300 Eternal Love

Time passes quick and life is short,

but Your love for man is eternal.

The world changes fast, oceans become fields.

But Your righteousness and faithfulness last forever.

Your voice is soft and beautiful.

You’re the truth and life; this will never change.

I was helpless and lost, without direction.

But Your words guided me throughout my life.

I have peace with You beside me.

Your words strengthen my heart,

and guide me to grow in my life.

You care for me every way.

Your judgment is blessing.

Your chastisement is protection.

Your stern words pierce my heart.

Though refined I am cleansed.

Your words judge and purify me.

You walk with me to the kingdom.

The way is rough, but with You,

I have no fear, no matter the pain.

Satan pursues, trials come,

You help through the long dark night.

No matter the price, it’s a blessing.

Even if I cry, the tears are sweet.

Christ is the truth, way, and the life.

Never will I waver in following and testifying to Christ!

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