1038 The Four Conditions of God’s Perfection of Man

1 There are four basic conditions to people’s acceptance of God’s judgment and chastisement and attainment of being made perfect: performing your duty to an acceptable standard, having an attitude of obedience, basically being honest, and having a heart that is repentant. When these four conditions are fulfilled, God begins the work of judgment and chastisement in people. Before carrying out the work of judgment and chastisement in people, God will measure them—and how does He measure them? God has several standards. First, He looks at what people’s attitude toward the commission He has given them is, whether they are capable of loyalty, and whether they can give all their heart and strength. In sum, He looks at whether you are capable of performing your duty to an acceptable standard. This is number one.

2 Second, you must possess an attitude of obedience unto God. Before you can achieve complete obedience, you must have an attitude of obedience. In your approach to the commissions God gives you, you must—in addition to approaching them with conscience and rationality—also be able to seek the truth, to understand God’s will, and you must be capable of an attitude of obedience irrespective of what kind of environment you are in, regardless of the events that befall you. Which is to say, you accept that God’s words are right, you take God’s words as the truth, you take God’s words as the principle of your practice, and even if you have a poor grasp of the principle, you can abide by it as if clinging to doctrine. This is a kind of attitude.

3 Once you possess an attitude of obedience, further changes in your words, conduct and behavior will soon follow. And what will these changes be? God will consider you to be basically honest. Less of your words and conduct will involve deliberate lies; 80% of what you say will be true. Sometimes, because of bad habits, or the environment you are in, or certain other reasons, you will accidentally tell a lie, and you will feel bad inside, and then you will repent and confess before God, and when such things happen to you again, they won’t be as bad, your state will get better and better, and God will look upon you as basically honest.

4 God requires that people have a heart of repentance. At every stage—whether it is when God disciplines or chastens you, or when He reminds and exhorts you—if, when a conflict occurs between you and God, you continue to cling to your own ideas and viewpoints, and there is no rectification of your misunderstandings, blame, and disobedience toward God—if you do not turn yourself around—then God will remember you. You must turn yourself around and put aside your ideas and intentions. When you have such a heart, then this will naturally also be an attitude of obedience. That you are able to turn yourself around proves your recognition of the identity of the Creator, your recognition of His substance. God considers this especially important.

5 When you do not live by your own feelings, when you do not live by your life philosophies, but live by the words spoken by God, by the principles given to you by God, by the duty given to you by God, and the path of practice, the path you should walk, told to you by God, irrespective of how God treats you or whether God heeds you, doing what you ought to do, then God shall recognize you. Once you have fulfilled these things—once you have your recognition of the identity of the Creator, your responsible attitude toward your own duty, and an attitude of being able to turn yourself around in how you approach the truth—God shall carry out the work of judgment and chastisement in you, and it is from here that your salvation begins.

Adapted from “Only When You Sort Out Your Conceptions Can You Enter Onto the Right Track of the Belief in God III” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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