The Way and Standard and Principles for Detaching From Satan’s Influence (II)

Five Aspects of the Reality of Truth That Must Be Entered to Detach From the Influence of Satan

In the following, we will communicate about five aspects of the reality of truth that must be entered in order to detach from the influence of Satan. First, we must understand many truths and achieve transformation in the viewpoints and outlook on life and values. This is a true testimony to detaching from the influence of Satan. Someone says, “I have believed in God for several years, and I understand some truths. Have I detached from Satan’s influence after all? To what extent must I pursue in order to completely break away from Satan’s influence?” For those who have such doubts, you should know that it is necessary to understand many truths and achieve true transformation in the viewpoints and outlook on life and values, which will prove that you have detached from the influence of Satan. This is the most crucial criterion. As a man’s viewpoints and outlook on life and values are truly transformed, that is, as he has attained such results in life entry, he is definitely a person who has been saved. Some people may not know how to measure the transformation of viewpoints and outlook on life and values. How do you measure it? I ask you, how do you now think about all the issues that the world is concerned about? If your viewpoints completely comport with God’s word, then it proves that your viewpoints have been transformed. If your viewpoints on many issues are the same as those of the unbelievers, then it proves that your viewpoints have not been transformed. For example, how do the unbelievers see the world? They see that the world is bright, wonderful, colorful and beautiful, and they can’t love it enough. What do you think? If you see that the world is evil, dark, filthy, corrupt and decadent, that it should perish, is this a transformation in your viewpoint? It is a transformation. For another example, how do the unbelievers see corrupt mankind? There are more good people than bad people in the world. What do you think? Mankind is so deeply corrupted. No one can live out true human likeness. Corrupt human beings as a whole are animals, all beasts, who are devoid of humanity. If you look at mankind this way, it is a transformation in the viewpoint. If on many issues your viewpoints are in line with God’s word, which have been transformed by understanding the truth from experiencing God’s work—your viewpoints are not what you learn to say but are your true inner insight based on discernment of the essence of the issues, your viewpoints are really different from those of mundane people, and you will not be deluded by mundane people but stick to your viewpoints no matter what they say—then it proves that your viewpoints have been changed. When your viewpoints have been completely transformed, and your viewpoints on the many issues are in line with the truth and different from the world’s, your values and outlook on life have begun to change at this time. Transformation in man’s life disposition is a process from quantitative to qualitative transformation. When his viewpoints on many issues have changed, his new values and outlook on life have taken shape. Once a man’s new values and outlook on life have taken shape, it proves that his life disposition has undergone transformation. How is the transformation of life disposition reflected? It is reflected in the transformation of values and outlook on life, which is the true reflection of the transformation of life disposition. Putting it in the most practical way, a man who has a loving heart for God has been completely transformed. A man who loves God utmost and obeys God unto death has risen from the dead and completely become a new person. His old self is dead and his new self is alive. Isn’t it God’s salvation? Yes, it is God’s salvation upon us which has transformed us. This is the great love of God that has changed us. As humans, we have nothing to boast about. Which of us has not been pruned and dealt with by God for numerous times or been disciplined, tried and refined before we are finally transformed? Why do we suffer so much from experiencing God’s work to gain the truth and receive salvation in the end? What do those sufferings mean? It is enough to show that we are too corrupted by Satan, that our rebelliousness against God is too great, that we have resisted God and hurt God’s heart too much. That is why we have undergone those sufferings. There are many people who particularly lust for comfort. They think, “Don’t let me encounter trial and refinement. Don’t let me encounter pruning and dealing. It would be great if I could be saved with minimum suffering.” Is this a correct way of thinking? Suffering is a good thing. The more you suffer, the better it is. Can you accept this? Some people who have no ambition, who do not pursue the truth, find it hard to accept. When they are suffering, they urgently look for a way out to shake off the suffering. To suffer today and be happy tomorrow is simply good. Too many people try so hard to ease their suffering, even by the slightest amount. Is