The Way and Standard and Principles for Detaching From Satan’s Influence (I)

True Salvation Can Only Be Attained by Pursuing the Truth and Detaching From Satan’s Influence

Someone asks, “How can one detach from Satan’s influence and attain true salvation?” This is the most practical issue and a problem that God’s chosen people must resolve in pursuing the truth. First of all, we must know what Satan’s influence refers to. This is the key issue. Satan’s influence mainly involves seven aspects: First, Satan’s ruling power; second, Satan’s ideological and theoretical system; third, Satan’s laws of life philosophy; fourth, Satan’s worldly trends; fifth, Satan’s legacy, customs, and habits; sixth, Satan’s laws, regulations, and system; seventh, Satan’s evil nature and disposition. These seven aspects are collectively called Satan’s influence. If you are influenced by these seven aspects of things, you are someone who lives under Satan’s domain. If you don’t rely on pursuing the truth to thoroughly detach from them, you are not someone who has been truly saved. Corrupt mankind as a whole is living under Satan’s domain. People are mainly controlled by these seven aspects of Satan’s influence. As long as there is one of them that you have not cast off, and you have not truly extricated yourself from, you are someone who lives under Satan’s domain. Take the first aspect, Satan’s ruling power, for example. What does Satan’s ruling power refer to? The ruling parties of all countries are Satan’s forces. If you worship the ruling party, absolutely obey and follow the ruling party, you are under Satan’s domain. You are someone who lives under Satan’s domain. For instance, when you support the great red dragon that rules China, and shout “Long live the Chinese Communist Party!” you are worshiping the great red dragon. Anyone who obeys the great red dragon is living under Satan’s domain. Regardless of which social system you worship or blindly believe in, as long as you worship and follow those who are in office and wielding power, you worship and obey the politicians, aren’t you someone who lives under Satan’s domain? Why is it that when you follow and worship the politicians, you are living under Satan’s domain? Because these politicians belong to Satan, not God. They are people who don’t obey or worship God. When you worship them, you are following and worshiping Satan. So if a Christian joins a ruling party, what does it mean? He worships Satan’s power and follows Satan. His belief in God is false. Second, Satan’s ideological and theoretical system: Who established all the ideologies of the world? They were established by the ruling parties to safeguard their reactionary rules. Are atheism and evolution theory Satan’s ideology? Various kinds of philosophical and scientific views are invariably Satan’s ideology. If you are controlled, deluded and bound by these ideologies, if you even worship and pursue them, you are undoubtedly following Satan. You are someone who lives under Satan’s domain. So, are Satan’s ideas still in your mind? If there is a kind of satanic toxin or satanic idea controlling you and dominating you, then you are someone who lives under Satan’s domain. Third, Satan’s laws of life philosophy: What are Satan’s laws of life philosophy? “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” “A man dies for money; a bird dies for food.” “Officials are just looking out for number one, not the public.” These are the most typical ones. There are also the doctrines of Confucius and Mencius, which require man to obey those who are in office and wielding power, and to bow and kneel to the ruling power. Take the saying “Upon the monarch’s decree to die, his subject must die.” Isn’t this a reactionary thought used by Satan to maintain its reactionary rule? When you are controlled by such thoughts, you won’t be able to hate and forsake Satan. Fourth, Satan’s worldly trends: Nowadays, many people like to chase worldly trends. They go after and follow whatever voguish world trends. They think that it is very fashionable, popular, progressive and avant-garde. Are such people living under Satan’s domain? They have never seen through the essence of worldly trends. So they just blindly follow, worship and chase after these trends. Such people are those who live under Satan’s domain, who don’t have the truth at all. If people always live in Satan’s trends and follow the world, can such people be saved? Why not? Worldly trends are evil, reactionary and absurd. They do not have the slightest truth, so they ultimately will not stand. When someone follows worldly trends, his heart is occupied by them. So he is unable to love the truth. Such a person undoubtedly cannot pursue the truth, so he cannot attain salvation. Fifth, Satan’s legacy, customs and habits: There are many legacies in people. Some of these legacies fall under the ideological and cultural aspects while others fall under customs and habits. No matter which aspects they fall under, these legacies have no truth at all. This is a fact. Since they have no truth at all, why does man still observe them? He believes that observing them is good and beneficial for