Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Only Those Who Know God Can Bear Testimony to God”


God’s word says, “Holiness is the marker of His righteous disposition. In fact, His holiness is precisely His righteous disposition.” This righteous disposition is the very marker of God’s holy essence. Holiness is righteousness, righteousness is holiness. Holiness is truth, and the truth is holiness. What is holiness in human notions? How can humans comprehend holiness? “Holiness” means immaculate, pure, untarnished, flawless, uncorrupted. How could man comprehend this? Man’s understanding is too superficial, insubstantial and insignificant to understand holiness. What does “true holiness” even mean? True holiness is the righteous disposition of God. God’s righteous disposition is truly holy, and the more you know God’s righteous disposition, the more obvious His holy essence will become. Only His righteousness reveals His holiness; if God weren’t righteous, He wouldn’t be holy. So God says, “In fact, His holiness is precisely His righteous disposition.” Once a person’s understanding of God’s righteous disposition reaches a certain level, he’ll say, “God is extremely righteous. His righteousness goes much deeper than humans can comprehend. His righteousness is extremely profound, whereas human understanding is shallow and superficial. God’s righteousness is unmatched!” At this point, what level of understanding of God’s righteousness has this person reached? Using holiness to explain God’s righteousness works well, for God’s holiness is great, and great righteousness is essentially great holiness.

But what does holiness mean? We can look upon Christ and see some of God’s righteousness and holiness, but will we be able to see it completely? Regardless of which aspect of what God has and is we seek, we will be able to find it in Christ. We will be able to recognize a part of this aspect, but we won’t be able to see the whole thing. Why? Because God’s work has a time limit. When God appears to mankind, mankind will be in the midst of His work. How many years of work will it take to fully reveal what He has and is? Is 100 years enough time? 1,000 years? 10,000 years? God’s being and possession is vast and limitless. So although we may spend several decades undergoing the work of God incarnate, even this long amount of time would not suffice to experience God’s work in its entirety, nor to understand it completely. This is because the limit for God’s work is too short, and God’s revelations are too constricted by time. However, Christ’s revelations of what God has and is and His righteous disposition are enough to sustain human life for hundreds or thousands of years. But how long must we experience the truth expressed by Christ before we are finished? Once we experience God’s work for 2-3 decades, and God completes His work, the great disasters will come. But how many years do we need to live out all the truths expressed by Christ? We must undergo this process for our entire lives, even for an eternity. It might just be enough to experience the truths for another 1,000 years in the Millennial Kingdom. However, there is only a limited amount of time left between today and the great disasters of the last days. But in God’s plan people will only be able to reach the specific level they’ve attained by this point. Those who have the truth have it, and those who do not, even what they have will be taken from them. Some have undergone God’s work and entered into life; this is what it means to possess the truth. And so, those who are able to enter the reality of truth of God’s word, no matter how deep or shallow their experience, so long as they revere God in their hearts and truly submit to Him, God will give them His blessing. In the Lord Jesus’ prophecy, He mentioned that even though some people might work for 7 hours and others work for 1 hour, they will be rewarded all the same. That is to say, some people will undergo God’s work for 30 years, while others will undergo God’s work for 3-5 years, but ultimately, they will be rewarded all the same; they will all be able to enter the Millennial Kingdom and live on. God doesn’t care about how long a person has believed in Him. This is how fair and righteous God is toward all mankind!

