Chapter 7. Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Knowing God Is the Path to Fearing God and Shunning Evil” (VII)

Seven Aspects of Reality One Must Possess to Fear God

Firstly, fearing God is based on “trust.” Do you trust God? Do you dare to entrust everything to God? Some people have entrusted their own marriages to God. They say that they will not look for another partner their entire lives, yet afterward, they regret this decision. Some people have entrusted the latter part of their lives to God and expended themselves for God but afterward, they regret this decision. Some people give their riches to God. Afterward, when they are in financial straits, they also regret this decision. Some people entrust their sons and daughters to God. Afterward, when they see that their sons or daughters are suffering, they want to take them back. They feel that God is not able to take care of them well and that they themselves are better at taking care of them. Some people entrust their family to God. They cast their families away. Afterward, they ask about their families. They are afraid that God cannot supervise their families and they feel that they themselves are more reliable in this regard. Now, are these manifestations trust? There is no trust. How can we explain “no trust” in human language? It means that one does not believe God. This kind of person thinks, within their heart, “God says this. Who knows if God will do this! Who knows if God is able to do it! Who knows if God is trustworthy!” Now, if this person’s heart has this kind of suspicion and doubt toward God, he is unable to trust God. Now, how much trust does one need in order to trust God? Is it easy to have genuine trust in God? How much faith is needed? Some other people say, “I have devoted myself to God. I spend for God. Now, does God care about the latter part of my life? What if one day I do not have anything to eat? Who will care? What if one day, I have nobody to rely on. I do not have children and my retirement has not been planned out. What should I do? Perhaps I should rely on myself.” Does this kind of person trust God? No, he does not. Someone said, “Now, if you entrust something to God and if God does not care, isn’t this ignorant?” Well, it all depends on what kind of heart you have when you entrust something to God. If you have an unfaithful heart or if you are testing God and you merely say the words, God will not care. If you really entrust something to God, God will see that it is sincere and God will take charge of it until the end. God is trustworthy. If your intentions are false, God will not respond to you. God cannot be deceived! Do you understand this matter clearly? Now, someone said, “I am sincere. However, I entrusted something or someone to God and afterward, something actually happened to them.” If something really happens, this is called a trial. God wants to see how your faith is. Isn’t this the case? Do you dare to say that encountering a trial means God is not responsible? You do not dare to say this. Are you yourself truly capable of bearing this responsibility? It is not for certain that you can bear it. You do not have this ability. One day God will fulfill this matter by means of all sorts of situations and affairs. How should you understand this? Do you think that if you entrust something to God, that God will take care of it in the way that you imagine? That is not possible! God is almighty. The way God does things is not in accordance with man’s notions and imagination. Do not judge the way God takes care of things, leads and does work with your own notions and imagination. It is a big mistake for you to judge in this manner. For example, you entrust your family members to God and some of your family members become sick. You say, “God does not care!” Do you dare say that God does not care? God says, “I let them become sick. I let you see whether My almightiness was sufficient. I used your family members’ illness to try you, to see whether you have faith.” How do you explain this? Once God says these things, you are humiliated once again. Many people’s families experience misfortune. The father and mother leave, and the children become orphans. Nobody can be found. What happens in the end? God does something wonderful. One day, God allows them all to gather again. This is how wonderful God’s arrangements are! There are some orphans who seem like they cannot survive in other people’s eyes. However, God allows them to survive. This is how wonderful God is. This is God’s almightiness. At that time, you people do not have the strength to take care of these orphans. However, God is able to allow them to live. How can you explain this? If they should die, God will let them die. If they should live, God will let them live. God has arrangements for how many trials and sufferings one should encounter. It is useless for you to worry about this. You must acknowledge God’s work. For example, according to man’s notions, one must keep one’s children close. One must not allow one’s children to leave one’s side. However, God does not allow you to do so. It will not work out in the end. Your children must leave. When they leave, you hit them and you put restrictions on them. In the end, no matter how much you hit them, they will still leave. Can you stop this from happening? Sometimes, parents think, “It’s over for this child. He won’t turn out well.” However, after ten or twenty years of discipline, the child becomes a good person. How do you explain this? God rules all things. He has His own ways for ruling all things. Man cannot do this work.

Someone said, “If the police arrest me and torture me, will God be able to save me? I do not know. That is why I do not dare receive this trial! If they really do arrest me and want to beat me to death, I will sell out without hesitation. I will become a Judas to save my own life!” Does this kind of person trust God? Someone said, “Well, how come there are some brothers and sisters that were beaten to death?” How can this be explained? Is there an explanation? If you really have faith and truly obey God, and you choose death instead of betraying God, and if the consequence of this is that you are beaten to death, then this is the witnessing of your faith. It shows that you trust God and that you would rather be beaten to death instead of being a Judas. However, did God break His promise? That you are beaten to death is something that God permits. If He does not permit it, you will not die. If He permits it, why do you not obey? If He permits you to die, should you obey? One of God’s creations should obey God without any conditions, fear God without any conditions, and you must obey even if it means your death. If you have this kind of faith, God will not break His promise to you. He has a suitable arrangement for you. If you have this kind of witnessing, this kind of obedience and this kind of sacrifice, God will inevitably treat you fairly. You must understand this matter. The saints of the past died in all sorts of ways. Do you know what God’s arrangements for them were? They all had suitable arrangements. Regardless of what God does, you cannot fathom it. However, those who truly understand God obey God without any conditions. They trust God. Regardless of what God does, they still trust God. Regardless of what they encounter, they do not complain and they do not have any suspicions about God. Now, is this kind of person someone that fears God? This is a person that fears God. In order to protect your own life, you ask God, “I do not want to die. Can You promise me, God?” Is this trust? This is called testing God. Now do you know what it means to trust God? Regardless of how God treats you and regardless of what you encounter, you must not be suspicious of God. Right now, you are unable to see what God is doing, however, you must have this kind of understanding toward God: God’s arrangements are not wrong. Sooner or later, one day, you will know that everything that God does is righteous, fair and the truth. Do you have this kind of trust? (Yes.) There are some people who are tortured to death. Would you say that God’s power is insufficient? This is God’s arrangement. In the past, God’s words mentioned these matters. The people who die for God and the people who endure some suffering, all of this has been arranged down to the last detail. This was all predestined by God. That is why those who have a genuine understanding of God have a real fear for God. They trust God absolutely. Regardless of what they encounter, they trust God and they do not have any suspicions about God. Regardless of what God does, they do not have any misunderstandings about God.