him. Is this correct? Does ancestral worship make any sense? What were the ancestors? They were corrupt human beings who belonged to Satan. So it is useless to worship them. Is there any difference between worshiping them and worshiping Satan? Some people worship three generations of ancestors, some worship five, and others worship eight. Aren’t they all worshiping Satan? There are still people who worship the ancestors of mankind. Is it right? Others worship those national heroes. Is that right? What were those national heroes? They were vanguards that served Satan; they were Satan’s pawn that served Satan. Satan desires to achieve domination over mankind and amass political power, while some people work themselves to the bone for Satan so as to tower over others. When they succeed in doing so, they become heroes. Were they worshiping God? Did they have the reality of truth? They were corrupt human beings who belonged to the devil Satan. Therefore what these people worship is the devil Satan. What do you think of those national heroes? Have you seen through their essence? Do you still admire the great men and national heroes of the world? To put it bluntly, they were all demons, all of whom were against God. Therefore, this human legacy must be relinquished and abandoned. It must not be accepted. There are also various customs and habits. Are those the truth? Ethnic minorities are dressed in a way that makes them look like ancient demons. Is that the truth? Some ethnic women wear flowers on their heads and have some cloth bands twined about their heads. They are not afraid of the heat or getting rashes in the summer. Is it backward? Too backward, extremely backward and unprogressive. As people put it, “It is a disgrace! An insult to God!” Should these legacies, customs, and habits of corrupt mankind be abandoned? Yes, indeed. What is not the truth is useless to keep. It must be rejected. If you reject it but your seniors object, what should you do? Reject them all together. That is the end of the whole matter. You should say, “We are God’s people. These are the legacy of Satan, the customs and habits of Satan. We refuse to accept. We are new people who have been perfected by God’s word, new people who have grown up in God’s word.” Such is a person who truly detaches from the influence of Satan. Sixth, Satan’s laws, regulations, and system: Satan’s laws and regulations are what the satanic regime has set up to protect its own rule. These laws serve the satanic regime. Are such laws the truth? No, they are only the laws of Satan. Can Satan’s laws lead people to God? Can they be effective in making people long for justice and detach from sin? Nothing at all. So is there the slightest reality of truth in Satan’s laws? Satan’s laws are the system established by Satan for restricting people in order to maintain its political power. It is meant to bind people’s hands, feet and thoughts, only allowing people to unquestioningly obey it and live for it. So Satan’s laws are sinful and vicious laws. They are not positive things at all but negative things. Satan’s regulations and system are also the same as its laws, which are mere tools for Satan’s ruling class. They have no reality of truth, and they are negative things. If you keep them in your heart, remembering and observing them all the time, what will be the consequences for you? They will make you become more and more demented and numb, more and more devoid of normal humanity, more and more degenerate and backward, whiling away until doom befalls. As such, Satan will box you in to stop you from seeking and accepting the truth, and prevent you from believing in God, obeying and worshiping God. This is the result Satan wants to achieve with its laws and regulations. If you worship Satan’s laws and system, it means that you are living under the domain of Satan. You are bound by Satan’s laws so you dare not believe in God. You dare not accept the work of God, and you are even more afraid to expend for God. You are afraid of breaking the law, afraid of being sent to jail, so you are much restrained, you have a lot of concerns, and you cannot truly obey God. Can such a person be saved? No. The last one, which is also the last barrier of Satan’s influence, is the essential nature of mankind corrupted by Satan and their satanic disposition. This barrier is generally hard to break through. Man is so subject to the control of his satanic nature that he can’t control himself, and he can’t practice the truth. How can this be resolved? Without a doubt, he must pursue the truth. Man is always living under the control of his satanic nature. Is he living under Satan’s domain? When man is controlled by his satanic nature, what is he pursuing? What is the path he takes? Are you clear? What he pursues is honor, status, and physical enjoyment. What he takes is the path of the antichrist. So anyone who is controlled by his satanic nature, anyone who is unable to pursue the truth, is a person who lives under Satan’s domain and unable to be saved. This is undoubtedly true. Why do some people never know themselves? Why are they afraid to admit it honestly after they have done so