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Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of the Church of Almighty God

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God


1Principles for Establishing a Church and Managing Church Life
2Principles of Practice for Church Life
3The Four Major Emergencies That Must Be Resolved as Soon as Possible Upon Discovery
4Several Principles for Leading Non-Religious New Believers
5The Minimum Reason That Ought to Be Possessed in Serving God
6Watering and Supplying New Believers is the Top Priority of the Church’s Work
7To Serve God One Must Learn How to Discern All Kinds of People
8The Principles That Must Be Understood for Serving God
9Only Those Who Possess the Truth Can Truly Be Fit for God’s Use
10Only Selecting Leaders Who Pursue the Truth and Have a Sense of Justice Is in Line With God’s Will
11Problems in Cleansing the Church That Require Attention
12Standards for Measuring Good and Evil People
13Those Who Have Been Worked on by Evil Spirits and Those Possessed by Demons Should Be Treated Differently From Each Other
14In Order to Do Church Work Well One Must Be Able to Discern Between Several Kinds of People
15Church Life Is Affected by the Quality of Leaders
16Only Good Church Leaders Can Create a Fulfilling Life in the Church
17Only by First Entering the Right Track of Belief in God Can One Walk the Right Track of Serving God
18All Levels of Church Leaders Must Recognize the Battle of the Spiritual World
19Only Discussing Work Without Communicating the Truth Is a Form of Service That Resists God
20Choosing the Right Leaders Is Very Important to God’s Chosen People in Entering the Right Track to Believing in God
21The Three Criteria for Adequately Selecting Leaders and Their Principles and Significance
22Work Principles for Combatting False Christs and Antichrists
23The “Three Criteria, Five Verifications, Two Guarantees” for Selecting Leaders
24Only Those Who Achieve Three Criteria Are Qualified to Be Used by God
25Seven Principles That Must Be Practiced in Church Life
26The Seven Kinds of People Who Must Be Thoroughly Purged From Amongst Leaders and Workers
28The 7 Principles That Must Be Kept in Mind During Tribulations and Trials
29The Principles For Expelling People During Trials and Tribulation
30Appearing to Serve God but Actually Defying God—Five Prodigiously Evil Behaviors That Must Be Understood
31How to Discern False Leaders and Workers Who Are Without the Work of the Holy Spirit
32The Problem of Arbitrary Judgment and Condemnation in the Church Must Be Resolved
33How to Distinguish and Treat the Different Kinds of People Exposed and Eliminated in God’s Work
34Principles for Dealing With Various Kinds of False Leaders and False Workers
35The Authority to Arbitrarily Expel People by Leaders and Workers at All Levels of the Church Must be Banned
36How to Discern the Demonic Speech and Fallacies of Evil Spirits, False Christs and Antichrists
37It Is Crucial to Guard Against Antichrists and the Path of Antichrists
38The Five Problems the Church Must Currently Resolve
39Look at the Paths That Various Kinds of People Take When God Does His Final Winnowing Work
40The Meaning and Explanation of the Ten Principles of the Church Life Established by God’s Family
41The Significance of Democratic Elections in the Church and Problems that Must Be Resolved
42How to Approach and Resolve Disorder in Churches Everywhere
43Twenty Problems That Must Be Resolved When the Church’s Work Embarks on the Right Track
44The Good Deeds, Evil Deeds and Various Fallacies That Must Be Clearly Discerned by God’s Chosen People
45Only Through True Obedience to God’s Work Can One Enter the Reality of the Truth
47Kingdom Gospel’s Smooth Expansion Will Only be Ensured by Thoroughly Purifying the Church
48Only Those Who Can Practice the Truth and Discern Various Kinds of People Have Entered the Right Track of Belief in God
49The Cleanup Work of the Church Must Completely Eliminate Evil to Be After God’s Heart
50The Two Works All Churches Must Do Well
51All Church Work Must Enter the Right Track Before God’s Work May End in Glory
52God’s House’s Work Arrangement and Principles of Practice for Establishing a Truths Review System
53One Must Focus On Fellowshiping the Twenty Key Truths When Spreading the Gospel and Bearing Witness to God
54How to Discern and Handle Various Types of People in the Church
55The Work of Exposing and Replacing False Leaders and Expelling Antichrists and Evil Men Never Stops