God Decides on the Endings of Different Kinds of People Based on Their Manifestations

Only Those Who Have Attained Devotion and Obedience to God by Pursuing the Truth Will Be Saved

The most important results to be obtained through pursuing the truth are genuine obedience and devotion to God. Those that are truly able to obey God are also, at the same time, those that are devoted to God. If you do not obey God, you are also not devoted to Him. Only by being obedient to God can you be devoted to Him. A man’s devotion simultaneously reveals a man’s obedience. If you possess true obedience, you will also possess devotion at the same time. This is the relationship between devotion and obedience. All those who genuinely obey God are also devoted to Him. However, just because you are devoted to God doesn’t mean that you understand a lot of truth. The majority of the prophets and apostles throughout the ages were devoted to God. Some were persecuted to death. They were martyred for God without any complaints. This was their testimony of devotion. If a man does not understand a lot of the truth, but possesses devotion and obedience to God, this kind of man is someone that has been saved. Presently, we are required to pursue the truth; what are the results that we are to attain in the very end? Precisely speaking, we should at the very least enter into the realities of truly obeying God, being devoted to God and being honest people. What is the relationship between devotion, obedience and honest people? If someone that pursues the truth is devoted and obedient toward God, it can be said that he has become an honest person. Has this person’s life disposition changed? Of course, their life disposition has changed. Therefore, the result that will be attained in the very end through pursuing the truth is a change in one’s life disposition. Once someone’s life disposition has changed, he will be able to put the truth into practice, enter into the reality of God’s word, be a person that is obedient and devoted to God and be an honest person. These are the results that can be attained through pursuing the truth. Attaining perfection through pursuing the truth is an even higher result. At this point, one will have genuine knowledge of God. This knowledge will bring about a change in one’s life disposition and one’s perspective on things will also change. In the very end, this person will be able to bear witness to God, God’s work and God’s deeds. This is a person that has been perfected by God. There are some people who are unable to become people that bear witness to God. However, they have borne beautiful testimonies when faced with all sorts of trials and refinement. Their testimonies are born out of their reality, obedience and devotion, which also serve as testimonies to God. However, these people’s testimony of entering into reality and being devoted to God to the end is not the same as the genuine testimony of having knowledge of God. Both are beautiful testimonies, but the testimony of knowing God is even deeper. The testimony that ordinary saints, the people of the kingdom, live out is the testimony of being both devoted and obedient to God. The testimony of those that have been perfected is the same as the testimony of Peter. These two kinds of testimonies are somewhat different in nature, and their results are a bit different, but both are approved by God.


What are the manifestations of obeying God? How can this be put into practice? These are crucial questions. First, we must fulfill our duties according to God’s words and according to God’s requirements. Second, we must fulfill our duties, eat and drink God’s words and seek to enter into the reality of the truth in accordance with the work arrangements from the above. Those that can practice in this manner are people that are truly obedient. Upon this foundation of obeying God, as one’s knowledge of God gradually grows deeper, and their understanding of the truth gradually grows clearer, they will start to manifest devotion. Once they are devoutly obedient to God, it can be said that this person’s spiritual stature has matured. He is now capable of obeying God in a devoted manner. What does devotion mean? It means that nobody can influence you. You cannot be constrained by any person, event, or thing. You are staunchly immovable in things that God has entrusted you with. This is someone that is devoted to God. Those that truly obey and are devoted to God are people that God approves of. No matter what trials and disasters these people face in the future, they will have God’s protection. Even if they want to die, they cannot, because God wants to bring these people into the next age, into His kingdom. According to this fact, what would you say are the results that should be attained through pursuing the truth? At the minimum, one should be able to truly obey God, act by God’s words and fulfill one’s duties according to God’s requirements. Additionally, one should also be able to obey the work arrangements from the above. If you pursue the truth and fulfill your duties in this manner, you will be someone that obeys God. If you understand even more truth so that your obedience is not a momentary obedience but an obedience that is not affected by any