Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life”


God’s word says: “… and there are those whom He makes perfect and those whom He eliminates.” “And there are those whom He makes perfect,” who is this referring to? It is referring to those that seek the truth and those in God’s house who are comparatively more honest. They lie a lot less than most, they are a lot less cunning than most and they are more innocent and open than most. There are those in the church that ask these people, “What kind of sins have you committed?” These people will, without hesitation, say what kind of sins they are guilty of. Isn’t this an honest person? Some people have secrets that they will not talk about. No matter how you ask them, they will say, “I have none, none!” They have hidden these secrets deep inside! These kinds of people are so sly. These kinds of people think they are so smart, but they have fallen prey to their own crafty schemes. God does not live in their hearts. You say an honest person is silly but, God will live in their heart. You can see who is smart and who is silly. “And there are those whom He makes perfect,” what kind of person does God perfect? Those that live according to His intentions. What kind of person lives according to God’s intentions? Honest, upright people. People who love the truth and truly make an effort for God. This can be summarized in a single phrase: people that seek the truth. These people can be perfected by God. How does God perfect them? Through the work of the Holy Spirit. Those that love the truth, always encounter dealing and pruning and trials. When it comes to communicating God’s words, they are always enlightened and illuminated within. God enlightens them. God moves them. Once they finish listening, they feel they have been reproached. They try to know themselves and reflect upon themselves. The more they do this, the more they see the depth of their corruption. The more they see their corrupt dispositions, the more they see themselves as poor and pitiful and the more they see themselves as lacking human-likeness. They begin to have regrets. They begin to hate themselves. They begin to think, “I must seek the truth. Those who do not accept the truth will be destroyed. God loathes and hates these people. God curses these kinds of people. I must seek the truth!” As a result, these people strive for the truth. The more they strive for the truth, the more the Holy Spirit works in them. The more they strive for the truth, the more the Holy Spirit enlightens them to understand the truth and the more able they are to find a path to practice. They understand more and more of the truth. In the end, they are able to do things according to principles. Once they understand one aspect of the truth, they start to have a path to practice it. They can begin doing things according to principles and put the truth into practice. The result is they unconsciously understand and gain more and more of the truth. Their life disposition starts to change, they start to blossom and they start seeing results. God’s work starts to yield more and more results with these kinds of people. After a few years of experience, they can enter the reality of many truths, and obtain some real experience with witnessing. Now they are able to assist and supply others at church and take on more of the work responsibilities at church. Doesn’t this confirm that they have stepped onto the path of perfection?

Presently, there are many people who fulfill their duties and feel, “In fulfilling my duties, I can see that I do not have any reality of the truth. Before, I felt that I understood some of the truth, but now, I realize it is all letters and doctrines and spiritual theoretical knowledge. None of it is the reality of the truth.” As a result, as these people perform their duties, they feel they are quite lacking. The more they feel they are lacking inside, the more they feel empty. The more empty they feel, the more uneasy they feel. If they are uneasy, they start feeling that a crisis exists, “If I do not seek the truth, I will surely be eliminated!” They have a sense of crisis. Once they have a sense of crisis, they become more honest, calm and low key. “I must bury my head in work. I won’t foolishly draw attention to myself. I won’t foolishly make myself visible. I am nothing, I have nothing to show!” When God’s chosen people see this, they say, “Why is this person burying his head in work without any complaints? Why doesn’t he show off his abilities? This person has changed for the better. He is not the same as before.” Is this someone who seeks the truth? He focuses on reality. He does not focus on doing things this way or that way. He does not focus on drawing attention to himself. He sees clearly what unbelievers seek and like. He thoroughly rejects all the things that are empty and superficial. He stops chasing after reputation, status and pride. These things do not have any value. He seeks the truth and fulfills his duties to repay God’s love. He pursues to become an honest person. These are the most important and dependable things to him. This kind of person will become perfected by God. After I pruned and dealt with some workers and leaders, I saw some of them become silent. They started focusing on doing actual work. I thought it was very good. They gained some self-knowledge. Not bad. After a period of further inspection, I found that they started getting some results. Their work started bearing fruit and they resolved some practical problems. I thought these people were okay. They could receive the truth. Not bad! They started seeing results in their work. Once they understand the truth, have an accurate target, direction and principles in terms of serving God, they will carry out God’s will. At the very least, they are able to follow God’s will, follow God’s way. With this kind of quality, there shouldn’t be any problems. Those whom God makes perfect are seekers of the truth. If they spend a lot of time and effort striving for the truth, they can still improve their inner qualities. They can reach an understanding of the truth and enter into the reality. Besides, they can put the truth into practice and do things according to principles. This kind of person will be perfected by God. If God makes them perfect, then they have God within their heart. God lives inside this person’s heart. This does not mean that God is controlling this person to the point where he or she directly speaks God’s words and does God’s work. God living in someone’s heart means He does the work of perfection, He watches over them, leads them and even disciplines them. In the end, the truth of God’s words and the way of eternal life that Christ has brought will reside in this person’s heart.

