Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life”


What does it actually mean to practice the truth? A capable man will recognize the positive aspects of practicing the truth. For example, when it comes to becoming an honest person, they will say: “An honest person is a genuine person with a genuine demeanor that pleases God!” When it comes to submission to God, they say: “It’s absolutely necessary. Obeying God is a positive thing. We should do it. It’s a basic principle. Everything that God says is the truth. Moreover, God is the Lord of all creation, and who among all His creations would dare to disobey their Creator?” And when it comes to submission to God’s work—His judgment and chastisement, trials and refinement, they say: “Humans are corrupt, and therefore they must accept God’s judgment and chastisement. This is the most basic principle there is. Humans are corrupt, so if they don’t face trials while undergoing God’s work, then how will they come to understand themselves? How will they be able to prove that they’ve attained the truth? How will God examine them to see if they have attained the truth or not? Humans must face revelation through trials!” They believe that in order to undergo God’s work, one must obey God and practice the truth. These are all considered positive things; they are what men should do, and what men can do. What about those who give offerings to God, people who strive to do their duty and receive God’s chosen people? What do they think about the truth? They don’t necessarily understand the depths of the truth. They just think, “I must receive God’s chosen people, I must do my best to do my duty. Receiving God’s chosen people is a positive thing that God praises, and I must follow God’s words. I don’t care how many hardships I’ll suffer receiving God’s chosen people. Regardless of how troublesome it could be in the future, regardless of what will come, the only thing I care about right now is practicing the truth. I seek to make God happy, so I will work to fulfill God’s requests.” This is how simple this kind of person is. It is his simple faith that allows him to practice the truth. What is this person like? He is a person who believes in the truth and recognizes the truth. He will not deny the truth. He says, “Whatsoever is truth, people must practice it. People must enact and fulfill the truth. People who do not practice the truth don’t deserve to be called human.” It’s that simple. Does this kind of person have an extremely in-depth knowledge of the truth, or of its meaning and value? No, they do not. None of them possesses this knowledge. If there are others who don’t have genuine knowledge of the truth, then why is it that some people can practice the truth while others cannot? What is the reason for this? God’s words fulfill themselves here. For one thing, there is a difference between true faith and false faith. There are people who God loves and there are people God hates. In addition, God will perfect some people, whereas others He will eliminate. This is the difference: Each person is different from the other. When some leaders and workers are pruned and dealt with, they can subsequently reflect upon their own souls. Through this reflection, they will come to understand themselves, and then they can feel genuine regret and truly repent. Other leaders and workers are disobedient in their hearts, no matter how you prune and deal with them. They do not carry out the truth and reject it like they always do. They bear no indication of this on the outside, but in their hearts they follow their own way; they reject what you say. “I don’t resist at all! What can you do with me?” What kind of question is this? This question bears a certain attitude toward the truth; your attitude toward the truth decides everything! Those who love and obey the truth will accept it when you prune and deal with them. But those who don’t love or accept the truth, no matter how you prune and deal with them in accordance with the truth, they’ll completely reject it. You have to coax them, and if you don’t, getting them to practice the truth is inconceivable. This is the difference between people. When you look at people from the outside, they don’t seem to be very different at all, but when you look at the essence of their nature and the quality of their humanity, the difference is enormous.

