Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life”


Someone asked, “What is the longest our bodies can live?” Tell me how many years we can live, what is the longest lifespan. Can we live for three or five hundred years? Some people say that’s impossible. Wrong, the longest the body can live for is nine hundred years, as it is recorded in the Bible. Some people say: “I’ve never seen that, it’s impossible, seeing is believing, mere words are nothing but wind!” Is this correct? Is there anyone who gets younger as they get older in age? Have you seen this? Is this the truth in plain sight? The longer they live the younger they become; some people who are more than 80 years old appear to be only a bit over 20. Some people take one look at them and say, “Isn’t this person so young?” There are many both religious people and common folk who are more than 80 years old but appear to only be a bit over 40, there are quite a few of these people in Taiwan. Some people when they reach the age of 70 or 80, they will grow new teeth, their hair will grow black and their skin will become more tender. So on the basis of these facts, does the human flesh have an age limit? There isn’t a limit, right? This is a fact in plain sight! People can become young again. This is clear, so is there such a thing as immortality? Yes, there is. To live for 900 years is also a fact; everything that is recorded in the Bible is a fact. So for God all this is a very simple matter, for He speaks and it is done; He commands, and it stands fast. As soon as you have God’s blessing, your body can easily live for one or two thousand years; if you are without God’s blessing you will die somewhere between fifty and eighty years old from old age, so old that you are riddled with disease and are unable to move. Isn’t that all decided by God? This is surely obvious now! Can this prove that God is almighty?

Some people say: “Men are iron, but food is steel; if you don’t eat you will be mad with hunger.” Is this the truth? No, this is not the truth. If God allows it, one day you will not feel hungry if you don’t eat, even for a hundred years, isn’t this a fact? With God, He can make things become fact that don’t correspond with people’s imaginations and ideas. He speaks, and it is done; He commands, and it stands fast because God is almighty. So if one obtains all of the truths expressed by God and really finds the way of truth, will their physical flesh change? If it is God’s will, it will change instantly. For God this is an incredibly simple matter, therefore one day you will see a fact, the fact that some people can change into a spiritual body. Nowadays, people use all sorts of transport, ride bicycles, ride motor cycles, drive cars and take airplanes. “How did you come here today?” “By air!” The feeling of taking an airplane is so great. But the airplane is not a good instrument; they are instruments of pollution that do tremendous damage. In the eyes of God they are all not good things. With the spiritual body, as soon as you’ve thought of where to go you’re there. How great that is! Just see how after the Lord Jesus was resurrected He could walk through walls, appear and disappear wherever and whenever He wanted at a phenomenal speed. Does He really have a need to take public transport? What’s the point of saying all this? The point is we must believe in the words of God. God is omnipotent; the words of God can accomplish anything. As He speaks, it is done; He commands, it stands fast. Don’t always see and judge things according to the ideas and imaginations of humans. What are the ideas and imaginations of humans? As far as God’s concerned they are all hogwash. It says Christ “brings the enduring and everlasting way of truth.” If you gain the way of truth expressed by God, you will gain real life. It also says, “This truth is the path through which man shall gain life.” This way of truth is the path through which man shall gain life. All of the truths God expresses in the last days are the path to gaining life. If you want to obtain true life, obtain real life and eternal life you must pursue, accept and enter into the truths God expresses in the last days. The road to eternal life is found within all the truths expressed by God. If someone has believed in God for many years and never gained the truth, not in the slightest, then have these people gained life? No. If they haven’t then they will ultimately perish, their flesh only needs to fail and they shall die. Do you believe that true and eternal life exists? Do you believe that one can obtain the way of eternal life within the truths expressed by God in the last days? If you really believe, then can you still be relying on human imagination to judge things? You can set it aside, for in the eyes of God the notions and imaginations of men don’t hold water. They are not laws, still less the truth. Some physical laws are only temporary and some can change, if God wants them to change or break them He merely needs to say the word. In the material world some laws have already formed and have come into being, but with God none of them exist. For example, if someone wants to enter a room he must go through the door, he can’t walk through the wall. In the spiritual world does this sort of thing exist? God just needs to say a single word and any material thing will disappear into thin air, so some of the laws of the material world don’t exist in the spiritual world, they are not the truth. In the eyes of men all things that are born of flesh must die, but does this exist with God? In the eyes of God this is nonsense and is not the truth. So how long have the huge mountains existed? Are they dead? How long has the world existed? How long has the earth existed? They are not dead, anything that lives and dies is predetermined by God, some things will never perish. The life of God is everlasting. So would you say that an angel can die? How can you explain? So the laws of the human and material world are not the truth. With God all of them are false and He can change them however He likes, do you understand this? If you really understand this, then you really understand the truth. Some people don’t even understand this. You’ve been believing in vain! Sometimes I ask you, how long have you believed in God? Some will say, “Ten years or so.” You’ve believed in God for ten years but if you don’t understand this truth and haven’t seen this matter clearly, then you are truly ignorant. If you take the laws of the world of men, the material world as the truth, then you are idiotic and foolish. They are not the truth. Laws are simply laws; God never said that laws are the truth, right? God is the truth, therefore only when you pursue God can you understand many truths, and only when you know many truths are you a person who gains the way to eternal life.

