Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement”


Some Korean brothers and sisters have said, “Can we Koreans worship God on our own? We don’t want you Chinese to lead us. We always feel restrained by you, and we are upset. We can set up a church ourselves and guide ourselves!” Is that a good idea? Some say it is not. Why not? In the past there were some antichrists who would say, “It is Almighty God we believe in, it is God’s words we believe in. Why should we listen to the man used by the Holy Spirit? We read God’s words ourselves, and live our own life in the church. We don’t need your management, and we don’t need your guidance. We are able to experience for ourselves.” Those words make sense. “People have freedom of belief, so why should you interfere?” But over ten years later, where are those antichrists? They’re all washed up, finished. Did anyone benefit from their guidance? Did they themselves have the reality of truth? Did they genuinely search for truth? Were they truly able to serve God? While they were without truth they wanted to lead God’s chosen people away from God’s authority, away from the authority of God’s house. Weren’t they attempting to set up an independent realm? If the Koreans want to choose Koreans to be their leaders, they certainly can, but do they have the truth? Do they have the reality of truth? Can they really lead you into the reality of the truth of God’s words? Are they truly able to gain the work of the Holy Spirit? Can they truly bring you before God to gain God’s perfection? Are you able to understand these things clearly? If you do not have a clear understanding of these things, you are all too ignorant! Go ahead to try and see. If you should be independent for half a year, you wouldn’t even have the work of the Holy Spirit, and you would have to live according to letters and doctrines, as bankrupt as religion, deserted by God and abandoned! Do you imagine that it is so simple to experience the work of God?

At present the house of God is constantly nourishing Koreans from both North and South Korea to let these people enter the reality of the truth, and thereafter let the Korean church select people who have the reality of truth as their leaders. What is the significance of this? It means turning you over to leaders with the reality of the truth, something indeed worthy of God! You Koreans at present have not yet thoroughly entered the reality of truth, and none of you is suitable and can truly lead God’s chosen people, and so for the time being it has been for God’s house to lead in unity. Isn’t this God’s love for you? There are some people who don’t see even this point. If you want to choose a Korean to lead you, there are some whose humanity is rather good, and we are just now training them. But can they lead now? Can they bring out the reality of truth in what they say? Do they have that stature? What is happening now doesn’t mean you are under the shepherding and authority of Chinese, but learning to obey God’s work and God’s plan. Not only you, my Korean brothers and sisters, but the entire world, the people of every nation, after they receive Almighty God in the future, must all be under the united leadership of God’s house. Whoever is able to break away from the leadership of God’s house and whoever dares to separate themselves from the leadership of the man used by the Holy Spirit, is setting up an independent realm. Those of you who want to be on your own, are your wings ready to fly? Do you have the reality of truth? See whether you can write a film script, if you have the reality of truth. See whether you can write down something that bears witness. If you really can write bearing witness out of your own experience, if you can write a film script, fine! God’s house will agree that you lead the Korean church. Do you have that stature? Do you dare stand up to say, “I do!”? “If you do, then try! Let’s see where is your reality of truth, tell us. Tell us about how many years of experience you have, by how many words of God you have been judged and chastised, and what pruning and dealing, trials and refining you have experienced.” You’ve had no reality of truth at all! God’s house has nourished you these past few years, so now you have some zeal and some knowledge, so that everyone can be of one mind. This is God’s love and God’s grace. Then some people feel they are ready to go out on their own and are impatient to assume authority to lead a church, become independent, and break away from the leadership of God’s house. Is this the behavior of antichrists? Is this human ambition? You want to break away from the leadership of God’s house. You think the leaders of God’s house are Chinese, and Chinese are not good enough for you? Is your humanity good? Does your humanity represent the reality of truth? Does it represent your knowledge of God? Those human conceptions and imagination that you harbor are not the truth. “Koreans show filial piety and respect to their parents, Koreans hold the elderly in high esteem, and the traditional culture of Koreans is good,” but these are human conceptions and reasoning, not truth, not God’s words. No matter how well you show filial piety and respect to parents, will that get you into the kingdom of heaven? No matter how good the culture of Koreans, is that truth? Does the moral code that children should show filial piety to parents represent that parents have the truth? Does it demonstrate that parents should be elders, or supervisors, or hold authority in the church? Would that be right? Are those of you who are parents leading others to receive God’s work? Do you have genuine testimony? Are you able to set an example for your children?

Some people who have believed in God for years still do not have a real understanding of traditional culture and still harbor these conceptions about traditional culture: filial piety toward parents, respect for parents, and respect for elders. They are the morality of humanity. They were present in China three thousand years ago. Isn’t Confucianism especially devoted to filial piety, the three obediences and the four virtues? Is that truth? That is the fallacy of Satan, the teaching by which Satan has corrupted the human race. It is just because of these falsehoods that humans do not obey God and do not obey the truth. Is this in the Bible? Was the Lord Jesus a man who showed filial piety and respect for His parents? Was Peter a man who showed filial piety and respect for his parents? No. But the Lord Jesus is truth, and Peter was a saint. Peter’s parents opposed his believing in God and following God. They looked forward to his making a distinguished name for himself and bringing honor and glory to his ancestors. Instead he rebelled against his parents to be with Christ, to follow Christ, while he abandoned his family and abandoned his parents. If it were left up to people’s imaginations, it would have been right for God to curse Peter for being an unfilial son. But the fact is that it was Christ whom Peter sought. It was truth. Because Peter followed the Lord Jesus, followed Christ, he was genuinely able to love Christ, and won God’s praise, becoming the historical model for saints. How do you explain that? How did the Lord Jesus treat His parents? Was He filial? From the age of thirty when He went out to preach, He rarely returned home and did not mention His parents. How did He put it? “For whoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother” (Matthew 12:50). How do you explain this? You always judge people by people’s notions, people’s heritage, is that right? Does this represent humanity that is good? Can this represent you as being people obedient to God? If your humanity is good you should be able to pursue the truth, so why aren’t you obedient to the truth? If Koreans are allowed to lead Koreans, then they will put these notions in first place and put truth in second, to one side. Isn’t that so?

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