Fellowship and Answers of the Above About the Questions of the Korean Church


Today some of our brothers and sisters from South Korea have brought up some issues, in the following I’ll commune my thoughts.

Question 1: The church is led entirely by Chinese people and Chinese people hold all of the authority. Why aren’t Koreans included in the leadership?

Answer: Is this true? Are Koreans included in the leadership now? Are we cultivating South Koreans and North Koreans for leadership roles? The family of God treats all people fairly, no matter what nationality or race they are. All those among them that seek the truth will be cultivated by the family of God. This is what we call non-discrimination, fairness and reason. If Chinese people fail to seek the truth, the family of God eliminates them just like anyone else. Those Chinese, South Koreans and North Koreans that seek the truth are cultivated by the family of God just the same, isn’t this the correct course of action? No matter their nationality or race, the family of God only cultivates those that truly seek the truth. In the same way, no matter their nationality or race, the family of God expels all resisters and condemners of Christ. Is there an exception made for Chinese people? Has the person who asked this question seen the reality of God’s work? Do you see how the family of God cultivates people in a fair and reasonable way? It is true, then, that the family of God cultivates those Koreans that pursue the truth. So how about this question? He asked: “Why aren’t Koreans being included in the leadership?” In reality, the family of God includes all. For example, thirty to fifty Filipinos have accepted the work of God in the last days. From within that group, Filipinos were selected to serve as their leaders. Additionally, members of God’s family were put there to water and supply that group. Would it be alright to not have some Chinese there to water and supply the group? Would it be easy for the Filipinos to enter into the reality of the truth if they were to guide themselves in experiencing God’s word? Not easy. It takes ten years or so of experience to enter into the reality of the truth. So, Koreans were picked to serve as leaders in Korea and some are being cultivated to be deacons, but still some Chinese must be there to shepherd. Be it in China, Korea or, in the future, all over the world, the family of God adopts the same strategy in preaching and communing. If, once Koreans get five or six, seven or eight years of experience under their belts and some people enter into the reality of the truth, not only will we be cultivating them to serve as church leaders, we’ll also be asking them to step into roles as district and regional leaders—then they’ll have some serious responsibilities and their burden will be that much heavier, isn’t that so? Have they reached that level yet? If they’ve yet to reach that level, they can only serve as church leaders at present. They can also be trained to start serving as district preachers, but it’s got to come a little at a time. If they just entered into the faith two or three years ago and don’t understand anything, do you really want them serving as a great leader or leading the whole Korean church? Does that seem right? Should they really break off from the program of watering and shepherding of the family of God? You see here it says, “The church only uses Chinese as leaders and only the Chinese hold authority.” Is it really the Chinese that hold authority? You can’t really say that it’s Chinese holding authority: More properly, this is the family of God and it’s ruled by the truth. Those who have the truth will become leaders in the family of God, and those that do not have the truth will be eliminated just the same. Why is it, you say, that all the authority right now is in the hands of the Chinese? Right now, the largest group of believers is Chinese, so of course most of the leaders are Chinese. If and when Koreans have been in the faith for ten or so years, then the number of Korean leaders will go up—then things will be different!

God has revealed Himself and is working in China, the man used by the Holy Spirit is also a Chinese. In the future, as people from all different countries accept the faith, does it really make sense to reselect a new Christ and a new man used by the Holy Spirit in every single country? Would God act in this way? God has become flesh in China, so He is a Chinese person. The man used by the Holy Spirit was born in China—he is Chinese—this is God’s doing. You can’t say, “In obeying and following God incarnate we are obeying and following Chinese people, this means the Chinese have all the authority. We accept the guidance and shepherding of the man used by the Holy Spirit—this also proves that the Chinese are in power.” This is how God has arranged things! Now, if in the future believers from all different countries start saying, “We don’t accept the Chinese leadership, we don’t accept the shepherding of the Chinese, we only accept God’s leadership and shepherding,” then how do you explain the fact that God is Himself a Chinese person? Are you going to select your own Korean, American, or British God? Does this make sense? This is the second time God has become flesh, there is no third or fourth time. God became flesh in China, does this somehow mean that He will only be responsible for doing His work in China? Will He not be capable of leading God’s chosen people all over the world? Can He not be the Savior for all of humanity? Will He only save the Chinese? Isn’t that a bit absurd? Now someone has said, “The church only uses Chinese as leaders, the Chinese have all the authority. Why aren’t there any Korean leaders?” Is this in line with reality? What was the intent of the person who asked this? He wants to create divisions, he wants to divide the chosen people of God’s family and set up an independent Korean church under his control. Is he not trying to set up his own independent kingdom? Does this person recognize the work of God?

As of now, most of our Korean brothers and sisters have only accepted the work of God in the last days for a short time, at most maybe two to three years or three to five years. They haven’t yet entered into the reality of the truth, this is objective fact. Now these questions that the Korean brothers and sisters have brought up are real questions and probably represent some of their conceptions and imaginations and their actual thinking. If this is the actual thinking and notion of most of our Korean brothers and sisters, then these are actually existent problems. It can be said that this is the biggest and most serious problem facing the Korean church now. So this is a serious problem, and the nature of the problem is also serious. I suggest to our Korean brothers and sisters that you bring this problem to the church and seek the truth according to God’s word to resolve the issue. Our Korean brothers and sisters have a Korean version of God’s word, let’s address these issues according to God’s word. If these issues are not resolved, there’s no telling what the consequences may be. How bad may the consequences be? Why would I use this phrase, “there’s no telling what the consequences may be”? What I mean, is that if these issues are not resolved, the Korean church will be in crisis. And perhaps because these issues really do exist, many of our Korean brothers and sisters will follow these people (the people questioning God’s family) and break off from the guidance and shepherding of God’s family. Should they do so, they’ll be heading down an errant path and will be eliminated! Does this seem possible? It’s very possible. Sometimes the difference between right and wrong is determined by a single thought, just as the acceptance of God’s work hangs in the balance of a single thought. In the key moment, one awakes, one realizes and accepts, just as, conversely, one can get caught up on something or led astray by some absurd theory and thus choose to deny. So these real issues have certainly all occurred to our Korean brothers and sisters. It’s just that, some of these people understand a bit of the truth and thus realize that these ideas don’t stand to reason and so they set them aside or abandon them. Those that don’t understand the truth keep these ideas in their hearts and who knows when they’ll suddenly burst forth. This is the reality of the situation. That’s why we are cultivating those Koreans that seek the truth. Our purpose is to make leaders out of the best of every race and every nation.

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