whether man has truth or not. Therefore, if you believe in Almighty God, yet if you have not gained truth, you shall still be abandoned. And then some might say: “I have gained the truth by believing in Lord Jesus, can I enter the kingdom?” What about this? Can you gain truth by believing in Lord Jesus? None of the people who believe in Lord Jesus have gained truth. If they have gained truth, they would have been here a long time ago to receive Almighty God, they would have witnessed for Almighty God a long time ago, isn’t that right? They have no truth. They do not even recognize Almighty God, what truth do they have? What do they understand? All that they understand are the words of the Bible, knowledge of the Bible, and these are not real understanding of truth. What does one’s real understanding of truth refer to? Results that they are able to achieve: First, they are able to know God’s disposition and God’s essence, they will listen to God’s voice, they will know truth, they will know how to discern what is truth, and such people have gained truth; in addition, those who have gained truth, without exception, have a certain level of change to their life disposition. No matter how much Bible knowledge you have, have you gained any change to your life disposition? When others are pruning and dealing with you, are you able to obey? When others are revealing you, dissecting you, are you able to accept? If you are unable to do even these things, yet you still claim that you have gained truth, who are you trying to fool? Who are you trying to deceive? Here is another passage of God’s words: “My final work is not only for the sake of punishing man, but also for the sake of arranging the destination of man. Moreover, it is so that all people may acknowledge My deeds and actions. I want each and every person to see that all I have done is right, and that all I have done is an expression of My disposition. It is not man’s doing, much less nature, that brought forth mankind, but I, who nourish every living being in creation. Without My existence, mankind will only perish and suffer the scourge of calamity. No human being will ever again see the beauteous sun and moon, or the verdant world; mankind shall encounter only the frigid night and the inexorable valley of the shadow of death. I am mankind’s only salvation. I am mankind’s only hope and, even more, I am He on whom the existence of all mankind rests.” These are God’s words, and they are crystal clear. Those from the religions, if you have seen these words yet you do not acknowledge, yet you do not accept, yet you do not obey, yet you do not bow down before God, and you say that you understand truth, who are you trying to fool? If you truly understand truth, why are you not on your knees after reading these words? Why do you not hurry and bow down to worship Almighty God? You should hurry and obey Almighty God. Are you able to obey? You say that you understand truth, yet you heard God’s voice and failed to acknowledge, which is proof that you have no understanding of any truth, is that not the case? You say that you understand the truth, but when we believers of Almighty God discern people of all kinds, you say that this is an assertion. Do you not acknowledge that these are God’s words? This is the result that has been achieved after understanding truth, this is the result of God’s work, this is the witnessing of men with truth, with reality, with the ability to discern men. God discerns men, looks at men thus; God determines the outcome of men based on whether men have truth or not. Do you not acknowledge God’s righteousness?

Let us look at yet another passage of God’s words, this passage is key. “Do you understand now what is judgment and what is truth? If you do, then I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God or to be brought by Him into His kingdom. Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee amidst the work of judgment, shall forever be detested and rejected by God. Their sins are more numerous, and more grievous, than those of the Pharisees, for they have betrayed God and are rebels against God. Such people who are not worthy even to do service shall receive more severe punishment, a punishment that is, moreover, everlasting. God shall not spare any traitor who once evinced loyalty with words but then betrayed Him. People such as these shall receive retribution through punishment of the spirit, soul, and body. Is this not precisely a revelation of the righteous disposition of God? Is this not God’s purpose in judging man, and revealing him? God consigns all who perform all kinds of wicked deeds during the time of judgment to a place infested with evil spirits, and lets these evil spirits destroy their fleshly bodies as they wish, and those people’s bodies emit the stench of corpses. Such is their fitting retribution. God writes down in their record books each and every one of the sins of those disloyal false believers, false apostles, and false workers; then, when the time is right, He casts them amidst the unclean spirits, letting these unclean spirits defile their entire bodies at will, so that they may never be reincarnated and never again see the light. Those hypocrites who do service for a time but are incapable of remaining loyal to the end are numbered by God among the wicked, so that they walk in the counsel of the wicked and become part of their disorderly rabble; in the end, God shall annihilate them. God casts aside and takes no notice of those who have never been loyal to Christ or have never contributed anything of their strength, and at the changing of the age He shall annihilate them all. They shall no longer exist on earth, much less gain passage into the kingdom of God. Those who have never been sincere to God, but are forced by circumstance into dealing with Him perfunctorily, are numbered among those who do service for His people. Only a small number of such people will survive, while the majority shall perish along with those who are not qualified even to do service. Ultimately, God shall bring into His kingdom all those who are of the same mind as God, the people and the sons of God, and those predestined by God to be priests. They will be the distillation of God’s work. As for those who cannot be classed in any of the categories set by God, they shall be numbered among the unbelievers—and you can surely imagine what their outcome shall be. I have already said to you all that I should say; the road that you select is your choice alone. What you should understand is this: The work of God never waits for any that cannot keep pace with Him, and the righteous disposition of God shows no mercy to any man.


