Chapter 55. Do You Understand God’s Love for Mankind?

Where is the love of God, who became flesh, manifest for mankind? After experiencing the work step by step, you can see that when God speaks in every step of the work, He uses some patterns, speaks some prophecies, and expresses some truth and God’s disposition, and people all have reactions. What are their reactions? They do not submit to God, they especially don’t take the initiative to seek the truth, or they are not willing to accept God’s work. They are all negative and resistant, and they are conflicting, rejecting and are not accepting. However, since the beginning, God has not changed the way He does His work, His love for mankind does not change. Regardless of people’s attitude, regardless of whether they are rejecting or reluctantly accepting, or whether they change slightly, God’s love is unchanging. His work has never been disturbed at any step. This is one aspect in which His love is manifest. In addition, after each step of the work is completed, regardless of how people manifest themselves, God’s love for people is unchanging. He is always working and always saving people. In the next step when He does His work, His words of judgment and revelation will be deeper, more clear, and more directed at people’s current situations. He speaks some words to allow people to be able to better understand and know Him, and especially so that they can understand His will and be able to achieve His will. People will see that God still loves mankind. Regardless of whether people’s reactions are always negative or in resistance to God, people will always have these kinds of reactions in every step of the work. However, God always speaks and works, and God has never changed His love for mankind. Therefore, all of God’s work for man is love. Some people say: “If it is all love, then why does He judge and chastise man? Why does it seem so hateful toward people? He even tries people and lets them die!” It is true, God has only love for people! God chastises and judges people’s rebelliousness to allow people to understand the truth and allow them to repent and start anew, and to allow people to understand God’s disposition, thereby allowing people to revere God and submit to Him. Some people are in a resistant state of mind, but God does not let up in the slightest on saving people and He doesn’t give up on people; this entails a great amount of love, doesn’t it?

During the time of the service-doers, many people are in so much negativity and pain that they cry and fuss to the point that they wail and complain out loud, wondering how they can be a service-doer with so many hardships. They are truly not willing! You are not willing and you don’t understand, but God understands you. Isn’t this love? His love includes a comprehension of people, seeing through people, and a thorough understanding of people. His love is not confused, it is not pretend, it is not empty, but it is real. He sees your shortcomings and ignorance and has pity on you, loves you, and always stirs you emotionally. Regardless of whether you are not ready or willing to be a service-doer, He is always speaking and giving you several months of refinement in order to reveal your corruption and let you understand your disgraceful situation. Is there love during this period of three months? If He did not have love, then He would ignore you; in seeing the manner of your conduct during the time of the service-doers, He would have spurned you early on. Are you unwilling to be a service-doer? You won’t suffer with God, but you are hopping with joy when you obtain blessings. If God had only hatred instead of love, then people would be eliminated because of their corrupt reactions. Three months of refinement is not a long time. Why do I say it is not a long time? Because this is merely the amount of time that people are able to bear. If it were for a little longer, then they wouldn’t be able to bear it. Although they always sing, meet together, and fellowship, they only enjoy those things and could certainly not continue standing; therefore, they are turned into God’s people early on. This also entails love; God uses His heart and love to reform people and to get a hold of people. This is also a manifestation of love. You can see God’s love in this time-frame; He does not delay by a single day or a single month. When the day comes that He should speak, then He immediately speaks. If He delayed another few months, then some people would gradually withdraw. This is working according to people’s actual situations. He doesn’t delay at all or waste time, He pays special attention to everyone. Since He is saving people, He is responsible all the way to the end. But some people don’t live up to expectations, they slip and fall down. Before some people leave, the Holy Spirit especially moves them and urges them to stay. Some people are truly urged to stay but do not. God truly loves people greatly, but people are not worthy to let God love them. If God was not able to love people who withdraw, then it would turn to hatred, and He would completely ignore that kind of person. With regard to the steps and time-frame of the work, the length of the step, the amount of words said in the step, the tone of voice, the methods used in the step, and the corresponding truths to allow you to understand, all include His great thoughts and consideration and precise arrangement and planning.

