106. The Principles of How to Treat People With Different Arrogant Natures

1. So long as an arrogant person who is not evil sincerely believes in God, then you should do your utmost to supply and support them, and enable them to enter onto the right track of belief in God;

2. You should elevate and cultivate those arrogant people with a good caliber and a good humanity, who are able to pursue the truth and who possess reason. You must never attack or exclude them;

3. Those who are exceedingly arrogant, who are without a shred of reason, who are wildly ambitious, who obey no one and who are of the antichrists must be expelled;

4. Those who are of the absurd antichrists and evil spirits, who are absurd in the extreme, who insist on absurd doctrines, who oppose the truth and who are arrogant and preposterous, must be purged.

Relevant Words of God:

If you have believed in God for many years, and yet have never obeyed Him or accepted all of His words, but instead asked God to submit to you and act in accord with your notions, then you are the most rebellious of persons, and you are an unbeliever. How is one such as this able to obey the work and the words of God that do not conform to the notions of man? The most rebellious person is one who intentionally defies and resists God. He is the enemy of God and the antichrist. Such a person constantly bears a hostile attitude toward the new work of God, has never shown the smallest intention of submitting, and has never gladly shown submission or humbled himself. He exalts himself before others and never shows submission to anyone. Before God, he considers himself the most proficient in preaching the word and the most skillful in working on others. He never discards the treasures already in his possession, but treats them as family heirlooms for worship, for preaching about to others, and uses them to lecture those fools who idolize him. There are indeed a certain number of people like this in the church. It can be said that they are “indomitable heroes,” generation after generation sojourning in the house of God. They take preaching the word (doctrine) to be their highest duty. Year after year and generation by generation, they go about vigorously enforcing their “sacred and inviolable” duty. None dare touch them and not a single person dares openly reproach them. They become “kings” in the house of God, running rampant as they tyrannize over others from age to age. This pack of demons seeks to join hands and demolish My work; how can I allow these living devils to exist before My eyes? Even those with only half obedience cannot walk until the end, how much less these tyrants without the slightest obedience in their hearts! The work of God is not easily gained by man. Even if man uses all of his strength, he will only be able to gain a mere portion and attain perfection in the end. What then of the children of the archangel who seek to destroy the work of God? Do they not have even less hope of being gained by God?

from “Those Who Obey God With a True Heart Shall Surely Be Gained by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Some have such an impudent attitude toward the work arrangements from the above. They think: “The above makes the work arrangements and we work on the lower levels. There are some words and some things that we can apply flexibly, that can be altered once they reach the lower levels, because the above only says things, and we lower down do them. We understand the situation on the lower levels, which the above does not, so we can work in any way that suits us. As those in the lower levels have been assigned to us, we can lead them however we want. It doesn’t matter how we lead them, and no one has any right to interfere.” They maintain this principle in their serving of God: “I will listen to anything that I think is correct but I won’t listen to anything I think is unsuitable. I can resist You and go against You. I won’t implement anything or put anything into effect for You. If You say anything unsuitable then I will alter it for You, and will pass it on only after it has been through me. If it hasn’t been approved by me, then it will not be printed.” Elsewhere, the arrangements from the above are passed on in their original form. But these people first alter the work arrangements before sending them onto the regions they lead. This kind of person always wishes to put God to one side and is so anxious for others to follow them, to believe in them. In their eyes, God does not quite compare with them in some areas, and they think that they have something that God doesn’t, that everyone should believe in them and that they are God. Their actions are of this nature. Do you understand? If you have understood, can you still weep? Can you still sympathize with these people? Can you still think that the above has done wrongly or has not acted righteously, and that those who can suffer so much are removed? Who do they suffer for? They suffer for their own status. Are they serving God? Are they doing their duty? Are they loyal to God? Are they obedient? They are the lackeys of Satan, pure and simple. Their work is the devil taking power, to destroy God’s management plan and to disrupt God’s work. What is their faith? They are the devils and the antichrists, pure and simple.

from “What Is Meant by ‘Offending God’” in Records of Christ’s Talks

If the many years of association with Me have not only failed to change you into a person who has humanity and the truth, but rather ingrained your evil ways into your nature, and you not only have twice as many delusions of grandeur as before but your misunderstandings of Me have also multiplied, such that you come to regard Me as your little sidekick, then I say that your affliction is no longer skin deep but has penetrated into your very bones. All that remains is for you to wait for your funeral arrangements to be made. You need not beseech Me then to be your God, for you have committed a sin deserving of death, an unforgivable sin. Even if I could have mercy on you, the God in heaven will insist on taking your life, for your offense against the disposition of God is no ordinary problem, but one of a very grave nature.