person, event, or thing under any sort of circumstances, then your obedience has devotion within or in other words, your obedience has devotion as part of its composition. If you are able to unwaveringly be devoted to God and none other, then you are a person who has met the criteria for salvation. If someone does not have any obedience for God, not to mention devotion, this person cannot be saved. If you can’t be saved, what can you do? You must still pursue the truth. Now, what should you focus on in regard to pursuing the truth? You should strive to obey God. You should always be pondering, “What truths must I possess in order to attain obedience to God? How can obedience to God be put into practice?” After a period of hard work, if you can understand the truth of obeying God, how to put it into practice to have the reality of obeying God and how to practice it to satisfy God’s requirements, then you are on the correct path in regard to pursuing the truth. Notice how some people persistently read God’s words when they pursue the truth. Afterward, when they encounter a situation, they persistently contemplate, pray and fellowship. The result is that they come to understand this aspect of the truth in a couple months of time. This is what it means to be a person that pursues the truth. This is a manifestation of pursuing the truth. Now, if someone does not know the spiritual stature he has attained through believing in God, if he does not know whether or not he can be saved after a few years of believing in God and if he does not know how to pursue the truth, isn’t this person’s faith a confused faith? His faith in God has no objective and he does not know what the results of believing in God are. He does not know in which aspects he should change, which aspects of the truth he should enter into and which realities he should live out. This means that his faith is a confused faith. Now, are you able to distinguish which people have obedience and devotion in the fulfillment of their duties? If you are able to distinguish clearly this matter, that means you have a path to enter into the truth and you are able to put it into practice. If you cannot see this matter clearly and are unable to distinguish, this indicates that you do not understand the truth. There are some people presently who do not have any obedience. No matter what you say, they pay no attention to you. They resist when you deal with and prune them and their hearts are full of resentment for you. They do not take seriously any work that you arrange for them to do. They adhere to this view: “I will do whatever I want to do. Don’t mess with me.” They believe, “Don’t bother me about the way I do things. As long as I fulfill my duties, that means I am obeying God and I am after God’s heart.” Are these words tenable? What is your method of doing things based on? Let’s analyze this matter. For what purpose do some people forsake everything and fulfill their duties? It is for their individual status, reputation and the rewards and blessings they can receive in the future. Now, if a man has these kinds of intentions, does it represent his obedience and devotion to God? Just having these kinds of intentions is incorrect because it is not in accordance with the truth. You are not willingly fulfilling your duties for God and you are not devoted to God. You are seeking rewards and blessings for yourself. That is why, even though you have forsaken everything and you are fulfilling your duties, you are not genuinely obeying God, because your intentions are incorrect. If your intentions are incorrect but you are willing to fulfill your duties, this is still good. However, you must pursue the truth, you must pursue to be cleansed and changed. Once you understand the truth, the incorrect intentions within you will be cleansed, and your life disposition will change. At that point, you will not be after blessings and rewards. Instead, you will be utterly loyal to God’s entrustment and offer up yourself to do God’s will. If someone has this kind of change while pursuing the truth, if in the future, he is completely devoted to God in his fulfillment of duties and that is devoid of his individual intentions and transactions, then this person is someone that has obtained the truth. This is a person whose life disposition has changed. Since this person has obtained the truth, his intentions have changed and the way he sees things has changed. The motives and intentions behind his expending for God are correct and they are completely in accordance with God’s will. In the future, his duties will all be done in accordance with God’s words, God’s requirements and the work arrangements from the above. Through prayer, he is willing and glad to do them like this in order to satisfy God. In the future, his duties will be done with obedience and devotion to God. This is the type of person who will be saved by God in the end. When people first start to believe in God, they all are tainted with impurities. However, those that pursue the truth later experience a change in the way they see things, their view of God also changes and they have a true knowledge of God. Then, they devotedly expend themselves for God, they offer themselves up to God in order to satisfy God, they live