All Who Do Not Pursue the Truth Walk the Path of the Antichrists

How to Identify Those Who Do Not Pursue the Truth and Walk the Path of the Antichrists

What is manifested in those who do not pursue the truth? First, they do not accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. When they eat and drink the words of God, their focus is on analyzing these words, they concentrate only on trying to understand their literal meaning. The words of judgment and chastisement they believe to be directed at others, not them; they think that such words bear no relation to them. When people eat and drink God’s words in this way, are they accepting God’s judgment and chastisement? Upon seeing words of God that reveal and judge people, there are those who say, “God is talking about me. This fits with my state, this is what I’m like. This is the love of God coming to me, I am not worthy to receive God’s judgment and chastisement.” After that, they are quick to accept the truth. Such people come to know themselves more and more, and have an increasing sense that what God does is the work of saving people and making them perfect. The more they accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, the more they feel that God’s work saves people, that God loves man so much, that only God can do such real work, work that actually judges and chastises people, allowing them to change, and to be saved. Thus, the more such people eat and drink the words of God, the more they know themselves; the more they eat and drink the words of God, the more they understand the truth; the more they eat and drink the words of God, the more they feel that God’s love is so real. Ultimately, they come to know God, and thus they are those who truly and actually submit to the work of God; they truly obey and accept God’s words, and they are people who have conscience, sense, and humanity. This is no easy feat! Such is the reaction in these people once they have read God’s words. So why is there not this reaction in antichrists and evildoers? Why are they different? In this is revealed whether, in nature, a person loves the truth. Second, those who do not pursue the truth do not accept pruning and dealing. Say someone is performing their duty, problems arise, and what they do ends up being totally ineffectual. When they make a mistake, it’s no easy matter for them to be able to accept and obey the pruning and dealing from others—regardless of who it is—as long as this pruning and dealing is based on fact. Even such simple acceptance and obedience as this has toppled all “heroes”; corrupt mankind is even incapable of such practice and obedience. When you do something wrong, then regardless of who it is, irrespective of whether they have status, when they point things out to you, or prune and deal with you, lecture you, and reproach you, as long as half or more than half of it tallies with the facts, then you accept, acknowledge, and obey—is this easy to do? In such matters, what is revealed when people lack even this little bit of sense? What is revealed is whether they have obedience, and whether they have the reality of the truth; strictly speaking, what is revealed is whether they have humanity, whether they have conscience and sense, whether they truly obey the work of God, and, moreover, whether they love the truth. Some people say, “I believe in God and understand the truth. I entered the reality long ago.” What do we use to measure whether people have entered the reality? One thing: whether people are able to accept pruning and dealing. This is the most accurate measurement of whether they have entered the reality. It isn’t easy to achieve, however; this is beyond most people, who are fixated by their own vanity and pride, pride that is of immense value to them. Such is the power of vanity, yes? How many times have you encountered pruning and dealing? How many times have you obeyed, and how many times have you failed? When asked to present this aspect of reality, you’re lost for words. If I weren’t so hard on you, you’d think you were doing pretty well. You’d say to yourself, “I am obedient, I am absolutely obedient to God.” Everything you say would be boastful, and lacking in reality. What do you say, do those who do not accept pruning and dealing possess true obedience? They have none, at all—and so this reality is of the utmost importance. Third, those who do not pursue the truth do not practice the truth when performing their duty. They do so carelessly and perfunctorily, however they want, without restraint, impervious. Do such people obey the work of God? If they do not practice the truth when performing their duty, then why do they perform this duty? To be rewarded and blessed. So when they perform their duty thus, is it up to standard? If they do not practice the truth when they perform their duty, then they are the very definition of a service-doer, a classic example of one. All who do not practice the truth when they perform their duty are service-doers. If they are loyal service-doers, they will be allowed to remain, but they will be without the life, for they do not pursue the truth. But if none of them pursue the truth and they are all service-doers, then how could there be those who are loyal and those who are not? How could there be some who are permitted to remain, and some who are not? Where is the difference? Though they are all service-doers, some of them are compliant, obedient, effective in their service. They possess a little humanity, a little sense and conscience, they are not careless and perfunctory, they try their best to do whatever the house of God asks. Their service has an effect, and they are able to do service to the very end and never leave God. This is a loyal service-doer, and so loyal service-doers are ultimately allowed to remain. A service-doer who has no loyalty is of poor humanity and they are careless and perfunctory in performing their duty, and it is all in order to be rewarded and blessed. Such people do not practice the truth at all, and they shall be eliminated, they shall not remain, and their efforts are made in vain. Some say that such people are unfortunate—but what is so unfortunate about them? Their service has no effect. It can even cause more harm than good, which is worse than being ineffectual. When some people do their service, all they do is disturb and interfere. Such people are incapable of being blessed by God; their service disgusts those who see it and leaves them wishing they are sent home right away. Some people’s service is simply committing evil: When they go about spreading the gospel, they always try to engage in casual relationships, so much of what they do is up to mischief, all they think about when they perform their duty is how to spend money, and they covet the enjoyments of the flesh, commit despicable acts under the banner of performing their duty, and make not the slightest attempt to seek the truth and satisfy God when performing their duty. Do such service-doers not deserve to be punished? They do. Were people who render such service to be blessed, where would be the righteousness of God? People whose service contains not the slightest loyalty, and who make no attempt to practice the truth, should be punished. This is decided by God’s righteous disposition. You should be clear about this. If you have no knowledge of God, you will complain about God, saying, “If this is the case, do I not serve in vain? Why is there no conscience in the house of God? I’ve put in all this