The Most Important Things People Should Possess If They Are to Achieve Salvation Through Experiencing God’s Work

The Three Tests Which Must Be Passed to Achieve True Obedience to God

There are certain tests that must be passed to achieve true obedience to God. The first is obeying pruning and dealing from the above, and pruning and dealing from workers and leaders at all levels. If, for example, you are a district leader, if a regional leader or worker deals with you, or your brothers or sisters in the church deal with you, as long as what they say comes from God, is in accord with the facts, and is in accord with the truth, you must receive it from God and accept and obey it the same as if it came from God. If you are a church leader, and a brother exposes your mistakes and then accuses you of resisting God, is this not God pruning and dealing with you? You must accept it, and say, “Thank you, you’re right. I accept, I accept regardless of your tone, because these are the facts.” You must submit. If a 7-8 year-old child says you are resisting God, should you, a 30 or 40 year-old, accept? In pruning and dealing, levels shouldn’t matter. There are still people who say, “Pruning and dealing from those above me is necessary, and I accept, but I won’t accept pruning and dealing from anyone below me, because I am higher in status.” Such people use status to evaluate whether to accept or reject pruning and dealing, but this is wrong. They think, “I’ll accept pruning and dealing from whoever has power, but I won’t accept it from people without status or power.” Are such people obedient? Not at all. If you are a church leader and you make a mistake, and a new believer who doesn’t understand the truth thinks you’ve done something wrong and points it out with a bad attitude showing no respect to you, how should you treat him? Such a thing is very revealing of people. If you can accept it, you have made progress, you have humanity, and you have reason. Isn’t being able to obey all who say the right things the likeness of a true man? A likeness of an honest person? Isn’t this the character a person with normal humanity should possess? Accept and obey whoever is right, no matter their tone or seniority. If what they say is right and accords with the facts, or it is more than half in accord with the facts, you should accept even if the speaker’s tone is harsh. Only people who can do this are truly experiencing God’s work, because they obey. Do you possess such obedience today? Who can you obey? Who can’t you obey? If you still have your own standards and conditions for obedience, this is troublesome, and proves that your experience of God’s work hasn’t achieved its effect, because you still lack realities. If someone always curses, judges, or libels you, how will you treat it? Will you attack him in return, become negative and abandon your responsibilities, or become angry? Doesn’t this matter reveal you? It absolutely does. Aren’t there many who judge me? And many who oppose me and hate me? How do I treat them? I first see the matter clearly, understand it, and then I know how to treat it correctly. What does “seeing it clearly” mean? It means I need to understand why someone opposes and judges me. If he treats me this way because he is a Satan, because he doesn’t accept the truth and hates the truth, when I understand this, I simply ignore him. This is the attitude with which devils and Satans treat pursuers of the truth, and it is the natural attitude for them to have. There is nothing strange in this. If a leader or worker opposes or judges me, how do I treat the matter? Can I choose to ignore them the same as I ignore unbelievers and Satans? I have to look at just what this leader or worker is. This is within the scope of my responsibilities. I have to look at why this person judges and resists me, I have to seek truth in the matter, understand it, and then I know how to handle the matter according to principles. That’s why I can’t let any such matters pass. If an ordinary person in the church opposes or judges me, how do I treat the matter? I look at who this person is. Are they a true believer? A false believer? What is this person’s caliber? Is this person crazy, a fool, or sensible? I need to be clear on all these matters. Once I am, I understand, and I know how to treat this person appropriately. I have to seek truth and handle the matter according to principles, I can’t simply muddle through. What is this called? Treating everyone, no matter who, according to principles and the truth. Only this is in accord with God’s will. If you are a leader or worker in the church, and someone opposes you or has opinions or biases against you, how should you treat them? Whether or not you are able to treat them according to the truth is key, because this matter involves whether or not there is obedience in your life. The most important thing people must possess in their experience of God’s work is sincere obedience to God’s work and word. Only with this can they gain the truth and attain salvation. The most crucial part of experiencing God’s work is obedience. If you obey God’s work, the first thing you must accept is pruning and dealing. You must accept and obey any pruning and dealing that originates with God and the Holy Spirit’s arrangement. Once you pass this test, it can be said that you are truly experiencing God’s work. The most basic requirement for experiencing God’s work is the ability to obey pruning and dealing. For example, if you are a leader, and when you’re speaking, someone steps forward and slaps you, how should you respond? Should you reach out and strike him? If not, what should you do? First, you should ask, “You’ve slapped me. Can I ask why you’ve done this? I need to understand.” If he answers, “I won’t tell you, but I just hit you,” your answer should be, “Alright then, we’ll talk after the meeting. You can’t just hit me without giving a reason, can you?” It would be trouble if you returned the slap, wouldn’t it? It would prove you lack the truth. This matter must be resolved using the truth. If some leaders or workers reject and refuse to carry out the work arrangements, should I not ask why? It is my proper right, and what I ought to do. I have to ask, “Why do you refuse to carry out work arrangements? Why do you refuse to hold church elections?” If God’s