Reasons for Disorder in the Church and How to Truly Cooperate With God’s Work Amidst Disorder in the Church

How to Truly Cooperate With God’s Work Amidst Disorder in the Church

Some people see the current disorder in the church and become negative, with some even losing faith in God’s work, saying, “With the church in such deep disorder, how can we ever save it? Why doesn’t the above deal with it? Is this how we should be experiencing God’s work? How are we to believe in God? How are we to hold meetings? How are we to have our church life? How are we to fulfill our duties?” These questions make them negative. Is it right to become negative? Without the truth, one reacts by becoming negative. Without understanding of God’s work, one reacts by becoming negative. In the concluding steps of God’s work, God needs to reveal all kinds of unbelievers and evildoers, as well as false leaders and antichrists. Once revealed, will such people refrain from committing wicked deeds? Of course they won’t, and because they do wicked deeds, the church is in disorder, but the disorder reveals them. What should God’s chosen people focus on amidst the disorder? Anyone who pursues the truth should ask the question: Why is this disorder happening? Who created it? What is the root of it? Who among us is doing this? There is no disorder in God’s work, and no disorder in the work of those who have the truth, so this disorder must originate with the disturbance of Satan, devils, and evildoers, but who are the evildoers? Who are the devils? Who is Satan? God’s chosen people are all discussing this question, and this is the first lesson to learn from this disorder. God’s chosen people are all standing by and watching. What is this? In common parlance, this is “watching the drama unfold.” But as people watch drama, what are they focused on? They should focus on who on the stage is the protagonist, the antagonist, and the clown, who performs the evil roles, and who performs the treacherous roles. They are focused on which characters represent the positive and negative sides; this is what people watch in drama. Some people suddenly notice in someone who they have known for years, “This is an evildoer! I never noticed before, but now he’s finally going public with it. The fox’s tail is finally showing.” Others might see, “This person is a false leader. Without truth, he is absurd. Blatantly he argues only for himself, twists God’s word, and twists the truth.” Others still might see, “This person is an evil spirit.” And still others will say, “This person doesn’t believe in God at all, he is an unbeliever.” Just like blind men feeling an elephant, they each see a tiny portion. But those with genuine understanding of the truth can see every kind of character in the drama clearly for what they are. Such people are highly accomplished, and genuinely understand the truth. They don’t see things like a blind man feeling an elephant, they don’t see from one angle, they don’t see only one type of character, they see every type of character, as well as each type of character’s nature, essence, and true face. So, isn’t this time of disorder a wonderful opportunity to reveal every kind of man? Can you see clearly now? What was written in the work arrangements from the above? “How to Treat and Resolve the Disorder Appearing in Churches Everywhere” was written to teach you how to watch the drama unfold. Once you’ve seen enough, and once these characters have performed their roles, someone needs to step forward and resolve the problem. So, do you think the drama being performed in every region is just about finished? All kinds of people have been exposed, the performance is almost over, and it’s time to break down the set. So, once you’ve finished watching the drama, and everyone comes together to comment, fellowship, and discuss, you’ll have things to talk about, won’t you? Everyone should fellowship about what they’ve seen, discerned, and come to understand, and then those with the truth and without will be revealed. Isn’t God’s work practical? Just a simple election can reveal all types of people who can then be sorted according to their kind. In the matter of church elections, are there any who remain hidden and still? Everyone goes into action. Everyone comes out in full strength. The positive characters, those who sincerely believe in God and pursue the truth, come out, and evildoers, especially those who love making trouble, make the most noise and perform with the most energy. Now can you see clearly how each type of person performs? You need to be able to see clearly how antichrists perform, how false leaders perform, how evildoers perform, and how those who make trouble perform. Look clearly at each of their performance methods, and you’ll have full penetration into each type of person. Isn’t watching dramas a good thing? Why is it good? Because it helps us understand and gain the truth. Also, by gaining penetration into these types of people, we come to understand what stage God’s work is at now, which step it has proceeded to, and what God is working on. Now you understand, right? Now is when God reveals men and sorts them according to their kind, and when all the prophecies made by the Lord Jesus in the Age of Grace come to pass through God’s work in the last days. Which is to say that Almighty God who works in the last days is the returned Lord Jesus. This is excellent proof, solid testimony, and any who can’t see it are blind. The sermons and fellowship sent down by the above are to allow all of God’s chosen to discern these types of people, and ultimately to clean out and eliminate every type of evildoer from the church. Once the work of the church election concludes, the church’s work will begin to enter onto the right track, and immediately following that, after we expel and eliminate all the evildoers, the work of God’s house will conclude, and the great disaster will begin, amidst which God’s chosen will begin to be perfected. These are the steps of God’s work.