for God and they live to do God’s will. So, haven’t their outlook on life and their values changed? Their outlook on life and their values have changed. These are the results that can be attained through pursuing the truth. If someone is not a person that pursues the truth, they will expend themselves for God in order to receive blessings and rewards, and their intentions will be similar to those of Paul. If their intentions remain the same from the beginning of their faith until the very end, what will be the ending for this kind of person? They will not be approved by God. If they do many evil things, they will also be punished. Now, would you say pursuing the truth while experiencing God’s work is essential? Can a man’s destiny be changed through pursuing the truth? Pursuing the truth is extremely essential. Through pursuing the truth, a man’s destiny can be changed, and the way he views things and his values can be changed. Additionally, it can also cause a man’s disposition to change and cause a man to obey God, be devoted to God and have genuine love for God in his heart. That is why through pursuing the truth a man’s destiny can be changed. This is a certainty. Presently, there are some people who do not pursue the truth. In their hearts, they know that pursuing the truth is meaningful, yet they do not do it. Why do they not pursue the truth? The main reason is that their hearts do not love the truth. When they see the truth, that gives them a headache. When they see the truth, that saps their energy. This is because they do not love the truth. That is why, even though they know the truth is good, it is useless. Even though they understand some of the meaning of pursuing the truth, they still do not pursue it. This is determined by their nature that does not love the truth. Those that love the truth always communicate the truth. The more they communicate, the clearer their understanding of the truth. Unconsciously, the way they see things changes. Unconsciously, the incorrect intentions and ways of pursuit and their erroneous understanding change. This is how the truth changes people. Now, if you are allowed to live the way that unbelievers do, you will feel there is no point in it and you will feel that it is without meaning. Isn’t this change? This is change. After some more years of pursuit, you will have spiritual stature, your viewpoints on things will all change and your life disposition will change. Whoever deals with and prunes you, you will accept it effortlessly. It will be very easy for you to accept and obey. Your heart will lack resistance. These are the results that can be obtained through pursuing the truth. Tell me, which would be more meaningful and have more value—living with the truth or living in the way that unbelievers do with Satan’s disposition? If you rely on Satan’s disposition to live, your entire life will have no meaning. Without the truth, whatever you do and however you pretend, you will feel very silly and hollow. That is why relying on the truth to live and obtaining the truth is a priceless treasure. Whenever you think about the sense, the likeness, the obedience, the loyalty and love for God that those with the truth live out, you feel they are valuable. Whenever you consider the true human likeness they live out, you feel it has meaning. Therefore, what is the highest result that one can attain through pursuing the truth? It is to live out a true human likeness and to live out the most meaningful life. Now, wouldn’t you say that the devotion and obedience to God that attaining salvation requires depends on pursuing the truth? This depends on pursuing the truth. Now, if you do not pursue the truth, you cannot attain genuine obedience and devotion to God. Notice how when people first start believing in God, they rely on their zeal and are able to leave their family and everything else in order to expend for God. Now, do you think they possess genuine obedience and devotion? Why is it that some people unconsciously change as they fulfill their duties? They become more and more fervent, they are willing and glad to forsake everything and they have no regrets in doing so. How can this be attained? This can be attained through pursuing the truth. As they pursue the truth, their life disposition changes. That is why they feel, “I have left my family and I have forsaken everything else to expend for God. This is great. This is my reward.” Even though materialistically, they are poor, however, spiritually, they are rich. If they are spiritually rich, in the future, they will have everything. When God’s kingdom is realized, would you say that these people will still be poor? As long as we are able to sincerely expend for God in the present moment and become people that are genuinely obedient and devoted to God, then God’s blessings for us will be beyond description. God’s blessings will be so great and so plentiful that you cannot even imagine it. Through pursuing the truth a person’s destiny can be changed and everything about a person can be changed. Some people are short-sighted. They always haggle over minor issues that are right before their eyes. Aren’t these people very silly? They do not have understanding. There are some people now that expend for God by