Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “‘The Sixth Utterance’ of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe”


Now we have known something about how to experience God’s work. The most important thing that is necessary in satisfying the needs in the spirit is being able to satisfy God on the basis of God’s word, and in this way one then finally has true enjoyment, and true peace. Is this not a matter of the greatest happiness? Some people ask what it means to satisfy the needs in the spirit. It just means to satisfy God. Once you satisfy God, you will be happy and full of enjoyment within your spirit, for God is the source of man’s spirit and man’s life, and the origin of the feeling within the spirit is all from God!  If God were to give you a feeling of emptiness, you would not be able to break free of it, and you would always feel this emptiness. But if God were to make you feel pleasure in your spirit, then it would be just like feeling the pleasure of enjoying God’s presence and the blessings of God. So the feeling within the spirit originates in God! Why do we speak of it this way? God is the source of the life of all things! If people are able to thoroughly know this very word and this very truth, then they will know what is most urgent to satisfy. They will know how man’s peace and man’s happiness are produced, and by whom they are decided. Is the feeling when you finish carrying out the truth the same as when you attain fleshly desires? Why do we say it is not the same? Is there a basis for this in the word of God? If you can find a basis in the word of God, then that explains that you know those words of God. If you cannot find a basis, then you have no knowledge of the word of God. So seek out a basis from within the word of God—why is there no real happiness in satisfying the flesh? There are certain things in satisfying the flesh that are not sins, and since they are not sins, why is there no happiness or true enjoyment, and why does one still feel empty? How does this happen? Who can explain this matter thoroughly? This is a matter within the spirit, so can you see through it thoroughly? If you cannot see through it then your experience is too shallow.

Why should people practice the truth, why should they obtain the truth? Why is it only the truth that can be man’s life? What is the new life that is granted to man by God? It is the truth. What is the truth? In the Age of Grace when Pontius Pilate was interrogating the Lord Jesus, the Lord Jesus said, “I am the truth.” When Pontius Pilate heard these words, he said, “Truth? If You are the truth, then what is the truth?” He shook his head, not understanding, and said, “I have seen it, Jesus is without guilt, and I should release Him. He has come for the sake of the truth, and was born for the truth.” In the end he could not fathom the truth. Not only could Pontius Pilate not fathom it, but within all of humanity there is no one able to fathom it. Even up to the present, when we now know where the truth comes from, is there anyone who truly understands what the truth really is? Everyone’s understanding of this is very limited. What I understand is very limited, and very shallow, but even these limited things are very precious and are all because of God’s grace and mercy. Now let us fellowship about this using our superficial knowledge! What is the truth? Once you say this, there will be people who say, “The truth is just God’s word, and God’s word is just the truth.” Is it good to speak of it in this way? These words do not represent they have knowledge. These are true words, and are the words of God, but they do not represent that you have knowledge of the truth. If you are to say something that contains knowledge, then what is the truth? According to what little we understand, we can speak definitely that the truth is indeed all that God has and is, is a part of what constitutes God’s life, and is the reality of positive things; it is absolutely true, and therefore it is able to become man’s life. If people have obtained the truth and have it as their life, then they are the most precious among created beings, they are the most precious created beings, and they have far surpassed all the lives of aliens, and far surpassed the life of all other created beings. This little is what we are able to see, and it does not represent any true knowledge. It is just what we can see. Today this corrupted humanity appears very lowly, and not much higher even than animals, because they have no truth or life. But God takes mercy on this humanity. God cares for this humanity, because when He created humanity it was with intention, and He will achieve this intention. He will accomplish it, so in the last days God does such a stage of work. That is to say, God will bestow a part of humanity with true life, eternal life, that is, the truth. All these truths belong to matters of the spiritual world, and they are all in the word of God. In which parts of the word? Look at which words represent all that God has and is, which words are the expression of all that God has and is and are the expression of God’s disposition—these words are the truth and can become man’s life, and they are prepared to be man’s life. In the word of God, are there many of these words? There are many. Indeed, there are many! If you read a section of the word, there are several phrases. If you read another section of the word, there are several other phrases, and these words are of the utmost importance! For example, when God says, “I am the Beginning and the End,” what does this mean? People say, “‘The Beginning,’ ‘the End.’ ... Oh! God used the word to create the heavens and the earth and all therein. God is the Beginning, God initiated this humanity and initiated this world. In the earliest time when He began to create all things, there was only God’s existence; in the end, God wants to bring the old age to an end, God wants to end this humanity that has been corrupted by Satan, end this age, and conclude all of the old creation, so it is still God that brings the age to an end.” There are people who say, “Now Satan has corrupted man for some thousands of years, and what is the future result?” What words can be used to explain this? “God is the Beginning and the End.” “God is the End” means that God will end this old age in which Satan corrupts humanity, that He will terminate every evil one that belongs to Satan, He will terminate this evil regime of the great red dragon, and He will terminate all evil people and politicians that have power on earth, so He is the Beginning and the End. Remember that in the very end these demons will not be able to control humanity, and they must be destroyed, because God is the End. Is it right to use these words here? Will you not have faith when we speak like this here? This is called true faith. Once you see the prophecy, you will say, “The things that happen now were already spoken of by God earlier, and the things we see now were all scheduled well in advance by God. Since they were scheduled by God, God has already made clear what the ending of these things is. Since God has explained them clearly, and yet I have still not seen them, should I believe them?” The magnitude of man’s faith lies in this. Do you not have faith that the word of God will accomplish everything? Do you not believe that God created the beginning and will complete the end? Do you not believe that God is the Sovereign of all? If you do not believe then do you have true faith? You do not have true faith. So no matter how evil this world is, no matter how darkened it is, you have faith that God will certainly bring an end to it, and it will not take long for this world to reach its ending.