Now, when people do not have any trust toward God, what kind of problem is this? They do not understand God. They do not understand God’s work, the methods that God uses to rule all things, how God manages things and how God guides mankind. Their fatal weakness is that they always rely on man’s notions and imagination to judge God. The result is that they have even less trust toward God. Isn’t this the case? Someone said, “I want to give my children warm food every day.” God says, “I will not allow them eat warm food. I will not let them have food. They will eat cold food. They will scrounge for food themselves.” You say, “If you eat cold food, your stomach will become ill.” That is not for certain. Some people who were imprisoned for twenty years with stomach issues no longer had these issues when they came out of prison. How do you explain this? Man’s imagination and man’s notions are an enormous obstruction to understanding God. If someone does not trust God, isn’t this the same as not understanding God? Which aspects of God does this person not understand? This person does not understand God’s work. He does not understand how God rules all things. He does not understand how God guides, provides and manages mankind. He also does not understand how God manages all things. The result is that he does not trust God. Furthermore, man has another fatal flaw. He likes to use man’s notions and imagination to judge the things that God does. The result is that he will have notions, disloyalty and mistrust toward God. That is why man keeps far away from God and does not entrust everything to God. What is related to man losing faith? He does not pursue the truth. He cannot let go of his own notions and imagination. That is why he is unable to have real trust in God. Some people love their own parents and children. They always want to use man’s method of loving. That is why they are always controlled by their own fleshly relationships. You are unable to let go of your fleshly relationships, your imagination and your emotions. If this is the case, how can you obey God? You are unable to obey God. Since you do not trust God, each person is a creation and must return to the Lord of creation’s rule, arrangement and management. You always want to be in control of other people. Is this in accordance with God’s intentions? This is not in accordance with God’s intentions. Furthermore, you always rely on the fleshly relationships of man. You want to preserve your fleshly relationships and you are unable to let go of your emotions. Can this sort of person trust God? He does not trust God. He trusts himself. He believes in himself. Therefore, do all those who do not truly trust God fear God? They are definitely not people that fear God because they do not have a relationship with God. They do not entrust or offer the Lord with anything. They do not have any obedience for God’s arrangements. They do not trust God. If they do not trust God, then they are definitely not people that fear God.

Second, fearing God is “understanding.” When man does not have a genuine understanding of everything that God does, what kind of problem is this? If he has no knowledge of God, he will not understand God. Understanding is built upon the foundation of knowing God. Those who know God can feel God’s intentions. They know what God is thinking, what God’s requirements are for people, what God’s urgent intentions are, why God is concerned, what God is concerned about, what matters God is worried about and what matters God is anxious about. If he does not know at all, this shows that he does not know what God’s intentions are, what God is thinking and what God is most concerned about right now. If he does not know these things, he does not have an understanding. He is unable to understand. Even if he wants to understand, he cannot. Therefore, he does not understand God. Are those who do not understand God people who fear God? They are not people that fear God. This is because you are unable to feel God’s heart. How can you fear God? If you have a bit of fear, that is just a little bit of trepidation. “God is so great. I am scared!” Is this fearing God? Can this trepidation become fear of God? Not really. This is not genuine fear of God. Would you say that there are a lot of people presently that understand God? (Not a lot.) Why aren’t there a lot of people that understand God? First, people’s experience is too shallow. Their understanding of God is insufficient. They basically do not genuinely know God at all. That is why they cannot feel what God is thinking, what God is concerned about, what God is anxious about and what God is worried about. Their hearts do not contain these things. They do not understand all that is God nor do they understand God’s heart. They even do not want to understand. Does God have a place in His heart for these kinds of people? (No.) God does not even have a place in their hearts. They are definitely not people that fear God. Someone said, “My heart has a bit of a place for God. Am I a person that fears God?” Can having a bit of a place for God attain fear for God? (It cannot.) Why? It is because this person does not know God. The place that God occupies in his heart is too low. Perhaps God’s place in his heart is even lower than that of a person or thing. This kind of person does not honor God as great. He is not someone that honors God as great. How can he fear God? That is not possible. Those that honor God as great have reserved the highest place in their hearts for God. Everything else is secondary. Everything else is not primary or important. God’s matters are above everything else. God’s intentions are above everything else. God’s will is above everything else. God’s entrustments are higher than everything else. Only this kind of person is someone that fears God. If someone merely has a bit of a place for God in their heart, it is not enough to attain fear of God. Even though he has a bit of fear for God, it might as well be 0.1. It’s too little. What kind of results can this amount of fear attain? Is it enough to shun evil? (It is not enough.) Is 0.1 of fear enough to attain shunning the secular world? It is not easy to attain this. Can 0.1 of faith attain genuine obedience to God? Is 0.1 of fear enough for you to stand firm and bear witness? I’m afraid that 0.1 of fear is insufficient to put the truth into practice. Your spiritual stature would be too small. Now, how much fear of God have you attained? To what degree have you attained? Is it enough for you to obey God, relinquish everything, truly devote yourself to God, be able to understand God, be considerate of God and satisfy God? If you are able to achieve these results, then your fear of God is true. It can then be said that you have a heart that fears God. You are a person that fears God. Most people are unable to enter into the reality of “understanding.” They do not have it. If you truly have understanding, then you have a heart that fears God.

Furthermore, regardless of what God does, we should submit ourselves to God. Everything that God does is for the sake of saving man, perfecting man and in the very end, obtaining man. That is why when we encounter matters that are not in accordance with our notions and imagination, we must understand God. Everything that God does is for the sake of salvation. God’s painstaking efforts are present here! For example, when people encounter trials or disasters, some people have notions. These kinds of people do not understand God. People that complain also do not understand God. Those who have their own imaginings understand God even less. Regardless of what God does, man should not be suspicious of God. Regardless of what you encounter, you must understand God. Whether you understand or not, you are able to obey and you are able to accept it from God. Doing these things is the manifestation of understanding God.

Let’s go to the next topic. Fearing God is “caring.” “Caring” comes after “understanding.” An “understanding” heart can come closer. If one can understand, he definitely does not have any rebelliousness or conflict. “Caring” is “understanding” put into action. “I understand. I stand on God’s side. I understand. I have no complaints. I understand. I am willing to care.” What is “caring” all about? It means being compatible with God’s heart. After you are compatible with God’s heart, what are you capable of doing? You will be able to do some things for God. You will think about what God is thinking about. You will be concerned about the things God is concerned about. “Do some things to comfort God’s heart. Never rebel against God. Do not harm God’s heart.” “Caring” will allow your heart to be one with God’s heart. “Caring” means you are willing to satisfy God and you are willing to comfort God. “Caring” means you want to do some things for God. “I cannot look on without lifting a finger. I cannot ignore it. I cannot know God’s heart yet keep my distance or rebel. I cannot know God’s heart and not answer the call. This would hurt God!” That is why understanding becomes caring afterward. Caring is to take action. Two hearts will beat as one. You will be one with God’s intentions. You will think about what God is thinking about and you will be concerned about what God is concerned about. In all things you will stand at God’s side. You will be capable of fulfilling your duties and you will satisfy God to the best of your abilities.