“Do you understand now what is judgment and what is truth? If you do, then I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged.” “[T]o submit obediently to being judged,” this shows that you are wise, this shows that you have some understanding of God and obedience to God. After reading this, should you say “I cannot submit!” This shows that you have no understanding, you are blind and you do not know God. God said, “I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God.” You shall never have the opportunity. What does that mean? God will no longer incarnate. God only incarnates twice, and this shall be the last time, there shall not be a third time or a fourth time. After the work of this stage has concluded, God’s management plan to save mankind will have concluded in its entirety. There are a total of three stages of work, and when God’s management plan has concluded, He shall begin to destroy the world. Destruction of the world does not mean destruction of Earth. It is to destroy all those in the world who do not believe in God, to destroy all those who perform all kinds of wicked deeds and resist God. Some might say: “Some of these are good people, why must God destroy them?” The distinction lies in believing and not believing. Those with true belief of God shall have their sins forgiven, they will not be destroyed, they shall receive God’s judgment and chastisement, their satanic disposition shall be cleansed, they shall become compatible with God, they will be made perfect. Those who do not believe, their sins shall remain, they will be convicted because of this, because they do not believe. If you do not believe, your sins shall remain, and how can you be a good person? You resist God, deny God, are these not sins? You do not accept the true way, is this not a sin? You follow the trends of the evil world, is this not a sin? You only have evil thoughts in your mind. Therefore, you not believing is the basis for conviction. Those who do not believe shall be destroyed; those who do not believe shall perish. Moreover, it is very clear to us that, for those who do not believe, how good can they be? The majority of those who believe are already not very good, when it comes to those who do not believe, aren’t they much worse? Isn’t that right? “The world is a sinister place, men are sinister,” how did this conclusion come to be? Why is it being said? Is it not because mankind is too evil and there aren’t many men who are good? In the beginning, it was said that “there are more good people than bad people,” then it was said that “there are more bad people than good people,” and finally it was said that “there are very few good people, and they are getting fewer.” Is this not the case? It is because there are very few good people amongst mankind, it is because there are too few of them. Even amongst those who believe in God, there are only a few who are good and seek the truth; those who believe in God only to eat the loaves and have their fill, to be blessed, in pursuit of reputation and status, these are the majority. This is why the Lord Jesus said that there are two gates and two ways—one narrow gate, one wide gate; one narrow way, one wide way—these are different, and this was said in regard to those who believe in God.

Then read these God’s words, “I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God.” There is a condition to receive God’s praise: You must submit to judgment. If you are insincere, arrogant, overbearing, and not truly submitting, then it will not work, you shall not receive God’s praise, and you will still be eliminated. God said, “I exhort you to submit obediently to being judged, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God,” and some might say: “Impossible! I don’t believe it!” If you do not believe, then you wait and see. How long can you live? Let’s say that you are forty years old, and let’s say that you can live to one hundred. If you do not submit to judgment, see if you can still enter the kingdom of heaven while you are still living. It is guaranteed that you will not be allowed to enter. It is guaranteed that you will enter hell while you are living, that you will directly enter hell when you die. Some then might say: “The Millennial Kingdom might be here in ten, twenty years, I might still be living.” Once the catastrophe arrives, the doomed ones must perish, how can you escape? There is no escape. Once the catastrophe arrives, there will be no more peaceful days, and a person’s age no longer matters. Is that not the case? Tell me, when earthquake strikes, does it care about your age? Would this earthquake only affect those 60 years old and above, while nothing will happen to those under 60, no matter where they are? Is this reasonable? This is not reasonable. Regardless of the catastrophe that arrives, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old, without the special protection from God, everyone must perish. If someone has survived from the catastrophe, if a miracle has happened, that is the work of God, and that is the protection of God. Many brothers and sisters have witnessed such things. Look at the God’s chosen people from all over the world, with houses collapsing next to them, those next to them have all died, yet they survived, and they came forward to witness for this. When a major fire broke out in Jixian, Tianjin City, a sister witnessed that: She didn’t go to that plaza that day, because her mother suddenly fell and she had to take care of her mother, which was why she couldn’t go, or she would have gone to the plaza instead. Later, she heard on the news that evening that the plaza had caught fire. See, this is the protection from God. Thus, unless you have protection from God, then there is no escape when catastrophe strikes. Is that not the case? Some might say: “I believe in Almighty God, will I be protected when catastrophe strikes?” That depends on whether or not you are someone who seeks the truth. If you seek the truth, and God says that you are one of God’s elect, that you seek the truth, then no catastrophe shall befall you, and you shall not perish despite the catastrophe that you face. With God, man shall be protected with just one word and one thought. Some might say: “Then how come I got sick even though I believe in God?” With God, if you are one of God’s elect, you shall not perish even if you have a terminal disease, even cancers can be cured. If God has determined that you shall not die, then you will not die from any terminal illness, you cannot die even if you want to. Even if you should jump off a tall building, someone will catch you when you reach the ground. This is the protection from God, and miracles shall follow. Some of God’s elect have experienced such things; I am not making this up. Many of God’s elect have witnessed for such things, and I believe most people have heard about them. Those believing in the Lord Jesus have also witnessed many such things, this is fact, and no one can deny this.