chosen people ask you, you may refuse to answer and ignore it, but if the above asks you, can you continue to refuse to answer? You are required to answer, because the above is directly responsible for such work, and if you are unqualified, the above is authorized to dismiss you. Are not all leaders and workers under the authority of the man used by the Holy Spirit? You are not directly managed by God, you are directly managed by the man used by the Holy Spirit, he is responsible for you, and the man used by the Holy Spirit is responsible for your dismissal, so if you do not obey the work arrangements of the above, or violate or reject them, the above is authorized to dismiss you. If you argue with God, there is nothing but trouble for you. If God says just a few words, you won’t be able to bear it. If God says, “You deserve death,” what will you say then? If God says you deserve death, isn’t that more trouble? You’re in the wrong, so if the above prunes you, deals with you, or dismisses you, and you continue to make empty arguments and oppose it, do you not deserve death? You should be using the time to reflect and repent, and if the above sees that you truly repent and accept the truth, you may be granted another chance and forgiven. But if you refuse to submit to the above, make complaints, and argue your case, then God’s words are absolutely correct—you deserve death. The first test you must pass in experiencing God’s work is whether you can accept, obey, and forsake the flesh in pruning and dealing. Doing so proves you have some humanity and reason. The second test is whether you can obey the judgment and chastisement in God’s word. If you can obey and truly accept, and realize that, “I am a devil, a Satan, and no matter how God tries, refines, or punishes me, even if I have to die, I am willing to undergo it without complaint, because God is the Creator, and I am a created being, and any created being who resists God is unworthy to live, they deserve to die, and their Creator may deal with them however He likes,” if you can completely submit to God’s word and accept and obey every line of it, without notions, and recognize that God is righteous, you have passed the second test. Once you pass the second test, you are someone who is truly experiencing God’s work. The third test is that of the man used by the Holy Spirit. This is the hardest test to pass. Some of you may have experience in it, and say this is indeed not easy. First, because this is a very ordinary person, without much education. Second, because this person speaks very bluntly and fellowships about the truth very directly, without any refinement or elegance in his speech. He simply speaks in the terms easiest for others to understand and learn, and his bluntness makes some of his words difficult for people to accept and obey. This is one difficulty. Another is that in life and as they experience God’s work, people have all kinds of intentions, contaminants, and other expressions of corruption that reveal themselves, which makes it almost impossible to avoid disturbing and disrupting God’s work or offending God’s administrative decrees, and at such times the man used by the Holy Spirit is very strict. Sometimes he may give a direct order that you be disciplined and condemn you. Obeying God is easy to say, but very difficult to do. Those who understand the truth find it very hard, but those who do not say that obeying people is hard, obeying God is easy, and obeying God’s word is even easier. Why is this? “I am my own master, I will obey how I see fit, I will understand according to my own notions and practice according to my own principles, so this isn’t difficult at all. I will obey when I see fit, as much as I see fit, I will obey more or less where I wish. I make the rules, so obeying God is easy.” But, it becomes difficult once such people are asked to obey the man used by the Holy Spirit. Why? The most important reason is that he has demands and arrangements, which he writes out clearly, as well as principles of practice he writes out equally clearly. These are typically impossible for someone who doesn’t understand the truth to carry out, and if you don’t carry them out within a certain period of time, he will take disciplinary action against you. This test is hard to pass, and that is a fact. Perhaps, if the leaders at all levels didn’t have the man used by the Holy Spirit making demands of them, and if they were asked, “How is it being a leader?” they would answer, “Not bad, God is satisfied with me.” What would make them give that answer? Their own imaginations. It’s what they might feel inspired to say in the spur of the moment. But such a statement isn’t based in reality. It’s just like a vague faith in God, where they believe however they like and imagine themselves as perfect and as beautiful as they want to be. When such people imagine God’s blessings or how God will rapture them, they fall asleep to beautiful dreams. Their faith is entirely of their own imagining, which is why their obedience to God takes on a vague character. “It’s easy! I am obedient to God. Don’t you believe me? If God asked me to enter the sea of fire, I would!” That’s what they imagine. But the difficulty of obedience to the leadership and arrangements of the man used by the Holy Spirit has brought down more than a few heroes. Which people does it bring down? Those who lack the realities of truth fall and collapse, because they cannot meet this requirement, and cannot perform according to work arrangements. When such people are asked to use the truth to resolve problems, can they, who lack the truth, do it using letters and doctrine as a substitute? No, false things cannot substitute for the truth, so it’s impossible for them. When they are asked to hold church elections, they can’t carry it out. “The moment we hold an election, won’t I lose my status? I will be eliminated, so why would I do it? I won’t do that.” Such people are incapable. Many people have collapsed under the demand to follow the leadership and work arrangements of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Some people see that the man used by the Holy Spirit is serious with them, so they especially hate him, but they don’t hate God, and they admit God is the truth. Why don’t they hate God? Because God doesn’t get serious with them directly.