Presently, there are some people who merely believe. They do not care for God while they fulfill their duties. Their hearts are not one with God’s heart. They are unable to unite and stand by God’s side. They never defend the work of God’s family and the interests of God’s chosen people. They always think about themselves. They are selfish and despicable. They do not care about God and they definitely do not fear God. Not caring for God, in colloquial terms, means that their hearts are separate from God’s heart. They do not stand on God’s side. They do not take God’s heart as their own heart. They always care about themselves. They always think about their own interests. They always think about their own prospects and fate. They always think about their own status and reputation. These are not people that care about God. Are people who do not care about God’s intentions people that love God? Their hearts do not love God because they do not care about God. Is it easy for these types of people to receive the Holy Spirit’s work? We have seen something that is quite common amongst many people: “This person does not have God within their heart. Listen to him speak. Look at what he does. It is all for himself. The deliberation, intention and source of all his words are himself.” This person definitely does not have God within his heart. Those who do not have God within their heart merely believe. For what do they believe? They believe to obtain blessings. They do not care about God at all. Those who never care about God are not people that fear God. This is 100% certain. Those that have hearts that genuinely fear God care about God.

Some people become worried when they see the progress of the gospel work slowing down. “God, why is this gospel work going so slowly? Why do people not care about Your intentions? Nobody cares about Your intentions. Nobody is devoted to the gospel work. I am willing to be devoted to God. I am willing to do my utmost to satisfy God.” What is this called? This is called caring. Some people see that a certain work in God’s family lacks manpower. They see that the work is not being undertaken with care and that the person in charge of this particular task is not shouldering his responsibilities! He has been doing the work perfunctorily all day long and is unable to satisfy and comfort God. “Now, I will go and fulfill that duty. I will go and complete that work well.” What is this called? Caring. To care is to do practical things, it is not understanding. Understanding means comprehending, recognizing and seeing. They show understanding and they no longer disobey, have notions or pass judgments. Caring is understanding turned into action. Once this understanding is turned into action, is this kind of person someone that loves God? Caring is the emergence of a heart that loves God. It is the living manifestation of loving God. Those that are able to care about God have hearts that have started to love God. This is absolutely correct! These people always understand God’s heart. Their hearts are able to care. These are kindhearted people with a sense of righteousness! They are capable of caring for the Creator’s intentions. Is it possible that they could be ordinary people? Even if this person is very minute, if he has this kind of heart, he is a great person! Not even the greatest person can surpass someone that loves God. Loving God and being able to care for God is great and noble! Isn’t this the case? We do not want to be great people. However, as an insignificant person, if his heart is able to care for the Creator’s intentions, isn’t this creation very great and very special? This is not an external greatness but a greatness of the spirit. Externally, they are not great at all. However, they are able to care about God’s intentions. When they see that God is anxious, God has some burden, and that nobody cares about what God wants to complete, they will take action and care. They will be anxious about God’s heart, they will be anxious about the work of God’s family and they will pray until tears start to drop. Even if they want to do something individually, they do not have enough strength! God will say, “It does not matter how much you are able to do. Your heart is very valuable.” When God sees that you have this kind of heart, God’s heart will be very comforted. This is similar to parents raising their children. When they see how respectful their children are of them, regardless of how much money they have or how much strength they have, as long as their children have this kind of intention, they will feel very comforted! “We do not ask anything else of you. As long as you have this kind of a heart, it is enough.” It is the same as our relationship as creations with the Creator. Our hearts must be able to care about God! It does not matter whether your inner quality is low or high or how much you know God, if your heart is able to care for God and you are able to do for God as much as your abilities allow you to, God’s heart will be very satisfied and comforted. Is this kind of caring valuable? It is very valuable! Once you are able to have a heart that cares for God, you will have a good heart and you will be kindhearted. It can be said that this person has the most beautiful heart. This kind of person has been perfected. Is this a person that loves God? Absolutely. Those who are able to care for God have hearts that love God. They will be able to be perfected by God and one day, they will become people that love God. This is for certain.

Let’s go to the next topic. Fearing God involves “obedience.” When obedience is mentioned, things become more profound. It is one step further from caring. Being someone who is obedient to God does not mean merely conforming to, caring about and understanding God’s intentions. Someone that is obedient to God is capable of comforting God. Is the scope of obedience even broader? (Yes.) In regard to obedience, it is not simply being able to put some truths into practice, it is being able to obey God’s arrangements and rule. This subject is big. In mentioning obeying God’s rule, it means to obey in every aspect, including one’s prospects and fate. You must obey God when it comes to everything. By doing so, this person will have become someone that obeys God. Is this a creation that has met the standard? This is a creation that has met the standard. This person obeys God’s arrangements and God’s rule. He does not complain no matter what God’s arrangements are. What kind of spirit is man’s spirit originally? What is his final destination in the end? What is he doing now? He no longer studies these things. These things cannot be studied. However, he is capable of obeying God’s rule and arrangements. He just fulfills his duty and as to what his destination will be in the future, where he will go, or how he will die, he will not say anything about it. He will definitely not complain. He just obeys God’s rule and arrangements. He will not take rash actions or do anything for himself. Becoming a person that obeys God and having genuine obedience for God is a creation that has met the standard. Now, are those who possess obedience people that fear God? Absolutely. They are not simply people who fear God in the ordinary sense. They are people that absolutely fear God. They are able to obey God’s rule and arrangements in everything. They have great fear for God in their hearts. They are absolutely people that fear God. Speaking of this, those that fear God are bound to be people that obey God. This is for certain. Furthermore, the marker and distinctive feature of people that fear God is their obedience to God. In whatever situation, you can see that these people have obedience. They obey everything that originates from God. Whatever situations they encounter, they always accept them and seek with a heart that obeys God. They are very afraid of harming God’s heart or rebelling and resisting against God. This kind of person, without a doubt, is someone that fears God.

