Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “‘The Sixth Utterance’ of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe”


Later on, the word of God continues: “Things are not now as they once were: I am going to do things that, since the beginning of creation, the world has never seen, I am going to speak words that, throughout the ages, men have never heard, because I ask that all humanity come to know Me in the flesh. These are steps in My management, about which humanity has not the faintest inkling. Even when I speak of them openly, man is still so befuddled in his mind that it is impossible to articulate them to him in every detail. Herein lies man’s abject lowliness, does it not? This is precisely what I wish to remedy in him, is it not?” What is “man’s abject lowliness”? It is that people do not understand the intention of God, and even when God’s words are spoken as clearly as this, people are still befuddled in their minds. What does it mean for a person to be “befuddled in his mind”? Not being able to comprehend the word of God, but being muddled and seeming as if not yet awakened, and being unable to understand the word of God. When God says, “These are steps in My management,” what are the steps in God’s management? That is, what work is God’s work in the last days? “I am going to do things that, since the beginning of creation, the world has never seen,” the things God will do are things that no one has never seen before, since the world was created, and God will speak words that, throughout the ages, men have never heard. This work done by God in the last days, and these things done by God and these words spoken by God—are they not things that no one has seen or heard in all the succession of generations? Had Moses ever heard such words? Had Peter ever heard such words? Had Peter seen these things done by God? People in the religious world say, “We do not acknowledge these words that were not written in the Bible, and do not accept them.” Is this not a clear proof? The work of God in the last days is to do what “since the beginning of creation, the world has never seen,” and it is to say what “throughout the ages, men have never heard,” so what does this phrase prove to be fulfilled? God always does new things, and He does not repeat anything in deed or word, and does not repeat any work. God is always new and never old! People have no way to fathom God’s almightiness and omniscience. He is continuously speaking new words and doing new things, and never repeats anything. In how many years and ages, can it be guaranteed that the work of God will not be repeated? Can people fathom it? Eternally it will not repeat, because God is almighty. So today we see these words that God expressed—are they words that “throughout the ages, men have never heard”? One hundred percent, of course they are! The words that God has expressed throughout the ages are relatively limited, but the words that God expresses in the last days surpass all the words that He has expressed before. This is a fact, and people have seen this. Some people say, “Later, when the Millennial Kingdom comes to be, will God still be sending forth utterances?” Will God speak or not? What characterizes the Age of the Millennial Kingdom? It is the Age of Word. God will use His words to lead all of humanity on earth for a thousand years. But is that a mere thousand years on earth? What does a millennium represent? It is just a number, the Millennial Kingdom could also be a thousand years or two thousand years, or it could be three or five thousand years. It does not say specifically how many years it is, in the end whether it is a thousand or two thousand years; it is simply called the Millennial Kingdom. Is the Millennial Kingdom that God spoke of the number of a thousand years in human terms? No one can fathom this, no created being either in heaven or on earth can fathom it. If God does not say this no one would understand, and one must understand this matter well. What goal does God hope to achieve in doing work such as this? Below, it says, “because I ask that all humanity come to know Me in the flesh.” This is the age of God’s incarnation, and God asks that all men should know the incarnate God, everyone on earth know the incarnate God, all submit to the authority of God’s incarnation, and in the end most people be able to know God and attain to a love of God. God will have been completely glorified on earth, it can be said that the will of God will have been done on earth as it is in heaven. When you look today at the Church of Almighty God, is the will of God carried out on earth or not? It is carried out on earth just as it is in heaven. In the Church of Almighty God, are there people who in public disobey and go against God? There are none, they have all been eliminated and expelled. There are people who say, “There are certainly already some who have been expelled, but there are some antichrists, false leaders, and wicked people still hiding themselves in secret.” Those hiding in secret—how long can they hide? Everything is revealed for what it is with God. Do they dare to block the will of God from being carried out? Do they dare to disturb and interrupt the work of the house of God? They do not dare. In case they dare even a little to do so, the church will expel them immediately, so even if there is a small number of other false leaders and antichrists, they cannot block the carrying out of the will of God, and furthermore they dare not disturb or interrupt the work of God. As soon as they are not well behaved at all or make the slightest move, they will be detected by people.  As soon as they make one move, they are exposed, brought out and expelled, and so Satan has already collapsed, powerless. This is not merely a matter within the spirit, but is also a manifest matter, and is a matter that all the chosen people of God can see.