it easy for these kinds of people to be perfected? No. Suffering is a good thing. Without suffering, there is no transformation. The second is that we must be an honest man and free of all the crookedness, deceit and lies. This is a true testimony of detaching from the influence of Satan. As soon as a man succeeds in becoming honest, then he is faithful and obedient to God. His love for God is true. The duty he does will achieve results. If a man is a wrong person and also a wicked person who is crooked, selfish, and despicable, he will not be able to enter any reality of truth, and fail to be an honest person. If a man is dishonest, everything he does is false and impure. It can be said that he is just muddling through. If a person is dishonest, can the house of God count on him to keep the offerings? When asked to keep the offerings, he accepts quickly, “Fine, I can do it!” What happens eventually? He grabs the money and makes it his own, and he embezzles all the money. He is too unreliable. Anyone who manages the offerings for God without keeping accounts, without transparent records, without thorough rules and regulations, is contemplating on mischief, thievery and embezzlement. Such a person is dishonest. If someone is a dishonest person, he waters down any duty he does by deceit and perfunctoriness. If someone is not an honest person, is he a person who will be saved? If a person is not an honest person, he will absolutely not be saved in the end. He will definitely be eliminated. If someone asks, “Have I actually detached from Satan’s influence?” then he should first look if he is an honest person. Do you tell the truth in everything? If you find it very strenuous and difficult to tell the truth, you are far from the standard of salvation. If you always embezzle and pilfer the offerings for God, do you dare to confess it? If you dare to confess, it means that you can truly repent. If you don’t dare to confess, whether you can be saved is unknown. Is it appropriate to measure if someone can be saved like this? For example, I ask a leader or worker, “Are you doing real work?” If he reflects on it for a while and gives me an accurate answer by speaking his mind, this person is quite honest, for he can tell the truth. If he defends himself with sophistry, it proves that he is a dishonest person who cannot be saved. When a false leader or antichrist confesses his sins, he does not tell the truth. He always contradicts the facts and lies in order to defend himself. This person is completely finished. He can never be saved. A certain leader keeps mum on how I directed him to do the work at the time. He just dodges the issue. He does not intend to seek the truth when reporting his work. He just tries to test the wind so that he can engage in all kinds of outrageous acts in the name of the above for achieving his ends. This is a false leader or antichrist. Obviously, he is not a person who pursues the truth. He is completely a satanic devil who is dishonest in speech, who can speak against the truth, who can defend himself and lie. Such a person is a false leader or antichrist. God detests deceitful people the most. God does not save wicked people. We need to love what God loves, detests what God detests. If God detests deceitful people, we also have to detest them. If God detests deceitful people, and we pity them, aren’t we acting in discord with God? Isn’t this taking side with Satan? Whatever God detests, we must also detest. Whoever God detests, we must also detest. By doing so we are of one mind with Him. This is a man who follows and obeys God. If someone has entered the truth of being an honest person, truly loves God, expends for God, and in his duty, he can practice the truth and cares about God’s intention, such a person is faithful and obedient to God. If a person is dishonest, he is proven to be devoid of humanity and the reality of truth. It is useless no matter what sermon he preaches, for he has no reality. Since he is not even an honest person, what reality does he have? Now that he is not even possessed of normal humanity, what reality of truth does he have? The standard for the reality of truth is higher than that for normal humanity. If he does not have normal humanity at all, how can he have the reality of truth? Therefore, anyone who is deceitful, who likes to lie, deceive, or use sophistry, no matter how he preaches and gives the sermon, he has no reality of truth at all. Such a person is a false leader or antichrist who can never be saved. If someone is not the right person and not an honest person, is he a good person? Isn’t the great red dragon the champion of lying? To a person, the officials of the great red dragon are all expert liars. Everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie. They all speak upon distorted facts. Their artifice is so brilliant. They are good at disguise and deception. Without the truth and reality in being an honest person, one has not detached from Satan’s influence. Therefore, any believer in God who is not an honest person in the end has not detached from Satan’s influence. He definitely cannot be saved. He has believed in God in vain. Someone says, “I