God is always using His wisdom to guide mankind, to provide for them, to serve them, and to cultivate them little by little and bring them to this day. Every person who has experienced these things currently has some understanding; even though I don’t discuss it, many people are able to; people keep a step by step process fresh in their memories. There are no words to describe the love in this. God loves people so deeply but people will never experience it thoroughly; this love is too deep and it is impossible to clearly explain with words; it is impossible to clearly explain it from the perspective of time. From the perspective of time, we are able to see how deep His love is for mankind; He gives especially meticulous consideration to small matters and does not allow time to go even a little too long. He is afraid that if time goes too long that people will withdraw and leave Him. His love holds people tightly and it does not let up at all. In addition, there are also the steps of chastisement and judgment that God has a grasp on. If there was one more method, people would feel that God was deceiving them and playing with them. People’s statures do not measure up and it is very easy for them to withdraw. Therefore, after three months of refinement, God spoke again and turned the service-doers into His people and everyone was happy. People were so emotionally stirred that they burst into tears and saw that God’s wisdom is too good. “All that time I thought I was truly a service-doer, I thought I didn’t have a destination, and that this meant God doesn’t want us and we are completely done for.” At the time if I said I wouldn’t allow you to die, no one would believe it; you would think that God had already said that and that it was certainly true. After three months, I spoke another passage of words and ended the trial of the service-doers. Even though people’s natures are corrupt, occasionally people are especially innocent like a little child. Why is it said that people are always infants in the presence of God? Each and every move they make is like that of an infant; people look at others as if they are all corrupt and decadent, but in the eyes of God, people are always infants, they are all especially naive and innocent; therefore, God does not treat people like enemies, rather He regards them as His targets for salvation and love. Therefore, God’s love for people is not like what people imagine, which is just saying nice things and well wishes. This time, there are some words in God’s work that truly do not meet people’s expectations, even to the point that they pierce people’s hearts causing them pain. Some judging words are like labeling people and scolding people, but actually they all have true context and are completely in keeping with facts and truth. They are not exaggerated. God speaks according to people’s corrupt substance and as long as people experience for a period of time, they will come to understand. The purpose for God saying these things is to change and save people. Only by speaking this way is He able to achieve the most valuable results. You should see that the kind intentions of God are completely designed to save people and they all embody God’s love. Regardless of whether you look at it from the perspective of the wisdom in God’s work, from the perspective of the steps and methods in God’s work, or from the perspective of the duration of the work or His precise arrangements and plans, it all contains His love. For example, people all have love for their sons and daughters; so that their children can walk the correct path, they have all put forth a great amount of effort. When they discover their children’s weaknesses, the parents worry that if they speak softly, their children will not listen, and will not be able to change, and they worry that if they speak too sternly, they will hurt their children’s self-esteem, and their children will not be able to bear it. This is all done out of love, and they put a great deal of effort into it. As sons and daughters yourselves, you may have experienced your parents’ love. Love does not just involve gentleness and consideration; even more so, it involves strict chastening. On top of this, everything God does for mankind is done out of love. He operates under the precondition of love, which is why He does His utmost to bring salvation to corrupt humanity. He does not deal with people perfunctorily; He makes precise plans and proceeds with them step by step. In terms of when, where, with what tone of voice, with what method of speaking, and how much effort He puts forth…, it can be said that all of this reveals His love, and it all fully explains that His love for mankind is limitless and immeasurable. Many people say rebellious things when they are in the midst of trials; they issue complaints. But God does not bicker about these things, and He certainly does not punish people for this. Because He loves people, He forgives everything. If He merely had hatred instead of love, then He would have condemned people early on. Since God has love, He does not bicker, but He tolerates, and He is able to observe people’s difficulties. This is completely doing everything under the influence of love. Only God understands people, you do not even understand yourself. Isn’t that right? Think about it carefully, some people complain about this and that; people cause trouble without reason, they live in blessings but don’t feel blessings. No one knows how much pain God who came down to the earth from heaven had to suffer. God became a person, He is so great and was able to become so minute, lowly and be so humiliated. How much pain He must have suffered! Take an example from the world: A good emperor loves his people just like his own children, and in order to understand the difficulties and suffering of the people, he personally goes out to observe them. According to his position, he should not have to suffer these pains, but in order to alleviate the pain of the people, he secretly visits them in plain clothes. He goes among the people and observes and understands the people’s pain as a normal person. According to his position, condescending to the status of an ordinary person is a humbling thing; he must live like a normal person and people don’t know his status, and of course they treat him like a normal person. There are many dangers among the people, and of course they treat him in all different ways, and he begins to experience the difficulties and sufferings of the people; he suffers the pains that the people suffer; he has to be especially cautious and careful everywhere. What is he doing this for? There is just one goal that drives him. God is able to work this way today because His management plan has achieved this level. He loves mankind so He saves mankind, He is able to do this because He is driven by love and is under the premise of love. God became flesh and suffered enormous humiliation in order to save this group of corrupt mankind. This sufficiently proves that His love is so great.

