116. The Principles of Discerning Heresies and Fallacies

1. Anything that does not come from God or from God’s words—so long as it runs counter to God’s words and the truth—is heretical and fallacious;

2. All ideas and theories that deny God, deny God’s words and the truth and which do not pertain to positive things, are heretical and fallacious;

3. All words that come from Satan and from all manner of evil spirits, no matter who tries to pass them off, are heretical and fallacious;

4. All hereditary culture, conceptions and imaginings and academic theories that arise from corrupt humanity and which oppose God’s words, are heretical and fallacious.

Relevant Words of God:

Those who are of the devil all live for themselves. Their way of life and maxims are mainly those words that come from Satan like, “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” The words of those fiends, great ones, and philosophers of the earth have become their life. Most of the words of Confucius, who is held up by Chinese people as a “sage,” especially have become man’s life. There are also the famous sayings of Buddhism and Taoism and the classic sayings frequently spoken by famous figures; these are all outlines of Satan’s philosophy and Satan’s nature. They are also the best illustration and explanation of Satan’s nature. These poisons that have been infused into the heart of humankind all come from Satan; not the least bit of them comes from God. These lies and nonsense are also precisely in opposition to God’s word. It is completely clear that the realities of all positive things come from God, and all those negative things that poison man come from Satan. So, you can discern a man’s nature and to whom he belongs from his view of life and values. Satan corrupts people through the education and influence of the national governments and the famous and great. Their lies and nonsense have become man’s life and nature. “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost” is a well-known satanic saying that has been instilled into everyone and become the human life. There are some other words of life philosophy that are also like this.

from “How to Know Man’s Nature” in Records of Christ’s Talks

From when man first had social sciences, the mind of man was occupied by science and knowledge. Then science and knowledge became tools for the ruling of mankind, and there was no longer sufficient room for man to worship God, and no more favorable conditions for the worship of God. The position of God sunk ever lower in the heart of man. A world in man’s heart with no place for God is dark, empty without hope. And so arose many social scientists, historians, and politicians to express theories of social science, the theory of human evolution, and other theories that contravene the truth that God created man, to fill the heart and mind of man. And in this way, those who believe that God created everything become ever fewer, and those who believe in the theory of evolution become ever greater in number. More and more people treat records of the work of God and His words during the Old Testament age as myths and legends. In their hearts, people become indifferent to the dignity and greatness of God, to the tenet that God exists and holds dominion over all things. The survival of mankind and the fate of countries and nations are no longer important to them. Man lives in a hollow world only concerned with eating, drinking, and the pursuit of pleasure. …

from “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Knowledge of ancient culture has quietly stolen man from the presence of God and turned man over to the king of devils and its sons. The Four Books and Five Classics have taken the thinking and concepts of man into another age of rebellion, causing man to further worship those who wrote the Books and Classics, furthering their notions of God. The king of devils heartlessly cast out God from the heart of man without their awareness, while it gleefully took over the heart of man. From then on, man was possessed of an ugly and wicked soul with the face of the king of devils. A hatred of God filled their chests, and the maliciousness of the king of devils spread within man day by day until man was utterly consumed. Man no longer had freedom and was unable to break free from entanglement with the king of devils. Therefore, man could only stay in place and be seized, surrendering to it and becoming subjugated to it. It long ago planted the seed of the tumor of atheism within the young heart of man, teaching man fallacies such as “learn of science and technology, realize the Four Modernizations, there is no God in the world.” Not only that, it repeatedly proclaimed, “Let us build a beautiful homeland through our industrious labor,” asking all to be prepared from childhood to serve their country. Man was unconsciously brought before it, and it unhesitatingly took the credit (referring to God holding all of mankind in His hands). Never once did it feel ashamed or have a sense of shame. Moreover, it shamelessly captured God’s people into its house, while it leaped like a mouse onto the table and had man worship it as God. Such a desperado it is! It cries out such shocking scandals, “There is no God in the world. The wind is due to natural laws; the rain is moisture that condenses and falls in drops to the earth; an earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the earth due to geological changes; drought is due to dryness in the air caused by nucleonic disruption on the sun’s surface. These are natural phenomenon. Which part is an act of God?” It even shouts out[a] such shameless statements: “Man evolved from ancient apes, and the world today has progressed from a primitive society of approximately a billion years ago. Whether a country flourishes or falls is decided by the hands of its people.” In the back, it has man hang it upside down on the walls and place it on tables to be enshrined and worshiped. While it cries out, “There is no God,” it regards itself as God, pushing God out of bounds of the earth relentlessly. It stands in God’s place and acts as the king of devils. How utterly ludicrous! …