Let’s look at some God’s words, “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee amidst the work of judgment, shall forever be detested and rejected by God.” “[T]hose who flee amidst the work of judgment” are those who accepted God’s work for a period of time, then fled, without experiencing God’s work until the end. They have not been cleansed, they have given up halfway. Look at what some of them said: “Oh, what is the matter with believing in Almighty God? It is so lively with those believing in Jesus: Performing work, witnessing, preaching, they have all sorts of activities. While those who believe in Almighty God seem to always be fellowshiping about the truth, always eating and drinking God’s words, always talking about the knowledge of ourselves. I am a little fed up. I don’t like to fellowship about God’s words, and I don’t like to fellowship about the truth. We always have meetings and listen to sermons. Look at those in the religions, one sermon of theirs is only one and a half hours, at most two hours; while each sermon at The Church of Almighty God is three hours, sometimes three and a half hours. So tiring! So boring!” Once time wears on, some of those not interested in the truth would say: “I am not listening to this anymore. Always fellowshiping about the truth, what is this, this is boring! If you talk about something more interesting, tell some jokes, have us dancing, singing, then that would be pretty good. All we do here is always fellowshiping about the truth, so tiresome!” Can such people be cleansed? No, they cannot. What is this “being cleansed” referring to? This refers to the fact that all men have satanic disposition, and if this satanic disposition has not been cleansed, then there is no transformation. In regard to transformation, let us look at this person who used to be particularly arrogant, looking down on everyone else. After he experienced God’s judgment and chastisement, he came to know himself, “I am too arrogant, I am pompous. I am the boss of everyone else, I am above everyone else, who dares to not listen to me? I will deal with anyone who doesn’t think much of me.” Now that he has received judgment and chastisement, he hated himself, “Am I not the typical Satan? Mine is the disposition of the great red dragon. I am no human.” Once he saw all the disgusting things that the great red dragon has done, once he has seen the things that he has done, he said, “Oh, I must not look back, I cannot bear to reminisce! Look at that disposition of mine, how is that normal humanity?” He started to hate himself. After he has finished hating himself, some things changed. He used to do whatever he thought, he only believed in himself, he didn’t believe in anyone else. Now he no longer thinks that he is trustworthy. “I used to look at things based on imaginations, I looked at people this way, and I have been wrong all this time. Oh, I cannot believe in myself, I have no truth. If I believe in myself, I would have come to an unfortunate end. I must believe in God, I must believe in God’s words, I must look at things according to God’s words.” Now, he is no longer arrogant, he hates himself, he denies himself. Someone asks: “What do you think of this matter?” “Oh, my opinions on the matter are no good! Everything has always been according to what ‘I think,’ but ultimately they have all been wrong. I am not thinking anymore, I am listening to you. Whoever understands the truth should look at this matter.” Have there been transformations? He used to be arrogant, now he can deny himself, and does not believe in himself. Someone asks: “So what kind of a person were you before?” “What kind of person was I before? I was entirely a jerk!” To have such a level of understanding, isn’t there starting to be a transformation? Then the brothers and sisters who associate with him say: “Oh, this person has really changed. It used to be that he always had to have his way, now he would discuss everything with us. He would ask our opinions regarding everything, he would listen to whoever is right, he would not talk back no matter who is dealing with him, he would not mind no matter who is judging him. Oh, this person has really transformed.” Is this not a transformation of life disposition? Transformations of life disposition are mainly in such ways. Someone used to be arrogant, always relying on his own notions and imaginations, not obeying God’s words, not obeying the truth, only listening to and defending whoever is the most knowledgeable, whoever is the most eloquent, whoever looks the most stylish; those who don’t look like much, even when they said things that fit with the truth, he would not listen. When someone is being looked down upon, their words carry no weight, no matter how true their words are. It is no longer this way now: “Even if a child is leading, I shall obey if he is able to fellowship about the truth. While others might not obey, I shall be the first one to submit. I shall obey whoever that says things that fit the truth. When the things that someone says have no truth, no matter how reputable he is, I shall not obey him.” Is this not a transformation? Someone asks: “You have experienced God’s work for several years, have you any knowledge of yourself?” “I do indeed have some knowledge. I used to be this arrogant person, I looked down on everyone; unless he is more knowledgeable than I am, more eloquent than I am, more capable than I am, I would not submit to him. Those who are not knowledgeable, those who are not capable, those who are not eloquent, no matter how right and how fitting the things that they say, no matter how experienced they are with God’s words, I would not submit to them. I was someone like that, I was entirely a jerk. And now, I see that, of all my corruptions, the main thing is my arrogance. I am particularly arrogant. No matter what I am doing, I would do anything to reach my goals. I would lie, I would deceive. That is the typical devil! The arrogant disposition is the disposition of Satan! I have these two, therefore I am Satan, I am Satan based on my disposition. I have seen through this clearly now. I am a man on the surface, as if I have not done many evil deeds, but based on my disposition, based on my nature, I am the Satan, through and through.” Is this not the attainment of knowledge? This is the attainment of knowledge. Once there is an attainment of knowledge, then transformation begins. He will only tell the truth, he will no longer lie. “I would rather tell the truth and be laughed at. I would rather tell the truth and be looked down upon. Others might laugh at me, look down upon me, but this is because I have been too deeply corrupted by Satan, I no longer look like men. This is the treatment that I deserve. I deserve to be stepped on like this, to be trampled upon like this, to be looked down. This is all because I have no truth, this is all because I do not fear God and shun evil.” How is this understanding? “I used to have power and authority. If you dare to disrespect me, if you look at me the wrong way, I would go after you. Now, even when someone should kick me, even when someone should step on me, I would restrain myself. I realize that I am not pleasing to God, and this is how I should be treated by people. I shall not take revenge on others. Others are doing the right things, these are probably things that God has allowed them to do. I must submit.” When someone behaves in this way, is this not transformation of life disposition? With proof such as this obvious transformation, does it not prove that he has been cleansed? So, do you now understand what is cleansing, and what result shall be achieved through cleansing? Such results shall be achieved by experiencing the work of Almighty God, can you not see them on me? You must be able to see some of them. Do you see me saying anything arrogant, telling any lies, saying anything deceiving? Aren’t all the things that I say things said by an honest person, things that come from the heart? Do I say untruthful things? Do I beat around the bushes? I never embellish the things that I say. I say whatever that must be said, without any embellishment to turn them into words of art, words of literature, words of intellectuals. I don’t do such things, because they are useless and impractical. Don’t always disguise yourselves so that you may be worshiped, that you may be respected; those things are meaningless, such behaviors are a disgrace.

Let us look further. “… shall forever be detested and rejected by God.” Look, this is serious. This is what God said. This is not someone being detested and rejected by someone else, but this is someone being detested and rejected by God. If man is unable to thoroughly accept God’s judgment and chastisement, and has not attained transformation, if he has fled, or if he has declined, “I am not at the church, I have not fled, but I do not accept judgment and chastisement, and I do not submit to anyone dealing with me. I would not say anything if the dealing comes from above, from Christ; but if it is the brother who is dealing with me, then I shall have to defend myself.” Is this not fleeing from judgment? Is this not troublesome? He thinks that whenever he flees, God’s house must argue with him, must deal with him, must expel him? There is no need. When he has such an attitude, then God would simply leave him there, set him aside. The Holy Spirit shall no longer work on him, is he not done for then? So long as he does not disturb others, God’s house shall not dismiss him; he does not accept judgment in his heart, therefore the Holy Spirit shall set him aside, and he shall be done for. Once the Holy Spirit has made the decision, once he has been set aside, do I still need to clarify what his outcome will be? God shall treat him as an unbeliever, and he shall perish just like the unbelievers when the catastrophe should arrive. This is how he shall be treated, do you now understand? For some of those who are within The Church of Almighty God, even though they have not done any evil deeds on the surface, and even though God’s house has not expelled them, yet they do not seek any truth, and they are junk in God’s house. What is another word for “junk”? “Garbage.” What is the outcome of people like this? To be purged. God said, “Their sins are more numerous, and more grievous, than those of the Pharisees.” Those who do not accept God’s judgment and chastisement, why are their sins much more, and more grievous, than those of the Pharisees? Because these are God’s words. God’s work of judgment is the work to end the age, yet they refuse, they resist, they flee. The Pharisees did not know God, it was at a time when God was not performing the work of judgment. They did not know God, therefore they were arrogant and resisted God. Yet for these men, God of the last days is performing the work of judgment, they know this is the work of judgment from God, yet they still refuse to accept judgment, they still disobey God, isn’t this sin more grievous? Therefore, if you believed in the stage of work performed by Jehovah God during the Age of Law and the stage of work performed by the Lord Jesus during the Age of Grace, since God had not yet performed the work of judgment, so long as you had not committed any great sins, then you had not directly betrayed the Lord, and you did not deserve to die. The Pharisees were cursed, because when God incarnate was performing work, once man resisted, it caused trouble, and this was serious. After God incarnate had performed His work, after the Lord Jesus had left, you might sin while believing in the Lord at the church, but this sin was not as grievous as that of the Pharisees, because you were unable to resist God, you were also unable to interrupt God’s work. When God of the last days has incarnated, when God is performing the work of the last days, you shall be revealed. If you should accept it, then you may hope to survive; if you should reject, then you will no doubt be condemned. Therefore, each stage of God’s work will eliminate a group of men.