God said in His words, “I’m not a lamb, but a lion. No one dares to offend Me. Whoever offends Me, I’ll punish them immediately with death, without a shred of mercy.” Now, we’ll make sure everyone understands these are Christ’s words: “I’m not a lamb, but a lion.” During the Age of Grace, when God was crucified to redeem man’s sins, people thought the disposition of Christ was that of a lamb, for He was captured and slaughtered and did not resist. But here God says, “I’m not a lamb, but a lion.” What does He mean when He talks about the lion? No one dares to offend Him. “Whoever offends Me, I’ll punish them immediately with death, without a shred of mercy.” Have you seen how mercilessly a lion devours its prey? If you give it an antelope or a deer to eat, it’ll kill the antelope or deer with one snap of its jaws. Here, God says that this is His disposition; the lion is a metaphor for His disposition. “I’m not a lamb, but a lion. No one dares to offend Me. Whoever offends Me, I’ll punish them immediately with death, without a shred of mercy.” Is this a righteous disposition? Why would God ruthlessly punish someone who offends Him? This is because God’s punishments ensure that God’s kingdom is a holy kingdom, untarnished, without the slightest leeway for corruption or opposition to God. Who opposes God? Those who belong to the devil. We must not let any of them remain, for if the devil remains, the impurity and corruption will still remain, and this will be tantamount to defiling God’s kingdom. And so, these words fully reveal God’s holiness and righteousness. As for this word of God “I am not a lamb, but a lion,” this refers to God’s disposition, and describes how His disposition cannot be offended. Because God is righteous, He does not allow Satan’s horde to oppose Him or offend His disposition. Why does God not tolerate this? Some people do not understand this. But if we actually dissect this satanic kind of behavior, we will then be able to see that these people belong to Satan’s horde. If Satan’s horde continues to exist, what will be the outcome? If the devil continues to exist, according to God’s righteous disposition, what will happen to His heart? What will God do? God will suffer and He would be unable to bear it in His heart. God would not stand to endure the existence of the devil’s satanic horde in His kingdom. What does this explain? This illustrates God’s righteous disposition and His holiness, and that God will not tolerate impurity or corruption. Some people say, “The whole world is dark and wicked! If God doesn’t tolerate impurity or corruption, then how could He have let it exist for thousands of years?” How do we explain this? God does not tolerate impurity or corruption in His kingdom. Nonetheless, God handed over the world to Satan and allows Satan to reign over the world. He also allowed corrupt mankind to live on this dark earth for thousands of years. But when God’s management plan draws to a close, God will overthrow Satan. Did God choose a suitable place for corrupt mankind? Let’s consider a similar example. Imagine a person with a special love for cleanliness and meticulousness. He’s lived in this place all his life and makes his living here. He raises donkeys and horses to work the land and pull the plow. He also raises pigs, and dogs to guard his yard. These are domesticated animals and livestock, so naturally they must not live alongside him. What does he do if he doesn’t want to live alongside his animals? He gives the pig a pig pen, the dog a kennel, the horse a stable. He places all of his animals outside, each in their own respective place. As for the man, he has a child and a wife and he lives in the house, and the house has inner and outer rooms. This is a standard, widely accepted practice. This is the fair and equitable administration of a particular social order. Doesn’t God manage the universe in the same way? This world is impure and corrupt, inhabited by both corrupt mankind and all sorts of satanic demons. But good people who obey and worship God all live in the kingdom of heaven, which is another world entirely. God manages the whole universe with fairness and reason, and does so extremely well. No one can rise above God’s direction, God’s plan. What can you learn from all this? That God is holy and righteous, and He will not tolerate impurity or corruption within His kingdom. He will not allow the satanic horde to enter the kingdom of heaven. This is why, in the prophecies of Revelation, He says that some people will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. This all demonstrates God’s holiness and His righteous disposition.

Here is another passage from God’s word: “All those that I love will surely live for eternity, and all those who stand against Me will surely be punished by Me for eternity.” This passage reveals God’s disposition even further. What does He mean by saying “be punished by Me for eternity”? Some people oppose God for several years and then die, but to God, he dies in the blink of an eye. Some people say, “Isn’t everything over after you die? Can a punishment really be eternal?” This is not something you can see with human eyes. Paul resisted God, and he received God’s punishment in Hades after his death. Today, after the 2,000 years humans have spent on earth since then, Paul is still in Hades. This punishment is eternal! Each and every person loved by God will live for eternity, but where, exactly? Abraham, Job, Peter—they all died, but now they are in the kingdom of heaven. Living in the spiritual world is much better than living in this world. Isn’t this what it means to live for eternity? Hasn’t God’s word come true? You must understand God’s word, because if you don’t understand it, you’ll say, “There’s nothing after death. How could we live for eternity? That can’t be right.” If you solely rely on human notions and imagination, you won’t be able to understand God’s word. If you don’t know God’s word, then how can you know God? If you always rely on faulty human notions to understand God’s word, you’ll always fail! Everyone should know about this passage we just shared, especially these crucial words of particular importance. We must understand the most important words to an even greater degree. The more you know God’s word, the more you will know God’s disposition and what He has and is. The less you understand God’s word, the less you will understand God. And so, those who seek the truth must prioritize eating and drinking and understanding God’s word. You must come to understand God’s will behind each of His word, for it is all there to help you see what God has and is, the true revelation of His disposition. Once you deepen your knowledge of God through reading God’s word, you will naturally develop a heart that reveres and praises God. “God is fit to receive mankind’s praise and worship. Those who praise God are the happiest and freest of all.”

