How to Pursue the Truth and Enter Into Its Reality

How Does One Pursue the Truth and Enter Into Its Reality so as to Be Made Perfect by God?

What is the key to entering the reality of the truth? Entry into the reality of the truth is not as people imagine, it is not a case of, “I’ll just practice the aspects of the truth that I can, I’ll just do that much, and nothing more.” Of chief importance is that you must be cooperative in performing your duty, that you must make every effort, and strive to make progress, so as to understand the truth and perform your duty properly; only this is the path of entry into the reality of the truth. Do not be satisfied just to follow certain rules, or abide by certain conceptions, and as a result believe that you have entered into the reality. This is wrong; this is acting according to human conceptions, and acting according to human conceptions and imaginings is not entry into the reality of the truth. What do some people believe? “Right now, I do not sin, I am basically attentive in performing my duty, I do the best I can, nor do I commit evil, or do things that oppose God, and I carry out whatever is arranged by the house of God. Do I not have the reality of the truth?” Could this be considered entry into the reality? Is living entirely according to one’s conceptions and imaginings entry into the reality of the truth? What is entry into the reality of the truth? It means that you are able to accept and accomplish God’s commission, that you can stand firm in your testimony, that you can do your duty properly, that you can bring brothers and sisters before God, that you can be someone who truly loves God, and are loyal to God when you perform your duty. Only when you have entered these truths, and put them into practice, and lived them out—only then will you have truly entered into the reality. What’s the point of abiding by conceptions? Ultimately, you will be neither rewarded, nor necessarily destroyed; but without the reality of the truth, you will not be recognized by God. No one who does not try to make progress in their pursuit of the truth, and who is satisfied with following rules and abiding by their conceptions in the belief in God, no one like this is possessed of the reality of the truth. Today, the house of God has given you a commission, a duty. Are you able to do it well? If you lack the truth, how can you resolve this? What do you do when a commission is given to you, and you feel that it is beyond you, that you lack the stature to carry it out? You should rack your brains in search of the truth, you should pray and fellowship with God in your heart day and night, you should put your heart and soul into practicing the love of God and satisfying God; in this way, you are guaranteed to receive the work of the Holy Spirit. After a period of hardship, after toiling hard for some time, you will see that the Holy Spirit has begun to work, that God is with you, that the Holy Spirit guides and upholds you, and causes your work to have an effect. Only this is true entry into the reality. If you are incapable of paying a price in your cooperation, then you will never enter the reality. For those who pursue the truth with resolution, the more difficulties they face, the more they will push onward. They do not shrink back. Only people such as this have the hope of entering into the reality of the truth. Mindfulness of God’s will is not just empty words, it is not just something you talk about and nothing more. When you encounter difficulties, you need to cooperate, search for the truth and ultimately resolve it; only this is true obedience to the work of God, and true cooperation. When people do not cooperate or pay a price, how could they still imagine that they can enter the reality of the truth? How could they still think of being trained and made complete by God? This is nothing more than fantasy. You understand when I put it like this, yes? So what about when you perform your duty? Do you give your all in performing your duty? Do you toil hard for it? If you do not give your all, if you do not work hard, then the price you pay is insufficient. You cooperate a little, but you are not loyal enough. You lack the spirit of obedience unto death. Cooperation is not just a matter of saying certain words, nor is it merely a case of simply doing what is within your power. It requires you to pay a price, and to suffer hardship. What do the unbelievers call this kind of spirit? They call it working your heart out, racking your brains. If you are capable of this, and if, on top of that, you are capable of loyalty unto death, when you do achieve loyalty unto death, that’ll be enough; you shall surely be made perfect by God. When you have accomplished the effect of obedience unto death, then after one or two years, in your heart you will enjoy the blessings and comfort of God; what’s more, you will have the sense of accomplishment in having entered into the reality of the truth, and ultimately, you will behold God’s chosen ones nodding their heads at you in satisfaction. They will be convinced, and will say, “We see the price you have paid, the hardship you have suffered, the effort you have made to carry out God’s will.” It will be clear to them. You might feel that you have carried out God’s will, but in their hearts, God’s chosen ones could be thinking, “He has not endured any great hardship. He does every kind of work, but he has not paid any great price, has not suffered much adversity.” Are you satisfied with this result? Is this victorious testimony? You should make God’s chosen ones say, “Wow, this person truly is loyal to God’s commission. We really admire him. He really has suffered much hardship. One time, he tried to solve a problem, and the first time he failed, and he didn’t fellowship the truth clearly, but afterward he returned home and prayed, and he sought this aspect of the truth, and prepared for two days; when he tried again his fellowship was effective. We were released, and we all clapped our hands in applause.” See—this is the effect of paying a price. Do you possess this aspect of reality? This is true testimony. When you have true testimony, and earn the heartfelt admiration of God’s chosen ones, is this not entry into the reality of the truth? Have you achieved this effect in your entry into the reality of the truth? This is clear to everybody in their heart. If you cause God’s chosen ones to nod their heads and say, “This person has been faithful to God’s commission, we see this, we see it clearly,” then this is great; how could you still be accused by Satan? God’s chosen ones are convinced, and God is satisfied, God is entirely satisfied with the price you have paid, with your cooperation, with the duty you have performed. What is the standard for God’s satisfaction? You have passed muster with God’s chosen ones. They approve of you, and say, “You have done all you can to guide us in entering the reality of the truth, in performing our duty properly and carrying out God’s will. You have put your heart into it.” Is this not the standard for carrying out God’s will? Only if you are capable of such loyalty and testimony in carrying out the will of God, will you truly enter the reality of the truth.