From top to bottom and beginning to end, it has been disturbing the work of God and acting in discord with Him. All the talk of ancient cultural heritage, valuable knowledge of ancient culture, teachings of Taoism and Confucianism, and Confucian classics and feudal rites has taken man into hell. Advanced modern-day science and technology, as well as developed industry, agriculture, and business are nowhere to be seen. Rather, it simply emphasizes the feudal rites propagated by the ancient “apes” to deliberately disrupt, oppose, and destroy the work of God. Not only has it afflicted man until this day, but it wants to consume[1] man completely. The teaching of the feudal code of ethics and passing down of knowledge of ancient culture has long infected man and turned man into devils big and small. There are but few who would readily receive God and jubilantly welcome the coming of God. Man’s face is filled with murder, and in all places, death is in the air. They seek to cast God out from this land; with knives and swords in hand, they arrange themselves in battle formation to annihilate God.

from “Work and Entry (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Forefathers of the ancient? Beloved leaders? They all oppose God! Their meddling has left all beneath heaven in a state of darkness and chaos! Religious freedom? The legitimate rights and interests of citizens? They are all tricks for covering up sin! Who has embraced the work of God? Who has laid down their life or shed blood for the work of God? For generation after generation, from parents to children, enslaved man has unceremoniously enslaved God—how could this not incite fury? Thousands of years of hate are concentrated in the heart, millennia of sinfulness are inscribed upon the heart—how could this not inspire loathing? …

How great are the obstacles to God’s work? Has anyone ever known? With people encaged by deep-seated superstitious colorings, who is capable of knowing God’s true face? With this backward cultural knowledge so shallow and absurd, how could they fully understand the words spoken by God? Even when they are spoken to and nourished face to face, mouth to mouth, how could they understand? Sometimes it’s as if God’s words have fallen on deaf ears: People have not the slightest reaction, they wag their heads and understand nothing. How could this not be worrisome? This “distant,[2] ancient cultural history and cultural knowledge” has nurtured such a worthless group of people. This ancient culture—precious heritage—is a pile of junk! It became an unspeakable, eternal smear long ago! It has taught people the tricks and techniques of opposing God, and the “ordered, gentle guidance” of the national education has made people even more disobedient to God.

from “Work and Entry (8)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh


1. “Consume” refers to the violent behavior of the king of devils, which plunders people in their entirety.

2. “Distant” is used mockingly.

a. The original text reads “Some even shout out.”

The Man’s Fellowship:

How does one measure and discern Satan’s various fallacies and heresies and mankind’s notions and imaginings? There are six main principles:

1) All things that don’t come from God or God’s words are fallacies, heresies, and man’s notions and imaginings.

2) All things that don’t conform with God’s words, the truth, and are not regarded as positive things are fallacies, heresies and man’s notions and imaginings.

3) All things that deny God, God’s words, the truth, and positive things are fallacies, heresies, and man’s notions and imaginings.

4) All things that come from Satan and various evil spirits, no matter whose words they are impersonating, are fallacies, heresies, and man’s notions and imaginings.

5) The thoughts and theories that come from famous people, great people, extraordinary people and odd people of corrupted mankind are all not the truth—all things that violate the truth are fallacies, heresies, and man’s notions and imaginings.