How to Understand the Work of the Man Used by the Holy Spirit

I ask you, is rooting these evildoers out of God’s house and handing them over to the church to deal with injuring people? No, it is not. This is the work of the church. The work of the church is precisely this, which is also an effect required in the experience of God’s work. This is the final truth God’s chosen people must practice and duty they must fulfill as they experience God’s work. We could say it is the arrangements in God’s work for every type of man’s final end, and it is entirely right to say so. This is how God’s work is accomplished, and this is how the church deals with evildoers. This is clearly pointed out in God’s word, and the above’s work arrangements are made based on this and the current stage of the Holy Spirit’s work. If anyone calls this injuring others, then we are injuring evildoers. Not good people, but those evildoers who refuse to repent. One could say we are not injuring people, we are injuring and punishing devils. Don’t say we are injuring men. Injuring men is not what we are doing. True men are God’s chosen people, and they cannot be injured. Those who we will injure and punish are Satan and devils, and this is natural, right, and what we are duty-bound to do. If a church injures a devil, is it injuring a man or punishing a demon? If a group of people injure and punish a good man, that is injuring and punishing a man. Punishing evildoers is not punishing men, it is punishing demons. Punishing men is not allowed, but punishing demons and devils is natural and right. This is how we should understand God’s word. When God’s chosen people punish evildoers, how does Satan argue its case? It uses positive words to twist the facts, saying, “You are injuring a man, which goes against God’s word! God wants man to repent and you should act out of love!” How should God’s chosen answer? “Yes, and we should act out of love toward God’s chosen people. When God’s chosen make mistakes or expose corruption, we lovingly support, supply, and help them, but for incorrigible devils, we expose, attack, and sanction them, which is only natural and right.” Isn’t this the proper rebuke for evildoers? It is. This is what it means to have the truth, uphold principle, uphold justice, and strike back at Satan. What do you think of the work of the above? Doesn’t it protect truth and justice? Isn’t it in accord with God’s word? It is in accord with God’s word, as well as the real work of the Holy Spirit. One could say this is, in fact, the real work of the Holy Spirit, that this is the enlightenment, illumination, and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and that this is the work God’s chosen ought to be doing. As God’s work concludes, God’s chosen must learn to discern every type of man, whether they are true believers in God, God’s chosen, and those preordained by God who should be treated with love, or whether they are evildoers, servants of Satan, and antichrists who should be discerned, exposed, attacked, condemned, and expelled. We may not condemn the transgressions of good people, but we may condemn the wicked deeds of evildoers, and beyond that we must expel them. If certain people hold notions about the work arrangements of the above and the actions of the man used by the Holy Spirit, how can this be explained? They have no truth and no ability to understand. If you have sense and humanity, you should submit to and accept both what you understand as well as what you don’t understand yet. This is sense. If you only accept what accords with your notions and reject work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship that do not but are in accordance with the truth and God’s word, it proves you are an antichrist and an evildoer who cannot accept the truth. This is how you should see things. If you only accept things in accord with your notions or that benefit you, but do not accept things not in accord with your notions or that do not benefit you, are you not someone who resists God’s work? People like this do not accept the truth or submit to God’s work, which means they resist the truth. This is how you should discern them. If you refuse to submit to the work arrangements, words, and work of the man used by the Holy Spirit, do you dare claim that you are someone who submits to God? Produce proof. Show proof of where you submit to God. You dare not. People who refuse to submit to the man used by the Holy Spirit resist God and resist the truth. Some object to this idea. They say man has no authority, and God must express His position. When God expresses Himself, He will get infuriated with you. God will directly condemn you as a devil. Do you know where my views originate? From God’s word, from the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, from the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination, which are entirely compatible with the views of Christ. Christ doesn’t concern Himself with the affairs of the man used by the Holy Spirit. In major matters, the man used by the Holy Spirit will seek, and in some other situations, he will wait. If you dare to directly resist and oppose the man used by the Holy Spirit, I will deal with you directly, and if you directly seek verification from God, God will directly condemn you as the devil Satan, as disobedient and without reason. Did God commend any who resisted or condemned Moses? No one at all. Why does God establish the man used by the Holy Spirit to lead God’s chosen in this stream? Understanding of this matter is necessary, because this is one of the aspects of understanding God’s work. Why, immediately after God expresses His word to do the work of judgment and chastisement, does the man used by the Holy Spirit lead His chosen into the realities of truth and experiencing His work? If you truly understand this matter, then you truly understand God’s work. God’s work must primarily be understood in two aspects: The first is understanding of God’s judgment and chastisement, and the second is why God uses the man used by the Holy Spirit to lead His chosen in this stream in experiencing His work. This is very important, and is also truth regarding visions. Following this, what is the relationship between all levels of church leaders and workers and the man used by the Holy Spirit? The relationship between leaders and the led, which is to say that church leaders and workers at every level must obey the leadership, arrangements, watering, supply, and shepherding of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Refusing to listen to him is directly resisting God and disturbing and disrupting God’s work, and it is entirely right to say so. You are to be used by such a person. He has authority to deploy you. You do not serve directly under Christ, you are directly under the power of the man used by the Holy Spirit, and Christ is above the man used by the Holy Spirit. You accept the judgment and chastisement of Christ’s work and words, but administratively, you must accept the leadership, arrangements, watering, and supply of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Such a person has the authority to dismiss you and deploy you, so your work and duties will be directly commanded and arranged by the man used by the Holy Spirit. If he accepts you, you are a qualified leader, and if he does not, you are unqualified. This is to say that the work done by those of you below is directly arranged by the man used by the Holy Spirit, so in your work and your duties you must strictly obey his arrangements, deployments, watering, supply, leadership, and shepherding, and going against them in anything is forbidden. If such a person becomes furious with you and condemns you, you are done for. If such a person admits you and says you work well, you have definitely done a good job, and God approves as well. You leaders and workers below are, in fact, coworkers of the man used by the Holy Spirit, and you will cooperate with him to carry out God’s will on the front lines, while the man used by the Holy Spirit above will issue work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship based on God’s word and the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit to guide you. You cooperate with the man used by the Holy Spirit by carrying out your duties and doing your work according to work arrangements to guide God’s chosen in gaining entry into the realities of truth. This is the relationship. If those of you below cooperate well, the man used by the Holy Spirit will see it and feel you are fit for use and do a good job. If you do not cooperate well, God’s chosen people will see it, because work arrangements are public, sermons and fellowship are public, and whether a leader’s or worker’s actions accord with the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship from the above will be known to all. This is how it will be determined whether your service and performance of your duties is qualified or unqualified. If your actions below demonstrate consistent noncompliance with the above, if you go against the above and completely betray the work arrangements, will the above admit you? The above will directly dismiss you and stop using you, because you refuse to sincerely cooperate with the man used by the Holy Spirit, instead you resist him. Any who resist, judge, or slander the man used by the Holy Spirit in any church in any region must be expelled permanently. But some will say, “These people did not judge or slander God, and God saves people to the greatest extent possible, so should we really expel these people?” We absolutely must expel them. Any who resist or judge the man used by the Holy Spirit are directly making an enemy of God. In the Age of Law, any who directly judged and resisted Moses were directly resisting Jehovah, so today, in the Age of Kingdom, any who offend God’s administrative decrees must be expelled. Some say, “Is it the man used by the Holy Spirit who will expel us, or God who will expel us?” I answer honestly that any expelled by the man used by the Holy Spirit are expelled in God’s name. Is that answer acceptable? If you don’t find it acceptable, it means your ability to understand is lacking, and one day, when God punishes you directly, you will understand. This is defined explicitly in God’s administrative decree. Resisting the man used by the Holy Spirit is directly resisting God, it is directly disrupting and disturbing God’s work. The man used by the Holy Spirit is established by God, and if you judge and slander someone established by God, you are directly resisting God. There is no difference. Some people with erroneous understanding of the truth refuse to submit to this fact. What happens to them? If you refuse to submit, all those who should be expelled will be, and once you are, you will have time to submit. Is it appropriate to do this? This is God’s administrative decree, and any who offend it pay a price; there can be no doubt about that. Any doing work who cannot submit to work arrangements or go their own way must be banished, because this is the administrative decree. In the future, you will discover that the above will deal with problems more and more strictly, and some will ask, “Why wasn’t the above so strict before?” In the past, you were a new believer, ignorant, foolish, and without understanding of the truth, so generosity, tolerance, and forbearance was called for. But once everything enters onto the correct track, the above will be more and more strict with God’s chosen. Do you understand? Everything has been explained thoroughly and put in understandable terms. Now, if you understand but pretend to be confused, you will be dealt with severely.