So now you know how God makes people perfect, yes? What’s the key? The key is whether you are mindful of God’s will, and whether you truly cooperate; when you are truly capable of being mindful of God’s will, and are truly cooperative, you are in the process of being made perfect. The more you cooperate, the more the Holy Spirit works on you, the more God enlightens and illuminates you, and guides you, and uses you, enabling you to employ the truth to solve problems. And in this, are you not experiencing being made perfect by God? The process of being used by God is the process by which you are made perfect by God. The more God uses you, the more mindful you are of God’s will, and the more obvious the work of the Holy Spirit becomes, and in this way, you will gain a greater understanding of the truth. And what is the effect the more you understand the truth? You are wiser and more capable when it comes to carrying out God’s will. The truth, in and of itself, is the life, ability, and wisdom. The more you understand the truth, the more capable and wiser you are in your work. When your understanding of the truth is incisive, nothing feels hard to you; no matter what work you’re doing or what problem you’re trying to solve, it presents no difficulties, and you know how to act effectively, and wisely—you are enlightened and clear about all this. So, the more you cooperate in God’s work, the more willing you are to suffer and pay a price, and so the more the Holy Spirit works in you, and the more the Holy Spirit works, the more straightforward, easy, relaxed and happy things seem to you. This is what I have personally experienced; as a result, the work and difficulties of the church seem very straightforward to me—which is due to the work of the Holy Spirit. The greater the understanding of the truth, the better the effects of the work, and the more capable you will become. And how does it feel, the more capable you become? Nothing is hard for you. You can solve any problem, and everything comes easily to you, you’re relaxed and happy, you don’t sweat it, and you don’t worry over things. When you encounter a problem, you pray to God, you pay a price, put in some time; sometimes you forgo a couple of hours’ sleep. After you pray and mull things over, you write the light revealed by God; the next day you think things over again. When you fellowship in the meeting, everyone says, “Wow, you fellowshiped really well, it was fresh, and it was precisely what I lacked, it was exactly what I needed.” See—is this not the work of the Holy Spirit? Without realizing it, you have gained the work of the Holy Spirit, and are used by the Holy Spirit; and when you are used by the Holy Spirit, everything feels free and easy, nothing seems difficult. This is how I feel. Thus, when there’s something that seems like a problem to you, I look at it and say, “What’s so hard about this? I come right out and say it.” Never mind such small difficulties, even commanding millions of troops doesn’t seem hard—do you believe this? It doesn’t seem at all hard. And the day will come when you feel this, too. Right now, you say, “Then why is it we find everything so hard? Aren’t you exaggerating?” All I can say is this: When the day comes and you understand the truth, and are truly used by the Holy Spirit, you will know the feeling in my heart. When people receive the work of the Holy Spirit, everything is relaxed and happy to them. In the Bible, it is said that the burden of the Lord is light (See Mat 11:30). And does what I’m saying not fulfill these words? With the work of the Holy Spirit, everything seems easy. When you understand the truth, you naturally display ability, and wisdom; simply put, you are relaxed and happy when you work—not just relaxed, but you feel no stress, nothing feels hard to you, and you feel happy, in a good mood. So when you accept God’s commission, you must be mindful of God’s will. At the start, you must pay a little price. Since you do not understand the truth, you have to pay a price, and when you truly understand the truth, then things become easier as you go on, the way becomes ever brighter, and the more you work the easier things become—this is how it is. So what should you do now when you encounter some real difficulties in your work? Trying hard to cooperate and paying a price, so that you will receive the work of the Holy Spirit—this is what’s key. Nothing is difficult when you have the work of the Holy Spirit, which is just as I said. When the day comes and you truly have the work of the Holy Spirit, and understand the truth, then you will know that what I’m saying to you today is true, and not in the slightest bit exaggerated. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, the difficulties are great, everything is terribly hard for you, there is nothing you can do, you are up a creek without a paddle. When you truly have the work of the Holy Spirit, then things are not difficult; to God, there is no difficulty. Do you trust in these words? Without the work of the Holy Spirit, even heroes are toppled by the slightest problems; with the work of the Holy Spirit, you could carry a mountain on your back without issue. The Holy Spirit is so all-powerful, and the Holy Spirit is God Himself, so omnipotent. You must first suffer some hardship, and experience it for a while; you must first solve some actual problems, gain some insights, and after you have experienced this, things will be easy.

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