Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Only Those Who Know God Can Bear Testimony to God”


God’s word says, “Satisfying God is achieved upon the foundation of understanding God’s will.” Some people do not pursue the truth. They do not comprehend what it means to understand God’s will. Can people who do not understand God’s will know God? Can people who do not understand God’s will satisfy Him? No. Understanding God’s will is the foundation. You must first understand why God does certain things and why He judges humanity. Why does God make us undergo pruning and dealing? Here lies God’s will. Why does God ask us to forsake everything to follow Him? Here lies God’s will. Why does God require us to pursue to know Him, to love Him? Here lies God’s will. Understanding God’s will is the foundation. As soon as you do that, what else will you be able to achieve? You won’t misunderstand God or have any conceptions about Him. Is this not a good way to emancipate humanity from their negativity and passivity? If you truly understand God’s will, do you then know Him as well? Understanding God’s will is the most basic achievement. If you do this, you will then be able to get rid of your preconceived notions and misunderstandings about God. This will make you willing to cooperate with God, but this does not mean you know God. This is only the beginning, the first step of getting to know God. For example, why must God become flesh again in the last days? If He didn’t become flesh, wouldn’t it be alright if He expressed His words through a prophet? Yes or no? In the Age of Law, God raised up many prophets and conveyed many of His words through them. However, prophets are men. They do not have all that God has and is. They cannot just express the truth whenever and wherever they want. They do not have God’s divinity, so it is hard to see all that God has and is or His disposition through the prophets. For the prophets to convey God’s words, or for God incarnate to directly express God’s words, which of these can lead men to know God? Only God incarnate can lead men to really know God. This is why it is so meaningful that He becomes flesh again. He gives men a once-in-a-lifetime chance to know Him. Prophets who spread the word of God do not give us a good chance to know God. People are just fortunate enough to hear God’s voice and achieve some basic results. “We must repent for our past sins and not commit them again.” This type of repentance is the most basic kind, a vow to no longer do evil. It does not rise to the level of a total change in people’s life disposition.

God continues to say, “… and to understand God’s will, it is necessary to know God. This knowledge of God is the vision that a believer must have; it is the basis of man’s belief in God.” This refers to knowing God’s work, why He works this way, why He becomes flesh, why He judges and chastises humanity. If you understand God’s will on these matters, you know God on the most basic level. You will no longer have preconceptions or misunderstandings about God, and you will truly have faith. Those are the only results you shall achieve. This will not cause a change in your overall disposition, because this is a very shallow knowledge of God; it is the first step to knowing God, the foundation of knowing God. Most people have achieved this basic knowledge of God. Otherwise, would they follow so ardently? Most of the people who have forsaken everything have some knowledge of God, be it shallow or deep. Otherwise they would not have forsaken everything else.

After this, God goes on to say, “If man does not have this knowledge, then his belief in God is vague, and lies in empty theory. Though it is the resolution of people like this to follow God, they obtain nothing.” That is to say, people who do not understand the vision behind God’s work may follow Him, but will not obtain the truth. Even religious people can condemn Christ and resist Christ. What does this mean? Their faith in God is in vagueness, based on conceptions and doctrines. That is why their faith cannot obtain God’s approval, but actually resists and betrays God. This is to say, they are doing evil. This is the truth. We often say that some people are non-believers. What is the main evidence we use to determine that they are non-believers? They are not certain of the practical God; they do not really know God. The God they believe in is a vague God. They pray to a vague God. Why do people like this follow the path for so long, yet achieve nothing? Why is this? The bottom line is: They are not really certain of the practical God. They cannot experience the work of the practical God. They have their own conceptions of what the practical God does, so they do not obey Him. They do not obey Him, so they do not experience Him. They do not experience Him, so doesn’t that mean they have obtained nothing? Do you know how some people react after I deal with them? “I obey God, not people. You are a person. Even if what you say is right, you are man, and I cannot obey you.” Is this not living in your own conceptions and doctrines? Are those types of people experiencing God’s work? So, even if they follow Him, they will obtain nothing, because they are not experiencing His work. They have not identified the true God. Some people are different. After I’m finished dealing with them, what do they say? “I saw it from him. It was as if it came entirely from the Holy Spirit. God was not satisfied with me. He was expressing His wrath to me! God was raising this person up to prune me, to deal with me. This message was from God. I must obey and accept it. I must repent. I must know myself.” What do you think of that reaction? This is of the utmost importance. This kind of reception clearly illustrates that they have identified God. They are now spiritual people. They saw it was from the Holy Spirit. It was from God. “I must obey. If I do not obey, then I am rebelling against God and resisting Him.” This person has found spirituality. So what effect does this have on the person? He completely accepts and obeys God and stops rebelling against Him. That way, he gradually casts off his corruption, practices the truth and obeys God. After he starts obeying God, he starts to know God’s disposition, will and reality. When he starts to obey God, this creates a real experience. If this experience causes him to know God, then it becomes his life. This is just like the process of digestion. Someone eats a piece of food, they chew it, it goes down their throat, into their stomach, and then the nutrients get absorbed so that this person can continue living. The food turns into blood which turns into life. This gives people strength.