from “How to Know the God on Earth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

These people are full of self-rightness and arrogance, they are wildly ambitious, they love to be condescending, and the words they speak are pleasant to hear, but in secret they do not practice the truth. These evil people shall all be cut off and swept away clean; they shall be left in disasters and refined.

from “The Twenty-fourth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those who are not cautious when they encounter the new work of the Holy Spirit, who run their mouths off, are quick to judge, who give free rein to their natural instinct to deny the rightness of the Holy Spirit’s work, and also insult and blaspheme it—are such disrespectful people not ignorant of the Holy Spirit’s work? Are they not, furthermore, the ones of arrogance, inherently proud and ungovernable? … Not only do they look down upon those who work for God, but also blaspheme against God Himself. Such foolhardy people will not be forgiven, either in this age or the age to come and they shall forever perish in hell! Such disrespectful, indulgent people are pretending to believe in God, and the more they do so, the more likely they are to offend God’s administrative decrees. Do not all those arrogant ones who are innately unbridled, and have never obeyed anyone, all walk upon this path? Do they not oppose God day after day, He who is always new and never old?


After finding their belief in God, some people can’t even say with certainty where man came from, yet they dare to make public speeches appraising the rights and wrongs of the Holy Spirit’s work. And they even lecture the apostles who have the Holy Spirit’s new work, passing comment and speaking out of turn; their humanity is too low, and there is not the slightest sense in them. Will the day not come when such people are rejected by the work of the Holy Spirit, and burned by the fires of hell? They do not know the work of God, but instead criticize His work, and also try to instruct God how to work. How can such unreasonable people know God? … The less people know of God, the more likely they are to oppose Him. Your conceptions, your old nature, and your humanity, character and moral outlook are the “capital” with which you resist God, and the more corrupt, degraded and low you are, the more you are the enemy of God. Those who are possessed of grievous conceptions and have a self-righteous disposition are even more in enmity of God incarnate, and such people are the antichrists.

from “Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship:

People with reality of the truth treat people with principle, while those without the reality of the truth are all arrogant and conceited and refuse to obey anyone. Typically treating a person discovered to have had transgressions as enemies, regardless of whether that person can truly repent and moreover without regard to whether they can ultimately be saved, mercilessly suppressing them as long as their transgressions have been caught or they have had a revelation of corruption—such an approach does not conform with principles of the truth and is regarded as having the disposition of Satan as it can easily hurt good people. Of course, some people who have no self-knowledge and are also especially arrogant and self-righteous need to be pruned and dealt with. People with seriously satanic dispositions absolutely have to be severely dealt with and pruned, but loving counseling must be applied after the dealing and pruning. Only doing so is beneficial to people’s life entry.

from “The Cleanup Work of the Church Must Completely Eliminate Evil to Be After God’s Heart” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

Those who have a sense of justice, who pursue the truth and who bear the burden of the work in the church should be promoted, even if their disposition is arrogant and self-conceited and they love status it doesn’t matter. So long as they pursue the truth and have strong ability to work, and so long as they are without doubt not a wicked person, then they can be cultivated and promoted to a higher job. Only by carrying things out in this way will we be in harmony with God’s will, only in this way will we be carrying out the will of God.

from “Only by Fostering and Using People Who Pursue the Truth and Who Have Strong Ability to Work Can We Match God’s Will” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