much evil? What are they governed by? They are governed by vanity, prestige, honor and status. They are afraid of being rejected and detested. So they either don’t say it, beat around the bush, downplay it or talk about it evasively, just to cope with the situation and maintain their prestige, vanity and image in the minds of others. Isn’t this the result of being governed by their satanic nature? Man is governed by his satanic nature. Everything he does is for himself. Therefore, he is especially selfish and despicable. In order to achieve his own ends, he uses lies and deception to delude others. What kind of path does such a person take? It is the path of resisting God. Because he rejects the truth, does not practice the truth, and stubbornly acts according to his own will in order to achieve his goals, this is the path of resisting God. Can someone who takes the path of resisting God receive salvation? Can he detach from the influence of Satan? He can’t break away from Satan’s influence because when he lives under the control of his satanic nature, he is living under Satan’s domain. The more he refuses the truth, the more he resists God, the farther he is separated from God. He will become ever more deeply ensnared under Satan’s domain and won’t be able to extricate himself. Therefore, anyone who cannot practice the truth, who is always under the governance and control of his own satanic nature, is a person who lives under the domain of Satan, who will absolutely not be saved. These seven aspects are mainly the manifestations of living under Satan’s domain because Satan’s influence mainly includes these seven aspects. These things put a stranglehold on man and make man fall into inextricable sin. If you want to break away Satan’s influence, you must pursue the truth. There is no other way! Do these seven elements of Satan’s influence put man on a dreadful hold? It is too dreadful. They have a firm control over man and prevent him from seeking the truth. Why is it uneasy for intellectuals to believe in God? All those satanic ideologies, toxins, philosophies, and rules of life are written in various books. When they read those books, those things preoccupy their mind and dominate their thoughts and ideology, so that it is difficult for them to accept other concepts. When people read God’s word now, they are always measuring it with their satanic views. What is the problem here? It is preconception. It is Satan’s crafts that first enter man’s heart and occupy it. They generate some rules, frames, opinions and standards in man’s heart. It is very difficult for man to accept the truth and new things because Satan has preemptively corrupted, occupied and controlled mankind. Therefore, it is particularly difficult for God to work on saving mankind.

… It is not easy to detach from Satan’s influence. For example, you know you are the devil Satan based on your corrupt essence. If someone curses you for being the devil Satan, can you accept it? Why can’t you accept? Don’t you admit that it is true? If you admit that it is true, why do you still not accept it? Admission is one thing, obedience is another. What is the problem here? It is not easy to enter life experience. For a certain reason someone may get stuck for a few years. It is not easy to detach from Satan’s influence. What is there in Satan’s influence? It involves vanity, esteem, interests and status of the flesh. When someone is stuck in there, it won’t be easy to break away. The vanity, esteem, reputation, and status of the flesh are impregnable. It is the nature of the flesh. Therefore, the last fortification of Satan’s influence is the satanic nature of man’s own flesh. Once you break this down, you will have conquered the flesh and received salvation. Of the seven basic aspects of Satan’s influence, six of them can be easily broken and discarded. As long as one understands some truths, he can renounce and forsake these. Except Satan’s nature is difficult to conquer. When it involves vanity, esteem, status and honor, no one will let it go at that. At present, there are many false leaders and antichrists. What are they pursuing? They just pursue status. When such a person is given a status in God’s house, no matter at what level he leads, he can forsake anything, and suffer any pain, even lay his life on the line. When he is required to know his own satanic nature, he won’t do it. Once deprived of status, he immediately turns negative and paralyzed. He collapses. He shows such a pitiful appearance, a grim look without brilliance. What is the problem here? Man is tightly controlled by his satanic nature, which is most difficult to overcome. If one can completely forsake his pursuit of status, fame and benefit, vanity, and esteem, he will truly be free from Satan’s influence. After experiencing some failures and setbacks, what have some leaders realized? Is there anyone who knows this? “I am unsuitable to be a leader with my corrupt disposition. I would be inhuman if I was a leader. I would become the devil Satan. So I am willing to be a slave for a lifetime. I can obey anyone, but I can’t be a leader.” Not a single person knows it. If someone really