The next topic in regard to fearing God is “consecration.” Once consecration is mentioned, everybody knows that it means that everything that one does is all for God. Everything that one does for God is consecration. Those who genuinely fear God practice true consecration. It does not merely mean consecrating some worldly things. It means consecrating yourself to God. Do these kinds of people exist? They consecrate themselves to God. They spend for God. They allow themselves to be orchestrated by God. They let God arrange their final destination. They are willing to die at any time. They have dedicated the second half of their life to God. They unconditionally expend themselves and fulfill their duties without complaints, just like a soldier obeying orders and fulfilling his vocation. This is what it means to obey God completely. They consecrate all of themselves to God. Is this absolute obedience? It has become absolute obedience. They consecrate themselves to God, spend for God and allow themselves to be orchestrated by God without complaints. Is this true faith in God? They trust God to such an extent that they have consecrated themselves completely to God. “From now on, I will start to spend for God. I will not spend for my family, my children, my parents, my husband (wife). Instead, I will spend for God.” Is this true consecration? (Yes.) Does this kind of person fear God? (Yes.) Some people have devoted all their energy and time to God. Since finding a partner interferes with many things such as life, energy, and pursuing the truth, these people do not look for a partner. Do these people have hearts that fear God? They have hearts that fear God. Since they fear God, they obey God, they are able to endure all the suffering involved with satisfying God, they are able to endure great humiliation and they are able to relinquish everything. Regardless of the world, their relatives, or how their families coerce and persecute them, they do not care. They have completely consecrated themselves to God. They only seek to satisfy God and repay God. This kind of person only consecrates, he does not ask for anything in return. Now, is this kind of person someone that fears God? He is 100% someone that fears God.

Someone said, “I have also consecrated. Why have I not become someone that fears God?” Do you know where they fall short? Their consecration is not fake. Their mistake lies in pursuing the truth. They have not achieved results in this regard. Isn’t this where their mistake is? Presently, many people say, “I have also consecrated.” “How many years have you believed in God for?” “Two years, three years, I have consecrated!” However, at times, you follow blindly, and your consecration is not at all true. Why is it that some people who have consecrated are still able to regret their decision? Why is it that after some people have consecrated, they do not obey God, they rely on themselves to do things and they make their own decisions? What is the reason for this? They do not have a sufficient amount of true faith. Their consecration is born of passion. It is not equivalent to true spiritual stature. They do not have enough real spiritual stature. This is similar to the situation where some people have believed for two years and they have consecrated themselves. How much truth can they understand in those two years? How much fear do they have? Their spiritual stature is too small. The heart with which they consecrated is real, there is no mistake about this, but their spiritual stature is too small. That is why even after they have consecrated themselves, they lack an understanding of God, they lack faith, they lack caring and they lack obedience. Are they able to become someone that fears God? (They aren’t.) Perhaps if all those who have consecrated themselves to God pursue the truth for 3 to 5 years, it is possible that they can achieve faith in God, understanding, caring and obedience. If some people say, “I have also consecrated but presently, I am still not someone that fears God. What should I do?” Shouldn’t you focus on pursuing the truth? Focus on pursuing the truth and after you have obtained a genuine understanding of God, you will be able to have faith in God, understanding, caring and obedience. At this time, God will find your consecration acceptable and you will be able to receive God’s blessing. Understood? Why would you be able to receive God’s acceptance and blessing at that time? It is because presently, your consecration still contains rebelliousness, resistance, your own decisions and escape. Basically, you have not truly consecrated yourself to God. In other words, your consecration is not complete. You merely have consecration, you do not have obedience and you do not have concrete actions. You will not be able to receive God’s blessings this way. All you can receive is God’s grace, God watching over you, God’s protection and God’s guidance. Until you pursue the truth and achieve real results, only then will you be able to fear God. At that time, your consecration will be genuine, and you will receive God’s acceptance and blessing.

Now that you have consecrated yourself, is there still a chance that you will run away? Some people said, “I never knew that fulfilling duties would be so difficult. The requirements are so strict. You have to do things according to principles, everything has to be perfect, you must understand the truth, have genuine obedience and receive dealing and pruning. If I knew it would be this bad, I would not have consecrated myself. If I knew it would be this bad, I would not fulfill my duties. Even when I had a job in the secular world, things were not this strict!” Has this type of person truly consecrated himself? If he has consecrated himself, his consecration is a bit blind and ignorant. He thinks that fulfilling duties in God’s family is similar to fooling foreign devils. He thinks that God’s family would be very satisfied and that God would bless him. Is having this kind of imaginings about God misunderstanding God? Isn’t this belittling God? Isn’t this vilifying God? This is very troublesome! This person does not know God. All his imaginings about God are wrong. Now, you know that God is righteous and holy and that God’s disposition tolerates no offense. Shouldn’t you have genuine consecration? “Now I know. God’s family requires people to fulfill their duties, put the truth into practice and have principles. They require people to have obedience and to seek the truth in all things. People must love God and satisfy God when they fulfill their duties.” If you knew that there were so many requirements in regard to the fulfillment of duties, would you be willing to consecrate yourself? If at this time, you are still willing to consecrate yourself, it shows that your consecration is genuine. Isn’t this right? (Yes.) Those that recognize God’s disposition have truly consecrated themselves.

Right now, there are many people who fulfill the duty of receiving brothers and sisters as guests. Have they paid a great price? (Yes.) They have consecrated themselves to God. How did they pray? “God, I give this house to You. I consecrate it to You. Whatever God’s family’s arrangements are, I will obey. No matter how many brothers and sisters come, I will not complain. I will endure whatever I encounter. I will not be fussy about entertaining these brothers and sisters. I do not have my own say. If I have any complaints or if I rebel against or resist You, You may punish me in any manner you see fit.” Is this consecration genuine? (Yes.) This person’s consecration is robust and he is able to pay the necessary price. He no longer has his own say. Satisfying God is his number one priority. Does he care about God? Does he understand God? Has he consecrated himself to God? He has both obedience and consecration. This is how genuine consecration is like. Presently, there are other people who have consecrated everything to God. They have consecrated all their money and worldly possessions to God. God’s family says, “Pray, do not worry! Your spiritual stature is too small. Seek understanding the truth for a few years and afterward, your consecration will be fine.” “I have finished praying and I am determined to continue with consecration. I must continue with the consecration.” Does this person have faith in God? He has faith. He has seen God’s face and had nothing to say; this is by no means blind consecration! Having experienced God’s work for a few years, he has been face to face with God many times. He has heard God’s words and God’s voice and seen that everything of his was given to him by God. Due to all this, he wants to completely consecrate himself to God. What is this called? First, it is consecration. Second, it is repaying a debt. There is no need to say anything more about it. Does this person have an understanding of God? Does he care about God? Does he have obedience? His faith in God has reached this stage. Does he have a heart that fears God? He does. Why does he need to consecrate everything that he has to God? Think about this for a bit. First, he sees that God is real, all too real! God’s work is extremely practical. God is truly here to save and perfect people! This is why he has faith in God. Second, he sees that everything he has obtained originates from God’s blessings and God’s grace. It was not his own abilities that allowed him to acquire these things. “If God didn’t bestow these things upon me, would I have been able to obtain these things? There are many people in the world who have not. Why did God give these things to me? These things were bestowed upon me from God.” That is why he sees everything that he does as repaying a debt, as consecration and as necessary and proper. He knows that repaying God’s love is the right thing to do. Would you say that this person has the faith of Job? He has the faith of Job. “Everything that I have was bestowed upon me from God. It was not obtained through my own abilities. It’s similar to farming. Even if I do my work diligently, if the Heaven does not send the rain, what good is it? If there is no sunlight or water, it does not matter how much harder I toil! Therefore, the amount of food I am able to harvest depends on God’s grace. When I need sunlight, God provides sunlight. When I need rain water, God provides rain water, so I can irrigate the fields. In the end, the fields produce crops. This is God’s blessing.” This person sees that God is all too real and that everything was provided by God. As a person, you must not lack a conscience. Does a consecration originating from faith have a heart that fears God? It has a heart that fears God. Parts of him are not too perfect, but he has a heart that fears God. If he lacks obedience and caring, what should he do? He should continue pursuing the truth. After a period of pursuing the truth, his fear for God will cause him to shun evil and he will become someone that receives the promises of God. This is without a doubt.