In the Age of Law, God eliminated all who rejected, opposed, disobeyed, or held biases against Moses. In the Age of Grace, God eliminated all the believers of the Age of Law who rejected the Lord Jesus. Once He eliminated these people, He cursed the Israelites for resisting the Lord Jesus and nailing Him to the cross. Once God cursed them, He destroyed the nation of Israel, and they suffered through 2000 years of punishments. Is this not the case? When the Lord Jesus completed that stage of His work, He eliminated the entire Israeli nation. Almighty God comes to do His work in the Age of Kingdom, and He will eliminate most believers from the Age of Grace. With this elimination, God will eliminate the greatest amount of people and thus make the greatest revelation thus far. The amount of people eliminated in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace are few in comparison, particularly those God eliminated during the Age of Law. In the Age of Grace, God eliminated all of Judaism. But in the Age of Kingdom, God will eliminate most of the followers of the Lord Jesus from Christianity, Catholicism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Some people ask, “Is this all set in stone already? Will God eliminate everyone who doesn’t accept Him?” It isn’t set in stone, for the apocalypse has yet to come. The gate of grace will remain open so long as the day of the apocalypse has yet to arrive. However, the apocalypse will come soon. Not long after the prophecy of the four blood moons is fulfilled, perhaps a few years after, the apocalypse will come at last. During this period of time, won’t part of the religious community return to Almighty God’s side? Yes, there will surely be some people who will return to God, but I would venture to say that it will not be many, but rather a very small minority of people. Some people ask, “Why do you say that there won’t be many people from within religion who accept God’s work before the great disasters? I don’t think that’s a sure thing.” From within believers from the Age of Grace, within any given church, are most of them there to genuinely pursue the truth, or merely eat their fill of His bread? Most people are there merely to eat their fill of His bread. Aren’t there many people who are possessed by demons, speak in tongues, receive revelations, see visions, cure illnesses, cast out demons, and display miracles? Those possessed by demons make up a portion, those who merely eat their fill of His bread make up a portion, and others who are antichrists and the wicked who hate the truth also make up a portion. And then there are the confused people who don’t have the foggiest understanding of the truth. Once we take out these groups of people, will those remaining who love the truth constitute the majority? Will they even make up 10% overall? No, it’s not possible! Is this not the actual state of things? So, those within the religious community who will be able to return before God before the great disasters are the smallest minority of people; they absolutely will not constitute a majority, because people within religion who love the truth have always been extremely few in number. This is entirely factual, and not said without basis.

Continue reading God’s word. “[F]or they have betrayed God and are rebels against God. Such people who are not worthy even to do service shall receive more severe punishment, a punishment that is, moreover, everlasting.” “[F]or they have betrayed God and are rebels against God.” Who are these rebels who betray God? Some people say, “Perhaps they’re people who began to believe in God but gave up partway, or perhaps they are those who have been seized by the great red dragon and become like Judas. These people are rebels.” But God’s word doesn’t say that exactly. What does God have to say about rebels? “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee amidst the work of judgment,” these people are rebels against God. A “rebel,” according to God’s definition, is someone who does not accept His judgment and chastisement, someone who rejects it and flees from it. These people can be categorized among the rebels and traitors. Those who have become like Judas after they are caught are the worst rebels, while those who have not been caught and still reject and flee God’s judgment are also rebels. Do you understand now? Some people say, “There are so many people who believe in the Lord Jesus and have suffered all kinds of hardships. Because they couldn’t see the true way, they refused to accept this stage of God’s work. Won’t God take pity on this kind of person?” If a person can’t accept God’s work, he’s finished. Some people are just ignorant, but that’s another matter entirely. Whereas those who do know and still refuse to accept God’s work are absolutely guilty. For those who do not accept it out of ignorance, God will judge them according to their performance in the Age of Grace. In the Age of Grace, His work of judgment had yet to be done. When true believers of the Lord Jesus died, do you dare to claim they all went to heaven? None of them went to hell? Do you dare to make such a claim? You dare not say so. Does God have no principles when it comes to who goes to heaven and who goes to hell during the Age of Grace? Of course He does. Whether a person goes to heaven or hell depends on whether or not he practices what the Lord Jesus said in the Age of Grace. If he practices the Lord Jesus’ words, if he often has the work of the Holy Spirit, then he will go to heaven after he dies. Those who do not practice the word of the Lord Jesus merely believe in His name, they merely pray to Him to ask for His grace, they eat their fill of His bread, they do not undergo the work of the Holy Spirit, and when they die they will go to hell. Can you accept this or not? Among the religious community, how many are there who undergo the work of the Holy Spirit and will go to heaven when they die? Are they the majority or the minority? Don’t you know the answer? Is what I’m saying not based in fact? Those who do not undergo the work of the Holy Spirit will go to hell when they die. Won’t this kind of person commit evil when they are on earth? The majority of them will commit evil, lie, cheat, and strive for fame, profit, and status. They have no compassion for others. These people do not experience or practice the word of the Lord Jesus, they do not care for the Lord’s will, and so they will all go to hell. We cannot rely on human concepts to imagine what will become of people in the Age of Grace. It’s absolute rubbish to say that any person who prays to the Lord Jesus is saved once for all. Those are human words. The Lord Jesus never said that. He never said, “Anyone who prays in My name will be saved for eternity.” What you believe is just what Paul and a few pastors said. None of it represents God’s words. God doesn’t acknowledge or fulfill this at all. For this reason, you have no place to tell anyone what kind of people in the Age of Grace will be saved. What blind nonsense are you talking? How dare you say, “I don’t believe that those who suffer hardships during the Age of Grace will be forsaken in the end.” If you don’t believe in Almighty God, He will forsake you. This is God’s righteousness. And God’s righteousness treats each individual the same. His work does not wait for anyone who does not walk in step with Him. If you think you look alright from the outside, how do you think God sees you? Do you dare to argue with God? Do you dare to debate Him? God dissects the very marrow of your bones, your innermost thoughts, and reveals them for you to see. Just wait until God reveals your ugly deeds and repulsive soul. You’ll see your own pitiful, ugly soul, and you’ll be so ashamed of yourself that you’ll want to crawl into a hole somewhere. If you dare to attempt to reason with God, do you still want to enter heaven? You won’t even be worthy of hell. He’ll submerge you in the lake of fire and brimstone! Don’t challenge God. It’s best when men submit to God’s word with complete obedience. 