realized this, he would be able to forsake the flesh. Then he would succeed. No matter how he was pruned, dealt with, judged and chastised, he would completely accept and obey and still feel content at heart. He wouldn’t feel so burdened and paralyzed or gloomy. Man cares too much about his position in others’ hearts. He pays too much attention to his own image. He looks at himself in the mirror and grooms himself for countless times every day. Even when he goes out, he still wants to find a mirror to look at himself, to see if he looks elegant and graceful. Isn’t he too concerned about his own image? If such a person is pruned and dealt with, can he take such a blow to his esteem? Some people say that it only matters with thin-skinned individuals, not thick-skinned people. Does it matter with thick-skinned people? Even thick-skinned people can’t take it. Their vanity is so lofty that they cannot withstand a modicum of being dealt with. Now you can see clearly among the fortifications of Satan’s influence, which is the most difficult to destroy. One day when you are preaching the gospel, if someone intentionally humiliates you, will you become negative? If the great red dragon grabs and denudes you, will you be able to betray God? It will be amazing if you can pass this test. Ordinary people can’t pass it. Most people can’t. They deem vanity, esteem and personal image too important and high in their hearts. … What problems must we first resolve in order to escape Satan’s influence? We must discern the essence of how Satan controls people. To discern its essence, we must understand the truth. Otherwise, we will never discern it. The essence of China’s 5,000-year civilization is the Confucian-Mencian culture. Which scientist, scholar, or intellectual has discerned it? No one. Why are we able to discern it today? First, it is due to the revelation of God’s word. Second, it is because we have an understanding of some truths. So we have discerned the Confucian-Mencian culture. It is not the truth. It is the specious doctrine, thoughts, and viewpoints of Satan that corrupt mankind. It is something absurd that is downright not the reality of truth that normal humanity needs. Now that we have discerned this satanic thing, we will examine and inspect how many strains of satanic toxins should be purged from our minds. After we thoroughly discern and reject Satan’s thoughts and toxins, our hearts will be cleansed and relieved. When we encounter something, can those words of satanic toxin still arise inside? No more. What will arise inside? God’s word and the truth. When our hearts are occupied by the word of God and the truth, we are completely separated from the influence of Satan, and we are gained by God. This is the meaning of salvation. Having heard so much, you can clearly see a most critical issue: To detach from Satan’s influence, you must see through Satan’s influence, that is, see through the essence of what controls your thoughts, then you can break away from it and break away from Satan’s influence. Only then can you truly return to God and be gained by God. If you do not discern the harm, corruption, and bitter fruit brought by Satan’s influence, can you break away from Satan’s influence? No, because you think it’s right, you think it’s the correct thing, you think it’s a matter of righteousness, something that people should accept. So if you are controlled by it, you don’t feel it is a control, let alone a distress. Then you will live forever under the domain of Satan until you perish. Why don’t unbelievers accept the truth? It is because they worship Satan’s influence, they think that Satan’s things are right and correct, that they don’t accept the true way. For instance, the great red dragon thinks that the most correct idea is atheism. There is no God in the world, no God in the whole universe. It believes that this school of thought is true and correct, so it does not accept the work of God and all the truths that come from God. Then why are we able to accept the true way? We think that the word of God is the truth. All the truths that God has expressed are the true way that man must accept. Accepting the true way is justified and natural, and not accepting it is ruinous. We accept it because we have discerned it. From this we can see that those who do not accept the true way worship Satan, so they can only live under the domain of Satan until ruination. No one can change it. What is their path when they do not accept the truth? It is the road to demise! It is the way to hell! That is what they have involuntarily asked for. We have believed in God and accepted the true way now. Those of us who do not pursue the truth always have an erroneous concept intrinsically, feeling that “as long as I truly believe in God, as long as I do not leave the church life, as long as I can do my duty, I am bound to be saved.” Is this concept consistent with the truth? Many people are under the control of this concept, and they do not pursue the truth. Do such people have the reality of truth? They live under the control of a satanic concept and under the control of human imagination. So they could not pursue the truth. In