fulfilling their duties that lack the truth and do not have obedience. If someone deals with and prunes them, they disobey and resist them and their demonic nature emerges. You have to negotiate with them or humor them so that they will fulfill their duties. Don’t these people lack the truth? Some people reluctantly fulfill their duties. They only fulfill their duties if they have spare time or when they have nothing else to deal with. They only spread the gospel or look for gospel targets in their spare time if it does not interfere with the interests of their family. If there is an issue with their family, they immediately place matters concerning God’s family and fulfilling their duties into 2nd place, 3rd place or even 4th place. No matter how insignificant their matters are, they are ranked as number 1. Now, is this type of person devoted in the fulfillment of their duties to God? They are not devoted and definitely not obedient. They lack both devotion and obedience. They just want to fulfill some duties in their spare time so that they can receive blessings. What do you think of such people’s view? Do they have the truth? They do not have any truth. They are very childish and ridiculous. Some people, when fulfilling their duties, always want other people to regard them highly and want to please them. They want to please the leaders. They want the leaders to regard them highly. They want everyone to be good to them. Is the fulfillment of their duties in accordance with God’s will? They fulfill their duties so that others will regard them highly, so that they will benefit from others, so that they will please others and so that they will get a smile. Their hearts do not have a place for God. The fulfillment of their duties is not based on their obedience and devotion to God. The fulfillment of their duties does not have any meaning, it is not worth anything, it has no value, it is futile and it is just their rendering of service. If you fulfill your duties in order to obey God and in order to satisfy God, why do you look at other people’s faces? Why do you ingratiate yourself with other people? Why do you care whether other people will regard you highly? What is the value of this? Is this in line with the truth? Look at these people’s intentions, look at these people’s deceitfulness, and look at how slick and sly they are. They are truly selfish and despicable. They have no knowledge whatsoever. They only care about benefiting from other people. If you are truly someone that obeys God, no matter how workers and leaders treat you, you will feel, “I obey God. I am someone that obeys God. I will not be subject to the constraint of any person, event or thing.” This kind of person obeys God. If a person is devoted to God, how will he handle this? “Regardless of how others treat me, regardless of how others obstruct me from fulfilling my duties, I must be devoted to God. I will not be subject to the constraint of other people.” This kind of person has the truth in his heart. He puts the truth into practice and he obeys God. He is not subject to the constraint of anyone else. This kind of person has truly entered into reality. Presently, you can see that there are some people who are always tainted with their ulterior motives when fulfilling their duties and they remain unchanged. They are always living for their own status and for their own reputation. They strive to win credit and have others regard them highly. Does this kind of person obey God through the fulfillment of his duties? If you are someone that truly obeys God, you will pray to God with your heart, you will practice obedience to God, you will fulfill your duties in order to satisfy God and repay God’s love without being tainted by anything impure. You will only desire to fulfill your duties to repay God’s love. You should have this kind of intention before God and this kind of practice: “I will not be constrained by how others regard me. I do not care. I will only accept God’s examination. If I have disobedience or corruption, I am willing to throw them off and repent. I am willing to live out the likeness of a genuine human being.” This is what it means to be a person that pursues the truth. If you see that someone’s satanic disposition is very fierce and very deceitful, and what they say is nice to listen to, but when they do things, they arbitrarily take reckless actions, they do not think about the interests of God’s family and they do not think about the work of the church, is this person someone that obeys God? This person is someone that resists God and does not have obedience. There are people in the church who, once they fulfill duties or do any other work, bring a lot of difficulties and troubles to their brothers and sisters. When other people see the way they do things or fulfill their duties, they shake their heads, they feel awful and they find it difficult to bear. Now, what kind of problem is this? The fulfillment of their duties is not up to standard. If the fulfillment of their duties is capable of satisfying God, God’s chosen people will see it and also feel that it is suitable. When you take a look at the way they fulfill their duties, you will see that first, they are defending God’s work and the interests of the