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Only by Striving to Defend God’s Work Can a Man Be Perfected

Classic Selections From Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

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Only by Striving to Defend God’s Work Can a Man Be Perfected

The Principles of the Holy Spirit’s Work in Man

What are the principles of the Holy Spirit’s work in man? First, the Holy Spirit does not force or compel people. He does not try to possess people’s bodies like evil spirits and force them to accept this or that, or compel people to enshrine and worship Him. Those are the deeds of evil spirits, which are despicable, violent deeds. The Holy Spirit’s work in man is hidden. He doesn’t speak to you, nor does He move you without reason. Only when you are close to God, read God’s word, seek the truth, or have real difficulties does He act, and He does not act supernaturally. All that the Holy Spirit does in man is love! The principles by which the Holy Spirit works are gentle, meticulous, appropriate, and beautiful. Without making you feel that something supernatural is at work, He makes you understand and does not make things difficult for you. So the more someone has the work of the Holy Spirit, the more joy, comfort, beauty, happiness, and consolation he feels, which proves that all the Holy Spirit does in man is love, and nothing less. The Holy Spirit works in man according to principles, but how does He perfect people? Based on someone’s determination to pursue the truth. The stronger your determination, the more truth He allows you to gain. The deeper your determination to practice the truth, the deeper entry into it He allows you to gain. The more you suffer in your pursuit of the truth, the more of the truth you gain. The Holy Spirit perfects people based on their requests and determination. Although externally people are willing to accept God’s perfection, some of them lack the determination to undergo suffering, some cannot pay a price to practice the truth, some cannot bear humiliation for practicing the truth, some people are constrained in the practice of the truth at every turn, and some are constrained by their emotions and cannot practice it. These things all produce differences in man, so some people receive much from the work of the Holy Spirit, while others may have the work of the Holy Spirit but receive little. Different people can believe in God, attend meetings, eat and drink God’s word, fulfill their duties, and have the work of the Holy Spirit, but some people’s understanding of the truth is shallow, while others have a clear understanding of the truth. Why? Where does the difference occur? It comes from the different paths they walk and their different determination. If you walk the right path, but have no determination to bear suffering, or if today you are constrained by your husband, tomorrow your wife, and the day after your children, if your family life pulls effort away from your church life, you will gain little. Some people have many difficulties or constraints that prevent them from practicing or pursuing the truth, and in the end, they gain little truth and have shallow entry into its reality, making them unfit for use by God. Whose fault is it that they aren’t chosen as leaders in elections? Their own, for not paying the price. Some people become leaders and have the opportunity to practice and pursue to be perfected, but they are negligent. They instead pursue fame and status. They squabble and fight endlessly with anyone who holds opinions against them. Can such people achieve entry into the reality of the truth? Such people’s first priority is not defending God’s work, and they do not take the carrying out of God’s will as their duty, and instead their first priority is protecting their own status and influence. Isn’t this taking the wrong path? As you take the wrong path, how can you be perfected? This is why the effect of the Holy Spirit’s work differs in each of us. It depends on how we pursue and cooperate. If you don’t pursue the truth, or if you do, but not very well, you gain little, and you cannot be perfected. Some people have the work of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit does not do the work of perfecting man in them. Instead, He only does the work of discipline, reminding, and warning. He gives them just a little enlightenment. If someone doesn’t want to believe anymore or does evil, the Holy Spirit will discipline him. If someone becomes idle and doesn’t go to meetings, the Holy Spirit will give him a reminder—when he sings a hymn, He will move him, and perhaps will make him shed tears and feel that God is intimate, lovable, and that he cannot leave God. The Holy Spirit only does such work in them, and none of the work of perfecting man. Why? Because they do not pursue the truth. They only have the presence of the Holy Spirit, and He disciplines them when they retreat. People like this have this much of the work of the Holy Spirit, but can they be perfected? Merely having the work of the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean you will be perfected; you must be able to cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work and allow the Holy Spirit to do all the work of perfecting man upon you and achieve results to be perfected. What work does the Holy Spirit do in other people? He enlightens them with understanding of the truth, making them understand God’s word, and enlightens them to know themselves, allowing them to see their own corruption and true conditions, so that they will despise themselves and be willing to deny and forsake themselves, which allows them to attain salvation. If they can expend for God and strive to defend God’s work, when they finally become leaders and able to take the helm, they will have been perfected. If someone is only satisfied with the Holy Spirit’s ordinary enlightenment and illumination, if he only has a little understanding of his own corrupt state, what it is to do evil, and what it is to be disciplined, but he does not strive to make progress in and experience defending God’s work, carrying out God’s will, or leading God’s chosen people in gaining entry into the truth, the Holy Spirit will not grant him enlightenment and illumination in these aspects, that is, He will not use him to do the work, and He will only enlighten him enough to understand a little truth. Can people like this ever be perfected? So, some leaders can only speak about some true experiences of knowing themselves. What good does that do? Where is their entry into the reality of defending God’s work? What about exalting and testifying God? What about leading God’s chosen to enter into the reality of the truth? What about entry into using the truth to refute absurd satanic theories and protect God’s chosen people in the spiritual battle, the battle between good and evil? Without entry into any of these aspects, how can the Holy Spirit perfect you and make you fit for use by God? It is impossible, because you don’t cooperate in these aspects. When you discover antichrists and false leaders deceiving and disturbing God’s chosen people, you run away, you hide, because you are afraid of offending the false leaders and antichrists. Can this kind of person be made perfect? You are a coward, a jellyfish, a tortoise hiding in your shell, and the Holy Spirit does not and cannot work in you. Because you are hiding, the Holy Spirit conceals Himself and ignores you. If you are truly someone mindful of God’s will, if you charge into danger, if you run to the front lines of the spiritual war, stand firm in your testimony for God, and protect God’s chosen people, the Holy Spirit will see your courage, “Very well, I will be present with you,” and in the end you will defeat Satan, turn the tide, maintain the church life, and protect God’s chosen people. This is a profound experience, one that will allow you to learn much, that will teach you how to do certain practical work and make you capable of great tasks. After dozens or hundreds of such experiences, if you again do the work, you will be able to easily and joyously resolve the practical problems in all kinds of battles of good and evil, and finally become a warrior in God’s family. Just like David used a stone to bring down Goliath, you will be able to defeat Satan with one word, which is very impressive. So, if you wish to be perfected by God, you must be mindful of God’s will, charge to the front lines, and be fearless. Whenever God’s chosen are in danger or difficulty, you must stand in the front lines, never retreat, always advance, and you will get there.

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