One Cannot Stand Firm Without the Realities of Truth

The Benefits for God’s Chosen People Gained from Discernment of False Leaders, Antichrists, and the Work of Evil Spirits

What do you think are the benefits for God’s chosen people of being able to discern false leaders and antichrists? What are the results we achieve by doing such work? This work is highly beneficial for God’s chosen people’s entry into life, but in what aspects? First, it allows you to learn the manifestations of someone without the work of the Holy Spirit, whether someone without the work of the Holy Spirit can gain the truth, whether someone without the work of the Holy Spirit can satisfactorily fulfill the duties of a creature of God, and whether someone without the work of the Holy Spirit can attain salvation. It also allows you to see the disposition of someone without the work of the Holy Spirit, why he lacks the work of the Holy Spirit, whether someone who does not pursue the truth has normal humanity, whether someone who does not pursue the truth can achieve change even after years of believing in God, and finally, it allows you to see whether someone who does not pursue the truth can attain salvation. It allows God’s chosen people to see that someone who does not pursue the truth will indeed be eliminated, that he is incapable of anything, never mind fulfilling his duties, that he lacks even normal humanity. This is the first benefit you gain from false leaders. Second, from antichrists, you will see that their humanity and disposition are bad, they do not accept the truth, make an enemy of truth, and finally become an enemy of truth, precisely what kind of ambition and disposition they have, what path they walk, what their final goal is, what they do in the church and among God’s chosen people, and whether the things they do are to fulfill their duties or carry out their personal schemes to gain status. You will see that a Satan, a devil in human skin, can enter the church, what paths he takes, what he pursues, and finally what disasters he brings to God’s chosen people. Once you gain penetration into these things, you will truly understand that the nature and essence of corrupt mankind is betrayal, and you will truly understand God’s word. You’ll say, “Corrupt humanity lacks even the slightest likeness of a man, the nature and essence of corrupt humanity is nothing but betrayal, that’s absolutely right. They know it is the truth, and dare to make an enemy of it, they dare to make an enemy of God’s work, they dare to tear down God’s work with their eyes wide open. They dare to scatter God’s chosen people, vainly try to abolish God’s work, and then try to take absolute power, establish their own kingdom, make people believe in them, and treat them as God.” Are these not the attempts of an antichrist? Then what do you see in the antichrist? An antichrist is simply the embodiment of Satan, the same kind of devil as the great red dragon, and he should be expelled and cursed. This is discernment! When false leaders and antichrists hold power in the church, Satan holds power in the church. They represent Satan and hold power in its stead, so they are Satan’s influence, and if God’s chosen people are controlled by Satan’s influence, can they gain the truth? Can they gain entry into realities? Can they attain salvation from God? So, finally, they show you whether the rule of antichrists and false leaders is the rule of Satan, what results occur for God’s chosen people under the rule of Satan, and what the final end will be for God’s chosen people if they follow false leaders and antichrists. You see all of that clearly, and afterward you know what path you should follow in your belief in God, and how to follow and obey God. Once you clearly understand these aspects of truth, you gain entry into realities, but without this understanding, you will never gain entry into realities. All previous talk of God’s word may be empty, but after this, you should know exactly what Satan’s influence, entry into realities, and entering onto the right track of belief in God refer to. Now when you read God’s word, you will have a path, you will know what God’s word refers to, and know how you should practice. Without the service of these false leaders, false workers, and antichrists, would you be able to receive such enlightenment from the Holy Spirit and be able to understand these truths? So, God maneuvers the service of all things to perfect His chosen people. What does the great red dragon’s oppression and persecution provide for God’s chosen people? Without the great red dragon’s persecution, would you know its darkness? Would you know the great red dragon is evil? Would you know that the great red dragon is the devil Satan? You wouldn’t know. God’s maneuver of the great red dragon’s service is very beneficial to God’s chosen people, because it allows them to clearly see the face of Satan, and to clearly recognize the nature and essence of Satan. It also keeps the cowardly outside the church. Those who hear about the great red dragon’s oppression and persecution and are too afraid to believe, and those who recognize the true way but are too cowardly to believe, are kept outside the doors of the church, which fulfills God’s words, “The cowardly shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” So, by maneuvering the service of the great red dragon, God benefits His chosen people’s entry into life. In what aspects does the work of all kinds of evil spirits benefit God’s chosen people? In the past, when the Holy Spirit worked, people felt enjoyment, but many lacked discernment, and without realizing it, they began to treat the work of evil spirits as the work of the Holy Spirit. But through fellowship with people who understand the truth, they develop discernment, and learn to see that the work of evil spirits brings people darkness, misery, and bondage. The more evil spirits work, the further they are from God and the more misery they feel, as if they were in hell. Once deceived by evil spirits, all past truth evaporates. Evil spirits can really corrupt people and sweep away all truth and faith they originally possessed, so the more they work, the more misery people feel, and the further they are from God. The more the darkness inside them grows, the less of the truth they understand, until they become absurd, ridiculous, and foolish in their actions. But now you are able to discern that evil spirits serve as a foil. They make you understand that only God’s Spirit is holiness, righteousness, and love. When people receive the work of the Holy Spirit, they feel enjoyment, joy, peace, happiness, freedom, and release, but evil spirits only bind man, they only make man feel torment and bondage, they don’t allow man to feel free at all. With the work of evil spirits as a foil, people truly understand that God is lovable, and that they should pursue the truth and receive the work of the Holy Spirit, which is true joy. Without the work of evil spirits, would we have this discernment? Who do evil spirits represent? They represent Satan. Evil spirits of all stripes share Satan’s nature, and they are the same substance, birds of a feather. Of all the varieties of evil spirits, none testify God, none have a heart that fears God, and none truly believe in God. The service of evil spirits is to teach us discernment, but also to make us feel that the work of the Holy Spirit is lovable, that all the work of the Holy Spirit is to perfect man, while all the work of evil spirits is to corrupt man. The work of the Holy Spirit brings man freedom, release, and enjoyment. The work of evil spirits brings man bondage, torment, and no enjoyment at all. What benefit does the service of false leaders and antichrists bring us? It allows us to see that the rule of corrupt mankind is the rule of Satan, that it is no different than the rule of devil, and that if corrupt mankind does not attain salvation and become perfected, they are unfit to rule.

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