God said, “Such people who are not worthy even to do service shall receive more severe punishment.” Some people are not worthy to do service. Why? They have too many of their own notions, and they never obey God. God has no use for this person’s service. In order to do service, you must be honest, obedient, and do what God tells you to do. If you continuously resist and oppose God and complain, in the end, any good you could do would be outweighed by the bad, and God’s family will have no use for you. Isn’t this what it means to be unworthy to do service? This person is like a donkey whose master orders him to pull a millstone, but after two laps, he kicks over the vat; after another two laps, he spills all the grain; and after another two laps, he runs out of the mill. In the end, not only has the task of milling been left incomplete, the master has also wasted his grain on this donkey for no good reason. Can the master use this kind of donkey? No, he can’t. If he can’t use him, what should he do? He should “slaughter the donkey once the grinding is done!” What kind of donkeys get slaughtered? Will the master slaughter a good donkey? No master would want to slaughter a good donkey. Thus, the only donkeys that get slaughtered are useless good-for-nothings, donkeys who don’t pull the millstone honestly and cause disturbances that outweigh any good they could possibly do. And so, the master must eliminate this donkey. “Slaughter the donkey once the grinding is done” might seem like a negative phrase, but in fact, it is quite reasonable. A donkey who doesn’t pull the millstone properly must be killed. Is this not the case? If you don’t serve well, you’ll be eliminated. If you don’t work your hardest to do your part, if you keep disseminating human notions to disrupt the work of God’s house, if you always try to cause new believers to have notions and drop out, are you not committing evil deeds? If you have your own concepts, you’d best pray to God, to seek the truth, and to look for the answers in God’s word. Just look at how so many new believers ask so many questions. Whatever question they ask, God’s family will answer them. Why can God’s family answer them correctly? Was there anyone who understood things completely when they first started to believe in God? When I first started to believe, I was like this too. It’s quite normal. Where we fail to understand, we must seek the truth. That’s how it’s done. But you must not cause disturbances, you must not blindly disseminate your concepts. Am I wrong? Once you have disseminated your concepts, you will have opposed God! Are your concepts the truth? In the end, everyone will say that what you disseminated was not the truth at all, that it was false and erroneous, and you’ll have to live with the consequences! Even if God’s family will not expel you, God’s chosen people will indeed forsake you. They’ll say, “This guy is not a sheep but a wolf! He doesn’t eat grass. Instead, he’s always thinking about eating people, hurting people, always disseminating fallacies.” Isn’t this troublesome? Those without true submission to God will keep on disseminating their own fallacies and notions. What is the nature of this sort of thing? Is this not opposing God? Is this not dissatisfaction with God? If you are dissatisfied with God, for one thing, no one will acknowledge you, God’s chosen people will see through you, and even worse, you will have sinned against God. God will get angry and smite you; He will give you an illness or a disaster will befall you; you will have to deal with the consequences. And what is man? A single lightning bolt will have you cowering in a fetal position in no time. Even a country is unable to bear the great disasters, and when the disasters arrive, it’ll collapse at the first blow! It doesn’t matter which country it is, when the disasters arrive, it won’t be able to withstand them. A single earthquake could destroy even the most powerful country, is this not the case? The last days will certainly bring a great disaster, and this great disaster will be unprecedented from the creation of this world until today and forevermore. The great disaster that comes in the next few years will not be an ordinary disaster, it won’t be some volcano somewhere spouting lava, it won’t be a 5-6 scale earthquake, it won’t be any small plague. These aren’t great disasters at all, and the true great disaster is far more fearsome, for it will destroy all of mankind! People have power and ability. By all means, do not use it to oppose God, for if you oppose God, you will have to live with the consequences. When you stand before God, you must be upright and honest, open and sincere.

Let’s keep reading God’s word: “God shall not spare any traitor who once evinced loyalty with words but then betrayed Him.” This person claimed loyalty through his words, saying, “I utterly submit myself to God. I won’t leave God no matter what happens.” But once God’s judgment and chastisement befalls him, he will betray God, he won’t accept any of it, he’ll oppose God. Is he not a traitor? What is true submission to God? True submission to God is submitting to God’s judgment and chastisement. It is obeying the arrangements of the family of God; it is accepting all of the truths cultivated by God’s family and all that God has ever said. Do you have the reality of submission to God? If you don’t have this, then you had best not say that you truly submit to God. If you talk like this, Satan will sneer and ridicule you. God says, “God shall not spare any traitor who once evinced loyalty with words but then betrayed Him. People such as these shall receive retribution through punishment of the spirit, soul, and body. Is this not precisely a revelation of the righteous disposition of God? Is this not God’s purpose in judging man, and revealing him? God consigns all who perform all kinds of wicked deeds during the time of judgment to a place infested with evil spirits, and lets these evil spirits destroy their fleshly bodies as they wish.” You must remember this form of punishment, “God consigns all who perform all kinds of wicked deeds during the time of judgment to a place infested with evil spirits, and lets these evil spirits destroy their fleshly bodies as they wish.” God will deliver these men to the evil spirits. The evil spirits will ruin them, devour them. They will enter these men and possess them. On the street, we often see some mentally ill people wailing and shouting, speaking nonsense. These people have been delivered to the evil spirits and possessed by them. Those who God delivers to the evil spirits often don’t wear clothes in the winter, they aren’t afraid of the cold, and they’ll eat anything. They’ll eat iron wires, they’ll eat leftover food, some will even eat dirt and excrement. They’ll gnaw on whatever they can get their hands on. They speak nonsense. They’re not quite people, and they’re not quite ghosts either. When God delivers someone to the evil spirits, He will allow the evil spirits to destroy their fleshly bodies. In general, someone possessed by an evil spirit will die in less than a few years. Some will die in a few months. What do you think of this punishment? It’s pretty severe, isn’t it? This punishment is far more pitiful than dying of cancer, is it not? God’s word also says, “[T]hose people’s bodies emit the stench of corpses. Such is their fitting retribution.” This is a form of punishment. Look at it now, for when the work is done, this is the fate that will befall some people.