the end, they remain under Satan’s domain. What ruins them? They are ruined by their misconceptions and imaginations. They do not have the correct opinion and judgment, so they do not embark on the path of pursuing the truth. Aren’t they hurt by their own cleverness? Will corrupt human beings make mistakes when they fancy themselves clever or are arrogant and self-righteous? They will surely ruin themselves. So for some people who believe in God and do their duties for many years but are not saved in the end, what are they ruined by? They are ruined by their own misconceptions, imaginations, and prejudices. Whom can such people blame for not being able to be saved? They can only blame themselves for their own ignorance. How does one resolve his ignorance? He has to rely on pursuing the truth. Those who have no truth are arrogant and self-righteous. Arrogance and self-righteousness lead to recklessness, and recklessness becomes iniquity. The consequence of committing iniquity is punishment. Isn’t it the rule? Look at those who are so arrogant and self-righteous that they commit iniquity. Do they look foolish on appearance? If they aren’t foolish, why are they being punished for committing iniquity? If you don’t believe it, do business with them and see if you can outsmart them. They are not foolish at all and not easy to fool. Why haven’t they received salvation in the end? What is this called? Penny wise and pound foolish! On small matters, they are more competent and cleverer than anyone, but on big matters they are more foolish than anyone. Are such people really clever? Theirs is petty cleverness that will ruin them. Aren’t intellectuals guilty of this mortal wisdom? They have studied so much. What they have are petty cleverness and Satan’s tricks, which will ruin them in the end. Have you ever suffered such losses? Have you ever suffered such losses for being self-righteous, for adhering to the rules and not practicing the truth? Knowing for sure what others said was the truth but choosing to act according to your own ideas and ending up hitting the wall and failing—have you suffered such losses? Why was it that knowing what others said was right, you didn’t adopt it but stubbornly acted according to your ideas? You were acting involuntarily under the control of your satanic nature. Do you recognize the essence of this problem? Why did you make the mistakes? Why did you fail and stumble? You were controlled by your satanic nature. You just didn’t like to obey others, or accept the correct opinions of others. As long as it was beneficial to you, you would act on any idea regardless of how wrong it was. Was this the source of your failure? What was it at all? It is the arrogance and self-righteousness in your satanic nature. Knowing that something is not in line with the truth, you still insist on doing it. How can this problem be resolved? Still by pursuing the truth and recognizing the fruit, result and harm of being arrogant and self-righteous. By discerning these things, you will not dare to be arrogant and self-righteous again. Otherwise, you will stumble more severely and tragically. The lesson will be more serious. You will have to turn back sooner or later. As I am saying this, are you clear about the path of how to be free from the influence of Satan? How can you effectively detach from Satan’s influence? In what context can you achieve separation from the influence of Satan? You have to know it. Otherwise, you won’t make it. To know Satan’s influence, you need to know which satanic things are controlling you inside, what is their nature, whether they are positive or negative, whether they are the truth or absurdity, what harm and outcome they bring to you. When you discern these things, you will know how to deal with them, whether to insist or give up, whether to abandon or stick with them. If you cannot discern these things, the problem will not be resolved. We repeatedly persist in and cling on many of Satan’s means that control humanity, and obstinately refuse to give them up. As a result, we experience a series of failures, falls, pains, tortures, and finally experience deep suffering, which makes us realize: These are not positive things. They should be abandoned and not be held on to any longer. They are not the truth! They are absurdity! They are bitter fruit! By then we will know, “Only the truth can save people. Satan’s toxins can only harm people. I have lived with Satan’s toxins for so many years, which have devastated me, made me worthless and numb, drag out an ignoble existence, and moribund. I am not living out any human likeness at all but a pitiful satanic image. Had I lived by the truth, how would I have met such a tragic situation? I must now accept the truth to break away from Satan’s influence and cast off satanic philosophies, theories, logics, laws, and various kinds of toxins as soon as possible. Only living by God’s word is a happy life.” Do you see the path of brightness now? The brightness of life has already appeared, that is, living in God’s word. One can be free from Satan’s influence by living in God’s word and pursuing the truth. This is the way to be saved!


