The Relationship Between the Change of Man’s Viewpoints on Things and the Transformation of His Life Disposition

When someone is said to have the truth, what does it refer to? Mainly it refers to, in one respect, the fact that he has true faith in God, and in another respect, the fact that he has true knowledge of God. This is a person who has the truth. Only someone who knows God is a person who genuinely possesses the truth. What are the expressions of someone who possesses the truth? First of all, we can see that there is a true change in his viewpoints on things, and that his outlook on life and his values have completely been transformed. When a person has gained the truth, a fundamental change will take place in his viewpoints on things, and afterward, a gradual transformation will occur in his life disposition. These are the results a person can achieve by understanding the truth. What is the significance of the change occurring in a person’s viewpoints on things? What is the relationship between the change of a person’s viewpoints on things and the transformation of his life disposition? It is important to understand this, and people must be clear about it. There are many people discussing what actually is the transformation of a person’s life disposition, and from what aspects you can see the transformations of his life disposition. In the following discussion, we will fellowship about this question.

The first result a person gets through understanding the truth is that his viewpoints on things changes. When a complete change has taken place in a person’s viewpoints on things, when his viewpoints on things are in total accord with the truth and with the will of God, then he will have had new life and the word of God will have become his life. When God’s word has truly taken root in a person’s heart and become his life, a transformation will begin to take place in his life disposition. This transformation isn’t something that happens right away when he understands a little bit of the truth, but is something that requires some time to happen. We can see that after understanding the truth, people will change in their viewpoints on things, and after the change, people will begin to change in their preferences, pursuits, the things they love, and the things they hate. Perhaps, because you understand the truth now, you don’t like something that you used to anymore; perhaps you don’t loathe and detest something that you used to anymore now that you understand the truth. So, people’s preferences, likes, and pursuits all change with the change of their viewpoints on things. However, the speed of the change is not very fast. It is not that if your viewpoints on things change today, your preferences, likes and dislikes, and pursuit will change all at once. This change requires some time to happen, and it may take one, two, three, or five years. The change of a person’s viewpoints on things occurs little by little. When a complete change has occurred in a person’s preferences, likes, dislikes, and pursuit, that is, in his outlook on life and his values, only then will a person’s life disposition begin to change. This is absolutely right. … There are some people who say, “There has already been a change in my viewpoints on things, but why hasn’t there been any change in my life disposition?” There is a problem in the change of your viewpoints on things, which is that there are some things you don’t truly know from deep within your own heart. Rather, you merely have a different knowledge of them in doctrine, and your notions about them have changed first; you have first accepted the doctrine of the truth. You may understand the doctrine of the truth more quickly, but your thinking and the things in the depth of your heart have still not been transformed. You tell me, if a person can admit doctrinally that his viewpoints on things have changed, but deep in his heart, his viewpoints still have not changed and he still relies on old things to live, does this count as having a change in his viewpoints on things? It doesn’t. Therefore, when a person understands some doctrines, his viewpoints on things seem to have changed doctrinally, but in his thinking and deep in his heart and his bones, his viewpoints on things haven’t actually changed, and he still holds the things from the old Satan. This is not having a fundamental change in his viewpoints on things. This is merely having accepted certain correct viewpoints doctrinally, but it is not at all seeing through those things, deep in his heart, nor is it having a transformation in his outlook on life and his values deep within his heart. We should have discernment of this kind of change. There are essential differences between understanding the truth and understanding doctrines. There are some people who can talk about doctrines, and to people with no discrimination, it seems that they quite understand the truth, based on what the doctrines they talk about. So they think that they have understood the truth when what they have actually understood are doctrines. They can speak about doctrines, but they do not actually understand the truth. People cannot discern this kind of condition. There are some people who can speak about doctrines, and from the outside, it seems like their viewpoints on things have changed. In fact, there are still those old things hidden deep within their hearts, and people must be able to distinguish this kind of condition. For example, if you ask, “Is the world actually one of darkness or light?” theoretically, most people would say that the world is one of darkness. But when you ask them, “Why do you say the world is one of darkness? In what respects do you see it to be a world of darkness? Can you explain the facts about this? Do you have a basis for saying this?” they would be unable to tell you clearly. When you ask them to tell you their basis for this statement, they would not be able to say what it is. People like this can also say that the world is one of darkness, but do you think this is their true knowledge of it? No, they don’t have true knowledge of the world, though doctrinally they can say something which shows that they seem to have understood the truth. This kind of person is only able to parrot words, but can any change take place in their life disposition? No, it can’t. So, truly understanding the truth and understanding doctrines are two separate