Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Only Those Who Know God Can Bear Testimony to God”


From the words of God people come to understand God’s will, and from the work of God they come to know God’s disposition and what God is.” “… and from the work of God they come to know God’s disposition and what God is.” This is what it means to truly know God. The true knowledge of God emerges through the process of understanding God’s work. But when someone asks you to talk about how God does His work to save and purify mankind, you might say, “This subject is far too profound, where would I even start? If I speak too simply, my words will be empty of the truth. When it comes to genuine understanding of God’s work, I don’t know what to say.” This shows that your knowledge of God’s work is shallow and superficial; you merely understand the doctrine, so you don’t know how to talk about it. If you really understand God’s work, you will know exactly what the key points are, and which parts are most important to talk about. When you are able to communicate real, practical things about God’s work, that means you have understood things about God’s disposition and what God has and is that are revealed to you during this work. Why does God express His disposition and what He has and is? Why does He do this? God reveals these things so that people can understand Him. Whenever God reveals anything, it is so people can understand Him. We don’t have to understand what God does not reveal. Even if these things were revealed, we would not understand them. Within this lies God’s will. He reveals His disposition and what He has and is so that people may understand these things. By now, we’ve all witnessed that God has expressed many facets of what He has and is through His work. How else could God say all that He has to say? All of God’s words serve mainly to stand as testament to God’s disposition, substance, and what He has and is, as well as His wisdom and omnipotence. Some people ask, “Where does God reveal His disposition, His omnipotence and wisdom? Where does He reveal what He has and is?” Here we must get specific about the truth. For example, God has expressed many words pertaining to God’s disposition and what God has and is. God says, “I am the righteous, faithful God who can see deep into the heart of man!” God reveals to us what kind of God He is; He says this in order to get us to understand Him. “I am the righteous, faithful God who can see deep into the heart of man!” Once a person hears this sentence, he might say in turn, “God is righteous, God is faithful, God can see deep into the heart of man, but how do you know this? Where is God’s righteousness embodied, where does God’s faithfulness manifest itself, and how do you confirm that God can see deep into the heart of man? I’m searching for answers.” Perhaps after a little while, he’ll say, “Oh! I see. God reveals the corruptions hidden down within the depths of a man, even the ones that this person doesn’t even know about himself, and makes them known. Even the things lodged deep down inside of you that you’ve forgotten for decades, God will reveal them to you.” What does this show? What does it try to prove? God “can see deep into the heart of man.” Eventually he will find evidence of this statement in that which God reveals to him. Then he’ll say, “God truly does see deep into the heart of man! This statement is completely on point. There’s nothing false about it, it’s absolutely true!” Left to his own devices, a corrupt human like this won’t understand anything about the corruption inside of him. He can’t come to recognize it on his own. He might think rather highly of himself at first, but once God reveals his corruption to him, he’ll understand at last that God truly can see deep into his heart. He’ll say, “God can take all past events, the entirety of human affairs, the events of several thousands of years, and reveal them all to mankind! God truly can see deep into our hearts!” Afterward, he’ll mull things over for a while. “How many hearts does God see into? Is it just you and me?” No, God is all-powerful, He can see deep into all of humanity! You have truly experienced this, right? When you truly understand this and have absolute faith that God can see deep into our souls, other people will ask you, “This God you believe in, what kind of God is He?” “I have complete faith that God has seen all the way into the depths of my soul.” This is knowledge that emerges from real, practical experience. Still, others will say, “How do you know that this is true? How can God examine our souls? Give an example.” “Inside all humanity is corruption. It is our essence, and we can’t perceive it on our own. We don’t know what’s good and what’s bad, we don’t know what comes from Satan and what doesn’t. But once God reveals, we’ll know the answers to all of our questions. Then would you not say that God can actually see deep into our souls? For example, if two corrupt humans do something bad in secret, then only these two people will know about it. And afterward, they’ll swear to each other, ‘What we’ve done, only you and I and the empty sky know about it. No one else will ever know.’ And what’s the final outcome? God will reveal everything. You may think that only you know things, but there are so many things that you don’t know that God does know, there are many things that God can perceive that you cannot.” This real experience you shared, this is true knowledge of God’s word.