What path must be taken to be freed from Satan’s influence? Certainly, the truth must be pursued in order to break away from the influence of Satan. There is no other way for salvation. The influence of Satan is a maze. If you want to come out of Satan’s domain, it is not possible without the guidance of the truth or the truth as life. Without the truth, you can’t see through this maze. You can’t discern its vulnerability and its harm. You will not hate it, and you will not break away from it. This is a fact. For example, you are always subject to the control of status. Then why do you worship status? What is status after all? What is the harm it brings to you? Is it meaningful? Is it valuable? It is useless. What do I rely on to work? Do I work by relying on my status or something else? If I rely on my status to work, do you want to listen to me? You don’t want to listen. If I rely on my status to work, just casually communicating or talking to you, will you still sit here? You will soon go home for rest. Everyone is quite busy. No one will listen to me. Isn’t it true? This is a fact. When I communicate the truth somewhere, I never reveal my status. I don’t say who I am or what I do. I only say: “I also believe in God, and the period I have believed is perhaps a little longer than yours.” I don’t say anything else. They say, “Since you have believed for a longer time, then communicate a couple of words to us for guidance.” I say, “I wouldn’t call it guidance. I will say a couple of lines. I will just say something.” As soon as I speak, they feel that it makes sense. After listening to a few words, their eyes will glow with enjoyment. In a few more words, they will be longing for more, thinking that this is a very good statement. Is this the result that status can achieve? Status is nothing. It is empty and useless. I don’t need status to work. I just communicate the truth to you. Am I right or wrong? If I say it right, you may listen. If not, don’t listen to it. As long as there is the truth in my communication, brothers and sisters are willing to listen, and willing to approach me. You may only have listened to my communication once. If you are really someone who pursues the truth, this gathering will be beneficial to you in following the path you will take in the future as well as entering the reality of truth. It may also have some effects on your salvation. So I say, it is worthwhile to abandon something for listening to the sermon. Isn’t it better than reading the book of God’s word by yourself? Due to your poor perceptiveness or shallow experience, sometimes you may be unable to comprehend God’s word and grasp its meaning. With my communication, I dig out some key issues, critical points and special difficulties about entering the reality of truth for you to confront, understand or resolve them. Once these difficulties are resolved, your life will grow further and you will be another step closer to salvation. This is true. So it is indeed beneficial to listen to preaching with the Holy Spirit’s work. Nowadays, many people are unable to break away from the control of Satan’s influence. They want to obey God’s work, to achieve transformation of life disposition, to love God, and to be an honest person, but there are too many difficulties and obstacles. Being an honest person is difficult for them to enter. One becomes negative when he can’t dispose of lying. Stopping lying proves to be difficult for man. Countless heroes, intellectuals and politicians have stumbled over it. Why can’t people do away with lying? Why are they always subject to the rule of lying? What is the problem here? To put it bluntly, human beings have to lie for their own interests, for their own purposes, and for their own ambitions. In the end, people sum up a famous saying, a satanic logic, “Those who don’t lie cannot accomplish big things.” So the more political people are, the more they lie; the richer people are, the more they lie; the more businesses people do, the more they lie. Corrupt human beings use lies, deception, and even more despicable means in order to achieve their goals and ambitions. No one can deny it. What is controlling you to lie? Aren’t you being controlled by the ambitions or purposes of the flesh? If you abandon the intentions, purposes and ambitions of the flesh, “I don’t want these things. I don’t want to pursue them. I would rather give up everything for the truth. God alone is enough for me. I don’t want anything else,” do you still need to lie? Some people lie in order to be the president. But some others think otherwise, “I don’t want to be the president. What can