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Problems in Cleansing the Church That Require Attention

Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

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Problems in Cleansing the Church That Require Attention

The church is a collective unit of believers pursuing the truth to be saved by God. It is also a place where the Holy Spirit works. There must therefore be normal order and administrative management principles to ensure that God’s chosen people can eat and drink God’s words, enter the reality of God’s words, gain the truth, and be made complete by God without hindrance. If the church tolerates Satan’s disruption and destruction, and allows demons to run rampant in it, God’s chosen people will be disturbed and deceived and it will be hard for them to enter onto the right track to believing in God. The work of God will hence be left unfinished, and we who serve God will have committed an unforgivable sin! We would be wronging both God and God’s chosen people. Accordingly, all those who serve God should be mindful of God’s intentions. We must not let Satan continue to disrupt and destroy the work of God’s house or let all sorts of evil spirits and antichrists continue to deceive God’s chosen people. We must thoroughly cleanse the church of such satanic types. This is an obligatory responsibility of all people who serve God.

Cleansing the church must be done in accordance with regulations relating to expelling and removing people from God’s house. No matter who it is, if they fall under the regulations of God’s house, they should be removed and expelled. Reasons not covered by the removal and expulsion regulations of God’s house cannot be used as an excuse to remove and expel people. As God’s disposition toward everyone is righteous, God only shows mercy to, and bestows a wonderful destination upon, those sufficiently equipped with good deeds. Those who don’t do good deeds, but have instead committed too many sins, must be removed or expelled. Only this conforms to God’s intentions. We must be especially careful in expelling and removing people from the church, and must not make mistakes by wrongly accusing innocent people. When expelling and removing people from the church, there are four situations in which the church may give a person a second chance and cancel the expulsion:

1. When expelling or removing people, the church may decide to cancel someone’s expulsion if that person has accumulated a lot of good deeds or made significant contributions to God’s house in the past, such as having given many offerings, hosted people for long periods, and undertaken a dangerous job over a long period of time.

2. When expelling or removing people, the church may decide to cancel someone’s expulsion in case that a person has a relatively good humanity; though they have committed some transgressions, they have also done work that benefitted God’s house, and their transgressions are regarded completely as normal revelations of mankind’s corrupt disposition; after being pruned and dealt with, they have changed and genuinely repented, and the majority of people all think that this person has hope of being saved.

3. When expelling or removing people, the church may decide to give a person another chance and scrap their expulsion if they can at least do service for God’s house or do some work that benefits God’s house. This may include the duty of hosting people or some other special duties.

4. When expelling or removing people, the church may decide to keep a person in God’s house if that person doesn’t pursue the truth but has a relatively good humanity, never disrupts the work of God’s house, and is willing to help and do service when God’s house has something that needs to be done. Such a person can remain in God’s house because they are also regarded as a good person who benefits God’s house and brings no harm to it.

People who fall into the above four categories should be given a chance to repent and be observed to see how they behave in the future.

The personal details of people who have been removed or expelled from the church must be saved in church records. This information should include their name, age, height, the characteristics of their nature, and the reason for, and time of, their expulsion. These things need to be recorded clearly to prevent expelled or removed members from sneaking into churches in other places after the civil unrest begins. All local churches also have to submit their information on all removed and expelled people to the above for statistical classification purposes. Wrongful expulsions must be corrected and investigated to guarantee full accountability.

January 8, 2006

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