Next, God says, “God writes down in their record books each and every one of the sins of those disloyal false believers, false apostles, and false workers; then, when the time is right, He casts them amidst the unclean spirits, letting these unclean spirits defile their entire bodies at will, so that they may never be reincarnated and never again see the light.” This is another form of punishment. Who is this punishment for? God delivers “those disloyal false believers, false apostles, and false workers” to the impure spirits to be defiled. The outcome of this defilement is that “they may never be reincarnated.” That is, they will never have the chance to be a human again. Some followers of God who had the work of the Holy Spirit died during the Age of Grace when God had yet to do this stage of work. Because of this, God made them reborn to undergo God’s work during the last days. And so, look at the 10-somethings, 20-somethings who are undergoing this stage of God’s work. Whose souls do they have? They have the souls of people who believed in the Lord during their previous incarnation. Otherwise, how could they have this strong faith already by their twenties, casting aside their work, their families? Some are the sole believers in their household. Their mother and father both resist God, and so they must run away from home to do their duties. There are things that people can’t understand from the outside. God makes appropriate plans from the spiritual realm, and arranges appropriately for each soul to be born again. God does not treat anyone unfairly; there are simply many things that people cannot see. Just like during the trials of Job. What was going on behind the scenes of these trials? A dialog between God and Satan. God testified that Job was a perfect man who feared God and shunned evil, and Satan was unconvinced and accused Job. In the end they made a bet. God handed Job over to Satan, and allowed Satan to do with him as it wished, only to spare Job’s life. This is the kind of thing that happened behind the scenes in the spiritual realm, and as a result, Job experienced these trials in the realm of the living. And so, there are many things that happen behind the scenes that we do not see. We can merely see the events that happen in the world of the living, the material world. We do not know what happens outside of the material world, behind the scenes, we don’t know why these things happen, nor do we know how they fit into God’s master plan. And so, though there are things you do not know, don’t constantly ask God things like, “Oh God, where did they go after they died?” Is God obligated to tell you anything? Has God ever promised you He would tell you everything? Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to speak here, why does God have to say anything to you? If God doesn’t say anything to you, is He no longer God? Do you dare to deny God? Are you greater than God? When people talk like this, aren’t they devoid of sense? We humans are next to nothing, we’re less than ants, we’re nothing more than dust. We have no right to ask God, “Oh God, You must make me understand, You must tell me how You make Your master plan. Can’t You tell us what happens behind the scenes in the spiritual realm? If You do, we won’t complain anymore, we’ll all understand why You do what You do.” How can something God created dare to say things like this? Religious communities all have audacious people like this, people with the gall to say anything, is this not the case? But when you undergo God’s judgment in the last days, would you still dare to talk like this if you’ve read God’s word closely? Such talk is childish and naive, it cannot be tolerated, as it will offend God’s disposition. When you see a child who speaks without understanding, sometimes he’ll curse at his mother and father, and his father will say, “Oh boy, this kid can really talk,” but he won’t be angry. Why? A child doesn’t know what it means to curse at someone, he’s just blindly learning how to talk. For him, being able to talk is very precious, and at the very least, this child is not mute. But if you’ve believed in the Lord for many years, and you still demand: “The Lord must make revelations to me when He comes. If the Lord will not make revelations to me, He must not really be the Lord. The Lord must tell me everything, and if He doesn’t, then He isn’t God, I won’t recognize Him as God.” Talking like this is extremely rebellious. This is an extremely serious problem! This is resisting God! This is extreme arrogance! Is it not? And so, new believers in particular must pay attention to what you say. You must not talk so unreasonably, so ridiculously, you must not speak with so many extravagant desires behind your words. When you finish saying such a thing, you will regret it forever afterward. Whenever you remember it again, you’ll be filled with regret, and looking back on the past will be unbearable! I myself have done some ignorant things in the past, but I have never made this kind of talk. And so, once you have undergone God’s work, once your corruption has been purified in part, and you have some understanding of God, you will not say such senseless and arrogant things.

Let’s look to God’s word again, it says, “Those hypocrites who do service for a time but are incapable of remaining loyal to the end are numbered by God among the wicked.” This kind of person is a wicked person! “Those hypocrites who do service for a time but are incapable of remaining loyal to the end are numbered by God among the wicked.” Remember that God will number those hypocrites among the wicked. What does the “hypocrites” refer to? Those who lack loyalty while doing service, acting deceptively and perfunctorily, pretending, and doing service just for the sake of obtaining God’s rewards and entering into the kingdom of heaven. This is hypocritical, and it involves a deceitful nature. God will deal with these people by numbering them among the wicked. This is God’s righteousness. God also says, “… so that they walk in the counsel of the wicked and become part of their disorderly rabble; in the end, God shall annihilate them.” This is the end of those hypocrites: God will number them among the wicked, and He will ultimately destroy them. God says, “God casts aside and takes no notice of those who have never been loyal to Christ or have never contributed anything of their strength, and at the changing of the age He shall annihilate them all. They shall no longer exist on earth, much less gain passage into the kingdom of God.” God will cast aside and take no notice of those who have never dedicated any effort, and He will destroy them all in the change of ages. That is, when this age draws to a close and the apocalypse arrives, these people will be utterly destroyed. Some people who receive God’s work during the last days don’t accept even the slightest shred of truth, nor do they fulfill their duty. In the end, they will also be destroyed. Do you understand? God also says, “Those who have never been sincere to God, but are forced by circumstance into dealing with Him perfunctorily, are numbered among those who do service for His people. Only a small number of such people will survive, while the majority shall perish along with those who are not qualified even to do service.” These are those who do service for God’s people. Only a small portion of such people will survive. What’s all about this small amount of people? Why this small group of people? Why will God keep a small amount alive? Who will these people be? It will definitely be those who have good humanity, those who do little evil, and these people, only a small amount, will be left alive.

