Chapter 100. Knowing Dispositions Is the Basis for Changing Dispositions

In pursuit of life entry, one must examine one’s own words and deeds, thoughts and ideas with every matter encountered in one’s everyday life, and grasp one’s own states; following that, one must check them against the truth, seek the truth, and enter the reality of the truths one understands. During the course of entering the reality of the truth, one must grasp one’s own states, and come frequently before God to pray to Him and beseech Him. One must also fellowship often with brothers and sisters with an open heart, seek the path of entry into the reality of the truth, and seek the principles of the truth. Ultimately, one will come to know what dispositions one reveals in everyday life, whether or not God takes joy in them, whether or not the path one practices is accurate, whether or not one has checked the states found within oneself through self-examination against God’s words, whether or not they checked them accurately, whether or not they accord with God’s words, and whether or not one has truly made an achievement and made a positive entry regarding the states which accord with God’s words. When you frequently live within these circumstances, gradually, you will come to have a basic comprehension toward some truths and toward your practical states. …

… What is dispositional change? Dispositional change is not a transformation in personalities, it is not a change of preferences, and it is not a change of ideals. To have a dispositional change, one must first understand what man’s dispositions are. Say you do something, and within you there is some intention. And when this intention is revealed, what is it that is in control? Firstly, it is certainly not your personality that is in control, nor is it your family background, much less some third party. Your intentions are most certainly under the control of your dispositions, so first of all you must examine yourself to find out which disposition you are under the control of. Is it arrogance? Wickedness? Fiendishness? Hardness? Understand first what disposition it is and, after you have understood it, examine yourself further to discover what states this disposition will cause. Say, for example, it is deceit. How is someone being deceitful revealed? How come they can express this kind of disposition? What is the root of this disposition? People’s deceit all arises from personal interests. This issue has now come straight up against personal interests. You don’t want to relinquish your own interests, and so you engage in deceit, and your deceitful disposition is thus revealed. How is this problem resolved? First you must relinquish your own interests. It is hard for people to relinquish their interests. People’s interests are their life, and making people relinquish them is tantamount to making them give up their lives. So what should you do? You must learn to forsake, to suffer and to endure the pain of parting with the interests you love. After you have endured the pain and relinquished some of them, you then feel a little relieved and a little freer, and in this way you will overcome. But if you cling to your interests and do not relinquish them, and you say, “I’ve been deceitful and God has not punished me, so what can people do to me? I won’t relinquish anything!” When you don’t relinquish anything, no one else loses out—it is you yourself who loses out. When you recognize your own corrupt dispositions, this is in fact an opportunity for you to change, to enter and to progress; it is an opportunity for you to come before God and accept His scrutiny, His judgment and chastisement, and it is an opportunity for you to attain salvation. …

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