have believed in God for so many years, why haven’t I become an honest person? What’s the reason?” He neither likes nor pursues the truth. Without pursuing the truth, whatever number of years he has believed does not count. He hasn’t made any progress. It is like everyone on the starting line had begun to run forward. They have gone farther and farther. However, someone who seems to have been running for years remains in the same place, because he hasn’t been actually running. He is only marking time. Other people who have followed God for ten years would naturally have grown in life for ten years. He does not like the truth. He has followed God for ten years in appearance but he hasn’t even attained the results of someone who has entered the life for one year. What does it prove? He has not pursued the truth, just like a certain student who skipped classes when he was studying. As a result, after studying for nine years, his actual level has stayed in the first grade without progress. Without pursuing the truth, all the years he has believed are for nothing. If you have believed for 20 years, how are you doing in being an honest person? “I don’t usually lie. What I say basically conforms to the facts, 60% or 80% of it is true. I distorted about 20% of the key points in everything.” This is downright a lie. When a fact can be expressed in ten words, you express it in eleven words instead. The extra word falsifies this fact. The sentence is a lie. For example, God said, “He who eats the fruit of the tree of good and evil will necessarily die.” By inserting one word, Satan changed it to “He who eats the fruit of the tree of good and evil will not necessarily die.” Changing one word was too critical. It changed the entire meaning. Nothing could be changed. Otherwise, it was a lie that violated the truth. “A fish turns water into soup,” what does it mean? It means that this pot of soup is basically water. By adding a fish, the nature of the water has changed and become like fish soup. Those satanic devils know best how to play with language and using all kinds of tricks in language. These are the most deceitful and insidious people. Those who do not practice the truth but tamper with God’s word, those who violate the truth in speech by always adding one word, removing one word, or changing a little meaning, are dishonest people and the most insidious and deceitful wicked people. Is there anything wrong with this discernment? It is completely correct. After believing in God for years, have you become an honest person? If you are still not an honest person, most of the time, you still embellish, exaggerate and distort the facts, you are useless to God. God will never use you as a priest. If you became a priest to convey God’s word, and you poisoned God’s word like Satan, it would be very problematic. One must be an honest person to be a priest. A person who has been made perfect must be an honest person. If someone says that he is about to be made perfect, he basically has to be an honest person. If he basically does not meet the criteria to be an honest person, then he is not about to be made perfect. He is too far from being made perfect, and he is nowhere near. You must at least be an honest person and a right person in order to be able to say that you are about to be made perfect. If, when you speak, you always lie, embellish, distort the facts, and defend yourself with sophistry, then you are not about to be made perfect, you are about to go to hell. You are terminally ill and close to death.

The third aspect is that we must be able to practice the truth, to be principled in work, and to become a qualified person who does his duty. This is a person who truly breaks away from the influence of Satan. It is most important to do our duty by practicing the truth so that we can work with the principle. In addition, to be qualified in doing our duty is achieving true results in doing our duty. As a leader of the church, what is your job? Guiding God’s chosen people to enter onto the right track of believing in God. If it is not achieved, your performance of duty is unqualified. If you are a preacher, you have to guide God’s chosen people to understand the truth and enter reality. If this duty does not achieve results, your performance of it is unqualified. How do you measure if your performance of duty is qualified? Look at the results and measure it according to the extent your duty has reached, what results it has achieved, whether God’s chosen people are satisfied, and whether God is satisfied. If the results achieved are meager and God’s chosen people are not satisfied and you are given 50 points, is the duty you do qualified? If God’s chosen people are not satisfied with your duty, can God be satisfied with the duty you do? Not either. What is God’s satisfaction based on? It is based on the satisfaction of the majority of God’s chosen people. When God’s chosen people are really satisfied, God is also satisfied. Otherwise, God’s requirements certainly have not been met. Do you know how to measure it now? Some people are always ambitious. They always want to stand out from the crowd. They insist on being leaders. I have no