Let’s continue our reading of the word of God. It says: “All these years, I have not worked anything upon man; all these years, even those who were in direct touch with My incarnate flesh never heard the voice coming directly from My divinity.” This indicates the incarnate God in the Age of Grace. “Those who were in direct touch with My incarnate flesh” means those who came into contact with the Lord Jesus, and all the Lord’s disciples came into contact with Him. But in the phrase “never heard the voice coming directly from My divinity,” what does “the voice coming directly from My divinity” refer to? All the mysteries in the spiritual realm, and the mysteries of God’s management plan in His work, and the procedures in God’s work, He is speaking these things directly, and this is “the voice coming directly from My divinity.” You must understand that it is not ordinary talk of communicating with the truth! What part does “the voice coming directly from My divinity” mainly point to in “The Word Appears in the Flesh”? “God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe” is all utterance in divinity. “The Words of the Son of Man Incarnate as He Walked in the Churches” is the utterance in humanity. Many utterances in His humanity, in reality, are also words in divinity, because the words of Christ are all the direct utterances of the Holy Spirit. “And so it is unavoidable that human beings should be lacking in their knowledge of Me,” and what is the most important reason for this? God was once incarnated, and although people had come into contact with His flesh, they had never heard God making utterances directly in divinity. And for this reason, even if people directly came into contact with the incarnation, it is still hard to avoid lacking knowledge of God. If God were not speaking or doing work, no one would know Him, and if what God said was very sparse or if what He did was very little, people would only know Him a little. If God speaks and does a lot, then people’s knowledge of God will be more. This is exactly how it is! But experiencing God’s work in the same way, and eating and drinking and communicating the word of God in the same way, some people have true knowledge of God, and some people do not have their ideas straightened out and do not have such understanding. How does this happen? It is a difference in caliber. If a person’s caliber is good, then what he gains is much. For those who seek the truth with a special love for the truth, what they gain is much. What those who do not seek the truth gain is only a little. For those whose caliber is deficient, even if they search, they gain even less than those who have a good caliber. This is the case. There are some people who, even though they search, do not gain very much; this is because their caliber is deficient. There are some people who have already experienced and followed, while they gain only a little, and this is because they do not seek. These are the two reasons. Then why are there some people of good caliber who do not seek very much? They do not love the truth, and always think, “What use is the truth? What use is seeking to know God, and what can be gained by that, and who has seen this? Peter received the praise of God, but I have not seen Peter enjoying anything.” They always rely on their eyes to see, and how troublesome this is! Tell me, where is Peter now? Do you know? He is in the heavenly kingdom! There are some people who were lifted up into the kingdom of heaven and walked around it, seeing Peter, Abraham, and Job all there in the kingdom of heaven, while Paul is in hell, and the famous people and Emperors of past ages, even including Shakyamuni Buddha and the Pope of Catholicism, are all in hell. Tell me, is this true or not? This is a matter within the spirit. People who do not understand the spirit say, “How have I not seen it? I also believe that this is the truth, but I have not seen it.” That is also a matter of the magnitude of one’s faith. In merely believing and acknowledging without seeing, can he have any strength even if he seeks? Of course he will have no strength. If you believe one hundred percent in your spirit, you can say, “That is true, I have no need to rely on the eye to see. One hundred percent, the words of God are very accurate, and with God there aren’t any lies whatsoever. What Satan says is all lies, whereas with God everything is the truth. God is absolutely trustworthy, so that which I most believe in is the word of God.” If you believe one hundred percent in the word of God, then as such a person you are blessed. You are guaranteed to be able to seek the truth, because you believe in the word of God. It is only true faith once you believe that the word of God is all the truth, that the word of God is all real, and that all of the word of God will be realized. Merely acknowledging God’s existence, one hundred percent and without any doubt, is not real faith. The religious world has just this kind of faith. They merely believe in the existence of God, saying, “There truly is a God, one hundred percent, this we do not doubt at all!” But when the word of God comes, they do not acknowledge that, and say, “This is not the word of God!” When they receive Christ in the last days and read the word of God, they say, “I see these words are not in the Bible, so they are all not the words of God.” Look, do they have faith in God? That amount of their faith can only acknowledge that God is in heaven and only acknowledge that God is true, and this is not merely legend and myth, nor is it a lie. But this amount of faith is not up to the standard, and it cannot cause them to receive salvation. If people in the religious world are all annihilated one day, and thrown into the calamity, there are some people who will still cry out in grief for them and believe that God is unjust. What is the problem here? Can it be that you do not believe in the righteousness of God? God causes other people’s children to be annihilated, and you praise God; God causes your enemies to be destroyed, and you praise God as being righteous. But if God causes your father and mother to be destroyed—two wicked people that do not believe in God—you would doubt the righteousness of God. Does this kind of person know God? Not even in the slightest could they know God! In believing only in a vague God, seeming to have true faith in a vague God up in heaven, why can they not receive salvation? They do not have knowledge of the real God, and do not acknowledge the real God, so what difference is there between them and those who do not acknowledge that there is a God, and indeed resist God? There is simply no difference. So people who merely acknowledge that there is a God have no worth. Those who believe in evil spirits and in the devil all acknowledge that there is a God, and is that true faith? That kind of faith is of no worth whatsoever! So if a person merely acknowledges God up in heaven, and only believes in a vague God, is he not the enemy of God? Is he not somebody who hates the truth? Is it not this kind of person who nails the incarnate God on the cross? It is exactly this kind of person. These kinds of people can nail Christ on the cross, so are they not the enemies of God? They are the enemies of God, and God will not grant them salvation, is this correct? This is God’s righteousness. If you can truly see this point, then one day when the religious world is destroyed, you will not cry out in grief on their behalf, but you will clap your hands and exclaim in happiness, “Today I finally have seen that God is righteous, God’s righteousness is not false at all, nor is it empty at all!” If you want to attain this result, is it alright to not have any knowledge of God? On what basis is true faith produced? It is established on the basis of having knowledge of God. How is a heart that has true love of God produced? It is also produced on the basis of having knowledge of God. If a person has no true knowledge of God, then even if he w