happen if I don’t lie? If I don’t become the president, will I cease to live? Will I not be myself? Will I go to hell? Only by being the president will I go to hell. I can’t go to hell by believing in God and by not being a president.” Do you say it is easy to be a president? There are all kinds of political forces that are quite complicated and all kinds of despicable means. Once you enter the arena, you will be acting involuntarily. Various forces are plotting against you behind your back, trying to dominate and exploit you. The temptations are too big. Finally, there is a more sinister force that controls and threatens you. It threatens you with your life and makes you follow it. Therefore, once a man becomes the president, he is not in control of himself anymore. His original purposes and thoughts will change. Hence most presidents are puppets of the greatest evil forces. Some people can’t accept this. Sooner or later, they have to admit that it is a life-threatening thing and nothing glorious. What are the reasons for man to lie? They have to lie because of interests and status; they are dominated by these things. If they don’t want these things or they can forsake them and give them up, will they still need to lie? After dismantling its foundation and background, lying will exist no more. Someone lies to achieve a purpose. If he gives up this purpose, does he still need to lie? Isn’t this a very simple matter? Why does someone still need to lie? He can’t give up his purpose; he still has to insist on it and achieve it regardless of the circumstances. So he has to lie, engage in deception, and resort to unscrupulous means, thus embarking on the path of sin. What problems must be resolved first in order to resolve the problem of lying? Forsake the intention, desire and purpose of the flesh, thus solving the problem of lying from the root. If you don’t believe it, just try to do so. When you succeed in doing this, it will prove that I am right. Someone says that he can’t do this. It’s because he doesn’t forsake the flesh. When you insist on your desires, there is nothing that can be done about it. You are wrong as a person. You don’t like the truth. It is very difficult to forsake the flesh if you don’t like the truth. This is a fact. Under what circumstances can you forsake the desire, ambition, and intention of the flesh? You must first resolve the problem of your heart. If you don’t like the truth in your heart, you will definitely love the things that the flesh loves. If you truly love God, you will be able to completely forsake the flesh. You are afraid of offending God, afraid that God will dislike it, afraid that God will be sad, so you have to endure pain and sever what you love. This way, it is easy to forsake the flesh. Once a man can forsake the flesh, he can completely resolve the problem of lying. It is relaxing and pleasant not having to lie. How is he able to live so simply and so happily in a relaxed and released way? Without personal intentions and desires, he is living so naturally, relaxedly and happily. Freedom from personal intentions and desires is a sign of true release. Man gains release by living in God’s word. He is happy and emancipated spiritually, free from desire, intention and pressure. Isn’t he released? When man is detached from Satan’s influence, he is released. When he is released, he lives in front of God, lives by God’s word and sees things with God’s word. He feels comfortable, enriched, happy and enjoyable in his heart. So there is a smile on his face sometimes. This is a natural thing that is not pretended. What pressure do you still have? Do you know what kind of control and bondage you are still under? Have you detached from Satan’s influence? What aspect of influence are you mainly not detached from? This has to be resolved. What personal intentions and desires do you still persistently want to achieve and cannot give up? This problem has to be resolved. What truths do you still lack, that you cannot discern your conditions of living under Satan’s domain, that you cannot discern the essence of the negative things of Satan that bind you, so you cannot give them up, and you are controlled by them? This is the problem that must be resolved. These are the problems that must be resolved for the entry of life. The entry of life always requires the resolution of practical problems. On every step of the path of entering into life, you have to resolve practical problems. It is difficult to move an inch, to take a single step, if you don’t resolve the practical problems. This is a fact.

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