things, and people must be able to distinguish them. If you understand the truth, your knowledge of things in the depths of your heart accords with the truth, and no one can change it. If a person understands doctrines, he’s just someone who will talk boastfully. After he’s done talking, those old things are still in his heart, and when he is faced with anything he still acts in the old way. This kind of person will never have reality. People who understand the truth have a path they have chosen for themselves in their heart. When you let them choose a path, they will certainly choose as their bounden duty to serve God, and to expend themselves for the sake of God. If you let those people who understand doctrines expend themselves for the sake of God and do their duty, they will be incapable of doing this. If you ask them to practice this they will be unable to practice. Can these people be counted as people who understand the truth? No, they can’t. That is why it is not enough for people to understand doctrines. People who understand doctrines don’t have reality, but people who truly understand the truth have reality and act by it. Is it clear where people’s mistaken viewpoints on things come from? They are produced by people’s nature. Within people there is the nature of Satan, which is composed of the poisons of Satan. The various kinds of poisons of Satan are Satan’s knowledge, philosophy, logic, and principles, and within people these things have become people’s nature of resisting and rebelling against God. As people have the nature of Satan, they can have mistaken viewpoints on things. Each mistaken viewpoint they have represents a poison of Satan within them, and there are some views which are themselves the poisons of Satan. They often spread among people. Take for example the saying “People die for money, birds die for food,” which is a human view and is the poison of Satan. There is also the saying “Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost,” and this is also a view humans have. This too is the poison of Satan, and is Satan’s rule for life and is its philosophy. So where do all of people’s viewpoints on things come from? Corrupted humanity’s viewpoints on things all have their origins in Satan, and they are produced from Satan’s poisons which are deep-rooted within their hearts. This is not mistaken at all. The number of the satanic viewpoints a person has reveals the exact number of the poisons of Satan that person has within him. Every viewpoint a person has which belongs to Satan is the poison of Satan, and is the expression of his corrupt satanic disposition. It is the viewpoint of Satan, and it comes from Satan. All the viewpoints and poisons of Satan that are within people are produced by the instruction, infection, and inculcation of Satan. So the more books a person reads, and the more a person is infected by Satan, the more poisons of Satan that person has within him. As you see, the more education a person receives, the more theories of Satan he has within him. If someone has received twenty years of education and you speak with him, when you pay attention, you will find that the so-called profound philosophies and theories in his words are all poisons of Satan, and that the more you talk with him, the more he will spew such poisons. If you talk about something practical with him, then you can’t hear how many poisons of Satan are in his words, but if you discuss with him something deeply, then you’ll discover the satanic philosophies, views, and rules as well as the satanic atheism and materialism that are inside him, and you can see that all those things within him are the poisons of Satan and are fallacious reasoning and heresies. It can be said that today, the thoughts and viewpoints of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world, and maybe even all the institutions of higher learning in the world, are all atheistic. Even all religions are the same as they; no matter whether it is Buddhism or Taoism or any other religion, their viewpoints are fundamentally atheistic. There are people who say, “Don’t they believe in God too?” They do not believe in the true God, and what they believe in is themselves. People who follow Buddhism just have faith in themselves, and they wish by practicing Buddhism they would become Buddhas, or become gods, so if that isn’t believing in themselves then who is it that they believe in? So if you have not seen through the essence of every religion, and you think that people in religions all believe in God, then this kind of knowledge is mistaken. Actually, they all believe in themselves, and they all want to become gods. Fundamentally, their theories are all based in atheism, and are all theories that deny God, and are all theories that resist and blaspheme God. Since the entire world is filled with atheistic views, atheistic poisons, and heresies and false theories of atheism, then isn’t it that the more a person accepts education in this world, the more poisons of Satan he will have inside him? Naturally it is. So how can a person actually succeed in achieving the change of those false views inside him that originate in Satan? Do you know by what means you can achieve that change? We have experienced years of God’s work, and have understood some truths, so we have seen clearly the darkness and evil of this world. We have also come to know the erroneous and absurd viewpoints that corrupt mankind possesses. If God had not come to work and we had not received God’s word, then we would still be deceived, corrupted, and fettered by Satan. This is a fact. Today as we have come before God to receive the judgment and chastisement of God, and to receive the watering and the feeding of the word of God, we have come to understand the truth little by little, our spirits have been awakened, and we have begun to gain true knowledge of God, with the result that we have discovered that we have been corrupted by Satan to such an extent that we don’t have a shred of normal humanity. Why do people not have any normal humanity? What is the source? The source is Satan’s corruption. It is through the several thousand years of its corruption, instillation, infection, deception, and brainwashing that Satan has corrupted humanity more and more into denying God, into resisting God, and into believing in materialism. This is a fact.

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