objection to you being a leader. Can you do it well? Can you win the satisfaction of God’s chosen people? You should make this clear first. I don’t care whether it is your personal aspiration or ambition. If you can meet the satisfaction of God’s chosen people, I won’t condemn you for your ambition. You can give it a try. If God’s chosen people are not satisfied, you are going to suffer, and you are going to be punished. Since you have ruined so many people, can God’s house just spare you? This is called deferred retribution. If you ultimately didn’t do practical work and the duty you did was a mess, what is the problem? It means that you were not doing your duty as a leader. You were harboring your own ambition and personal motive. You wanted to rank higher than others, to stand out from the crowd, to rule over people and abuse your power. You were not truly doing your duty. You will be convicted and expelled as an antichrist. This is God’s righteousness that wicked people will face retribution and punishment in this manner. If we designated you as a false leader or antichrist when you first started, you would be dissatisfied as there was no evidence. So we didn’t designate you as such. Now that you have served as a leader for a year, how have you performed your duty? Let God’s chosen people comment on it. If you really did some practical work, God’s chosen people would say, “The work he did was satisfactory. It guided us to enter the reality of truth and actually achieved certain results. We didn’t have discernment before but we do now. We did not know how to distinguish what a false leader or antichrist was before, but we do now. We didn’t know what entering the reality of truth was before, but we do now. We used to be crooked and deceitful, and we didn’t know how to be an honest person before. Now we have achieved some results in being an honest people. We are relatively simple, open and honest, and we sincerely expend for God.” If you really achieved these results, you really did your duty well and really did practical work, that’s fine. You will be kept. Everyone will still elect you. You did well in the last term. You will be given another term. If you didn’t do well in the last term, you would be convicted, expelled, or eliminated. Do you think it is easy to be a leader? Is it just a game? If you ruin the lives of dozens of people, is that fun? Who will pay for this blood debt? Who will compensate for the losses of God’s chosen people? This debt must be reckoned. This is similar to when all the believers in a religious church finally see that God has already come long ago. Before, just because the priest designated Almighty God as an antichrist, no one sought the truth, and no one accepted Him. One day when they see Almighty God reveal Himself to all peoples, the people in this church will stand up. Everyone’s eyes will glare at the priest, and they will walk to the priest and grab him by his collar, yelling, “Why did you lie to us? Tell us! Our lives were ruined by you, and our offerings to God were pilfered by you. We are holding you responsible!” Finally, they will push the priest on the ground and stomp on him thousands of times. He can never get back up. One day, if you see that the leader of your church is a false leader or an antichrist, who has been your leader for three or five years, who has ruined you to be devoid of any life or reality of truth, how will you treat this false leader or antichrist? Shouldn’t you grab him by his collar? That will neither relieve your hatred nor compensate for your loss. If you really have not received salvation, your life will have been ruined by him. It will be an eternal regret. So isn’t it an important matter to elect a leader for the church? It’s too important. It is related to everyone’s entry to life and even his destiny. If you don’t care about it, you are foolish. It is not like the presidential election of a country that you don’t have to care about. It is related to your life entry and whether you can attain salvation. It is related to your destiny and your outcome. You would be stupid if you didn’t care about it. If you try not to offend others by adhering to Satan’s philosophy of “get along by saying good words, get resented by being upright,” and so you simply say nothing for self-preservation, then this is not only harmful to others, more importantly, it is harmful to you. The fourth aspect is that we must be able to truly love God, exalt God, and bear witness for God. This is a true testimony of hating the great red dragon and forsaking Satan. What do you use to prove that you hate the great red dragon and completely forsake Satan? The most important thing is that you truly love God. If you truly love God, it means you truly hate the great red dragon. If you truly love God, it means you have truly forsaken Satan. So the best testimony is to truly love God. Do you have real hatred for the great red dragon now? Have you really forsaken Satan? Where is your testimony? Whether you can truly love God or not is the key. It is so formidable if you can truly love God. It is so humiliating to Satan, who always wants you to love it. You say, “No matter how I look at