There is counsel, comfort, encouragement, tolerance, and patience in the words that God speaks, even more so, there is judgment, chastisement, cursing, public disclosure, beautiful promises, etc. in His words. Regardless of the method, it is all dominated by love. This is the substance of His work, isn’t it? You all currently have some understanding, but it is not that deep. At the least you are able to have some sense, and later, after you have experienced three to five years, you will be able to sense that this love is so deep and so great. It is impossible to use the words of man to describe. If people do not have love, how are they able to reciprocate God’s love? Even if you offered your life to God, you wouldn’t be able to repay Him. After you experience three to five more years, and reflect on your current manifestations and disposition, you will be extremely remorseful and will kneel down and bow your head to the ground. Why are most people following so closely? Why do most people have this much enthusiasm? They have understanding of God’s love, and they see that God’s work is saving people. Think about it, is God’s work not especially precise in its timing? One link closely follows another link without the slightest delay. Why is He not delaying? It is still for mankind. He is not willing to sacrifice or lose a single soul. Therefore, who on this earth loves you the most? You do not love yourself, you do not care about your own fate, you do not know to cherish your own life, and you do not know how precious it is. Only God loves mankind the most. People might have not observed this, thinking that they love themselves. Actually, what love do people have for themselves? Only God’s love is true love; you will gradually experience what true love is. If God had not become flesh to work and guide man face to face, if He did not interact with man and live with man all the time, then truly understanding God’s love would not be an easy thing to do.

