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The Overcomers’ Testimonies

The Overcomers’ Testimonies


1God’s Love Was With Me in the Devil’s Dark Prison
2The Life Force That Can Never Be Extinguished
3A Youth Without Regret
4From Suffering Is Emitted the Fragrance of Love
5Persecution and Suffering Made Me Love God Even More
6After Enduring Hardship, My Love for God Is Even Stronger
7Having Been Devastated by Demons, I Realize Even More How Precious God’s Grace Is
8Sufferings and Trials—the Blessings of Being Favored
9In Times of Trouble, God’s Word Provided Me With Encouragement
10A Song of Life Amidst the Ruin
11God’s Words Create Life’s Miracles
12God’s Words Led Me to Bear Witness
13Spending the Prime of Youth in Prison
14The CCP Government’s Harsh Persecution Only Strengthens My Love for God
15God’s Love Has Fortified My Heart
16Guided by God’s Words, I Overcame the Repression of the Forces of Darkness
17God Is My Strength in Life
18Tasting the Love of God in the Midst of Adversity
19The Glimmering Light of Life in the Dark Monsters’ Den
20Living Through Cruel Persecution Has Strengthened My Faith in God
21God’s Light Guides Me Through Adversity
22God’s Word Is My Strength in Life
23God Guides Me to Overcome the Demons’ Cruelty
24Rising Up From Dark Oppression
25Awakening Amidst Suffering and Difficulty
26The Transcendence and Greatness of God’s Life Force
27Tribulation Inspired My Love for God
28A Deeper Experience of God’s Love Through Entering a Lair of Demons
29I Come to Clearly Distinguish Love and Hate by Undergoing the Bitterness of Persecution
30Through Hardship, God’s Love Is With Me
31At the Brink of Death, Almighty God Came to My Aid
32God’s Love Knows No Bounds