you, I can’t love you, and the more I look at you, the more I hate you. Why do I hate you more and more? Since God is so lovable in my eyes, I feel more and more hatred for you.” When you hate Satan to a certain extent, you can forsake it. You can thoroughly forsake Satan. So, a man who truly loves God is someone who thoroughly forsakes Satan. He is someone who truly hates the great red dragon, who can truly humiliate Satan and glorify God. Do people now have true love for God in their hearts? If a man does not have true love for God, does he have a beautiful and resounding testimony? If he is not someone who truly loves God, can his performance of the duty be truly qualified? Is someone who truly loves God an honest person? He definitely is. For someone who truly loves God, the duty he does is definitely qualified. Someone who truly loves God is able to exalt God and bear witness for God effectively. Such a person is definitely freed from Satan’s influence. Someone who truly loves God cannot be controlled by various satanic people, events and matters. Someone who loves God is truly invincible. Upon seeing such a person, Satan is humiliated, and it scurries off. When Satan tries to brainwash someone who loves God, he feels disgusted and wants to vomit when he listens to its nonsenses. Satan can’t brainwash him. If he starts to speak and give a testimony, Satan will be humiliated, and it will scurry off, because the more it listens to him, the more uncomfortable it feels in its heart. The pain is like being stabbed by a knife. Who is most unwilling to listen to my preaching and communication in the church? The wicked people, false leaders, antichrists, and those who loathe the truth. They feel uncomfortable in their hearts when they hear it, just like their hearts are being clawed by a cat. They cannot bear listening to it. For those who love the truth, the more they listen, the better and more pleasant it sounds, the more they want to listen, the more they thirst and hunger for it. Finally, the more they listen, the more they grow. After listening to it for a few years, they will cross the threshold and take root. They will finally enter the reality of truth and receive salvation. Isn’t this the result of obeying God’s work? What is the problem if someone never appreciates the preaching and communication of the above? He hasn’t entered the stream of the Holy Spirit’s work. He hasn’t crossed the threshold of the truth. He is a layman. He is someone outside of God’s word, so he can’t appreciate it. From now on, all the churches must collect the statistics of the people who have crossed the threshold in listening to the preaching and communication of the above, those who have found the way to believe in God, who have started to produce results in pursuing the truth and entering reality; these people are the true kingdom people. Those who have not crossed the threshold in listening to the preaching and communication of the above, those who do not appreciate it, those who are bored of it, such people are outside of God’s word who can’t be saved. See what proportion these people make up in the church. Churches everywhere must collect the statistics. Leaders and workers at all levels must have an idea in their minds.

The fifth aspect is that we must pursue the truth to achieve a true understanding of God and worship God. This is most crucial. To what extent does one have to pursue the truth in order to be considered an accomplishment? It is to have knowledge of God. What is the result of knowing God? One has laid down a foundation on the true way. The word of God has become the foundation of his existence. No one can steal him or fetch him away from the hands of God. No one can defeat him. He can stand firmly. This is laying down a foundation on the true way. According to the words of the great red dragon, how is it explained? These people have been godized, and “godized” means that they are occupied by the word of God, or simply godized. If we are godized, what about the great red dragon? They are satanized. What is the outcome of satanization? Going to hell. The outcome of being godized is being saved, and taken into the kingdom of heaven. These are two endings in two different worlds. Are you willing to be godized? Which way should one take to be godized? Pursue the truth to achieve an understanding of God. Some people say, “I seem to understand some truths. Why am I unable to love God? What is the root cause?” You haven’t reached an understanding of God. If you truly know God, you can’t help but love God. You can’t help yourself. If you don’t love God now, it proves that you don’t know God. This is absolute. How do you resolve it? You still have to keep pursuing the truth. Your pursuit of the truth is not diligent enough. Its effects are too weak and you have not gained a knowledge of God. When you achieve an understanding of God, you will naturally love God. Someone always has many notions and misunderstandings when he believes in God. He is always skeptical about God’s word. One day, disaster finally arrives and God saves him. After he is saved, he cries and cries, because he used to be blind and unable to love God. Now he