Humans and God are fundamentally different and live in two different realms. Humans are unable to understand God’s language, much less know His thoughts. Only God understands humans, and it is impossible for them to understand Him. Therefore, God has to become flesh and transform into the same kind as humans (appearing outwardly to be the same), enduring tremendous humiliation and pain to save people so that they can understand and know His work. Why is God always saving humans, and never giving up? Is it not because of His love for them? He sees humanity being corrupted by Satan, and cannot bear to let go or give up; this is the reason He came up with a management plan. If it were as people imagine, and He destroyed humankind as soon as He became angry, then He would not be needing to take such great pains to save them. It is precisely due to the pain suffered by His incarnation that little by little, His love is being discovered and coming to be known by all people. If God were not performing this kind of work, then people would only know that there is a God in heaven and that He has love for humanity. If that were the case, it would be mere doctrine, and people would never be able to observe and experience God’s true love. Only through the work God does in the flesh can people gain a true understanding of Him. This understanding is neither vague nor empty, and neither is it a doctrine to which one merely pays lip service; rather, it is a genuine understanding, because the love that God gives to humans brings substantial advantages. This work can only be done by Him in flesh; the Spirit cannot perform this work in His stead. How great was the love that the Lord Jesus gave people? He was crucified on behalf of corrupt humanity, and served as a sin offering; He had come to complete the work of redemption for humankind, right up until He was crucified. This love was boundless, and the work God has done is profoundly significant. Some people still have notions about God incarnate. What notions do you have? Without God incarnate, people’s belief in God would be but an empty framework, and they eventually would be destroyed! God’s love for humankind primarily manifests in His work done while in the flesh, in personally saving people, speaking and living face-to-face with them, without being the slightest bit distant, without any pretense, and while being completely real. He saves people to the extent that He was able to become flesh and pass through years of pain with humans in the world, all because of His love and pity for humankind. God’s love for humans is unconditional and makes no demands. What does He receive from them in return? People are cold toward God. Who is able to treat God as God? People do not give God the slightest bit of comfort; to this day, God still has not received true love from humanity. God just keeps giving and providing selflessly, yet people are still not content and persistently ask Him for grace. People are so difficult to deal with and are so troublesome! However, sooner or later the day will come when God’s work will obtain results and the majority of people will send out true thanks from their hearts. People who have experienced many years are able to have a sense for this aspect. Even though people are numb, they are not robots after all; they are not lifeless objects. People who have not had experience with God’s work might not be able to observe these things; they only acknowledge saying that these truths are correct, but they do not have a very deep understanding.

God became flesh and has worked for several years and has said countless things. God begins by giving people the trial of service-doers, and subsequently speaks prophecies and begins the work of judgment and chastisement, then He uses death to refine people. Afterward, He leads people onto the right track of believing in God, speaking and providing people with all the truth and fighting back against the various notions of man. Later, He gives man a little hope to allow them to see that there is hope in front of them; that is, God and people enter a beautiful destination together. Even though this work is all carried out according to the plans of God, it is all done according to the needs of mankind. It is not casually done by Him; He uses His wisdom to do all of this work. Because He has love, He is able to use wisdom and earnestly treat these corrupted people. He does not toy with people in the slightest degree. Look at the tone of voice and wording in God’s words; sometimes it gives people trials, sometimes His wording makes people uncomfortable, sometimes He gives people wording that liberates them and makes them at ease. He truly puts in a lot of thought and consideration for people. Even though people are creations of God, and have all experienced corruption from Satan, and even though people are worthless, are trash, and their natures are like this, He doesn’t treat people according to their substances and He doesn’t treat them according to the retribution they should suffer. Even though His speech is stern, He always treats people with patience, tolerance, and pity. Slowly and carefully ponder this! If God did not treat people with tolerance, pity, and grace then would He be able to say all these things to save people? Why hasn’t He directly condemned people? People are so foolish and ignorant, people do not have love in their substances, and they don’t know what love is, and they don’t know why God works this way. When people do not observe God’s love, then they feel: God does this work very well, it is beneficial for mankind and it is able to change people. However, not one person feels that God has done His work too well, with too much significance, and that His love for mankind is too deep, and that He truly has not treated people as unbearably filthy. People have not treated God as God, but God has treated people as people. Isn’t this so? God says that you are animals, but He simply has not treated you like animals. If He treated you like animals, then why would He provide you with truth? What would He be saving you for? Some people feel extremely wronged and say: “God said I am trash, I am so ashamed I can’t go on living.” Actually, people do not understand the will of God. One can say that you might experience the wisdom and kind intentions of God’s work your whole life but won’t experience them very deeply. Regardless of whether your experiences are deep or not, as long as you understand in the end and know a little bit, then that is enough. God asks people to understand truth and focus on transforming their disposition, to gradually enter deeply in their devotion and submission as well as in the love they have for God in their hearts. When people expend themselves a little and suffer a little hardship, then they think that their contributions are very great in God’s presence, and that they have seniority. When they make a little contribution, they flaunt their seniority, and if they don’t mention their contributions, then they don’t feel steadfast or settled. Do people have love? What love do people have? Does God receive people’s true love? Is God not worthy of people’s love?

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