effort, I’ve given up my family and career, and at the very end, my service hasn’t earned me blessing at all, and instead I am cursed!” You should know why your service has not earned you a blessing of God, why your service is evildoing, why it is incapable of satisfying God, why it has no effect, and just what you are doing when you do your service and whether it contains any testimony. Nothing you do is good, all you do is bad, and you moan about God’s punishment and complain that the house of God is unfair. Are you not impervious to reason? What happens to some people after they’ve worked for several years? They become false leaders and antichrists, and they are eliminated. And what do they say? They say that the house of God “kills the donkey as soon as it leaves the millstone.” Are such words justified? If the donkey had been good at its job, would its master have killed it? If the master did kill the donkey, it must have been unfit for use—in which case it was good for nothing! Why don’t you behave properly when you perform your duty? Why are you not obedient to God, not faithful in performing your duty, why are you lacking in conscience and sense? God’s chosen ones will favor and endorse any leader who always fellowships about the truth and reality to them, who is especially loving, who brings great edification to them. No one would dare dismiss such a leader; no one endorsed by God’s chosen ones could be so easily dismissed. Even if he was dismissed, when elections came he would be chosen once again. No one can change the fact of the chosen ones’ endorsement. If someone truly is good, then God’s chosen ones will be sure to endorse them, and if someone is not good, and they’re less than an animal, what right have they to complain that they were “killed after leaving the millstone”? You do not practice the truth when you perform your duty, you perform it carelessly and perfunctorily, you even commit many wicked acts—and yet when you are eliminated by the house of God, you complain that God’s house “kills the donkey as soon as it leaves the millstone,” and you dare say that “the king’s company is like a tiger’s den.” Are you not impervious to reason? Are you not evil? So practicing the truth when we perform our duties is also a crucial entry. The fourth manifestation of not pursuing the truth is that people are not able to accept and obey the work arrangements, preachings, and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit. They do not accept the leadership and shepherding of the man used by the Holy Spirit, and say, “I only listen to God, I do not listen to what any person says.” What do the words “I only listen to God” mean? Could God personally lead these people? That would be impossible. Their “I only listen to God” becomes “I only listen to myself”; this is the most practical and concise explanation of such words. They say, “I’ll believe however I want. No one has the right to interfere with me, my fate is in my hands.” This is the real reaction in the hearts of the antichrists; such people are incapable of obeying the man used by the Holy Spirit, and be it the work arrangements, preachings, or fellowship of the above, they pay not the slightest attention, they think these things have nothing to do with them, and even say, “I can understand the words of a man straightaway; let’s find a passage of the words of God that are completely cryptic–they’re really fascinating!” “I can understand the words of a man straightaway,” is this right? If the words of man were not immediately understandable, would they be the words of man? Whose words are indecipherable no matter how many times you read them? Is there such a person? What does it mean that you can understand the preachings, fellowship, and work arrangements of the above straight away? It means that these are the words of man, but having understood them, have you entered into them? Have you gained the reality of them? Have you walked on the path indicated for you by such work arrangements? Have you entered the reality? Understanding what you read and entering its reality are two different things. Just because you understand what you read, does that mean you are capable of doing it? Have you gained something from them? Do you think that as soon as you understand it, you have it? Is this not egotism? When the man used by the Holy Spirit fellowships something, you think you’ve got it, you understand it—but what are you able to understand without his fellowship? If you think you understand, have a go at fellowshiping it and bring benefit to God’s chosen ones. You’re just blowing your own horn! You know nothing of yourself. If you think you have the ability, go and lead the brothers in the church you are in to see if you can make them enter the reality and do better than the work arrangements, preachings, and fellowship of the above. Didn’t you say you understood these words straight away? Do some work to reveal your ability. You’re nothing, yet you still pretend to be talented! Some people never submit. If you don’t submit, then I’ll make you a pastoral leader—let’s see if you do a good job of that. Or, I’ll make you a regional leader, and see if people are convinced by you then. If you’re incapable of it, you can be a district leader and we’ll see if the preachers and church leaders in the district are convinced by you. You never know what you can till you try. You can’t take the lead, and you aren’t able to assume a support role, either, yet you still have such a high opinion of yourself! You’re just blowing your own horn! Can you convince the thirty or fifty people in a church, can you make them say that you have the truth, that you have the reality? This is no simple matter. With nothing better to do, you sit in your room blowing your own horn, thinking you’re above everyone else, that you are something. But when you meet people you shrink back. It won’t do if you have no reality of the truth. You have nothing presentable. Well, look: When the man used by the Holy Spirit works, he does so with ease; he can properly deal with everything that happens, he can stay on top of things and bring them under his control no matter what great disaster or confusion befalls him. Such things are not easy, they require the truth, and the knowledge of the work of God. Whenever something happens, he immediately understands, and then what does everything Satan does seem like to him? Like petty tricks, something that is easy to deal with. He can deal with whatever antichrist comes along, he is entirely in control, he can sort them out however he wants. And in this, is a person’s stature not clearly revealed? Some people, when facing an antichrist who is eloquent and good at speaking doctrines, fail to win the upper hand, they become lost for words, and they don’t know what to do. Such people are without the truth. Is this a matter of who is more eloquent? This is a matter of the truth and wisdom; people who have the truth will be able to get the better of the antichrist in short order. These four points we’ve just talked about are the manifestation of those who do not pursue the truth and can also be said to be the manifestation of those who walk the path of the antichrists. These four things are manifested in all who walk the path of the antichrists, and who do not pursue the truth. All who have these four manifestations are those who walk the path of the antichrists, and who do not pursue the truth—of this there is no doubt.

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