Are you capable of obeying the man used by the Holy Spirit? (Yes.) In what matters are you capable of obeying him? (Work arrangements, sermons and fellowship from the above.) But do you obey the pruning and dealing from him? Some claim to be capable, but how have I dealt with you? Those who haven’t been pruned and dealt with may claim to be capable of obeying it, but what do those I have pruned and dealt with say? When those who have experienced claim to obey, that is genuine, but how would those I haven’t pruned or dealt with know whether you have obedience? What would happen if I truly dealt with you? Would you run away? Would you write yourself off as hopeless and act recklessly? Is this easy to predict? Before being dealt with you can say you will obey based on your own imagination and your own wish, which is just like obedience to a vague God. Do you think obedience is something given carelessly? Nothing is more difficult than obedience. Why does the process of God saving corrupt mankind require so much suffering, being nailed to the cross and enduring great humiliation? Because corrupt mankind lacks obedience, is filled with rebellion and wild arrogance, and refuses to submit to anyone or be governed. If you truly have obedience, you can attain salvation. But is obedience so easily developed? Do you know how many times you must be pruned and dealt with, and how many tears you must shed? And don’t imagine the tears you’ll shed are limited to those you cry when you pray, they will primarily be the tears you cry when you suffer after pruning, dealing, failures, and setbacks. When pruning and dealing comes, you may even wish to die. You will shed tears of complaint, or sometimes tears of grievance, tears of refusal to submit and resent, tears of repentance, and finally tears when you are moved by God’s love. Taken altogether, how many tears must you shed? How many torments and how much refinement like this have you suffered? Without such experiences, do you dare say obedience is easy? Nothing is harder than obedience. When work arrangements are sent down, how many leaders and workers can immediately obey? Very few. The majority lack obedience. The majority delay or put off where they can, and a multitude of complaints arise in their hearts. Is this not mankind’s corrupt disposition? When the man used by the Holy Spirit leads you, asking you to obey, to do this and practice that, you find it hard to obey, and there are even those who say, “Why doesn’t God lead us personally? If God led us personally, it would be easy to obey!” Is such thinking correct? If God were to personally lead you, would you be able to obey? You would be just as disobedient, because the rebellious essence remains unchanged in you. So, when can you genuinely obey God? When you can obey the man used by the Holy Spirit, and when you can obey the truth in the fellowship of those leaders at all levels of the church who have the work of the Holy Spirit, your claim to be able to obey God will be valid, but not 100% valid, and it is only that there will be obedience in you. If you are obedient to false leaders and antichrists, you are even less obedient to God. Being obedient to Satans proves you have taken the wrong path, and taking the wrong path, by definition, makes you an enemy of God, so you are not obedient to God. To be obedient to God means to be obedient to the truth, to the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, and most importantly and practically to the work arrangements, fellowship, and sermons of the above, because the majority of these originate in the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. Also, at times the Holy Spirit will give special enlightenment and illumination to individuals, so the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit are only a portion of the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, not the entirety. Remember this: They are only a portion. If anyone says the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit are the entirety of the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, he is wrong, because this view is a mistake. The portion of the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit made up of the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit is something that God’s chosen people must practice and the reality they must enter into, and upon this basis, the Holy Spirit also provides enlightenment and illumination to each pursuer of truth through specific environments and backgrounds, which also cannot be ignored. Obedience to God’s work means obedience to the inner enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, but also to the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Only when you have possessed obedience to both of these things can you be called someone who is truly obedient to God’s work. Without obedience to both of these aspects, if you claim you are someone who is obedient to God’s work, where is your reality? Where is your testimony? You won’t convince anyone, because the claim won’t stand. … What are the most important things to grasp in experiencing God’s work? First is understanding that the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit originate in the direction of and the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, and that if you can’t obey and practice them, you are resisting God. Second is that, if you also cannot accept the inner enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit you receive, which is to say, the illumination and enlightenment you receive on God’s word and on the essence of every aspect of truth, if you cannot obey and practice this, you are an utter waste, and will be eliminated. Now do you, in experiencing God’s work, understand the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination? What was God’s principle for eliminating people during the Age of Law and the Age of Grace? People were eliminated for rebelling against and not practicing God’s word, as well as disobeying the inner enlightenment and illumination they received from the Holy Spirit. In the Age of Kingdom, it remains the same. If you disobey the inner enlightenment and illumination you receive from the Holy Spirit, and if you show no obedience, awareness, or attention to the work of the Holy Spirit at all, and merely abide by letters and doctrine, rules, and religious rituals, then you are a nonbeliever, someone living outside God’s word, and a target for elimination. Now we understand the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, the work of the Holy Spirit, so we are clear what we should focus on as believers in God who seek to gain the truth and what we should grasp in order to enter into the reality. How can we ascertain enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit? What do the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit represent? They are the enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit that must be entered and practiced by God’s chosen people, and they represent the stream and new movement of the Holy Spirit’s work. You’ve recognized this fact clearly, right? Without clearly recognizing this fact, it is impossible for you to enter the correct track of belief in God. How, then, should you treat the work arrangements of the above? You must obey them without condition. What should you especially pay attention to as you obey the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit? You must first accept, obey, enter into and practice the work arrangements, sermons, and fellowship of the above, and then you must pay attention to the inner illumination and enlightenment you receive from the Holy Spirit in the course of performing your duties, and never disobey them. These are the most fundamental realities of obedience to God.

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