People can be confident in the existence of God; they can be confident in all He does and says and obey Him. This allows people to truly experience God. This experience will allow them to know God. After they know God, their knowledge will become their life. After it becomes their life, they will obey God more honestly, practically and completely. They will become truly obedient to God. How do we achieve true obedience to God? Through many experiences, we finally come to know God, and then we obey Him more honestly, completely, and absolutely. We have less and less impurity and then are gained by God. After people gain a bit of knowledge about God, they can obey Him a little, which allows them to love Him and worship Him a little. If they gain a lot of knowledge about God, they can obey Him and worship Him even more. This will also increase their love of God. According to this fact, man’s love, obedience and worship of God, what is that based on? On his knowledge of God acquired through experiencing God’s work. The more you truly experience God’s work, the more you’ll know God. After people gain this knowledge, what changes in them? They rebel against God less and obey Him more. They do not have as many of their own conceptions about Him. They love God more. They worship God with their lips less and have more true worship. Are all these changes just from knowing God? They are all based on experiencing and knowing God’s work. That’s for certain. Different people can look at the same sentence of God and have different reactions to it. Some people say, “This is the truth. This is extremely beneficial for all mankind. As soon as I read this sentence, I know God a little more. This one sentence of God has unveiled the mystery. This one sentence has made things clear; it’s gone to the root of the issue. God’s words are the truth. They are eminently practical. When I read God’s word, the knots in my heart are immediately untied and many misunderstandings are resolved. The more I read God’s word, the more I see the light.” Why can they achieve these results? People who truly believe in God believe that God’s word is the word of God. It is not the words of men. It is the truth; it is the voice of God. It can cleanse the corruption of humanity and resolve problems, conceptions and imaginations that people have when it comes to their faith in God. That’s the kind of faith they have. That’s why as soon as they see God’s word they believe, they accept it, they obey it, they practice it. By experiencing and practicing God’s word this way, their knowledge of God deepens. As their knowledge of God deepens, they know it’s because they are practicing God’s word. This makes them cherish God’s word even more and focus even harder on practicing God’s word and experiencing God’s work. After they experience God’s work to the end in this way, they will truly know God. After they truly know God, they will do their duty according to God’s standards; they will practice the truth and bear witness to God. Practicing the truth to do your duty adequately, that is what it means to bear witness to God’s work. This is also evidence that a person’s belief in God has changed their entire life disposition.

Someone asks, “Where is the evidence that someone’s life disposition has changed? What do you use as evidence that their life disposition has changed?” The evidence is what they abandon, how they do their duty, their loyalty to God, their obedience to God, etc. At first, people have impurity within them: impurity in their obedience, in their ability to forsake everything else, in their knowledge of God and in their service. Later, because they gradually deepen their understanding of the truth and start to really know God, their impurity decreases and their heart becomes more and more pure. Performing their duty becomes bearing witness to God. Let’s take an example. What do many people who experience God’s work think it means to do their duty? “If I do not perform my duty, then I am in debt to God. If I don’t do my duty, it means I don’t truly believe in God. If I don’t do my duty, it means I am not doing good. If I’m not doing good, then I will not go to a good destination.” Men all have that kind of impurity in the beginning. Every person is like that. If you do not have any intent for blessings, then you are not a normal person. However, after they are judged and chastised by God, their conceptions and opinions change. “Everything we corrupt humans do is just to receive blessings. That’s not right! This is simply too selfish and mean! Why don’t we care enough to try to satisfy God, even a little? Why don’t we love God? Can we forsake everything to love God? Can we suffer hardship to love God?” See? When you have that awareness, you feel reproached. You feel remorse for your actions. “I believe in God just because I think I’m going to get a blessing? Why don’t I show any care for God? Why can’t I see God’s loveliness?” These kinds of people start to feel remorse and hate themselves. They ask, “Why am I so full of corruption?” They start to feel themselves more and more filthy. When they see the exposure of God’s word, they think, “Yes! This is all too practical! This is me!” When they read God’s revelation about something else, they say, “This is another revelation about me. This is completely relevant to me.” Finally, one day they say, “All God’s word seems to be talking to me, revealing me, judging me and chastising me. It’s just too accurate. I’m completely convinced now.” They forget that God’s word is judging all of humanity’s corruption. They just see their own corruption. Is this a correct way to experience? It’s correct, if a bit naive. It’s not a huge problem. Later they hear another person say, “God’s word is judging me. It completely speaks to my heart. It reveals things that have been hidden in my heart for many years.” They hear that and think, “How is it judging you? I think it’s judging me.” One day they realize, “All of humanity is corrupt like that. No wonder they all say so!” Well, then doesn’t that solve it?

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