God’s word says, “Ultimately, God shall bring into His kingdom all those who are of the same mind as God.” “[T]hose who are of the same mind as God” are the most excellent, the most superior people. “God shall bring into His kingdom all those who are of the same mind as God, the people and the sons of God, and those predestined by God to be priests. They will be the distillation of God’s work. As for those who cannot be classed in any of the categories set by God, they shall be numbered among the unbelievers—and you can surely imagine what their outcome shall be. I have already said to you all that I should say; the road that you select is your choice alone. What you should understand is this: The work of God never waits for any that cannot keep pace with Him, and the righteous disposition of God shows no mercy to any man.” What are these words like? Do they have any authority? These words were spoken by God, no human could ever say them. And so, while believing in God, read these words and come to understand them, come to understand God’s administration, who God will eliminate, who God will bless, and who God will take pity on. If all these things become clear to you, then the path you must take will become clear too. If you do not understand these things, won’t the path you must choose remain unclear? If you don’t understand these things, you won’t know how to believe. There are those who always hold onto human conceptions, and live in accordance with their own conceptions. Once you live in accordance with your own conceptions, you will become apathetic and confused, and you will not do your duty. “I’ll take another look later, and wait until I can understand it.” This is foolish procrastination and self-deception. There is always a fixed time to God’s work, and this time is predestined. Once it reaches a certain period, the work will change. What is coming next in this stage of God’s work? The apocalypse. In how many years will the apocalypse finally arrive? Two years? Three years? We don’t know. In any case, anyone with eyes can see that it is approaching. “Oh no, this world just seems to be getting crazier and crazier, the state of the world is so terrible! There’s war, disasters are getting worse and worse. There are no good days ahead of us.” Anyone with eyes can see this clearly. Superior people can see it, the politicians of the world can all see it, especially the prophets of Israel. Some prophets predicted that 2012 would be the end of the world, and many people denied this, “There is no end of the world.” But now, when people look at the state of things, the astronomical signs, the disastrous state of affairs in all parts of the world, it seems that what God predicted in His word has come true. They all acknowledge this, “There truly is an end of the world, and it’s really not all that far away from now.” And now, every single person is anxious and desperate. “What will we do when the apocalypse comes? What do we do? Will we have a chance to flee for our lives? Which God do we have to believe in to get saved?” None of these people will be able to find the path to salvation. But we have found it. Believing in Almighty God is the sole, solitary path to salvation, the path to the kingdom of heaven, where God will approve us. We’ve found this path, and since we’ve found it we must pursue the truth diligently. We should treasure our brief time by pursuing the truth. Otherwise, this time will go to waste.

Some people ask, “You say that if we pursue the truth we can attain perfection in about ten years, at the very least. But what if we believe in God for 2-3 years, and then the apocalypse arrives? Will we be eliminated in the end, or will we enter the kingdom of heaven?” Doesn’t Lord Jesus have an analogy for this? It says that those who work seven hours receives a day’s worth of wages, but those who work one hour also get a day’s worth of wages. After this some people say, “Lord, this is unfair. We worked for seven hours, how can someone who worked for one hour get the same amount of money as us?” What does the Lord have to say about this? “Are you envious that I’m being generous to him? The money I gave him wasn’t out of your wages, this is my affair, what does it have to do with you?” And so, even though some people come into the faith a bit late, so long as they pursue the truth and are loyal and submissive to God after 1-2 years of experience, they will be rewarded as much as those who have believed in God for 10-20 years. And so, when the apocalypse comes, regardless of how long you’ve believed in God, if you are a person who pursues the truth, if you have devoted yourself to God, if you have some understanding of Him, then you will survive. As for truly attaining perfection, when all of God’s people attain perfection and purification, this will be the Age of Millennial Kingdom. Know this! And so, God’s statements about the overcomers who attain true perfection are different from those about His people. If you are not an overcomer, but one of God’s people, you will attain complete perfection in the Age of Millennial Kingdom. God will try and refine you with great disasters. If you have faith in Him and are able to withstand it all, that will be adequate. God wants you to learn a lesson. So many people nowadays don’t pursue the truth and don’t revere God in their hearts. They are muddled in their faith. God says, “I will allow you to have ample lessons to learn.” What lesson? One day, the apocalypse will come and you will suffer many trials, and you will narrowly escape with your life. God will try you with disasters to see how you pray to Him and test whether or not you have faith in Him. God is the Lord of all that He created, and therefore God has methods for making people revere and submit to Him. He is capable of arranging the perfect conditions—all kinds of people, matters, and events—that one can learn lessons from. Some people say, “God is omnipotent. Once the great red dragon captures our brothers and sisters, why won’t He protect them?” God has a saying, “My wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s schemes.” For this stage of God’s work, why has He chosen China? This is because God predestined the great red dragon to reside in China as its resting place. And so, in the stage of God’s work during the last days, God has arranged for the saints of the past to be born again in China. After this, God’s incarnate flesh was also born in China. Through the influence and persecution of the great dragon, God does His work. It is in these circumstances that God’s chosen people undergo God’s work. After God makes a group of overcomers through the great red dragon’s terrible persecution, the apocalypse will arrive, and God will destroy the great red dragon immediately. What God says here is very clear and thorough, and if you read God’s word whenever you are free, you will come to understand this.