Let’s look at these words again, “God is righteous, God is faithful.” God won’t let anyone who opposes Him get away with it. He will praise all those who know Him and love Him. Thus, God is a righteous God. God doesn’t care if a person is poor or rich, if his social status is high or low, if he lives among the rich and powerful or among the poor. God doesn’t care about any of this. He only looks at whether or not a person seeks the truth, whether or not this person does good deeds. Once you begin to think about and experience these things deeply, then you will be able to testify to the absolute truthfulness of God’s righteousness. This is further knowledge of God’s righteousness. People are quick to discriminate in favor of or against others, but God does not do this. In the Old Testament Age of Law, David sinned, and God punished him as He always does. When the Lord Jesus said that He would be crucified and would be resurrected after 3 days, Peter hindered Him by relying on his good intentions. And the Lord said: “Get you behind me, Satan.” This is how God treats all kinds of people. Everything that God reveals to us is to help us to see God’s righteousness. God is righteous, fair, and just to everyone. Our God is truly fit to receive the praise, admiration, and love of mankind. As for “God is faithful,” God’s word is His bond. But when it comes to the words of mankind, often when people finish speaking, situations will change, and so will their minds, or perhaps they will forget about it entirely. People aren’t trustworthy. Sometimes they’ll say whatever they need in order to achieve a goal, but once they achieve their goal, they’ll forget everything that they have said. Will they still honor their promises to you? It’s just like how presidential candidates behave. When they campaign, they’ll make empty promises to the voters. What’s the purpose of these empty promises? “Vote for me!” Once you’ve voted for them, after they become president, they’ll say, “Honor my promise to you? How I act as president is another matter entirely, it has nothing to do with you.” This is just how people are. People aren’t trustworthy. They’re treacherous and dishonest. But God is faithful. He keeps His promises. He honors His promises to man, whatever they are, whether they are blessings or curses. Even if people forget about them, God will not forget, and He will honor His words. Why does God love honest people? Because He is a faithful God, His essence is faithfulness. God has always honored His words, His words have always come true, all the way from His creation of the world to the present day. Today, you can see for yourself how so many of God’s words have been fulfilled, how He has honored His words. As a result, you will come to understand God, “Every single one of God’s words will be fulfilled, He will honor each and every one of His words.” So you needn’t pay attention to this. When God’s time comes, all that God says will naturally come true; His word will be perfectly and completely fulfilled. You will be completely convinced in your heart. The cares and concerns of people will be of no use. However, you won’t be able to see all of God’s words come true. Some of these words will only be fulfilled in the realm of the spirit. Some do come true in the world, but you won’t see it happen. Who can witness all of the affairs in the world at once? People can only perceive what happens within a small radius around them, just as their field of vision is also limited. When it comes to the words that are fulfilled in the realm of the spirit, will you be able to see any of this from the material world? The angels praising God, the shaming of Satan, can you see any of this happen? Some words are fulfilled where humans can see them, others where people cannot see them. This does not at all alter the fact that “God is a faithful God.” How can we experience these words to attain knowledge of God? If you look at God’s attitude toward different kinds of people, you’ll see which kinds of people God loves and blesses as well as the kinds He hates and curses. From this you will be able to deduce that God is righteous, and that He is fair and impartial to all people. Once you see that God is righteous, how will this make you feel? You’ll feel especially safe and sound, with peace of mind, free from anxiety. You’ll immediately begin to develop admiration for God, “God is so loving! He truly deserves praise! God is truly fit to receive man’s admiration and praise, for He is a righteous God!” When a person sees an antichrist or a false leader defy God and commit savage deeds, he will say, “God is righteous, and you can’t stand against Him. Today you might jump for joy, but who knows when you’ll fall flat on your face. God is righteous, yes, this is absolutely so!” He has knowledge of God and has so much faith in God. Then not long after this, the antichrist or false leader falls. “I know that in God’s family, God and the truth of God’s word reign, the Holy Spirit, and Christ reign. How could this little demon stand firm? God just allowed you to manifest yourself, so that everyone would have some knowledge and discernment. He got you to do some service in doing this. He is truly all-powerful.” Nowadays, antichrists and false leaders in churches everywhere have fallen one after another, and those who have committed all kinds of evil have been expelled, and God’s righteousness has shone out. God has appointed a time for everything. If the stature of God’s chosen people is too low, and you expel these antichrists too early, it will be easy for many people to misunderstand God and have notions about God. When people become conscious and discerning, they’ll think, “Isn’t this an antichrist? Isn’t this a false leader? How has he not been expelled or dismissed yet? We can all see him for what he is, we can see straight through him.” At this time, God will begin to work. Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. Everything that happens is part of God’s goodwill. What is this goodwill? God consciously takes advantage of these situations in order to help men attain certain fruits. This is God’s goodwill.

