16. The Principles of Bringing People Before God

1. As you perform your duties, you must exalt God and bear witness for God, so that God’s chosen people may know God’s work, see God’s love, and be able to truly return to God;

2. You must practice using the truth to resolve problems, to enable God’s chosen people to understand the truth and enter into reality, and so that they may lay foundations on the true way;

3. You must seek to love God, have true compassion toward God’s chosen people, and be able to supply and support God’s chosen people to obtain the guidance and perfection of the work of the Holy Spirit;

4. You must always lead people to experience God’s judgment and chastisement by eating and drinking the words of God, so that God’s chosen people may know God’s righteousness and holiness, and God’s love.

Relevant Words of God:

One works to fulfill the will of God, to bring all those who are after God’s heart before Him, to bring man to God, and to introduce the Holy Spirit’s work and God’s guidance to man, thereby perfecting the fruits of God’s work. For this reason, it is imperative that you grasp the substance of working.

from “Work and Entry (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Having experienced God’s refinement for a while (the trial of[a] service-doers and the times of chastisement), some people ultimately said: “Believing in God is really difficult!” This “difficult” shows that God’s deeds are unfathomable, that God’s work is possessed of great significance and value, and is highly worthy of being treasured by man. If, after I have done so much work, you had not the slightest knowledge, then could My work still have value? It will make you say: “Service to God is really difficult, the deeds of God are so wondrous, God truly is wise! He’s so lovely!” If, after undergoing a period of experience, you are able to say such words, then this proves that you have gained God’s work in you. One day, when you’re abroad to spread the gospel and someone asks you: “How is your faith in God?” you will be able to say: “God’s actions are so marvelous!” As soon as they see you say this, they’ll feel that there’s something within you and that God’s actions truly are unfathomable. This is truly bearing witness. You will say that God’s work is full of wisdom, and His work in you has truly convinced you and conquered your heart. You will always love Him because He is more than worthy of mankind’s love! If you can speak to these things, you can move people’s hearts. All of this is bearing witness. If you are able to be a resounding witness, to move people to tears, that shows that you truly are one who loves God. That’s because you are able to act as a witness of love for God and God’s actions can be expressed through you. And through your expression, other people can seek out His actions, experience God, and they’ll be able to stand steady in whatever environment they find themselves in. Only bearing witness this way is genuinely bearing witness, and this is exactly what is required of you now.

What are you pursuing now? What you should be pursuing is whether you are capable of expressing the deeds of God, whether you can become an expression and a manifestation of God, and whether you are fit to be used by Him. How much work has God really done in you? How much have you seen, how much have you touched? How much have you experienced, and tasted? Whether God has tested you, dealt with you, or disciplined you—no matter what, His actions and His work have been carried out on you, but as a believer in God, as someone who is willing to pursue being perfected by Him, are you able to express God’s actions through your own practical experience? Can you live out God’s word through this? Are you able to provide for others through your own practical experience, and expend yourself for the sake of God’s work? In order to bear witness for God’s actions you must be able to express what His actions are, and this is done through your experience, knowledge, and the suffering you have endured. Are you someone who bears witness for God’s actions? Do you have this aspiration? If you are able to bear witness to His name, and even more, His actions, as well as live out the image that He requires of His people, then you are a witness for God. How do you actually bear witness for God? Seeking and longing to live out God’s word, bearing witness through your words, allowing people to know and to see His actions—if you truly seek all of this, God will perfect you.

from “Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If you want to do a good job in leading others and serving as God’s witnesses, most importantly, you must have a deeper understanding of God’s purpose in saving people and the purpose of His work. You must understand the will of God and His various requirements of people. You must be practical in your efforts; experience only as much as you understand and communicate only that which you know. Do not boast, do not exaggerate, and do not make irresponsible remarks. If you exaggerate, people will detest you and you will feel reproached afterward; this is just too inappropriate. When you provide the truth to others, you don’t necessarily have to be coercive in order for them to attain the truth. If you yourself don’t have the truth, yet you are coercive toward others, they will fear you. But that doesn’t mean they understand the truth. In some administrative work, it’s fine for you to deal with and prune others and discipline them to a certain degree. But if you cannot provide the truth and know only how to be overbearing and to chide others, your corruption and ugliness will be revealed. With the passage of time, as people are unable to obtain life or practical things from you, they will come to detest you, feel disgust for you. Those who lack discernment will learn negative things from you; they will learn to deal with and prune others, to get angry, to lose their temper. Isn’t that tantamount to sending others on the path of Paul, a path toward perdition? Is that not an evildoing? Your work should focus on communicating the truth and providing life to others. If all you do is blindly deal with and lecture others, how will they ever understand the truth? As time goes by, people will see you for who you really are, and they will abandon you. How can you expect to bring others before God in this way? How is this doing the work? You will bungle all of your assignments if you keep working in this way. Besides, if everyone is avoiding you, what work do you hope to accomplish anyway? In the past, some leaders behaved in exactly this way. They failed to perform positive and practical tasks; when the work arrangements came from the above, they failed to put them into good effect. They did not carry out specific tasks. All they did was communicate their letters and doctrines or blindly deal with and prune others. As a result, people came to fear them and avoid them. They made a mess of the work and then claimed they were just getting their bearings. In the end, they were eliminated, and sent home.