sees that God is real and everything God does for man is love. Then he knows to love God. Is he too slow to believe? What should you do if you don’t know God now? Pursue the truth. What is the most fundamental thing in pursuing the truth? Ponder more about God’s word, pray more, and seek the truth more. Read more about God’s word upon encountering things and pray more to seek the truth. As a matter of course, you will gradually understand the truth. Someone says, “I eat and drink God’s word every day. I don’t see any results at the time.” What are you worried about? How much growth do you see in yourself when you eat every day? God’s word is the voice of God. It is all the truth. You just keep on eating and drinking it. Eat and drink it diligently, ponder about it and seek earnestly. This way, the Holy Spirit will work on you. After eating and drinking it for a while, you will surely have growth. How much you eat and drink, how much you will harvest. This is undoubtedly true. Don’t think you will become a fat man by just eating a mouthful. There is a process in understanding the truth. Do you have any progress after listening to what I communicate today? There is growth. What about tomorrow? You forget all about it. After another week when you listen to it, it sounds quite good, your heart is illuminated, and you have a clear path to follow. In two days, you forget it again. Someone says, “I keep forgetting after listening to it. Why should I still listen to it? I won’t listen anymore.” After forgetting it, should you listen to it again? Why do you still need to listen? Just keep on listening. Even if you forget a lot, you will remember a lot. A lot of it is retained. There will be growth in a couple of years. If you don’t listen, there will be no growth at all. Listening is much better than not listening. If you don’t believe it, you can have a try, and after listening, you will surely look happy and joyful when you get home. When those who haven’t listened see it, they will ask, “Why are you so happy and I am not?” “You haven’t harvested or gained anything. How can you be happy?” It doesn’t matter that you forget it tomorrow. After forgetting it tomorrow, listen to it again the day after. After forgetting it the day after, listen to it again the following day. Just keep listening to it this way, and you will grow up unconsciously. When you listen to it at that time, some of it is already received into the depth of your soul. It is accepted and retained inside. You only forget the words. Its spiritual meaning, life, as well as the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and touch stays in your heart. Is it really forgotten? All forgotten? It is similar to a hailstorm damaging objects on the ground. What is underground remains intact. Those objects are hidden. Is it beneficial to listen to the sermon? It is beneficial, because what I communicate to you is my experience over many years. It has the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment within. I guarantee that it is beneficial to you. Although these sermons and communications are vernacular and colloquial, their results are a hundred times better than any written language. When a person reaches an understanding of God, he will have gained God. Also, when a man can love God, he has already gained God. This is absolutely accurate. How many years have you believed in God? Have you gained God? Do you have a way to gain God now? To what extent do you need to believe in God before gaining God? Are you a person who loves God now? If you can’t really love God in your heart, it means that you haven’t gained God. Do you have life? The life that is made perfect by God’s word is the life that loves God. If you haven’t attained love for God, you have no life. If you have attained love for God, your life is prosperous and incomparably rich. When people have a God-fearing heart, they already have life, but their life is not so prosperous. When they have attained love for God, they will have a prosperous life. How is your love for God? Does it have any attainment? If you believe in God but haven’t attained love for God, does it count as a success in believing in God? What does the attainment of fear for God count as? That is called having initial success. The attainment of love for God is the ultimate success. Upon attaining love for God, one has thoroughly detached from Satan’s influence, because once he loves God, he has gained God. Only by gaining God can it prove that you have been gained by God and made perfect by God. This is a fact that no one can deny. Now you know what gaining God is, and also know what being gained by God is. What is the manifestation of someone who loves God? How does he feel when God’s heart is in pain? His heart is also in pain. He says, “I have to comfort God’s heart. I have to do something for God. Anything God feels painful about, I will dedicate myself to it to satisfy God.” Someone who truly loves God cares about God’s feeling. He is adept at using practical actions to comfort God. Isn’t it the expression of loving God? So anyone who truly loves God is most capable of satisfying God. The duty he does is certainly qualified. He