Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement”


Nowadays there are a lot of people that go abroad with the aspiration that “I will perform my duty and pursue the truth!” But when they are performing their duties, do they have any faithfulness to God? Do they have any principles when they handle affairs? There are not many that are able to attain that. As soon as they suffer in the flesh, even if the words aren’t in their mouth, there are complaints in their mind. Soon they become inactive, and simply just go through the motions. Should they seek the truth at this time? Should they reflect on themselves? When some people perform their duties they are indifferent to how they perform them, even though they should attach the most importance to the work of God’s family and consider God’s intentions, instead they put the pleasures of the flesh ahead of everything else. They don’t even know where they would rank their duty, and their work brings no results. Is this having faithfulness to God? God entrusted you with important work, but you don’t consider God’s intentions, you just consider your flesh. Is this being someone who pursues the truth? This is not being someone who pursues the truth. And as a result these people will someday receive serious punishments. They betrayed God and did not do practical work, so they have disappointed God! Some people used to be especially arrogant and self-righteous, and they would think to themselves, “The reality of the truth? I have it! Bearing witness? I’ve done it! Understanding God? I do!” But when they have to fulfill their duty by writing an essay about an experience where they bore witness to God, or by talking about their understanding or by serving as leaders and workers, it becomes very clear that they don’t possess even a sliver of the reality of the truth. What kind of person is someone that clearly possesses none of the reality of the truth, who still does not obey anybody, and who is especially arrogant and self-righteous? Isn’t this someone who is hypocritical? This is being hypocritical! People who are adept at using words and doctrines are hypocritical, they cheat God and deceive God’s people. It’s just like those Pharisees of the past who put it upon themselves to explain the Bible to others. They explained in a very clear and logical manner, but ultimately they didn’t allow themselves to enter the truth even a little bit. These kinds of people want to make others worship and submit to themselves, but in the end it will become clear through the revelation of God that they are all hypocritical Pharisees, and they will suffer the curse of God. Within the word of God there is a sentence that goes, “you will suffer more seriously than the Pharisees when rebuked by Jesus, more seriously than the 250 leaders that had resisted Moses, and more seriously than Sodom under the scorching flames of its destruction.” What kind of people is this sentence referring to? It’s referring to those people who are adept at speaking letters and doctrines, and the punishment that these false leaders and antichrists will receive will be worse than those 250 leaders that were destroyed in the Age of Law. So, as for people who nowadays are adept at speaking letters and doctrines to cheat God, this is a very serious problem, it is very strong resistance to God! Why do we say that they are strongly resisting God? If we compare this to the context of the Pharisees, the Pharisees posed as good people, they resisted God, but at that time these people had not experienced God’s work of judgment and chastisement. And God had not expressed the full truth of revealing the corruption of man, and purifying and saving man. Under this context, these people were merely trying to abide by the law of God, so posing as a good man and abiding by the rules was a very common thing. Since God’s work had not yet attained a level where man had a true understanding of God, man could only recognize the existence of God and know God’s actual requirements of man, but he didn’t have true knowledge of the disposition of God and what God has and is. You could say that the knowledge attained by the laws that were issued at that time was very superficial. But nowadays it’s different, God has issued forth all the truths regarding the judgment and cleansing of man. He has disclosed the entire truth about the substance of corruption of mankind. If someone reads these words and does not become aware of themselves and is still able to be arrogant and conceited, then does the judgment and chastisement of God’s word have any real result on this person? Does it have any real result on someone who is adept at speaking letters and doctrines? It does not, because if there was a real result, these people would be unlikely to be so arrogant and conceited, right? Some people say, “But these people also say that ‘Our corruption goes deep, we are Satan the devil.’” Does this count as true understanding? Simply being able to utter these words is of no use. Some people often speak in this way, but as soon as they finish claiming that they themselves are Satan the devil, if another person says, “You have no humanity,” they won’t put up with it, they’ll get angry and respond, “I don’t have any humanity? It’s you that doesn’t have any humanity!” It won’t take long to make someone angry if you straight up tell them that they don’t have any humanity. But before telling someone this, they may admit in their own words that they are Satan the devil, which means that they themselves admit to having no humanity. We can understand this to be so, but as soon as one person starts telling them that they have no humanity, they will get angry and throw a fit. This is sufficient enough to prove that this person was faking it, they were pretending and cheating people when they claimed to be Satan the devil, it was a label they were wearing on the outside, but on the inside they had not conceded to being Satan the devil. From this situation it can be seen that all those people who are adept at speaking letters and doctrines are cheating others and cheating God, so isn’t this kind of person someone who is hypocritical? This is a hypocrite. All those who do not possess any of the reality of the truth, but who still often make others listen to their words and doctrines are all hypocritical Pharisees. These people do not possess any of the reality of the truth. These people often use their words and doctrines on others and talk about spiritual theories and teach lessons, but are their words true words or false words and lies? Is speaking letters and doctrines actually the same as telling lies? They are very serious lies! They are lies that cheat God and confuse man by their very nature, they are in direct resistance to God!

In the past when we have experienced acting as honest people, we have had some principles. First, we can’t tell lies. Second, in our hearts we can’t be cunning or deceitful. We believe that if we act in accordance with these two principles, if we do not tell lies and in our hearts, we are not cunning or deceitful, and we do not trick people, this is being an honest person. But nobody is aware of what are all the details that are contained within the scope of telling lies. In external affairs we know the difference between telling the truth and telling lies, but what about for spiritual affairs? For your entry in life, if the things you have said are not just the things you are and the thoughts you’ve had, these are all words and doctrines. So aren’t these lies? I believe that these are very serious and flat-out lies, and that they deceive God and delude God’s chosen people. Is this something we can say? Yes, it is; to speak letters and doctrines is to tell lies. For the things we have discussed today, some of you may have come to a sudden realization: “That’s right! That’s the way it is. So now how can we fellowship about the truth? I don’t have the words for it, I don’t have the reality, so I shouldn’t say anything, because as soon as any words come out of my mouth I will be telling a lie. So, it’s better to not make any sound, that way I won’t tell a lie, and at least then I’ll be an honest person.” Is this the right way to think about it? “What can I say if I don’t have any reality? I have no reality and am not allowed to speak letters and doctrines, so what can I say? I should keep my mouth shut!” Is this actually the right thing to do? It’s difficult to say, but it is not okay to follow the rules blindly.

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