Some people say, “We weren’t born in China. How will we undergo God’s work?” You weren’t born in China, but are you not a person who has been corrupted by Satan? You weren’t born in China, but you have still been corrupted by Satan, and you still live under Satan’s domain, don’t you? In that case, don’t you need to pursue the truth? Yes, you must do so. One day, the apocalypse will come, and if you have Almighty God in your heart, if you have faith in Him, if you have some understanding of Him, then you will find a path amidst the disasters, you will have God’s word to guide and lead you, and in the end you will be able to survive. And so, even if you weren’t born in China and haven’t attained perfection and become an overcomer, in the future all of God’s chosen people will come to realize the truth, and then among the chosen people in each country there will be priests and leaders, God’s sons, and God’s people. They will be divided into ranks, is this not so? If you are among the first of God’s chosen people from your country, if you pursue the truth, you’ll have more experience of God’s work than anyone, then you will possibly receive God’s blessings, and you will be first to obtain the truth. You are the first to accept God’s work, and you will have better opportunities and enjoy superior conditions to others. You may say, “I came in 3 years earlier, therefore I have obtained more truth than you have. My faith is greater than yours, and I possess more reality of the truth than you do.” You will receive God’s blessings, this is what it will be like for you. Do you understand?

Some people say, “It’s almost 2017 now, if God’s work doesn’t end in a few more years, what do we do?” In a few more years? Who knows what year the apocalypse will come? And when the apocalypse does come, will you still have a happy life? There will be no happy days ahead. I tell you, the apocalypse has yet to come, get out there and pursue the truth diligently while you can. If the apocalypse falls when 2017 comes and you’ve only believed in Almighty God for six months to one year, will you have any foundation then? No, you might have your own conceptions. You might run and betray God, this is trouble! So if the apocalypse came a bit later, this would be better for the progress of your life, wouldn’t it? Do you hope that God’s work will be finished sooner or later? If you hope it finishes earlier, and the apocalypse comes in an instant, but you have no life, like a newborn child to be left motherless in the disaster, would you be able to survive? Now I hold these meetings for you to feed and nourish you. But when the apocalypse comes, there will be no one to hold meetings for you anymore, and you would have to read God’s word on your own. How long would it take for you to be able to understand it then? Would this be good for you? No. Will you grow faster through reading God’s word on your own, or will you grow faster with someone to water you? Everyone will admit that they will grow faster if there is someone to water them. People also ask, “If the apocalypse comes late and the work of God does not end in a few years, what do we do? Will we continue to follow Him like before? We don’t want to. We don’t want to follow God this way anymore.” What is this kind of talk? Do you think that we will believe in this stage of God’s work for two thousand years, like Jesus has been believed in for two thousand years? God’s work of the last days is not nearly as long, and will merely last a short few years. The apocalypse is coming, even if you want it to last longer, it will not. Now that the day of the apocalypse has yet to come, a day’s worth of time is precious indeed! When it does come, there will be no day and night, there will be times when the sun turns invisible, when the moon turns blood red. Who can say when they will be gone for good? There will be great disasters, in all parts of the world there will be famine, plague, and earthquakes, the earthquake that is unprecedented and surpasses level nine on the Richter scale. Are you hoping that the apocalypse will come soon? What if God’s work will never be completed? Would that be good or bad? Would it be good for it to finish sooner or later? This is a question that some people ask. I’ll be honest with you: If God’s work does not end one day, this would be a good thing for you, because you still have time to make your faith stronger and firmer. You might build a foundation in a year or two. So long as you have this foundation, there will be hope for you. But if God’s work ends too soon, you’d be just like a newborn child still within six months of the critical period where it is very easy for babies to die prematurely! If, like now, a religious pastor comes to you one day, and if he confuses you, you’ll lose your vision, and all of these words I am saying will be gone from your heart. Do you think you have a foundation now? The best thing for you to do is to build a foundation before the apocalypse comes. If you do so you will be very fortunate. Make sure you understand this! Once when someone asked me the following question, “If God’s work is not over in a few years, then will we continue to follow Him as before?” I do not understand what he meant here. Do you think following God this way is a bad thing? Do you want to follow God like this? Can a newborn child survive the wind and rain? Can he survive the apocalypse? If you build a foundation in two or three years’ time following this way, this is a good thing. But I am afraid you wouldn’t be able to withstand a world war and an earthquake. Will your foundation be able to withstand this? Today, believing in God will not be the same as it was during the Age of Grace. In the Age of Grace, however you believed in God would do. People were apathetic and confused, and they did not pursue the truth. As a result, even believing in God for many years was of no use, and they did not gain life. But in the Age of Kingdom, things are very different. God is serious with people. If you do not possess the truth and once the disasters fall, once the world turns to chaos, the satanic regimes and evil forces will all persecute God’s chosen people—if by that time you have no truth, if you have not built a foundation, you will easily be captured by Satan. Once taken captive, you will be branded with the mark of the beast, and you will be finished for eternity. So it is important for your foundation to take root now! Seek the truth without delay!

Some people say, “I have a brain, I have knowledge, I have discernment for general deception.” Are people who can say this intelligent? This person is too self-righteous! What do they actually do with their knowledge? The more knowledge a person accumulates, the more they resist God, and the harder it is for them to accept the truth. They think that their knowledge can serve as the truth, isn’t this the case? But knowledge is not the truth, science is not the truth, knowledge is fake, erroneous, and science is also fake and erroneous. Knowledge and science do not come from God, and only God’s word is the truth. All positive things and the truth come from God; all that comes from Satan is not the truth. Even if it appears to be correct and worthwhile on the surface, they are actually fake, useless, and will all be deposed in the end. Is this not the case? God’s words are the truth, and once the Millennial Kingdom arrives, God will bestow all the riches in heaven upon humanity. At that time, God will completely eliminate and destroy all in the old world, and all of humanity’s scientific developments—all of their clothes and tools and transportation—will be changed for something entirely new and beyond recognition. When God’s blessing befalls the Millennial Kingdom and the kingdom of Christ, all of the aspects of science will hereafter become positive. This is true science, and it will not harm man’s environment in the least bit; all will be safe and beneficial. God’s wisdom is ten thousand times greater than that of evil spirits, isn’t this true? You ought to see this clearly. Some of you hear what I say and don’t believe it, but instead doubt it. Just experience the truth, and you will gradually come to understand.

This concludes today’s meeting. Goodbye!

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