is absolutely faithful to God in doing his duty. Upon God’s entrustment, he faithfully does his best to satisfy God, and he dedicates all to requite God. What is the motto of his life? Dedication of all he has for loving and satisfying God. If he fails to attain true love for God and the satisfaction of God, he vows to give up his life. Hence, for someone who truly loves God, whenever he sees that there are false leaders and antichrists in the church, his burden is heavy. He can’t sleep at night or enjoy his meal. He won’t be satisfied and comforted until the false leaders and antichrists are disposed of for the emancipation of God’s chosen people and their detachment from Satan’s control and bondage. When someone who truly loves God sees that God’s chosen people are unable to enter into life, that they are spiritually hungry and thirsty, that they don’t know how to practice the truth, that they lack too much, his heart is torn with anxiety. He would not stop for a moment to water and support God’s chosen people, so that they can soon enter onto the right track of believing in God. Then he will feel comfort in his heart. When someone who truly loves God sees that the offerings for God are ruined or pilfered, he hates it like poison, he is determined to resolve this problem and bring the wicked to justice. When he sees that God’s chosen people are deluded and controlled by the antichrists and false leaders, his heart is in turmoil until God’s chosen people are rescued. Do you see, is someone who truly loves God a person who does God’s will? Is he a person who can satisfy and comfort God the most? Therefore, the testimony of a person who loves God is the most beautiful and resounding testimony. A person who loves God has completely detached from Satan’s influence and been fully gained by God. This is undoubtedly true. The five issues I have mentioned just now, that is, the five aspects of the reality of truth that must be possessed, are the testimony of true detachment from Satan’s influence. If you have some real entry in these five aspects of the reality of truth, then you are undoubtedly a person who is detached from Satan’s influence, a person who has been saved by God. If you keep pursuing and attain true love for God, you will be a man who is made perfect by God.

What must one rely on to enter the reality of truth of these five aspects? Constantly seeking the truth and resolving problems with the truth, which is the meaning of pursuing the truth. How does one practice pursuing the truth? Constantly seeking the truth, constantly resolving problems with the truth, so that he can not only understand the truth, but can enter the reality of truth. Can one detach from Satan’s influence without pursuing the truth? Someone who always pursues status and honor, who is always content with understanding the truth but unable to enter the reality of truth, can such a person detach from the influence of Satan? Someone whose belief in God is always motivated by blessing, who always neglects his main task, who does not pursue the truth, will not be able to detach from the influence of Satan no matter how many years he has believed. Now we see that there are some people who have no discernment when there are wicked people causing disturbance. Some of them even follow the wicked. When there are evil spirits causing disturbance, some people are deluded, and they mistake the work of the evil spirits as the Holy Spirit’s work. When there are false leaders and antichrists causing disturbance and disruption, they worship and follow the false leaders and antichrists. Are these people freed from Satan’s influence? No matter what it is, as long as there is one thing that can control you and make you unable to obey God, it proves that you still haven’t detached from Satan’s influence. For example, someone is deluded by a satanic theory, so that he cannot detach from Satan’s influence. Someone is deluded by a certain person or bound by a certain thing so that he cannot truly expend for God. He is also not freed from Satan’s influence. In short, someone who is truly detached from Satan’s influence is faithful to God without being controlled by any human, event or thing. Such a person can obey and follow God and pursue the truth to attain understanding of God. Such a person is truly detached from Satan’s influence. If there is one person, one event or one thing that can control you, it proves that you understand too little of the truth. You are frivolous and have no reality. There are many people in religion who want to examine the true way. They are blocked from going by a single word of their pastor. Aren’t they living under the domain of Satan? The priest’s words are effective. Such people think that the pastor’s words are the truth or a decree. When the pastor says, “There is no need to dwell on it, for it is certainly not the true way,” then they stop. Does anyone who is deluded and bound by the pastor have the truth? Anyone who hasn’t truly detached from Satan’s influence definitely does not have the truth. He is deluded by Satan because he doesn’t understand a shred of the truth.

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