The Root of the Disorder in the Church

Why do we say the appearance of disorder is a good thing? Because without it, evildoers would not be exposed. In certain churches where there is disorder, the evildoers will certainly come forward to act. They bring about disorder. The speech of devils brings about death, so what is the essence of their actions? They twist facts, see black and name it white, and worship evil, so they bring about disorder. How does the darkness and disorder in the world come about? It comes about because devils rule, because the essence of a devil’s rule is to confuse right and wrong, twist facts, worship evil, and attack justice. They name the positive wicked and the wicked positive, so the world is in disorder and darkness, and is a place where one sees no light, no truth, and no righteousness. As the disorder in a particular church gets worse, I assure you the disturbance of devils is at work. The more serious the disorder, the more smoke there is, the bigger the devil. The churches with the most disorder have the most dangerous demons at work. How could devils cause so much trouble without their demonic skills? Where else could such a strong demonic atmosphere come from? Wherever a church exists in which people describe the positive as evil and black as white, in which all the people confuse right and wrong, worship evil, and the atmosphere is twisted and wicked, the demons in power are strong. The speech of all false leaders and antichrists shares an essence: They always confuse right and wrong, argue, describe the positive as negative, describe white as black, and they always use positive language to testify that they themselves are positive while describing truly good people as negative. This is what devils do. This is what Satan does. The essence of Satan’s deeds is to confuse right and wrong, twist facts, worship evil, and attack justice. When you see anyone confuse facts, call positive things negative, call good people bad, and call his evil deeds positive acts, this is an antichrist or false leader. Only those who genuinely understand the truth can see things accurately, speak in accord with facts, describe the positive as positive, and no matter how demons twist and confuse the facts, they can bring order to disorder and help others clearly see the truth of the matter. This proves they have the work of the Holy Spirit, they have the truth, they have reality, and that they can solve problems. Such people are naturally uplifted by God. They can be leaders and oversee work. In the past, the unbelievers often said, “A world in chaos produces heroes.” This is precisely how leaders are formed.

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