215 I Should Be Considerate of God’s Heart

1 I am blessed to hear God’s voice and be brought before Him. Eating and drinking God’s words, I’ve attended the Lamb’s wedding banquet and seen God’s appearance. Undergoing God’s judgment and cleansing is truly to be exalted by God. How could I, so corrupt, deserve to see His face? With God’s salvation before me, I’m in tears. If I cannot repay His love then I will be too ashamed to look upon Him. If I truly have conscience and sense, why then can’t I be considerate of God’s will? Instead, I am greedy for physical pleasures and I live under the influence of darkness.

2 I am often troubled by failing to fulfill my duty well. My satanic dispositions are so deeply rooted and are truly hard to cast off. Having no truth but still arrogant, I’m so lacking in reason. I eagerly await more severe judgment so I may change quickly. Seeing God’s anxiousness, I wish to strive even harder. All refinements are worth it to gain the truth. Only thanks to His pruning and dealing do I live out a bit of human likeness. Through experience, I know that God’s judgment and chastisement are His blessings.

3 God has paid an immeasurable price to save us: judgment and trials, so many people, events, and things doing service. For such corrupted people to attain salvation is no easy feat. Thanks be to God for His judgment and chastisement; I’ve gained new life. This great blessing has come upon me, how could I not weep tears of gratitude? Enjoying all of God’s love, how could I carry on living for myself? I should glorify and bear witness to God in this life, and only then shall my heart be soothed. I will seek to gain the truth with all my strength and become one who loves God. I will live out the spirit of a modern-day Peter and glow with radiance. My heart rejoices in satisfying God’s heart and I live out a genuine life.

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