But how do we actually pursue knowledge of God? Where’s the most important place to begin? Knowing God’s word is the true knowledge of God, it follows that the more a person knows of God’s word, the more they will understand God. If a person can only speak of a few spiritual doctrines and parrot other people’s words and testimonies of God while he himself lacks his own true experience of God’s word, then his kind of understanding merely comes from the understanding of others. God will not praise this. God loathes and resents this. If you do something that makes another person resent you, will you regret that? If you’ve done a dishonest thing or you told a lie, and if a person sees that, they will resent you. Won’t you regret this? You will repent and say, “How could I let this out and let others discover it? After this I will be an honest person. What am I trying to cover up? Who am I fooling? What am I trying to do?” If you did something that you know in your heart will make God resent you, wouldn’t you regret this? It’s easy to get a person to stop resenting you, but it’s far more difficult to get God to stop resenting you! If someone resents you, you can acknowledge that what you did today was wrong. When you get in touch with them tomorrow or the next day, the person will see that you’ve changed, that you are different from before, and then this person’s resentment for you will subsequently disappear. There’s plenty of opportunities for you to do this. But if you do something to make God resent you, it is not something that happens just once in a while. This reflects your nature and a persistent problem within your behavior. If you want God to praise you, then you must pursue the truth, you must earnestly repent and transform yourself little by little. You need at least 2-3 years in order to do this. If you don’t take at least 2-3 years to work on yourself, God will not see or acknowledge your transformation.

If you keep lying often when talking to others, God will be watching you secretly. God will always be the first to know about the problems within your heart that no one else sees. If another person notices that you have this problem, it’ll just prove that God saw it a long time ago, and that God sees you the same way as this person sees you. Some people say, “Well, I just don’t know how God sees me.” Then you must first see how people who understand the truth see you. God will see into you with even more depth, precision and accuracy than they can. If people who understand the truth all say that you lie too much, you’re too dishonest, then your dishonesty will be even clearer to God, is this not the case? Do you know how to practice your submission to God? If you can’t bear it when your brothers, sisters, the leaders and workers communicate the truth to you, then you can’t submit to God. How could it be submission? It absolutely cannot be submission; for anyone to submit to God, they must first submit to the truth. Consider a church that elects a relatively younger leader. An older person in the church with many years of experience will say, “Submit. This is who everyone in the church elected, and we must respect the person that we all chose.” If what this leader says accords with the truth, if he speaks correctly, they’ll submit. In the event that he speaks incorrectly, they will not contradict or scold him, and instead they will communicate the truth with the leader and can treat him properly. Since these people submit to God, it won’t matter if this leader accords with people’s notions or not. However, if this leader lacks even a bit of truth, he is not fit to be a leader, and he cannot undertake this work, they can re-elect a new leader according to the work arrangements of God’s house, but they cannot reveal any corruption, egotism, arrogance, contempt, degradation, debasement, aggression, or rejection, this reveals their own corruption. Some people worship the people they admire, and they will think that everything these people say is right and will follow anything they do. But if someone whom they do not admire says something right, they won’t make a peep about it, and if he speaks falsely, they’ll jump right up and lambast him for his faults. Such a person doesn’t have a single shred of the reality of truth! If a person has believed in God for many years and still treats other people like this, he’s finished, he is not someone whose disposition has been transformed by God. He can’t treat other people properly, he lacks principles in treating others, and he has no truth. This kind of person cannot be called someone with a transformed disposition, let alone a person who understands God.

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