Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life”


God become flesh is called Christ,” what does “Christ” mean? Christ is the Savior. The Savior is Christ. “Christ” in Hebrew is Messiah. The Messiah is also the Savior. Why can’t we call God’s Spirit the Savior? Why is it that God incarnate can be called the Savior? The key is to understand that He can do this kind of work. When God is in heaven, you can call Him any number of names. You can call Him God, Lord, the Creator or the Savior. If you call Him the Savior, it is not practical. When God is in heaven, He cannot do the work of the Savior. If God were to do this work, how would He do it? God has to become flesh in order to do it. Once He is clothed in flesh He can express the truth and save mankind. He can save mankind from Satan’s influence, that is why only Christ can be the Savior. When God is incarnate, He is the Savior. He is the Lord that saves mankind. This is absolutely correct! However, God’s incarnation is the most difficult to accept. It is the most incompatible with people’s notions. For example, once people see God incarnate, the first thing they notice is that He looks very ordinary. The words that He speaks are those of a human language. His habits and customs are also those of a human. “How can this person be called God? He can’t, He can’t!” It is difficult for people to accept this. However, if this person can finish God’s work, save mankind from the domain of Satan and obtain mankind, then is this person not the Savior? This person is the Savior. He has completed God’s work and saved mankind from Satan’s domain. Those who have been saved are Christ’s witnesses. Christ is the Savior, Christ is God incarnate. He is the Savior revealed. His true identity is the Savior. He is God. This is absolutely correct! Someone said, “I have some notions regarding Christ. He is just a normal person. His external appearance, His emotions are all those of a human. He is exactly the same as a human. This is why I do not call Him God.” Is this correct? This is incorrect. You do not call Him God, yet He has completed all of God’s work. You do not call Him God, yet He has expressed the way of truth. You do not call Him God, yet He has perfected a group of people and obtained them. Whether or not you call Him God is not important. He has done all these things, and therefore, He is Christ. Does it matter what people’s notions are about this? It does not. Now, what kind of people do not have any notions of Christ? Those who truly understand the essence of Christ. Those who truly see that Christ expresses the way of truth, that what He does is saving mankind, and, in the end, He will get mankind cleansed and saved. These people no longer have any notions of Christ. Someone said, “Why did God let Christ have His humanity and appearance like that?” This shows God’s wisdom and disposition. Why do I say that this indicates God’s wisdom? If Christ were very lofty, too special, who would not believe? Everyone would believe! By making Christ look very normal, very average, so much so that most people would not even look at Him twice, God has concealed His great wisdom! What kind of wisdom did He conceal? The kind that only those who love the truth and have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit can accept Him. God does not let those that belong to Satan the devil easily accept Him. This “door” is under close guard! Is this not God’s wisdom? Christ’s external appearance, and characteristics are incompatible with people’s preconceived notions. This “door” is closely guarded. People allowed to enter are mostly those who truly believe in God and acknowledge that Christ’s word is the voice of God and the truth. No one who would believe based solely on external appearances will come into His church. This result can be achieved, right? This is God’s wisdom and it represents His disposition. God’s disposition is that no matter how much of the truth He expresses, He still will not show off Himself. God does not have an arrogant or conceited nature. Instead, He is quite low-key. This kind of disposition cannot be replicated by corrupt people!