Presently, it is true that there are some people who have fear. Those that stand firm and bear witness all have fear. However, to what degree are they able to shun evil? This is crucial! There are some people who have evil that they are presently unable to shun. For example, at times, they would enjoy themselves. They would eat well and put on nice clothes. They follow the trends as worldly people do. They are unable to shun this evil. Is their fear for God not up to standard? For some people, they are unable to resist their emotions for the opposite sex. Their spiritual stature is still no good. This evil must be shunned. They must triumph over this evil. Once they can lightly and cheerfully triumph over this evil, their fear of God and their ability to shun evil will basically be successful. What are the greatest evils? These include status, wealth and sexuality. If one can triumph over these three evils, their fear for God and their ability to shun evil can be considered successful. What does shunning the evil of status refer to? “I will obey the arrangements of God’s family and I will obey God’s arrangements. Whatever duties God’s family asks me to fulfill, I will fulfill them. I will not fight over status. I will not rack my brains over status.” If people let go of their need to fight over status, if they do not say anything about status or do anything for the sake of status, would their obedience be genuine? This is not simple. Notice how they do not follow their own will. Though it is possible for them to obtain status, they say, “I will not fight for status. No matter the arrangements of God’s family, regardless of what duties they ask me to fulfill, I will fulfill those duties. If they ask me to be a small blade of grass, I will not try to become a tree. If they ask me to become a tree, I will not fight to become a flower.” This kind of person has obedience. Some people pick and choose the duties they wish to fulfill and do not have obedience. “I want to fulfill this duty. Except for this duty, I will not fulfill any other duty. I like to fulfill this duty.” Has this kind of person truly consecrated themselves to God? Do they have true consecration? They choose for themselves. They pick and choose. This is very troublesome. If you do not cater to their desires, they become negative and they give up on their responsibilities. They drop their load and go through the motions with you. Their hearts are full of rebelliousness and they refuse to do the work. This kind of person is not a creation that has met the standard and does not have obedience. Some people say some very treacherous things, “I am able to obey. I am able to do a task.” It’s no use if you are skillful at talking. Those who are good at talking are not as good as those who are good at listening. If you talk to some people a little bit more strictly, they have a negative reaction. They judge you, nitpick you, focus on your faults, and look for bones in an egg. Do they have obedience? These people are full of rebelliousness and they are very arrogant and self-right! Truly obedient people say, “I will listen regardless of how you deal with me. I will listen even if only half of what you say conforms to the facts. Even if what you have to say is unpleasant, I will listen and I will obey. I will not argue and I will also accept it.” This is what it means to train you and make you obey. Some people are unable to obey. There is no alternative. There is nothing to be undone. Disobedience is no good. Even if he were to have some obedience, what would his heart ponder? Satan’s philosophies will come out, “One has to lower one’s head under low eaves.” Do those who say these word have true obedience? They do not have true obedience. They have Satan’s philosophies. Do you know what it means to consecrate yourself until the end? What is the relationship between consecration and obedience? After consecrating yourself, you must obey God absolutely in all things. Only upon a foundation of obeying God can one produce genuine consecration.

Now we will mention the next topic regarding fearing God, which is “love.” This reaches an even higher realm of life. Once someone loves God, will they have any more difficulties? When we mention genuine love, it means that there will no longer be any difficulties. There will be no more rebelliousness, only caring, understanding, obedience, and consecration. You will do anything in order to satisfy our most beloved God. Regardless of how much you have to suffer, even if you encounter death, it would be fine. Is the consecration that can be found within love absolute? Notice the love that parents have for their children. How great is their love? Everything they do is for their children. A father said, “For my entire life I have never had the opportunity to study. I want to have my son get a good education! We do not have sufficient money. I would sell my own kidney, so my son could have the opportunity to study. In the end, I would crush my own bones into dust and sell them if that could mean my son has the opportunity to study!” Would you say that this father’s love for his son is great? Does he have any complaints? (No.) Why does he not have any complaints? It is because his love for his children is incredible. Even if his bones were crushed into dust, he would not complain. Is there anyone who loves their children this much? (Yes.) Wouldn’t you say that if man could love God to this degree, he would be in a higher realm? Are children really this lovable? When they are little and they are in your hands, you are afraid you may drop them. If you place them on top of your head, you are afraid they will fall and hit the floor. However, one day, after they have grown up, what is the situation like? You discover that they are a living demon! You’ve loved them in vain for so many years. Does this happen a lot? (Yes.) Then, you start to regret. When you regret, what do you say? “If I knew you would be so revolting I would not have loved you for so many years. I’m so silly!” At this time, how are people’s hearts? They hate themselves for being so silly and for being unable to see through people. They believed that their own children were the best. They never would have thought that even though physically they were similar, their children’s souls would be so different. It is as if their enemies from a previous life were reincarnated and became their children! If they knew their children’s souls would turn out like this, they would not have loved them so much. At this time, they feel, “Oh no! I’m so ignorant. I cannot see through anything. If only man could penetrate the spiritual world! I never thought I would love a demon. I’m too smart for my own good!” Therefore, aren’t all those who love their own relatives very ignorant? Pay no attention to how cute they are when they are small. Don’t worry. Once they grow up, their nature will reveal itself and you will feel regret. When you see this, you will be surprised. People are unable to see through this. You have this many years of experience and have seen the facts. Are your relatives lovable or not? It is because they do not have the same type of soul. There is a family with two sisters. One believes in God and the other one is a demon. There is a mother and a child. One is an antichrist and the other one pursues the truth. There is a father and a child. One pursues the truth and the other just does service. There is a family where there is one good person and one bad person. What’s going on here? They are all related by blood, but they have different types of spirits. This concept of different spirits is crucial! Do not look at how they resemble you physically, “Oh! He is like me. He is like him!” It’s useless. They have different spirits. The path they take is not the same. In the end, you do not speak the same language. When they are small, they may seem quite reasonable. However, wait until they grow up and their nature reveals itself. You will be quite surprised!

