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Choosing the Right Leaders Is Very Important to God’s Chosen People in Entering the Right Track to Believing in God

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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Choosing the Right Leaders Is Very Important to God’s Chosen People in Entering the Right Track to Believing in God

We should be clear: God’s work of the last days is the work of saving and perfecting mankind. It is completely the work of leading mankind into the truth. If people who serve God don’t know how to cooperate with God’s work, they will not be able to carry out God’s will and will only disturb and disrupt God’s work. What God’s work of saving and perfecting mankind needs the most is to first cultivate and train a group of high-caliber people who are smart, competent, and conform with God’s intentions to lead God’s chosen people into the truth. If the main leaders of God’s house are not high-caliber, smart and competent people, then this will delay God’s chosen people from entering the truth and prevent God’s work of saving mankind from achieving anticipated results. We can already see now that God’s chosen people are slow in entering the truth and their life dispositions have not changed, and the majority of them even have notions toward God’s work that have long remained unresolved. How could people with such stature stand firm in the face of major trials? Without question, this is because the truth entry of leaders and workers at all levels of the church is too shallow, their statures are too small, and they cannot bear the heavy responsibility, so they are not yet suited to being used by God. This shows that choosing the right members for pastoral decision-making groups and district decision-making groups is extremely important! If an area does not have a good pastoral decision-making group and district decision-making groups, then God’s chosen people there cannot enter the right track to believing in God. This is a fact no one can deny.

As people were not mature enough in the past, when it comes to forming pastoral and district decision-making groups, the members chosen were mostly of ordinary caliber, shallow experiences, and not yet possessing the truth, so their work did not achieve results and held up God’s chosen people. Selecting appropriate members for pastoral decision-making groups and district decision-making groups affects whether God’s chosen people can enter the right track of belief in God. Choosing the wrong members for pastoral and district decision-making groups affects the truth entry of all of God’s chosen people in the entire area. Members of pastoral decision-making groups and district decision-making groups must be people worth cultivating, people who are smart and competent. Only such people can enter the truth as soon as possible and do the work of God’s house well. If they don’t have the makings of a steersman who is smart and competent, then they cannot be a member of a pastoral decision-making group. People who can steer the work mainly need to be smart and competent, understand the truth quickly, have a sense of justice, and be appealing. When people who have these qualities are cultivated and trained for a few years and understand the truths they ought to possess, they are then suited to be used by God. Now some members of pastoral and district decision-making groups are only of ordinary caliber and don’t have what it takes to steer the work. Such people are not suited to being pastoral or district decision-making group members and can only play supporting roles. This is because if a person’s caliber is ordinary and they don’t have natural organizational and leadership abilities, they cannot become a useful person no matter how much they are cultivated. Whether one can become a useful person depends on their natural-born caliber first and cultivation second. Can you not see this clearly? Even training guard dogs requires choosing the better among the good, so how can it be anything less than cultivating and choosing pastoral and district decision-making group members? This is cultivating people who can steer the work and carry out God’s will. Only those who possess such caliber can, after being enlightened by the Holy Spirit and cultivated and guided by others, work independently following just one or two years. People whose calibers are ordinary cannot steer the work no matter how much they pursue the truth or are guided by others. This means that a person’s natural-born caliber is the most important factor. People who God wants to perfect must first have good caliber, because if their caliber is ordinary, they will never be able to enter very deep truths. A person’s caliber can determine the depth of their entry into the truth and whether they can gain the truth. Therefore, caliber is number one when it comes to cultivating people. In particular, caliber becomes even more important when cultivating people who can steer the work. Accordingly, God’s house must choose people of the highest caliber when selecting members of pastoral decision-making groups and district decision-making groups. Having good caliber is the number-one factor, followed by having a sense of justice and pursuing the truth. As for leadership and appeal, these things are included in being of good caliber. Having good caliber mainly refers to being able to react quickly, understand the truth quickly, and having leadership abilities and appeal. These are things covered by having good caliber. Having good humanity mainly refers to having a sense of justice, liking positive things, loving the truth, being willing to do good deeds, and being kind-hearted. These are the attributes of having good humanity. Special talents, that is, talents who can steer the work, must meet these two conditions. If one is merely ordinary when it comes to these two conditions, then they can only be cultivated to become a worker or grassroots church leader. Only those who stand out in meeting these two conditions can be cultivated to become a member of pastoral decision-making groups or district decision-making groups. If one’s caliber is ordinary, no matter how much they are guided, they won’t be able to manage or steer the work on their own. As the work of God’s house is the work of leading people into the truth and directly involves changing their disposition, and as each person’s experiences, environments and background are different, only those whose understanding of the truth is especially clear can discern among them properly and use the truth to resolve problems. On the other hand, it is very difficult for people of ordinary caliber to gain a clear understanding of the truth, let alone be able to use the truth and grasp principles. Therefore, it is not easy for people of ordinary caliber to see through things, and they only work by following rules. How could such people steer the work? People who can truly steer the work are somewhat able to see through the truth just from the outside, and can observe somewhat clearly without personally being in the situation. This is what “recognize the whole through observation of the part” means. It is easy for people of poor caliber to be fooled and tricked by Satan. It will be very difficult for them to handle if there really are antichrists with all kinds of cunning schemes causing disturbances in the church. So how could they possibly defeat Satan and do a good job of protecting God’s chosen people? The truth entry of most leaders and workers now is relatively poor, and all of them have difficulties in perceiving people. This is related to their caliber and experience. Of course, high-caliber people improve quickly, while it is very difficult for low-caliber people to achieve God’s requirements. God’s house uses people based on their abilities and isn’t biased toward anyone. High-caliber people can surely see through others. The more one can see through others, the better their caliber. Of course, no one can guarantee that their perceptions of people will be 100% suitable. One normally only needs to come into contact with people for a year or two to be able to see through them. If a person cannot see through another after being in contact for a year or two, then it proves that the person’s caliber is too poor. If one is high-caliber person, at least two out of three people whom they select will be suitable. Even if the experiences of a person of good caliber is shallow, they are still able to see through 80%-90% of another person. Of course, even a high-caliber person will not be able to select suitable people 100% of the time. If one wrong person or antichrist is able to grasp power in the church, who knows how many of God’s chosen people will be ruined by their hand. Do you see just how serious this problem is? If a person of ordinary caliber steers the work in God’s house, it will be very easy for false Christs and antichrists to subvert and undermine them. How big a calamity will this bring to God’s chosen people? Have a good think about this problem! How can someone be a member of a pastoral decision-making group if they don’t know how to discern and select the right people? A pastoral decision-making group member must be someone who can steer the work and who at least knows how to select and use people correctly and without error. If such a person can then possess the truth and they are able to take down antichrists and resolve the work of various evil spirits, only then can it be guaranteed that God’s chosen people can enter the right track of believing in God and be saved. Those who cannot steer the work cannot achieve such results with their work. People of ordinary caliber won’t do, no matter how they are cultivated. This is because people can only be guided into the truth when problems are resolved with the truth. How can people who only follow rules possibly resolve problems? From now on, all members of pastoral decision-making groups must accept pruning and dealing and face some bitter trials. You must learn to be considerate to God’s intentions. Don’t be passive and weak, because God only disciplines those He loves. You must know to repay God for His love, work hard to fulfill God’s entrustment, and be truly able to obey God’s manipulation and arrangements. This is what God expects of us.

August 28, 2007

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