Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement”


We have just read the article of God’s words “Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement.” In this article, what exactly is God trying to communicate? Everyone may have a clear understanding of it. In the last days, God’s work involves judging mankind, chastising mankind, purifying mankind and in the end, perfecting mankind. Is this something that is very simple? Those with experience all say that it is not something that is simple. Those who are judged by God and in the end, are perfected, will go through many processes. Through these processes, these people will experience a lot of suffering. God’s plans are not necessarily congruent with man’s conceptions. However, those who have undergone the suffering involved in God’s trials and refinements have an understanding of God’s work afterward. God uses many different methods to cleanse and perfect man. He does not only express words. Afterward, there are trials and refinements, dealing and pruning, and the service of Satan’s forces. These things let man understand the work of God. God also uses the service of Satan’s evil forces to force man to seek the truth, to seek God’s will. In the end, those who undergo this process will achieve an understanding of God’s wisdom and almightiness. Experiencing God’s work involves all these things. After experiencing so much suffering, you turn around and try and explain just what it means to experience God’s work. Do you still dare to speak letters and doctrines? You will speak no doctrinal words. Now, if someone asks you, “How have you experienced God’s work?” You can say, “To experience God’s work is not a simple matter, it cannot be described in a single sentence. In brief, you must suffer a lot, endure many refinements. Many of the things that God does are incongruent with the conceptions of man!” Firstly, God utilizes the service of the great red dragon to perfect man’s faith, to reveal man, and to eliminate man. Also, God utilizes all sorts of false leaders, antichrists and evil spirits to create discord within the church. This causes God’s chosen people to learn how to differentiate, rely on God, seek the truth and seek God’s will. At the same time, there should be someone to lead them to fellowship about God’s word and experience the judgment and chastisement of God’s word. Additionally, a man must personally practice seeking the truth and follow principles while he is fulfilling his duty. By doing this, he will be able to appropriately fulfill his duties. There are so many different situations to experience and pass through! In this light, is experiencing God’s work as simple as people think it is? When God started to express the truth, He made known to the public how Peter underwent trials and refinements and attained perfection in the end. In seven short years, Peter endured hundreds of trials and refinements before he was able to obtain an understanding of God, produce a heart that truly loves God and bear beautiful and resounding testimony for God. Taking into account Peter’s achievement and our own limited experience of God’s work, is it enough to just understand letters and doctrines and be able to communicate them? To speak them is shameful, and it indicates that you have nothing and do not have any reality.

If you believe in God, you must obey God, put the truth into practice and fulfill your duties. Additionally, you must understand the things you should experience. If you only experience dealing, discipline and judgment, if you only enjoy God, but you are unable to feel when God is disciplining you or dealing with you, this is unacceptable. Perhaps in this instance of refinement, you stand firmly where you are. This is still not enough, you must march forward. The lesson of loving God is endless, and there is never an end to it.” If “there is never an end to it,” then is there an end to suffering? To experience God’s work one must suffer, it is not a comfortable matter. In the Age of Grace, believers sought the Lord’s grace. They called on the Lord for whatever situation they encountered. They asked the Lord for solutions. If they were sick, they asked the Lord to help them resolve it, to cure them. When they encountered difficulties, they asked the Lord for solutions. In whatever they lacked, they prayed to the Lord for a resolution. Now, is this believing in the Lord? If they believed in the Lord in this manner, even if they believed for generations, they would not be able to obtain truth and life! In the last days, after we experience the work of God incarnate, we all have come to an understanding of what it means to experience God’s work. At this point, we can say we have some reality of it. If someone then asks you, “What does it mean to experience God’s work?” How would you respond? If you say, “To experience God’s work is to experience the judgment and chastisement of God’s words along with dealing and pruning,” is this right? It barely scratches the surface. The words seem to make sense, but if they came out of your mouth, what would others say? You’re only talking theory, there is no connection to reality. Instead, if you say, “I have experienced the many different manners of God’s work and they all lead to the perfection of man. There is no way that anyone can describe this in a single sentence. You must endure a lot of suffering. A lot of these manners are not congruent with the conceptions of man. However, if you avoid or reject this, then you would have failed to experience God’s work, or at least it would have stopped,” well, now, you have a little bit of reality. Whatever situation you come upon, it is imperative that you seek the truth, learn to submit and seek God’s will. No matter what, do not rely on your own notion or imagination to believe in God! Whoever relies on their own notions, imagination or ancestors’ traditions will fail. I’ll give you an example. Someone said, “I want to pursue the truth, I want to understand the truth.” Is this a simple matter? What does it mean to pursue the truth? What is the truth? Another person said, “The word of God is the truth, everything that God says is the truth.” Is this answer correct? The words are correct, but if you said this, then you do not grasp the truth. It is only something that you learned to say, it is not your reality. If you say these things, do you really understand the truth? “It is correct to say that God’s word is the truth, but what part of the truth of God’s word do you actually understand? What part of the truth do you understand? Tell me!” If people ask you in this way, you will have nothing to say. That is why you must, under no circumstance, speak letters and doctrines, or echo the viewpoints of other people. If you do this, then you will be disgraced. Isn’t this the case?

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