Let’s take an example; some people say “I have some notions about Christ, why is Christ so normal? That sort of normality isn’t the truth and is not divine.” Is this correct? Are those ideas and concepts of yours the truth? They are not the truth; God is the truth. God has destined it that in the last days He puts on such a flesh, a flesh that is unique to God’s work in the last days. Can you change this? You have no way to change it. Every time God comes in the flesh, He comes as an ordinary man. The Lord Jesus was also an ordinary person, He wasn’t a high or noble person, nor did people look at Him as a God. He was just an ordinary person. If He said He was Christ or God, people would have their own ideas and concepts and wouldn’t have accepted Him. However, if He said He was just an ordinary person, a carpenter’s son people would accept that. Do people say and do things based only on what they see? Does the truth lie within people’s eyes? There is no truth within people’s eyes, people are blind to almost everything, they can’t break into the spiritual world, and they can’t even comprehend the laws of the physical world. So people rely solely on what they see with their eyes. This is absurd, foolish, and preposterous. People don’t seek the truth in many things; they merely rely on their own two eyes, is this right? What’s wrong with this? The problem is they don’t believe in the truth, they only believe in themselves. Why don’t people accept and practice the truth? Because they believe in themselves too much, they believe they know everything and all that they do is correct: Following the truth is not correct, I can’t practice the truth, I can’t do things based on principles, I must do everything only based on my own ideas, I will only handle things that are in line with my own ideas and imaginations. So these people believe in God for years but can’t ever practice the truth. What’s wrong with this? People who don’t practice the truth don’t believe in the truth, they deny the truth and only believe in themselves, they only think that their own philosophy of life is the truth.

Many people have believed in God for many years and heard a lot of God’s words and actually have understood some truths. They haven’t completely understood, but they have understood some truths, so why don’t they go ahead and practice the truth? What is the problem here? They just don’t believe and acknowledge the truth. They say, “The truth is just an idea, it’s just a notion, and it’s not really the truth.” They believe that their satanic philosophy and their own ideas and imaginations are the truth. So have these people gained the way of truth? No, they haven’t gained the way of truth. So, do these types of people have life? So now let’s understand a fact: What is the origin of the problem of all those who have believed in God for many years but don’t practice the truth in the slightest? The problem is they don’t believe in the truth, they don’t acknowledge the truth and they only believe their own satanic philosophy, their own ideas and imaginations are the truth, so whenever they do anything they rely solely on their own ideas and imaginations and their satanic philosophy. These sorts of people are those who have not gained the truth and are without life, and ultimately must perish. Do you understand? So why are those who are able to accept and practice the truth able to accept the truth? Why is it that once they understand the truth they are able to practice the truth? They are simple and pure, because they have real belief within them, “The words of God are the truth, and so act according to God’s words, or practice the truth after understanding them, and I am sure that God will be pleased and I can win His approval.” They believe in such a fact. So, do such people understand the truth deeply? Not necessarily. So, who can know the truth clearly without having years of experience? Anyway my knowledge is rather limited, I don’t fully understand, on a scale of 100 I understand around 1 or 2 points. So if one doesn’t fully understand, then why does one still practice the truth and put into practice what truths one does know? Why is this? Let’s consider this. Can you say that all who are able to practice the truth, however shallow or deep that practice may be, are fools? No. Why can those people practice the truth? They feel that truth is indeed a positive thing, that it is God’s words. This is certain, they understand it, that it is what God has said. Through the three stages in the work of the Age of Law, the Age of Grace, and the Age of Kingdom, there are some truths that are similar, only more profound with each stage, more obvious and distinct with each stage.

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