Experiencing the Suffering of Trial Is the Most Beneficial to Man’s Life

It Is Very Necessary for Us to Undergo Trials in Order to Be Perfected by God

Some people may not understand why they need to undergo many trials and much suffering to attain perfection. Why does a person need to go through so many trials when he is able to love God in his heart and to pursue the truth? Why does he have to go through so much suffering? They think that if man does not pursue the truth and God disciplines and punishes him, he deserves to suffer. But what is going on that the more a person loves God and pursues the truth, the more he suffers? Someone says, “This is because the more man suffers, the more his heart is able to love God; the more he would be able to see the impurities he has in his love for God, the more it reveals of him, and the more of Satan’s poison within him can be removed.” This is quite a right way to put it because the more you love God, the more He wants to cleanse you. When God cleanses you, He will put you through trials to reveal you, to reveal your rebellion and corruption within you and the resistance in the deepest recess of your soul so that you may know yourself even more deeply. The purpose of putting you through the various trials is to achieve such a result. What does this have to do with being saved and perfected? Going through trials reveals a person’s corruption and digs out the things deep in his soul that oppose and resist God. What result does this achieve? … We are a bunch of corrupted people today and are full of Satan’s poison inside us, and in our nature and substance. After a while of having believed in God, we have understood some of the truth, and we feel that we have been perfected and saved. We feel that we are clear of Satan’s poison and have nothing but positive things inside us. We feel that we have obtained life. If God does not perfect us, if He does not carry out the work of perfection, we would believe that we are good. What is the final outcome then? We would have ruined ourselves with our thoughts. If we receive God’s perfection, He would give us many trials. What would happen to us when these trials come upon us? We had once thought that we were good, but it is revealed in the end that that is not the case. We still have rebellion and resistance in us. We still have betrayal, and we can still distance ourselves from God and judge Him. We still have conceptions and complaints about Him. You will be shocked by yourself when you see these. You would say, “I thought that I was sanctified and saved. How could there be so much corruption deep within my soul? Oh, I would be in trouble if it weren’t for God’s trials. I thought that I was good. Wouldn’t I have ruined myself then? Oh, God’s trials are wonderful.” You would discover that there are still things in your blood and your bones that go against God as well as Satan’s poison through one trial after another. You would start to awaken after that and stop believing your own lies and being deceived by your own feelings. You would start to believe God’s word and that you are completely capable of betraying God. You would start off anew and begin again in your pursuit of truths and of knowing God. You see, this is the result that God achieves in using trials to perfect man. God reveals all the rebellion, corruption and resistance deep within your soul, and you would then know whether you have been saved. The more you are revealed, the deeper and clearer your knowledge about your own corrupt essence. When God reveals all these to you, you would know all the corruption that is in you. Once you have cleansed the corruption through pursuing the truth and obtaining the work of the Holy Spirit, you would be perfected, wouldn’t you? Removing the diseases you couldn’t see as well as the corrupt essence, the root of Satan’s corruption and poison in you is the work that God does to perfect man. Therefore, the more a person loves God and pursues God’s perfection, the more suffering he goes through, the deeper he is cleansed, and the more completely he is saved. When his corruption is completely removed, he would be truly sanctified inside. There would be none of Satan’s poison in him. Truth and God’s word fills the person completely. This is the process of God’s perfection of man. Therefore, a man who loves God will undergo much suffering from many trials. The more trials a person goes through, the more he is able to be perfected and cleansed by God, the result of which is that man conforms even more to His will. It is therefore very necessary for man to suffer many trials in order to be perfected by God. Such a suffering holds so much value and significance! If you do not pursue the truth and loving God, He will not carry out such deeper cleansing in you, and you will never reach true sanctification and conform to His will. You have merely been saved but are not fit for use by God because there is still much corruption and Satan’s poison in you. You would stage a rebellion like Satan did if God were to put you in important position, and you would lead others to do the same. If you are perfected by God, however, you will never betray Him no matter what He wants you to do. You will submit to and satisfy God in whatever He does and will never betray Him. Such a person is one who is completely gained by God. Therefore, a person who is perfected by God will eventually inherit His promises and blessings, because he is qualified to. You now understand it, right? Man must go through much suffering in order to be perfected because he is to be cleansed more deeply and to be perfected and gained fully.

What Do the Various Trials Refer to?