from “Providing the Truth Is the Real Way to Lead Others” in Records of Christ’s Talks

If you wish to serve God’s will, you must first understand what kind of people are beloved by God, what kind of people are loathed by God, what kind of people are made perfect by God, and what kind of people are qualified to serve God. This is the very least that you ought to be equipped with. Moreover, you should know the aims of God’s work, and the work that God shall do in the here and now. After understanding this, and through the guidance of God’s words, you will first enter, and first receive God’s commission. When you actually experience based upon God’s words, and when you truly know God’s work, you will be qualified to serve God. And it is when you serve Him that God enlightens your spiritual eyes, and allows you to have a greater understanding of His work and see it more clearly. When you enter this reality, your experiences will be more profound and real, and all those of you who have had such experiences will be able to walk among the churches and provide to your brothers and sisters, each side drawing on the strengths of the other to make up for your own deficiencies, and gaining a richer knowledge in your spirits. Only after achieving this effect will you be able to serve God’s will and be made perfect by God in the course of your service.

from “How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The people God uses appear from the outside to be irrational and seem to not have proper relationships with others, though they speak with propriety, don’t speak carelessly, and can always keep a quiet heart before God. But it is just this kind of person who is sufficient to be used by the Holy Spirit. This “irrational” person God speaks of looks like they don’t have proper relationships with others, and they don’t have outward love or superficial practices, but when they are communicating spiritual things they can open their heart and selflessly provide others with the illumination and enlightenment they have acquired from their actual experience before God. This is how they express their love for God and satisfy God’s will.

from “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh


a. The original text omits “the trial of.”

The Man’s Fellowship:

Exalting God and witnessing for God is the principle of all workers in doing their duties. And their purpose in working and serving God is to bring all those who believe in God to God, so that they can obey before God, practice according to God’s word, grasp and obey God’s will, and thus achieve the goal of living by God’s word. This is the true meaning of bringing people to God. Workers who lead the church must follow this principle in doing their work. This is the service that is in harmony with God’s will.

from the fellowship from the above

There is a standard in bringing people to God. People who believe in the practical God are only coming before God. It is not the same as being gained by God. When people have some understanding of God, when they have laid the foundation in the true way, and they can absolutely obey God and no longer leave God, it is when they are gained by God. If a worker who leads the church can bring the majority of people in the church to the point where they can obey God and will no longer leave God, this is bringing people to God. In fact, this standard is not too difficult to achieve. As long as leaders can absolutely obey the work arrangements of the above, and if they then can do their utmost to pursue the truth themselves, pay attention to the transformation of disposition and guide people with the truth according to God’s requirements, they can ultimately achieve this effect. Guiding people with the truth is doing the utmost to exalt God, to witness for God, guiding and supplying people with God’s word, so that they all know God and are gained by God. The effect of guiding people with the truth is to make them all know God in God’s word. To put it more clearly, it is to communicate God’s word more without talking about one’s own doctrines and to bring people to God by communicating God’s word. True service is so simple.

from the fellowship from the above

The true meaning of “bringing people to God” is to make people recognize that God is the God who dominates all and who saves mankind and that God deserves the obedience and worship of man, and to make them ultimately achieve true obedience to God and completely return to God. This is the true meaning of bringing people to God. Bringing people to God is the entrustment of God to those who serve Him. If all the work done by someone who serves God does not bring people to God, it means that he has only brought people into God’s name and God’s house, but he hasn’t made people achieve true understanding of God. Therefore, people have no true faith in God, and have no fear of God; they will ultimately betray and leave God. This is not bringing people to God.

from the fellowship from the above

A man who serves God must be someone who understands the truth and knows God, which is the most important thing. Because only such a person can bring people into God’s word and bring them into the truth. When someone who leads brings people into God’s word, they will know how to experience God’s word, understand the essence of God’s word, and understand God’s will. In God’s word, they can know what God has and is, and see God’s omnipotence and wisdom. This is really bringing people to God. Those who are being led say, “I have experienced God’s work and have real faith in God. I see that God’s deeds are so wonderful. I feel that the Holy Spirit’s work is all salvation and love for man.” Such a person has true faith in God. If God’s chosen people can achieve the effect of having true faith in God, it can be said that such leader serves in accordance with God’s will.

from the fellowship from the above

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