In the end, what does it mean to be lovable? It is a positive thing and it is related to positive people. This is the lovable that I am referring to. First, it is a positive thing, it has truth and it is real. Furthermore, it can refer to positive people that pursue the truth and are able to love others. They walk the same path, they help each other, and they provide for each other. In the end, they are able to rely on each other. Think of the brothers and sisters who have been so cruelly tortured in jail that they are unable to prop themselves up. When they bump into a brother or sister who has also been jailed, they hug each other. Oh, it is even more intimate than your relationships with your own relatives! Do your family members go and see you? Who will say caring things to you? When your own relatives come, they say, “You didn’t confess? Hurry and confess. What use is it to believe in God?” Look, not only are they unable to help you, but they even pour cold water on you. When your brothers and sisters go to see you, they say, “Sister! Stand firm and bear witness. God is at our side looking on!” With these words, they have given your faith some much-needed support. You can rely on your brothers and sisters for survival. They are the best of close relatives. They support you and they are able to help you. In the end, what kind of people are the most intimate? What people are lovable? It is the brothers and sisters who genuinely love the truth that are lovable! Who is the most lovable? It is God! Therefore, once you have genuine love for God, are you able to become someone that fears God and shuns evil? Sooner than you may expect. Those that have hearts that love God naturally are people that fear God and shun evil. Do you understand this matter now? Are those that do not love God people that fear God and shun evil? Absolutely not. Let’s say someone has a bit of a heart that loves God but it is not very big. At the very most, they have a bit of a heart that fears God. Only those that truly love God are people that truly fear God, 100%! If someone ignorantly says, “This person loves God very much. Are they someone that fears God?” Isn’t this foolishness? Someone else said, “I see that that person fears God very much but he is not someone that loves God.” Are these foolish words? This is very foolish. This person does not understand spiritual things. Those that love God inhabit the highest realms of life. Their spirits are the most beautiful and they are the most kindhearted, honest and pure of people. Those that love God will forever live in God’s love. Therefore, they are certainly people that fear God and shun evil.

Those that genuinely love God are even more so people that fear God. They inhabit the highest realm when it comes to fearing God. Their fear of God is perfect because those who are able to love God are absolutely people that fear God. In case there are people who are unable to confirm whether they themselves are people that fear God, first, consider whether you are someone that genuinely obeys God. If you genuinely obey God, then you are certainly someone that fears God. Second, if you truly love God, you are also someone that fears God. If you love God more than everything else, then you are absolutely a God-fearing person. You are definitely not the average God-fearing person. Loving God more than everything else implies that your fear of God has reached a very high level. Now, what does your love for God exceed? Does it exceed the love you have for your parents, wife (husband) and children? “It does not exceed.” If this is the case, your love is not great enough or it can be said that you do not have any love. At the bare minimum, you need to have some caring and obedience in order to confirm that you have love for God. If you do not care about God and you do not genuinely obey, can you be considered a person that loves God? Of course not. Loving God is at least built upon the foundation of caring and obedience.

Now, examine whether you yourself are a person that fears God. Some people want to pursue the truth and love God but they are unable to cast away their family and relatives. They are unable to endure the suffering that this entails. Now, does this kind of person have a heart that loves God? Some people, when they leave their families for a few days, they start to miss their husbands (wives) and children, “I wonder how they are doing. Are they suffering? If they are suffering, I cannot be at ease while spending for God!” Does this person have a heart that genuinely loves God? He is controlled by his relatives. He loves them more than he loves God. Are all those who do not genuinely love God people that fear God? (They are not.) Why not? It is because they do not shun evil. Family, your flesh, your relatives, these are evil! If you are controlled by these evils, it will cause you to be unable to follow God, obey God and love God. It shows that you have not broken yourself away from evil. Some people get tied down by their families. Isn’t this being controlled by evil? Some people cling to the world. Is this breaking off from evil? All of this indicates that you have not broken off from evil. There are some people who refuse to sever ties with their relatives and friends. They are afraid that they will offend them and lose them. Have these people broken away from evil? They have not broken away from evil. It indicates that they do not fear God. If you fear God and can break away from evil, then it is a marker that you truly fear God. What is the criteria when it comes to fearing God? It is built upon a foundation of breaking away from evil. The secular word, the world, your flesh and relatives are all evil. If you allow these evils to wear you down and control you, you are not a person that fears God. Fearing God involves breaking away from evil. This is the type of fear of God that is real and the type that God recognizes.