In fact, the arrogant disposition is rooted in corrupt mankind’s nature. There are several types of circumstances of arrogance: Some people are able to love and pursue the truth despite being very arrogant and can accept and obey the truth as long as they recognize it is the truth but if it does not conform to the truth, they will refuse to obey it. This type of arrogance is quite rational, has a bottom line and is the most normal arrogance. There is also a type of arrogance that has no reason and bottom line. Such people are extremely arrogant, mad and obey no one and no matter how in accordance with the truth people speak, they will not accept and obey them and may even oppose them until the end. They really hate people who have the truth and hate people handling them based on the truth. This kind of arrogance is Satan the devil’s disposition. Like the great red dragon, they know that God is the truth but do not obey and even want to be on an equal footing with God. All those antichrists are this type of satanic devils who are so arrogant they have no reason. All such demons are hopeless. There is another kind of arrogant people who also obeys no one yet is extremely absurd. They are absurd and also disobedient. They always speak of absurd reasons and oppose the truth. No matter how clearly others communicate the truth and list the facts, they are still disobedient and can quibble and tell their absurd reasons and pettifog. This kind of arrogant disposition has the nature of evil spirits. This type of person is even more Satan the devil’s kind. They are both antichrists and evil spirits, and are even more enemies, the most dangerous enemies. There are three main types of conditions of arrogance and conceitedness and three types of people. Wild arrogance that has reason is quite common and normal. All corrupt mankind has a wildly arrogant disposition. This is a fact. Those of really good caliber with some talent are definitely all extremely arrogant and self-righteous; they are one hundred percent wildly arrogant. One must be able to distinguish and treat them with caution. No matter how arrogant and self-righteous people are, as long as they are kind-hearted, have a conscience and reason and do not harm nor deceive others and are able to accept the truth, then they are good people. No matter how arrogant and self-righteous people are, as long as they are of good caliber and intelligent and able to pursue the truth, then they are fully able to be saved and perfected, because the people God perfects must possess a certain kind of caliber. If one’s caliber is too poor, then they will be unable to understand the truth and will be unable to be perfected. To be able to be perfected, one’s intrinsic qualities must at least be of a level at which one is able to understand the truth. This is because when it comes to God perfecting people, the main thing is that God perfects people to understand the truth and know God. People’s wild arrogance and self-righteousness is easily resolved. As long as people truly understand the truth and know the essence of their own nature, then they will be able to resolve it. God resolves people’s arrogance so easily. By disciplining people a few times and shaming people and making them fail a few times, they will naturally change. But if their intrinsic qualities are too poor or they are extremely absurd, then it is not possible to resolve. So one must differentiate people’s wild arrogance and deal with it correctly. It can be said that those people who really love the truth and who have the will to pursue being perfected all have a wildly arrogant and self-righteous disposition. As long as they are able to accept the truth and to accept pruning and dealing and are able to absolutely obey the truth, no matter what the circumstances, then this type of people can achieve salvation and be perfected. In fact, there are no people who are not wildly arrogant who are truly of good caliber and really have the will. This is a fact. God’s chosen people must be able to differentiate. They must not establish that someone is not a good person and cannot be saved and perfected because they are extremely arrogant and self-righteous. No matter how wildly arrogant the person is, as long as they are of good caliber and can pursue the truth, then they are people whom God wants to perfect. The conditions for God perfecting people are mainly that one is a good person, of good caliber and in pursuit of the truth. If a person’s caliber is too poor and from start to finish they are unable to understand the truth, then even if their disposition is extremely meek and not at all arrogant, they are good-for-nothing and not worth perfecting. On this point, one needs to understand God’s intentions. If a person’s caliber is good, they have the will and are not arrogant and self-righteous, then there is no such person. That is absolutely a guise or a sham surface appearance. One must know that corrupt mankind has a wildly arrogant and self-righteous nature. This is an undeniable fact.

from “Only People Who Really Accept and Obey God’s Judgment and Chastisement Are Truly Pursuing the Truth” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

Those of an arrogant disposition come in different varieties. Some are so because they have believed in God for a short time, and haven’t genuinely experienced years of God’s work, so it is nearly impossible for them not to have notions about God, an arrogant disposition, to be self-important, to seek to attain status, and to make a show of themselves. This is normal. There is no exception to this rule of humanity who has been corrupted by Satan. The difference between antichrists and those ordinary corrupt people is that their arrogance has made them entirely lose their conscience and reason, theirs is frenzied arrogance and limitless ambition, they do not understand self-restraint, their arrogance is wild, they submit to no one, and they can even go to any absurd or ridiculous length to accomplish their goals. For example, they might claim to be God or Christ, or claim to be the man used by the Holy Spirit, and they will say such absurd things as “only I can bring people into the kingdom,” “people can do no wrong in following me,” “I can grant salvation and perfect people,” “I possess all that is truth,” “I can express the truth.” They are thick-skinned, shameless, foolish, and ignorant. Could someone who says such absurd things have any normal human reason? Is this not the utmost degree of arrogance? This is a satanic nature inflated to a hysterical degree! So, those who are antichrists display corrupt states unseen in ordinary people. To have notions or arrogance and love status isn’t frightful at all, the key question is whether people pursue the truth and accept the judgment and chastisement in God’s word and the pruning and dealing of God’s house. If members of corrupt mankind cannot accept God’s work, there is no saving them. Corrupt mankind has an arrogant, self-conceited nature, and those who do not possess the truth have notions. This is a normal state. But if they can accept the judgment and chastisement in God’s word and accept the pruning and dealing of God’s house, there is no doubt that they can attain salvation.

from the fellowship from the above

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