Why is it said that Christ is the particular flesh that carries out God’s work in the last days? “Particular flesh” means that Christ was predestined to embody God. Could a corrupt person be chosen to undertake the work? Why is this not possible? Once he expressed God’s words, he would show off himself, saying, “I am God!” Once he did so, wouldn’t this bring dishonor to God? This would allow Satan to take advantage of the situation, would it not? The consequences would be severe. This is why the incarnate Christ is the particular flesh that carries out God’s work. There can be no other way. Nobody else could replace Christ. Therefore, though the image of Christ, God incarnate, does not fit into people’s notions, inside this there is God’s wisdom. This was all preordained and the most appropriate way to carry this out. Once you understand a little bit of the truth, and have some knowledge of Christ, you will feel that people’s notions and imaginations are extremely childish, laughable, silly and not worth mentioning. Look at how God works. He just takes on this flesh, it does not matter if all of humanity has grievous notions about this. Those who were preordained by God will return to God. Nobody can obstruct this. This is called God’s almightiness and wisdom. Look at those who are arrogant and conceited, who do not love the truth. Because God’s flesh is very plain, they say, “I will take a look at His flesh before I decide to believe. If I do not see Him, then I will not believe.” Aren’t these kind of people confined to being outside the door? They have been confined outside the door. Other people study God’s flesh. “If God’s flesh does not match my notions, then I will not accept Him.” That’s fine that you do not accept Him. You do not accept Him, then you will die. If you do not fear death, then you are done. It’s over. You’re just a hopeless person. Some people are opposed to this, “I will not obey. I do not believe He is Christ.” If you do not believe, then you will die. You will not die right away. You will see that Christ is the appearance of God, then you will die. Is God’s wisdom in this? God’s wisdom represents His administrative decrees. His administrative decrees are closely related to His wisdom. A good example of this is the man used by God. Externally, he is not very tall, he looks quite average. Someone said, “I will not obey!” Is there any point to not obeying? God said, “You do not obey. But I will not find another just because you will not obey. I will not replace him with another. It has already been determined earlier and it will never change!” What God preordains is heaven’s edict. Nobody can break this. Nobody can change what God has preordained. Those antichrists do not obey. In the end, it doesn’t work no matter what we say or how we try to communicate. They will be expelled or purged. That is the end of that. Ask them, “Can you obey?” “I cannot.” Then they will be expelled! Ask them, “Are you willing to repent?” “I do not want to repent.” Then they will be expelled! Isn’t this how they will be dealt with? It’s this simple. Someone said, “So I am expelled? Even if I get expelled I will not obey.” Being expelled from the church is basically a death sentence. Their body will perish when they encounter the great disaster. After they die, they will be sent to hell and there, they will pay the price. When they are in hell, is there anyone who can save them? There is no escaping hell. Nobody can escape God’s punishment. Once they go to hell, it’s over. Each day they are in hell, they will scream, “Save me, save me!” No one will respond. For those who do not obey anyone, what happens to them in the end? They will receive punishment. It does not matter what kind of person you are, whether you are a president, prime minister, chancellor or a hero. If you do not obey, you will die. This has been preordained by God. This is heaven’s edict. No one can break this. Therefore, when Christ comes in the last days, if you do not believe, if you resist, then you will surely die! Is this not God’s administrative decree? This is God’s public administrative decree to the entire universe. From the day God announced this, it is His public administrative decree. One of God’s statements reads as follows, “that is, except for those now within the stream, the rest will be turned to ashes.” What does this translate into? It means that it does not matter if it happens now or later, all who do not accept Almighty God will die in the end. They will be destroyed. This means that they will be set on fire and turned into ashes. When God destroyed Sodom, the people in the city were burned to ashes. Not even their souls remained. Everything was turned into ashes. This is God’s public administrative decree. So, when Christ comes in the last days, do you have your own notions? Do you dare resist? This was preordained. Even though He is just one person, with this appearance, He is Christ of the last days. After He expresses the way of truth, if you do not accept it, then you will die. If you do not acknowledge Christ, you will surely die. If you condemn or resist Christ, then it is over, you will surely die. What can we learn from this? God’s righteous disposition has been publicly revealed to all of humanity.

Now, the most important thing about experiencing God’s work is obtaining the truth. Once you obtain the truth, then you will obtain life. If you do not obtain the truth, then you will not have life. Without life, you will die. In the beginning, when I saw that God had appeared and started to work, I said that this was great. Now, those who accepted Almighty God would not die. They would be saved and enter into the kingdom of heaven. After going through many experiences, I found out that this was not the case. I discovered that there were quite a few people who had accepted Almighty God but did not love the truth. There were also quite a few people who only wanted to enter the kingdom but did not accept the truth. I said, “These people are finished, they will still die.” Afterward, I saw it happen. There really were some people who believed in Almighty God, who accepted Almighty God but did not seek the truth in the slightest. These muddled people died. Some died in car accidents. Others died from diseases. What does this say? Even if you accept Almighty God’s name, if you do not experience God’s work, if you do not seek the truth, you will die all the same. Right now, if you do not want to die, there is only one path for you. Which path is the way of life? Let’s read a passage of God’s words, “Christ of the last days brings life, and brings the enduring and everlasting way of truth. This truth is the path through which man shall gain life, and the only path by which man shall know God and be approved by God.” These words explain everything very clearly. What does God mention first? “Christ of the last days brings life….” Someone said, “Brings life? Where is this life that Christ is supposed to bring? Why do I not see it?” The next point is, “and brings the enduring and everlasting way of truth.” Some people say, “Way of truth, I can acknowledge this. God has expressed so much truth. So it is the everlasting way of truth.” After talking about this, they acknowledge that Christ of the last days brings life. What does “brings life” refer to? “And brings the enduring and everlasting way of truth.” “Enduring and everlasting way of truth,” here it says that the way of truth is enduring and everlasting, what does this mean? It means that whoever can obtain this way of truth will live forever. This is what it means. This way of truth does not mean you can just live for a hundred years or a few decades. Some people who hear this say, “This is not right. Man’s body has a time limit. If you live to 70 or 80, then you have lived a long life. If you live to 100 or more, well that is the limit. That is the longest of lives. If our bodies can survive to more than 100 years of age, that is already very good. It cannot endure much longer than that. Even if we obtain this everlasting way of truth, our bodies will not last forever. Maybe our spirit is able to.” Is this explanation correct? This explanation is incorrect.

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