ishes to love God he will not be able to.

In the first few years after God began to work, this truth was already being communicated, and there were some people who said, “How is it this difficult to love God? I cannot succeed in loving Him.” At that time people thought, “If you do not love God when faced with such great salvation from God, you are a type of person who has no conscience, you are not human at all.” Is it considered having knowledge of God to say these kinds of words? One could say that this kind of person has a bit of humanity, and that is why he gives such a response, and that these words are still correct. However, this is not considered having knowledge of God. At that time, I too communicated it in this way without having any knowledge. But now analyzing this matter in hindsight, why is a person not able to succeed in loving God? Even if you have believed in God for many years, then if you have no knowledge of God you will not be able to love Him, and what little love you have will be the shallowest. What is the shallowest love? Because you have enjoyed some of God’s grace, you have endured criticism and urging in your conscience, and this has gotten you to want to repay a bit of God’s love in your heart. It is just this little amount of love. Can just this small amount of love express loyalty to God? One day when the judgment and chastisement and trial come upon you, you will snivel passively and weakly, and be unable to love God. People who truly love God are still able to praise God right before they are nailed to the cross, and when the trial befalls them they are still able to extol God. Only these are called people who have true love of God! When the trial is before such a person, even if he cannot feel God’s intention, he still feels, “God is worthy of man’s love, and God is the most lovely God, and nothing can cause me to deny God’s loveliness. God’s true substance is of the utmost loveliness.” Some people put some truths into practice, and say, “This practice of truth is so much better than life in the satanic disposition, there is enjoyment, and so much peace in the heart. There is joy, and there is gratitude!” You have done many things in order to attain your own goals, and sometimes even if you are in a state in which your flesh is satisfied, and you have attained your goals, your spirit still feels more and more empty. What is the reason for this? You have committed no sin, so why do you feel empty? Because what is satisfied is the flesh, and your spirit suffers pain. The feeling of emptiness comes from within your spirit; it is not produced by your flesh. When you have sought for a long time to buy a nice article of clothing or a precious treasure that is beloved to you, you think, “Once I have obtained this thing, maybe I will feel great joy and happiness in my heart!” But when you have actually obtained it, and have taken it into your hand, how is your heart still pained and devoid of pleasure? How did this happen? Who can explain this? What you have made satisfied is your flesh, and there is no happiness. Why do unbelievers live in a state of desires of the flesh, or in sin, and in the end feel that they have no joy and no peace, and begin to take drugs to solve their own emptiness? They indulge in their desires of the flesh, even when they reach a climax they still have no pleasure. They say, “Tell me, how did this happen? What is pleasure in human life? What are peace and joy? They don’t exist, so I might as well take some drugs!” Right when they begin to take drugs, they have ended their own lives. How did people who take drugs, begin to do so? Most people start taking drugs this way: They have money, they have status, they have fame, they have big houses, they have fancy cars, they dally with men and women, and in the end they begin taking drugs. This is just the way they were looking for. They wonder what is actually most able to give people pleasure, and what is actually able to satisfy people’s needs in their hearts? They have toyed with the flesh to its fullest extent, and are still empty. In the end they have still not found an answer, and in the end they have reached just one conclusion, and what is this conclusion? That living is a kind of slavery, and death is complete happiness, and that only in death can one have complete happiness! Death is a release, and release is something to be enjoyed. They have arrived at this conclusion. What does this explain? Their life is a failure, an utter and complete failure!

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