church, second, in everything they do they are obedient and are held in check and not lax, and they do not act arbitrarily, and third, the duties that they fulfill all have results. When other people see them fulfill their duties, they will feel that the attitude with which they fulfill their duties has changed, that they fulfill their duties better than before and do them conscientiously, and that the normal humanity is embodied in the fulfillment of their duties and it is up to standard. From the fulfillment of their duties, people can see that their disposition has changed and they can see the results of the fulfillment of their duties. These people are those that genuinely pursue the truth. There are some people who fulfill their duties in such a way that it causes other people to feel troubled by it. When they fulfill their duties, they bother the church and their brothers and sisters, who have to do this and do that for them. It is as if you need to exchange many people’s labor for their performance of duties. There are other people who are completely out of control in regard to the fulfillment of their duties. They mix their own methods, intentions and objectives into the fulfillment of their duties. Isn’t this causing interruption and disturbance? Aren’t these evil-doers? Where is their true obedience and devotion to God? The fulfillment of their duties is the same as doing evil. When we fulfill our duties, we must do so according to God’s requirements. If you want to do evil, you better not fulfill your duties, for it would be meaningless and you would be even unworthy to render service. Presently, there are some people who fulfill their duties in such an awful way that you can hardly bear to see it. Once you watch it, you start to detest these people. These people boast and they deceive. They do not do anything practical. If they pay a price, they want to receive wages and want God’s family to give them a reward. If they do not get a reward, they want to receive fame. These people do not fulfill duties in order to satisfy God. Instead, they do so in order to gain some benefit for themselves. They try to enter into a business transaction with God. Aren’t these people evil? These are typical evil people. What kind of people are able to attain God’s salvation and be brought into the kingdom by God in the end? Those who are completely devoted to God. Those who are devoted to God to the end. These people can be brought into God’s kingdom by God. Presently, what results should we attain through pursuing the truth? We should have true obedience to God. Upon a foundation of true obedience, we should have devotion to God. What are the manifestations of true obedience? Pray to God about the reason for fulfilling your duties, and fellowship clearly about this. Resolve your intentions and objectives first, and have a heart that genuinely expends for God. When your attitude is completely correct, then start to fulfill your duties. During the process of fulfilling your duties, see what requirements God has for people that fulfill duties. Keep these requirements in your heart and afterward, fulfill your duties according to these requirements. By doing this, your intentions and objectives for fulfilling your duties will be correct. Moreover, you will be able to fulfill your duties according to God’s requirements. This is what it means to be a person that genuinely obeys God. When a person that obeys God fulfills their duties, if they express any corruption or if they are tainted by anything corrupt they can reflect upon it, or if their brothers and sisters find any problems in their performance of duties and deal with, prune, or criticize them, they can accept it. They can come before God and repent, and they can renew their vows before God and resolve again to satisfy God. This kind of person is someone that genuinely obeys God. If someone does not have God in their hearts while fulfilling duties, does not truly pray to God, does whatever they like, and stops fulfilling duties if they are not willing to do so—if first, they do not have real communication with God, second, they do not pursue the truth, and third, they do not accept dealing and pruning, then this kind of person is hopeless. If they still do not pursue the truth, they will be punished. How can you genuinely obey God in the fulfillment of your duties? You must pursue the truth and you must have real prayer to and communication with God. You must be able to fulfill the duties you ought to fulfill based on a foundation of understanding God’s will. You must fulfill your duties in order to repay God’s love. Your fulfillment of duties must not be like a transaction and it must not be tainted with your individual intentions. If you fulfill your duties in this manner, it will be for the satisfaction of God and not for the satisfaction of yourself. A person’s fulfillment of duties must attain this level of purity. Only then would it be in accordance with God’s will. If when you fulfill your duties, you always have your individuality mixed up with it and if you always have your own objectives or seek your personal interests, then the fulfillment of your duties is pretty much the same as doing evil deeds.

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