As well as unconditional and uncomplaining worship, requital, and surrender,” this is the last and greatest reality in regard to fearing God and shunning evil. “As well as unconditional and uncomplaining worship, requital, and surrender,” the meaning of this is being obtained by God. What kind of realities do those who have been obtained by God possess? They do not have any conditions and they do not have any complaints when it comes to fearing God. Their fear does not have any conditions and, moreover, it does not have any complaints. Regardless of the situation or environment, they fear God as usual. Once man’s knowledge of God has reached a certain level, he does not merely have trust, understanding, caring, obedience and consecration. Most importantly in the end, is that he attains a fear that is without condition and without complaints. Regardless if he is rich, poor, in whatever circumstance, whether he is in a good family environment or the harsh conditions of prison, he will fear God as he normally does. He lives before God daily, his fear of God is realistic and that is the true image of the creation. Presently, there are many people who do not even have a basic level of obedience. Do these people genuinely fear God? If you do not have obedience, your fear of God is merely verbal and not realistic. It is similar to religious people when they pray to and worship God. They chaotically make all sorts of humming and whimpering sounds. This is not fear. This is what you do to a vague God. After they finish worshiping and praising, they still resist God and hate the truth. Is their worship real? It is blind and ignorant worship. It is not genuinely conscious worship that has an object and substance. Now, today, if we are to become people that worship God, how much reality must we possess? How much truth must we understand before we can attain our objective? To what level must we know God? We cannot merely know God’s disposition and substance. Most importantly, we must know God’s almightiness, authority and His identity as the Lord of creation. At this time, you will start to worship God without conditions and complaints. It is only a matter of course that man worships God. It makes sense. In regard to worshiping the Lord of creation, should man still have any conditions? As a creation, worshiping the Lord of creation is right and proper. What more can man say? According to traditional Chinese thought, children should honor their parents. Who dares to oppose this? Nobody dares to oppose this. Regardless of the age of this person, whether he is young or old, even if you are an 80 or 90-year-old senior, nobody opposes the idea of honoring one’s parents. This is because honoring one’s parents is something that children should do. It is indisputable. Well, if that’s the case, does anyone oppose the idea of creations worshiping the Lord of creation? This is indisputable. As long as you acknowledge that you are a creation, then worshiping the Lord of creation is something that is a matter of course. If this is the case, why is it that there are people who are unable to genuinely worship? It is because they do not understand the Lord of creation. They do not know which God is the true God and which God is the Lord of creation. That is why they do not genuinely worship. Presently we seek to know God and pursue the truth. To what degree has our pursuing reached? To what stage has our knowledge of God come to? What place does God occupy in your life? Just what is God’s position? Someone said, “I acknowledge it! God is the Lord of creation. The Lord of creation is the true God. There is nothing else to be said!” This is what the argument is. If I ask you some questions that you cannot answer, what then? You say it is not clear and you merely acknowledge the argument. Now, is this kind of worship genuine? God said, “You have a bit of ignorance. You do not recognize.” That is why once you truly have knowledge, the results of your worship will not be the same. For example, imagine there is someone who is born but does not see how his father looks like. Once he reaches 20 years of age, his father comes back and his father says, “I am your father.” His mother also says, “He is your father.” Once this child hears his mother also admitting that this man is his father, he says, “Then I will call you father.” So he calls the man “father.” However, what is going on in his heart? “Is he my father? I am not sure!” This is how the recognition of the arguments is like. However, your heart does not truly recognize this. No matter how you say “father,” it still does not feel intimate or real. Someone said, “God is the Lord of creation.” You say, “Why is God the Lord of creation? Aren’t there many different Gods? Which God exactly is the Lord of creation? How many Lords of creation are there? How many Gods are there? This topic is still quite unclear!” Even though it is unclear, you still “plop” down on your knees to pray to and praise God. Yet, your heart wonders, “Is this God? Why? Is he real?” Look, if you have these suspicions, is your worship genuine? Does it originate from within your heart? It is hard to say. What does it take to achieve genuine worship of God? You must accurately acknowledge the Lord of creation. You must be clear about His almightiness. You must figure out why He is the Lord of creation, how you can confirm this and the reasons why He is the true God and Lord of Creation. Afterward, kneel once again and worship God with a confident heart that contains no suspicions.

Now, what would you say is the result that you will attain in the very end through your faith in God? The result is that you will know God. What are the results that will be produced through knowing God? First, you will fear God and shun evil. Second, you will worship the Lord of creation without conditions and without complaints. You will have unconditional and uncomplaining worship, requital, and surrender to Him. What does the day that the human race enters into its final destination refer to? At that time, the human race will worship the Lord of creation. The more they worship the Lord of creation, the more enlightened they will be, the more understanding they will have and the more they will see. At that time, they will enter the true final destination. At that time, we will not talk about believing in God anymore. We are creations. Worshiping the Lord of creation is only right and proper. There is no need to mention believing in God or pursuing the truth and loving God. We will all return to our original place. Man is a creation. God is the Lord of creation. It will be crystal clear what kind of requirements the Lord of creation will have for His creations. It will be clear what responsibilities and duties His creations need to fulfill. This is how things will be put in to practice and done every day. This is how one lives before the Lord of creation. This is the life of the human race. This is the life of a creation. Once someone’s faith in God has reached this stage, have they entered into their final destination? God will give this type of creation—a creation that is able to worship the Lord of creation—a true final destination. At this time, a new heaven and earth will appear, and a new way of life will begin. Satan will not be able to corrupt this and nobody will be able to deceive the human race. Equipped with this truth, Satan will not be able to deceive us and coerce us to betray and stray away from God, regardless of which of the many methods that it uses. None of its ways will succeed and at this time, Satan will be unable to corrupt the human race. Satan’s identity as a foil and service-doer will be suppressed and it will be thrown into a bottomless pit. Would you say that the path we walk on today is the bright and true path of believing in God? (Yes.) The more we walk on this path, the brighter it is!

Now, how is your worship of God like? If you merely seek and pray but you do not have genuine worship, this will not do. You do not have enough truth. What does genuine worship involve? What does “unconditional and uncomplaining worship” refer to? One day, when you encounter dealing and pruning, you say, “God, I should accept this dealing and pruning. This is Your love. I obey.” You say just this and nothing else. “God, I am grateful to You. I praise You!” Is this worship? You say these few sentences and you persistently prostrate yourself and enjoy, “God is praiseworthy. He is worthy of praise and He is lovable. I worship God!” Your heart worships God with these few sentences. When you encounter trials, “God, Your love is here. I see it. I do not have any complaints. You are the Lord of creation. I worship You. Even if I have only one breath left, I should still worship You!” Does this person still have any complaints? One day, this person’s parents pass away. Does he still cry? He does not mourn them. He comes before God and says, “God, You have taken my mother and father. Thank You. I praise and worship You!” This person loses his children. They pass away as well. “God, I will not cry. You were the One who gave me my children. Now You take them back from me. I worship You. You are the Lord of creation. I obey without any complaints. I praise God and give thanks to God!” Once you have experienced God’s work to this degree, regardless of the situation, you worship God unconditionally without any complaints and you obey indisputably. Is this type of person someone that fears God and shuns evil? As a matter of fact, he is a success in terms of his faith! If your mother passes and you cry your heart out; one moment, you pass out and another moment beat your chest and back with your fists. Is this someone that worships God? This is someone that wails at a funeral. This is someone that cries for Satan and is seriously close to Satan! This person does not let someone just die. He wants to bring them back. Does this kind of person have a heart that fears God? When someone dies, just let nature take its course. Obey God’s arrangements. Worship God unconditionally and without complaints. Man has many prayers that do not worship God. Some of the prayers, however, do worship God. Are you able to tell the difference? “You have taken my precious children away. You are the Lord of creation and the one true God. I worship You!” Are these words that praise God? (Yes.) Do these kinds of prayer have obedience? (Yes.) Does this person know God? (Yes, he knows God.) Is he someone that fears God and shuns evil? (Yes.) Nobody can deny him. I admire those brothers and sisters who have been cruelly tortured in jail. They are exemplars of praying to God. God gives them His words, “God, give us Your words. Give us enlightenment. We will guard Your words. We will act according to God’s words.” These kinds of people have obedience to God! They obey the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. This is what it means to obey God. What are these people like after they have finished enduring their suffering and torture? They still give thanks to God and worship God! They express thanks and praise to God even while in that type of circumstance. Wouldn’t you say that they worship God? It does not matter who disagrees, but this is called worshiping God. Man has many prayers for God but the majority of prayers do not worship God. Only the prayers that come from standing firm and bearing witness in the midst of trials while praising God can be called worshiping God. Are you someone that worships God? Trials will reveal whether you are or not. Words are useless. When you encounter trials, the truth will be revealed.