What is the significance behind seeking and practicing the truth? The value and meaning of the truth is extremely profound. Though we may recognize that the truth is a positive thing, absolutely, this understanding is too simplistic; this is the lowest form of understanding. Truth’s inherent value and significance is far too profound: It is the essence of life itself! Truth is not merely a positive thing; it can be a person’s life. Truth is a treasure; it is what God has and is! God bestows the being of His life upon mankind. God’s love for mankind is so vast, how could mankind even begin to fathom His love? God bestows His life upon mankind. He doesn’t give it to any other creature He created, He only gives it to mankind. This shows the depths of God’s love for humanity, a love that is beyond words, a love that defies description. If you look at the love between parents and their children, this is merely one love. “I’ve raised you, I’ve given everything I have to you.” Is this one little love bigger than God’s love for humanity? No. There is a huge difference! God has given His life to mankind, He keeps humanity as the apple of His eye, treating them as His own flesh and blood. God’s love is truly enormous! God made eternal plans for mankind so that man may live forever, so that man may live with God forever at God’s side and in God’s presence. That God made man is a subject of a profound significance. When God made mankind, His plan for man was completely different from His plans for all the other living things He created. This is why God came down to live, walk, and work among men. This is why God has never left man’s side since the beginning. These things are all part of God’s plan for mankind. God speaks truth so that mankind will accept it, experience it, obey it and obtain the truth themselves. This is how God perfects mankind. What fruit does God obtain in perfecting humanity? What is His goal? God’s goal is of profound significance. His goal is to allow man to accompany Him at His side, listen to His words, communicate with Him, obey His plans, and manage all the living things. This is God’s will for mankind. After God created man, He allowed Satan to corrupt mankind so that He could save mankind and attain this goal. At the time of man’s salvation, God will perfect mankind. God planned this all out step by step; all goes according to His management plan. God will successfully complete His work on His own appointed time. Nothing His creations could muster would be able to disrupt His plan, no matter what forces are at play. This is because God is the almighty Master of all things. In our experience of God’s work, we’ve seen the great red dragon’s fierce attacks in attempt to destroy God’s work. But what about right now? Isn’t the great red dragon ashamed? The great red dragon is ashamed, for it has no way to win. God’s work moves forward step by step. In the future, His work will flow even more freely than before. When the witnessing of God reaches its peak, His work will be finished, and the great disaster will come. This is how it will be. Before the great disaster arrives, humanity will be able to witness many acts of God. They will witness the fulfillment of all of God’s prophecies, and then they will witness and acknowledge the sovereignty of God. After humanity witnesses the fulfillment of God’s prophecies, they will witness God’s accomplishments. Once humanity recognizes God as the Master of all things, the great disaster will come.

Right now, practicing the truth is of the greatest urgency. Why do we say it is of the greatest urgency? Because those who don’t practice the truth have no work of the Holy Spirit. The more man practices the truth, the more the Holy Spirit will enlighten and illuminate them. Whereas those who do not practice the truth will be eliminated. Do you understand? Some people ask, “So if I practice the truth, will I have the work of the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit work?” Don’t you know how the Holy Spirit works by now? When you practice the truth truly and sincerely, your heart and mind will be facing God, thirsting for God’s word. After you read God’s word, you will be enlightened, and you will learn the path to practicing the truth. You will understand why God says what He says. This is the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. Is this not God’s blessing? It is also true that when you sincerely practice the truth, you will have the presence of the Holy Spirit. When you genuinely practice the truth, you will receive God’s protection, and as a result you will not encounter many fiends or temptations. Thanks to the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, you will know the way to practice the truth. When you encounter problems, you will be able to perceive them clearly, and they won’t seem as hard; you will not be bound or chained to your problems. Is this not God’s blessing? This is God’s blessing. When some people come to understand some of the truth, they’ll say, “Whenever I encounter a problem, my mind sees clearly, and I pray to God from my heart. Then I take some time to think things over. An ordinary problem will take 2-3 days for me to process, and a big problem takes 3-5 days to a week. But after taking some time to think about it, I can understand the problem clearly. I know exactly what to do and how to practice the truth.” Is this not the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit? Yes, it is. They say, “Whenever I encountered a problem before, even if I took several months to think things over, I’d still be confused, without a path. But now whenever I have a problem, if I think things over for just a few days, I am always able to find a path. I can see so much more clearly now, I am no longer bound and chained.” Such a person has God’s blessing and has received the work of the Holy Spirit. As a result, he will always have a path to follow. On the inside, he will be full of light, and the little darkness that remains will be much easier to resolve than before. In 3-5 days, he will be able to walk out of this darkness, things will be much clearer, and he will have a clear path to follow. This is God’s blessing. If you consistently practice the truth, you will understand more and more about the truth. You encounter many problems while going about your daily lives, but only a limited number of them can confuse you and trouble you. These problems can still confine and control you, and force you to fall in darkness. If you understand the truth and practice the way of truth, these problems won’t be able to trap or confine you for long. After a short while, you’ll be able to free yourself from these problems. If you practice the truth and know how to face the matters that weaken you and give you the most trouble, then what on earth could possibly trouble you anymore? Then you can say that you’ve attained freedom and liberated yourself from many kinds of problems.

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