People who believe in God know that He puts them through all kinds of trials in order to perfect them and achieve a change in their disposition. How, then, should we go through the various trials? What do these trials refer to? There are two main types of trials. One is the trial of God’s words, which are God’s words of judgment and chastisement and of His trials and refinements as well as His revelation of the nature of His chosen people. These words of God can put man through a lot of suffering and refining. These are trials of God’s word. The other type of trial is that of the environments created by the Holy Spirit. Trials of the environment include the persecution and oppression of the great red dragon, various temptations by Satan, as well as all kinds of matters that appear to be disasters in the eyes of man and cause them extreme pain and suffering. All of these are trials. All in all, anything that causes much pain and suffering to the hearts of God’s chosen ones is a trial. Trials are permitted by God. The trials from God’s word are predestined and prepared by God to perfect His people in the last days. Except the bitter fruits and suffering that result from man’s evil actions, all those that come upon us under the permission of God are trials. The suffering that results from man’s evil deeds is not trials that come from God. It is the result of man’s actions. For example, some people are put in jail for violating the law while others are punished for the crimes they committed; these are the consequences of evil deeds. They are the results of man’s actions rather than trials. Any trials that are not the results of man’s actions but that you encounter because of your belief in God are trials that really come from God and which He has permitted. What results will these trials produce? They are mainly to cleanse man of all types of intentions and extravagant desires as well as erroneous views and perspectives and Satan’s philosophies. Also, the resolve of God’s chosen people to go through suffering, to submit, to pursue the truth and to love God is forged during the trials. So, trials bring pain and suffering to people, but the attainments and changes they gain after the trials are the greatest and most precious. All of those who have undergone trials would see some changes in themselves. They would have benefited much, and they would be more matured and experienced in their lives. These are the benefits that trials bring to man. In addition, God’s trials for perfecting man, that is, the trials that befall those who can be perfected, can bring them even greater benefits. They will help man to attain the true knowledge of God and the change in their life disposition. They will help man to love God single-mindedly and purely, to serve God more faithfully, and be more considerate of God’s will. The hundreds of trials that a person who has been perfected has undergone will achieve such an effect. Even for a person who has not been perfected, he would have attained much from having undergone some of these trials. They would at least have truer faith in God, one that has been refined by the trials. They would have a heart that reveres God, and changes would come to their life disposition. They would submit to God and forsake Satan. They would at least be saved. All in all, those who go through the trials will get benefit and will have nothing at all to lose, no matter who they are. … The various trials have been prepared for the purpose of cleansing us. Now, we must be equipped with some necessary truths in order to go through the various trials. Why does God want to try us? You should consider it this way, and you should realize this: God does so in order to cleanse us. We cannot be cleansed without these trials. Think further about it: What do the trials cleanse us of? They cleanse us of our various intentions, extravagant desires, emotions, the requests that do not conform to God’s will as well as the various poisons of Satan, man’s corrupt views and perspectives and Satan’s philosophies. All of these must be cleansed. Man must accept the judgment and punishment of God’s word and undergo various trials in order to truly remove all of these. Man can only be cleansed this way. You must know this first of all. You would not be interested in trials if you don’t; you would only want to escape when you encounter them. You do not want to suffer even a little bit, and the less of it, the better. You cannot be cleansed this way. … The various trials are therefore the most beneficial to man. They are for the salvation and cleansing of man. After I have endured the suffering of many trials, I would feel that it would be better if more such trials come my way. I would not be afraid of trials and would even like them. I would feel that it is not good to be living in comfort. Man would be in greater danger the more comfortable he gets, and the farther he would be away from God. The more trials man goes through, the closer he gets to God and the more he knows about Him. The more trials man goes through, the more faith he has in Him, and the truer his love is. Trials are indeed for man’s perfection, cleansing and salvation. What are your views on trials after you have heard me say these? Would you like to go through them? Would you like to go through them if your family is broken? If your spouse divorces you? Are you afraid of your family splitting up? Some people are not afraid, and that is right. This is called resolution. As long as your heart is directed toward God and in pursuit of Him, no matter what suffering you are going through, remember, what you attain in the end would take you to a higher realm. You will be set free and gain true freedom. Such is the path on which man gains life. This is exactly the way to journey on the path of life, the way to experience it. Your heart and life is renewed once with every trial you go through, and you will enter a new and higher realm. You will also be more matured in life. You would have transcended beyond a lot of things after having gone through many trials. You see, as a person goes through more trials and experiences more disasters, he would no longer place too much importance on money and family. In the end, he would even have a lighter view on life. He would contemplate, “How can the created satisfy and worship the Creator? To live for the Creator is the true meaning and value of life. To live this way would be the most meaningful. I have to change my way of living. The way I used to live is empty, and I don’t want to live that way anymore. I want to pursue the true values in life and live out a real life.” Your values would renew and change after every trial, and you are one step closer to the truth. You will receive the truth completely one day, and your values would change completely as well. Your values would become more valuable and conform more to God’s will. Would you not then have attained great salvation?

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