6) Scientific knowledge and academic theories equipped by corrupted mankind are not the truth—all things that violate the truth are fallacies, heresies, and man’s notions and imaginings.

from “How to Discern the Demonic Speech and Fallacies of Evil Spirits, False Christs and Antichrists” in Selected Annals of the Work Arrangements of The Church of Almighty God

Any teachings or theories that deny or resist God are absurd theories. They originate with Satan, and are Satan’s poisons. Does Taoism admit there is a God? It does not, and even less so admits the true God. Taoism is a theory proposed by Lao-Tzu. Lao-Tzu did not believe in God or worship God, so his theories are absurd.

from the fellowship from the above

Those which are contrary to God’s words and the truth are wrong and false views. False viewpoints are in betrayal of God and violation of the truth and completely belong to the will of men. They mainly include people’s imaginings, notions, judgments, logic, philosophies, doctrines, prejudice and fallacies, as well as people’s heresies and false reasoning, sophistries and lies, people’s complaints, grievances, words of deceiving others, words of inverting right and wrong, words that attack and slander the truth…. These are all absurd views. These absurd views are all produced because of Satan’s corruption of people and completely represent people’s corrupt nature and are things that flow out of people’s God-betraying nature. These absurd false views and theories are full of Satan’s poisons and the great red dragon’s fallacies. They are a result of the influence of thousands of years of Chinese culture. Because the whole of corrupt mankind is full of these things, all of people’s absurd viewpoints are formed during Satan’s corruption of them. Anyone who lives in the world without God’s work lives under Satan’s corruption. So people who have grown up under Satan’s corruption are all full of Satan’s poisons. This is especially true with people who live under the domain of the great red dragon. All the viewpoints they have are absurd and false views, in denial and against God. This is a fact that people cannot deny. Corrupt mankind’s hearts are full of Satan’s poisons, and all of mankind’s learning and views are absurd and false and completely reflect the thousands of years of history of Satan’s corruption of mankind.

from “A Fundamental Change in Viewpoints Is a Sign of Truly Understanding the Truth” in Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

When we see how Satan, all kinds of evil spirits, and false Christs testify themselves, their words make us feel sick. Such words are expressed in the following forms: First, they may say, “I am God incarnate.” And then, because they themselves lack the truth, they use the words of the incarnate God. Is this not the most despicable thing? The words with which the Holy Spirit testifies the incarnate God are the words of Christ, the words expressed by Christ. False Christs claim to be the incarnate God, so why do they have no original words? Why do they steal the words of God to testify themselves? Is this not one of the most despicable aspects of Satan? Stealing the words of the incarnate God to testify that oneself is Christ is a despicable act of Satan, its most shameless act. There are still other words used by Satan and false Christs to testify themselves, “I have come to do the work of perfecting man, and if you wish to enter the kingdom of God and be perfected, you must believe in me, hear my words, and first see my face. If you see my face, you will be changed instantly.” Such a person means to say that whoever sees his face will be perfected, and if you do not see his face, you cannot be perfected. What manner of words are these? These are a lie. How could simply seeing a face perfect someone? That is utter nonsense, isn’t it? The incarnate God has never said these words. God asks people to pursue the truth, submit to His work, accept His judgment and chastisement, accept His trials and refinement, so that they will finally be purified. God has never said that whoever sees the face of the incarnate God will be perfected.

from the fellowship from the above

The group of false Christs and antichrists is comprised of devils who mixed into God’s house but were later revealed and expelled. They do not have a heart that fears God, nor do they have any practical experience, they lack all knowledge of God’s work, and they have no testimony of life experience. These devils, for the despicable goal of controlling God’s chosen people, have carefully written several notorious volumes—The Words in the Words, Guide to the Millennial Kingdom, The Divine Path, The Work of Discernment, The Secrets Within the Secrets. Just looking at the names of these books makes one realize they are ridiculous and laughable. They do not match the vocabulary of the truth at all, and their content is unquestionably nothing but absurd theories and lies, not even worthy of refuting. The Secrets Within the Secrets and The Words in the Words repeat terms in their titles, which reveals the deceit and foolishness of Satan. It is obvious that they are books full of heresies and absurdities. Only the work of evil spirits could create such imitation and falsity. We can see that this group of devils has conspired long and comes prepared, that they have no intention to cease their disturbances, and that they are nothing but an experienced group of religious conmen. Everything they say is a lie, and the books compiled by them through pirating, extracting, and plagiarizing are nothing but tools to deceive people. If false Christs had any reason, they would take their specific experiences and write their life experience and understanding of the truth into a book to show people the facts. That would be proper. It’s unfortunate that they have no actual life experience and certainly have no work of the Holy Spirit, and that they can fellowship no genuine knowledge of God’s word and the truth, which is why they rely on lies and rumors to deceive people, confuse people, and make people follow them.

from the fellowship from the above

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