Unconditional and uncomplaining worship, requital, and surrender,” this is amazing! This is the kind of person that worships God and shuns evil. Regardless of what trial they go through, they are able to stand firm, bear witness and offer genuine praise to God. This is worshiping God! The praise that comes from prayer during ordinary times is not worshiping God. The words are not heartfelt and they are not real. Satan does not concede nor is it convinced. When Job encountered trials, he said, “Blessed be the name of the LORD.” This is worshiping God. When someone has this kind of praise during that kind of a trial, it is called worshiping God. The ability to stand firm, bear witness and praise God even while being cruelly tortured in jail by the great red dragon is genuine worship of God. This is real witnessing. Praying persistently in an ordinary peaceful environment, “Praise God! Thank God!” is not worshiping. It’s just words. Notice how there are some workers and leaders who simply resign once they encounter bad circumstances and the great red dragon’s soldiers chase them persistently. “I quit. I am going to hide. I will no longer be a leader. I will be a believer in God in hiding. I am afraid that if I get captured, I will lose my head!” He is afraid to lose his head. His love for life is greater than his love for God. Does kind of person offer unconditional worship without complaints? No, he does not. He has conditions. In dangerous circumstances, he concedes and resigns. Under what circumstances can whether or not a man has genuine worship for God be revealed? When the trials he encounters become so serious that his life begins to be threatened, this is when he will be revealed. I have seen many brothers and sisters take on dangerous work for God’s family such as printing and distributing books. In the end, they are captured, tortured and beaten almost to death, yet they are able to stand firm and bear witness. This is the witnessing of an overcomer. Nobody can refute this. Some people are able to put their lives on the line. This cannot be denied. These aren’t mere words. Do you think that people who dare take on risky work are silly? Do you think that they are not aware of the dangers? You are wrong. They are not silly! They know what the dangers are. That is faith. They are willing to care for God’s intentions. They say, “If nobody goes, can God’s chosen people obtain God’s words? If I do not go at this time, who will?” Throw all caution to the wind. “Go, whether I live or die, it is up to God!” Is this faith? You cannot deny that this is faith. Some people do not dare go. They are afraid of being beaten to death. You have to push them out the door. They will wet their own pants yet still they will not go. They are not brave enough. You can see that some of God’s chosen people truly have faith. They do not yield and they are courageous. This kind of person will receive God’s blessing. Right now, there are many people who not only are not people that fear God, and they do not even fulfill their duties. They are not willing to do service. Aren’t these people just waiting to die? They are just scraping by nihilistically. What does this mean? God will ignore you. You can believe in whatever manner you want to believe. One day, when the disaster comes, you will be eliminated first. This is the meaning. Some people are unable to let go of their emotions. God said, “Are you unable to let go of your emotions? I will give you some time. I will give you a chance. Try hard to pursue the truth. If I have given you enough time and you are still unable to let it go, fine! You really love Satan, demons. Your love for them is deep. I will allow you to die along with the rest of them!” This is God’s righteous disposition. This is how fair God is to man. He will perfect and satisfy you. Is this God’s righteous disposition? (Yes.) You can’t bear to part with the dead ones. They are unbelievers, people that hate the truth. If you still treat them this well, your disposition is itself a blaspheme against God. We will not mention the things that you said. When God sees the type of person that you are, He is disgusted. You are a devil. Even if you do not speak, you defile God. God will not allow His holiness to be defiled by man!

Would you say that if someone always resists God, does not fulfill their duties and always disturbs the important work of God’s family, he should receive punishment? He should receive punishment. What kind of problem is it when you always disturb the important work of God’s family? This is the work of evil spirits. This is the work of dirty spirits. You should be punished. Why do you sympathize with dirty and evil spirits? Some people regret sympathizing with them and standing on the side of Satan. They want to grumble to God. You are really bad. You belong to the same group as those dirty and evil spirits. You are not even willing to expel dirty and evil spirits and you still express sympathy for them! Your sympathy for dirty and evil spirits is blaspheme and resistance against God. God is disgusted by you! You are blind! Why is it that people are unable to see through these matters? Even though they know that God’s intentions and disposition cannot be offended, they still sympathize with these demons and devils. What is this problem? They do not genuinely recognize God nor do they have hearts that fear God. Without a heart that fears God, you blindly sympathize. You understand these demons and you sympathize with these demons. Why do you not seek to understand God and care for God? By sympathizing with these Satan and demons, you are contradicting and resisting God. What else can be said? One day, your relatives, who belong to these demons and evil spirits will die. Will you cry? When you cry, God will be disgusted with you. If you wipe away your tears, stop crying and pray to God, but after your prayer, you still cry in your heart, then God will still be disgusted with you. Even if you pray, God will not listen to you. An old Satanic demon has died. Is it worth it to cry? Tears are not as valuable as money! One look and it is obvious that you are a selfish, despicable and evil person.

Unconditional and uncomplaining worship, requital, and surrender” shows that man is completely obtained by God. This kind of worship, this kind of repaying God’s love and this kind of returning to God to be obtained by God is the thing that most comforts God. God said, “If I can obtain a group of these kinds of people, then they have not come in vain. I have obtained a few fruits!” Do not look down on these fruits. There are not a lot of them in the human race. They are valuable to God. They are the fruits of a 6,000-year management plan! Once He has these few fruits, the world can end and a new age can begin. God can then proceed with His work of ending an era. Once He has obtained these few fruits, the next step of God’s work can begin. It can proceed without a hitch. God will not require anything else. From this corrupt human race, all He wanted was these few fruits. The rest that remain will be destroyed without hesitation.

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