Some people say, “These kings of devils are especially cunning now, so can God control them? What if they do not act in accordance with God’s intention?” All people have once had these doubts, but do not forget that God is almighty, God is the Creator of the beginning and the Achiever of the end, God is the Sovereign of everything, and no created thing can escape from the grip of the hand of God. Even though Satan is cunning, it is just a pawn in the hand of God. Is this not the truth? There are people who also say, “This is just a theory; how can God achieve this?” I will say something very simple: Tell me, are those great people and kings of devils able today to know the weather of tomorrow or the day after? They do not know. Do they know what kinds of obstacles may appear in their affairs tomorrow or the day after? They also do not know. Can they know what conditions may arise on their body tomorrow or the day after?  Can they foresee what things may occur within the next several years? They cannot. Since there are these several unknowns, can they break free of the grip of the hand of God? They cannot break free, this is true. There is still another fact: Is man not under the control of the spirit? If a person is possessed by a spirit, can he control himself? Can he control himself and not be dominated by the spirit? He cannot control it. So when God was creating the physical bodies of people, these physical bodies had one function which is to be able to receive the control of the spirit. This is a pattern that is predestined. Sometimes God sends a spirit to go and lead some king to do certain things, and when the spirit goes there it controls the king to do this or that thing. Does this appear in history or not? It is recorded very clearly in the Bible which matters Jehovah God dispatched a spirit to go and complete. So, all things that happen to humanity are predestined by God, and special things are all completed by a spirit dispatched by God, and all people who are of the flesh are subject to the control of the spiritual world, and all must be controlled by the spirit. When under the control of the spirit, they are not acting of their own volition, and they cannot see the spirit entering into their bodies or how it controls them, and they are just like a robot that is completely under man’s control. In speaking like this, will everything that God expressed in the prophecy not all be fulfilled and come about as predicted? This is a very uncomplicated matter, it is very uncomplicated for God, and these prophecies will come about as predicted. If you have seen God do these things in the Bible, can you believe that all of God’s words and prophecies will be accomplished? So, looking at it from this fact, how is man’s faith produced? It is produced from the word of God. Once people know God’s word, they increase in faith in God, so the word of God says, “His word becomes man’s faith, His word becomes man’s love.” This is the result that God will achieve in the work of the last days. How can His word become man’s faith? How can His word become man’s love? It is attained through people’s experience, understanding, and knowledge of God’s word. When you have experienced all of the word of God, you see that the word of God is all that God has and is. It is all the expression of God’s disposition. These aspects of what God has and is are all very precious, and if people are able to live them out, if people are able to live in reliance on them, would that not also be living out what God has and is? Then man’s life would be quite advanced and precious. There may be people who misunderstand and say, “If people live out some of what God has and is, would they not become God?” Are these words correct? Some people say they are not correct. Why are they not correct? Whoever knows this matter is really something. Is this matter easy to know? All that God has and is is so abundant, and if you are able to live out just this little of it, that would be like a drop in the ocean. If you live out a drop in the ocean, are you able to become the ocean? You are too arrogant. Do you understand why a person is not able to become God if he lives out a little of what God has and is? You think God is just this little of what He has and is? This is one drop in the ocean of God’s life, and is very limited. If people live out this little, it is too shallow, and this is like a drop in the ocean if you compare it to the substance of God’s life. So if people live out this little of it, they cannot become God; it is just living out a little of what God has and is. In having this little part of the image of the truth, and thinking you will become God, you are too arrogant, too lacking in reason! Some religious people reason on the basis of this logic, and once they reason this way they become a person who resists God. They want to become God, and always think of becoming God. When God said God created man in His image, this kind of person says, “God created God in His own image,” and is this not an absurd explanation of the word of God? Is this not something that just comes out of people’s logic and speculations? Of course, that He created a kind of people, a very advanced humanity, does not mean He created God. God did not say, “I will bestow all that I have and am, and the substance of My life to people, and will incorporate it into people.” When God says it is according to His image that He created man, how much of God’s image is this, after all? Is it one drop in the ocean or the entirety of the ocean? God did not say, so you cannot say this. When you talk that way, it is easy to make mistakes through using logic. What percentage of the substance of God’s life are the words of God and what God has and is that God expressed to humanity? There is no way to say it. In short, it is just a drop in the ocean, and this way of describing it is relatively accurate. You can also not say that it is one percent, nor can you say that it is one-ten-thousandth. If you say that it is one-ten-thousandth, that is seeing God as too little, and you will have underestimated God, you will have blasphemed against God! Saying it is one part out of billions is close, and is pretty near. If people can live out that little, just one part out of billions of what God has and is, and think they can become God, is this not too ignorant and arrogant? You cannot rely on people’s notions to explain this! There are some matters within the spirit that are not the same as matters of material substance, and when people use logic and notions to explain them they make major mistakes, and in doing this people become idiots and cause trouble. Can you say that the people who claim that “living out some part of the image of God, one will become God” are people who know God? First, they do not understand the meaning of the words that God spoke. Second, they have not thoroughly seen the abundance of God’s life, but have underestimated God’s life, and it seems they have seen God’s life as something that is too limited. You see how religious people often say one phrase: “The word of God is only in the Bible, and nowhere else.” Are these words blasphemy against God? Can those words in the Bible represent God? They cannot even represent one-ten-thousandth of God, and you might only say one part out of billions or a drop in the ocean. So people who say these words are idiots, and really do not know God! Saying that they do not know God is not false at all! Almighty God came and expressed these many words in the last days, which God had not spoken since the creation of the world. If they do not know or acknowledge these words, how much more so is this not knowing God. God’s words are so clear, but they cannot recognize they are the words and voice of God. Yet they still dare to boast and say that they know God and understand the Bible. How arrogant, ignorant and stupid they actually are!

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