To understand God through God’s word, you must experience and understand the words which represent God’s disposition and what He has and is. If you have understood and experienced all that God reveals about His disposition and what He has and is, and are able to speak from your experience of the truth to bear witness for God, this means that you understand God’s disposition and what He has and is, without a single doubt. It’s just like how God says, “I appear to holy nations, and hide Myself from impure lands.” What does this mean? Some people interpret it this way: “God’s word clearly says, God appears to holy nations, and hides Himself from impure lands. That’s what it means!” Is this real understanding? It is not. Everyone knows how to parrot what God says. So how do we understand this? What does “God appears to holy nations” mean? What does He mean by “holy nations”? Christ’s kingdom. “God appears to holy nations” means that God will only reveal Himself when the kingdom of Christ is realized on earth. Presently, the religious community says, “God will reveal Himself openly, He comes with the clouds.” How do we interpret this? When God reveals Himself openly, who will He reveal Himself to? When He comes with the clouds, who will He reveal Himself to? Will He reveal Himself to the religious community? Will He reveal Himself to the non-believers? Will that be the case? When will God come with the clouds? After the apocalypse, when Satan, the devil, has been destroyed, God will descend from the clouds to reveal Himself, and when He does, the holy nation will emerge. “… hide Myself from impure lands.” What does this mean? Some people interpret it like this: “God will hide Himself from impure lands. Wherever the land is unholy, God will not reveal Himself to the people there. Instead, He will hide Himself.” How is this an interpretation? Could this be considered the knowledge of God’s word? What does “impure lands” refer to? Is the religious world not an impure land? Is the old world not an impure land? When the old world still exists, when the religious world still exists, God will not reveal Himself to the people there, and He will conceal Himself from them. This is one individual way of looking at this. Has God’s will been made clear now? Who in the end will He reveal Himself to? Who will He conceal Himself from? “I appear to holy nations, and hide Myself from impure lands.” If you really understand these words, then afterward when God reveals Himself, you’ll be able to solve difficult questions like “When will He reveal Himself, and to whom?” easily. When you truly understand these words, what can you learn from them? What knowledge can you attain? You will know that God is truly holy, and He will not reveal Himself to impure lands. If He were to reveal Himself to impure lands, He would sully His hands. This would prove that God is not holy. “I appear to holy nations, and hide Myself from impure lands.” This proves God’s righteousness to an even further extent. It proves God’s holy substance. If you understand these words, then you will be able to solve a lot of questions you have. And so, the key to knowing God is to know Him through understanding His word. If you abandon God’s word, you will have no way to know Him, and your understanding of God will be very poor. Why would it be very poor? Humans cannot directly cross into the spiritual realm, and the amount of God’s deeds that we can perceive is extremely limited. If God doesn’t reveal His essence, disposition, and make it known to all, humanity will never be able to understand Him. Now, God has been managing mankind for 6,000 years. If God didn’t appear to humanity during the last days, then we would never know Him, even if we would exist for 100,000 years. And so to know God, we must come to know Him through His words. We must first understand God’s words, and if abandon God’s words, we will never be able to know Him.

Now we experience God’s work of the last days, and eat and drink all the words that God has expressed to us. That’s why God says, “today … is a particularly good time to know God.” The religious world and non-believers have all failed to obtain God’s word, and thus they cannot eat and drink God’s words, because they do not accept God’s words, or perhaps they accept these words but do not understand what they read or hear, for their heart has become calloused. Therefore, they have lost their opportunity to know God. Today, very many people who are experiencing God’s work rely on passion to do their duty, but they do not actually eat and drink God’s words. This kind of person is foolish! Some people, when they hear the fellowship of God’s words, it’s as if they are in a daze, half-conscious, their eyelids drooping. They’ll say, “What’s this?” Some people, when they hear the fellowship of God’s words, have no inclination whatsoever, and their mind will roam elsewhere. When other people hear the fellowship of the word of God, they can only feel, “My mind’s too weak! I can’t do it! I’m not good enough. Don’t share God’s word with me, just let me do labor instead. I will labor, I’ll do anything, just don’t force me to pursue the truth, I don’t have the makings for that kind of thing, I don’t have the necessary qualities. Just let me do some service.” Here they go, persistently evading the truth. There are a lot of people like this. What kind of people are these who aren’t interested in God’s word or the truth? Is it qualities they lack, or is it humanity? It’s humanity.

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