There are also those that are unable to be perfected. Those who are unable to be perfected by God will be eliminated by God. There are a few kinds of situations when it comes to being eliminated by God. There are those who are bored of the truth or who hate the truth. They are the first to be eliminated. There are those who are muddleheaded. They have gone through many sessions of discipline, pruning and dealing, yet they still do not seek the truth. They will also be eliminated. There is also another type of person that will be eliminated. Their inner qualities are inadequate and they are unable to understand the truth. You must have a certain amount of inner preparation to understand the truth. Some people’s inner quality is insufficient and they are unable to understand the truth. If their inner quality is insufficient, then no matter how you communicate with them, they will not understand the truth. No matter how you communicate the truth to them, they are unable to find a path of practice. No matter how you communicate the truth to them, the only thing they can do is abide by the rules. They cannot do anything else. What kind of problem is this? Those whose inner qualities are too deficient, who can only abide by the rules, can they be perfected by God? They cannot be perfected by God. If their inner qualities are deficient, but they have a heart that truly believes in God, and they devoutly make an effort for God, then how will God treat this kind of person? Do you know the plans that are in place for this kind of person? This kind of person is a service-doer. Devoted service-doers will be saved. Those who are not devoted, those who are eliminated along the way or those who abandon the path themselves along the way will be eliminated and exterminated. Their fate is the same as that of unbelievers. Within the category of service-doers, there is a small portion that will be saved. This small portion encompasses the service-doers that have a comparatively good humanity and are devoted to the end. These people will be saved. These people will not die. When they encounter disasters, they will be protected by God. Understood? Right now, if you look at each and every person who cannot understand the spirit, there is a certain number of these people who will never be able to understand the spirit. There is also another portion that, if they repeatedly listen to sermons, will one day eventually be able to understand the spirit. If they listen long enough, if they hold fellowship over the truth and work hard to obtain the truth, eventually they will be able to understand the spirit. Those that can understand the spirit and practice and understand the truth can be perfected by God. They will become God’s people, citizens of the kingdom. They too can be perfected. So, for those who are unable to understand the spirit, will they be able to obtain life? There is no way they can obtain life. If you cannot understand the spirit, how can you obtain life? You can see that there are some people who have performed their duties for many years, yet they do not have any reverence for God in their hearts. These kinds of people do not understand the spirit. No matter how they believe, or how many years they believe, they do not have reverence for God within their hearts and thus, they cannot do things according to principles. This kind of person belongs to the group of people that cannot understand the spirit. People who cannot understand the spirit cannot be perfected.

Let’s continue and take a look at some of God’s words, “And so I say that God lives in but a few people’s hearts, and these people are undoubtedly those who truly believe in God, those of whom God approves, those who please Him, and those whom He makes perfect. They are the ones who are led by God.” “They are the ones who are led by God,” God directly leads these people. God’s Spirit lives in these people’s hearts. The Holy Spirit works in them, leads them, perfects them and guides them. This is absolutely correct! “Since they are led by God, so they are the people who have already heard and seen God’s way of eternal life.” Basically, they are people that are led by God, God works to lead these people. Colloquially, from the day they started believing in God, the Holy Spirit works on these people. These people are people that are led by God. God lives within these people’s hearts. The Holy Spirit lives within these people’s hearts. Starting from when they first believed in God, no matter how many years they believe, if the Holy Spirit does not work on them all along, would this kind of person have God living in their hearts? God does not live there. Each and every person whom the Holy Spirit works on, God lives in these people’s hearts. Those whom the Holy Spirit does not work on, will not have the Holy Spirit living inside their hearts. God does not live in such people’s hearts. This matter has now been clearly explained! Some religious people say, “God lives within our hearts.” Is this correct? Some people who do not seek the truth say, “God lives within my heart.” Is this correct? There are some evil-doers who say, “God lives within my heart.” Is this correct? Do not believe their words. We must follow God’s word. We must see clearly whose heart God inhabits. If you do not see through this matter, people will ask you, “Of the people who believe in God, whose heart does God live in?” You say, “Each and every one of the people in the Church of Almighty God has God living in their hearts. God lives in all our hearts.” That is wrong. There are some people who belong to the Church of Almighty God that do not seek the truth. Even more so in the religious world. You cannot carelessly say these things! That is why, no matter which passage of God’s word we read, or which phrase we understand, from now on, you must be able to differentiate those that violate the truth with their words. This can be compared to the following situation. There is a confused person that believes in God. He is so confused that it’s unbelievable! He has absolutely zero grasp of the reality of the truth. He only has a theoretical grasp of things. If he says that God lives in his heart, would you believe him? Would you accept it? Do not believe people who randomly and carelessly say things. It’s not right, it shows you don’t know how to differentiate. After you have listened to this sentence of God’s word, you understand, “Oh, God does not live in every believer’s heart. He lives in the hearts of those who truly believe in and follow Him. He lives in the hearts of those whom He praises and loves.” Once you understand this truth, you will know which people’s hearts God lives in and which people’s hearts God does not live in. You will also understand in which group you belong and whether or not your heart has God. After understanding this truth, you should also have self-knowledge about which group you belong to, is it right? Some people say, “According to what you say, this is very troublesome. All these years, I have not sought the truth. I am still a crafty person. Perhaps God does not live in my heart. Does that mean I will be eliminated?” This person starts getting negative, “Fine, then I’ll just go home!” What kind of problem is this? He has been revealed as a non-believer. If this person returns home, then it is certain that God does not live in his heart. It is confirmed that this person is a non-believer. Would you want this person to remain? Should you try and assist him out of love? Some people think you should not. Why should you not? He has been revealed. What use is it if you help him out? If you allow him to remain, you allow a demon to remain. He is not a true believer. Some people specialize in doing this type of work. Once they see a demon that is potentially going to leave the church, they quickly try to comfort and assist him. Is this right? Is this a good deed? I see this as a little bit evil. Even though it is not something that is clearly evil, this person is a little confused, without principle and blindly doing things! If the person in question is a new believer who does not understand, helping them out is acceptable. However, if they have believed for a certain number of years, and it has been revealed that they are demons and you still assist them, then you are assisting demons. Do you want to allow demons to take root in God’s house and disturb God’s chosen people? Would you be happy then? Can demons do any service? Demons will never render any service. All they do is disturb others.

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